Sweet 18 Part 1: Preparations

Sweet 18 Part 1: Preparations

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica




Submitted: November 18, 2018

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Submitted: November 18, 2018



A loud noise awakens man from my sleep.

"Ughh." I groan as I turn off my alarm.

It's just another day for me, James. Except for tonight was going to be epic. Tonight at midnight, I was turning 18. Sure, that means I can vote, but it also means I can have sex.

My father worked in oil and had a buttload of money. I was an only child and some may call me spoiled.

Tonight, all was coming together. My parents were leaving on a business trip and I had the house to myself.

I walked down the stairs. 

"Hey, sweetie!" My mom said.

I responded with a polite hello and sat down for breakfast. 

"Any plans today, sport?" My dad asked

"No." Probably just going to watch some Netflix."

My parents thought I was an antisocial teen. They didn't realize I have snuck out to countless parties and skipped school. My grades were good still so they never noticed anything amiss.

A few hours later, they grabbed their luggage and headed out the door.

I ran upstairs to shave and get ready for tonight. I head out in my car and bought lube and other various products for tonight.

I get back home around 7. 5 hours left.

I already had 6 girls who RSVP'd for tonight.

Crystal, Nicole, and Jadyn were three prostitutes my friend Zach recommended.

Crystal was a brunette with moderate breasts and a tight ass.

Nicole was a blond girl, maybe 22 or 23. She had big breasts and a bubble butt.

Jadyn was a beautiful black girl with dark, shiny skin. She had massive breasts and a huge, juicy ass.

The fourth girl was Rachel. She used to babysit me and this whole thing was her idea. She is a young, beautiful girl with ginger hair. She was petite and had small boobs but a tight ass.

The fifth girl is my Dad's secretary, Karen. She's a quiet woman with glasses. She had to deliver papers to our house and I told her about my plan. She had big breasts and a big ass. 

The last girl was my math teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez. Yes, she is married, but that makes it so much hotter. She is a Latina woman with plump breasts, a bubble butt, and plump lips that look like they were made to be wrapped around my cock.

I took some of my dads alcohol and some glasses. I set them up in the living room.

8 pm. They should be arriving soon. We couldn't fuck yet but we could still have some fun.

I looked once more in the mirror. 

The doorbell rang. The fun was about to begin.

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