Temper: Deference

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Tokyo, February 2016. Naruhito Honda has been looking for some time now for someone strong enough to 'train', as he calls it, to meet his specific needs. Lana Martin, an Italian expat and one of his students, is taken by surprise by his brusque proposal. Despite being usually the one on top, she accepts the challenge to submit to him after realizing the man rattles quite a few things inside her in a way nobody has before, and that their high-octane tempers are an excellent match.

This unexpected opportunity to dig into her deep-set desires takes an even more surprising turn when Honda's wife, Yuki, inserts herself in the picture. But what could have been merely a torrid lust affair between creative lovers turns into something more intricate and challenging that will change their lives forever. Nature and hostile powers - of the natural and supernatural kind - force the protagonists to confront their deepest traumas, lifelong mortal enemies, and at the end, themselves.

"Temper: Deference" is the first book of "Temper", a four-part series. I will publish chapters progressively, and welcome your feedback and comments!

Table of Contents

Tempers Are Running High

Short of breath, Lana Martin took off her shoes in the entrance of her dojo, and put down her bag to kneel and bow at the portrait of O'S... Read Chapter

Obedience and Respect

When everyone was gone, Lana joined Honda on the mats. As usual, he had folded neatly his hakama and sat now in seiza -- the respectful a... Read Chapter

Losing Control and Denial

Thank you everyone for reading the first two chapters. Here is the next one, enjoy! Read Chapter

Attempting to Move On

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave me comments, I'm always happy to read from my readers. Read Chapter

Facing the Truth

Honda stood a few meters away from her. That he was here wasn’t a surprise, and she had thought it would be like every week at practice... Read Chapter

A New Player in the Game

Here's your daily update! How do you like it so far? Read Chapter

Mapping New Territories

In the elevator, Yuki’s magnetic card unlocked the access to the guestrooms. Lana found herself alone in the long corridor of the 17th ... Read Chapter

Testing Limits and Accepting Them

Morning came, and before Lana had even opened her eyes, she became aware of someone's presence. Not only behind her --  holding her ... Read Chapter

Inside and Out

On the train back home, Lana sighed with relief. Thanks to the Golden Week holidays, she wouldn’t have to handle Honda before the end o... Read Chapter

Taking Out the Trash

A big thank-you to all of you who have been reading my updates. I hope you enjoy this one, too. I'm always happy to hear what my readers think, what they liked or disliked, so feel free to comment! Read Chapter

Master and Apprentice

On the following Friday, Lana left her office to go to her lunch date with Honda. They would need a couple of hours at most, so it wasn... Read Chapter

Rattling Her Inner Cage

While she enjoyed the view of his broad shoulders and back -- not to mention his ass -- in his expensive and smart tailor-made business s... Read Chapter

A Lesson in Discipline

“Oh no… what time is it?” Lana attempted to get up, but he still held her tight. “Much too soon for my liking,” Honda growl... Read Chapter

On Shaky Legs

I'm posting this one just as a M5.9 rocked Osaka and Kyoto this morning :( My thoughts with everyone over there. Read Chapter

Burnt Bridges

After walking a few hundred meters, Lana sighed in relief. Thank goodness I’m not alone in this. Everyone around them was subdued and k... Read Chapter

Creepy Encounters

They took off, still going westward but moving up north, avoiding the larger avenues but also the narrower streets where they were more l... Read Chapter

Master and Mistress of the House

Honda walked up to his home and typed in the entrance code to the side door of a larger gate. Lana caught herself before she whistled in ... Read Chapter

Memories Buried under Ashes

This is the last chapter of Temper: Deference, thank you for reading!

Up next, starting from tomorrow, Temper: Devotion, Book Two of the series. I hope that you will continue to follow the sensual adventures of Lana and her companions as their path turns darker and more difficult.

As always, I welcome comments and feedback! Love you all! Read Chapter