Mommy and Me V

Mommy and Me V

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: November 11, 2018

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Submitted: November 11, 2018



I lay in bed, astonished. Was this all a dream? I just got fucked in the ass, by Mom. I closed my eyes, imagining all the things I'm going to do to her. 

I woke up and got dressed for school. I headed downstairs. A thought popped into my head. What if she sucks me off while I eat breakfast? That would be so hot. I walk into the kitchen and my mom's cooking in yoga pants. Her ass could barely fit in those pants. I wanted to rip them open and eat her out. 

"Hi, baby." "How'd you sleep?" she asked

"Good, I guess." I replied

She was still acting normal, like I didn't have my face buried in her ass 8 hours ago.

We didn't talk much the rest of breakfast.

I said goodbye and headed for the door to get on the bus.

Before I left she called out "Don't forget. Your Dad's coming back from his business trip tommorow."

Oh shit. I forgot about that. That's why she's acting like nothing happened.

I skulk out the door. Maybe that just means well have to fuck secretly.

School is boring as always. We had Thursdays mass and my tie was killing me all day.

I head to my last class of the day.

The teachers name is Ms. Rodriguez. She was a young, curvy, Latina woman. I always knew she was hot, but never really thought about it.

Class is boring, but I notice something peculiar. Her shirt isn't buttoned like it usually is. It it open more. Maybe she forgot? All I could focus on was the crack in her shirt for the rest of class. She must of caught me looking.

"Nick!" "What's the answer to the question?" she asked me.

"Uhh.." "What was the question?" I asked

"See me after class." she said.

She turned around to write on the blackboard and I noticed that she had a pretty big ass too. It was hard to see through her skirt, but I could tell it was massive.

Class ended. Everyone left, except for me.

She walked over to my desk. I had a massive boner and there was no hiding it. She leans over my desk and I can see all the way down her shirt. She glances and my boner and grins.

"Your mother told me happened." My heart sunk. Why would she tell a random teacher that?

"You-you know my Mom?" I asked

"Of course. We're really, really close friends." she responded with a dirty tone. She licked her lips.

She reached for her shirt and started to unbutton it, slowly. She removed her shirt completely and I stared at her chest. She had amazing breasts, they were smaller than my moms. She was wearing a black and pink bra, that looked like it just wanted to be taken off. 

She undid her skirt and turned around. She gave her ass a jiggle. It was a tight, heart shaped, ass.

She walked back over to me and got on her knees. 

"Can I suck it?" she asked me, quietly.

"Please do." I moaned

She removed my pants and grabbed my hard, veiny, cock.

"It's so big." she said. Drool was coming from her mouth.

She did not tease me. No sucking on the head, no slow sucking. 

She deepthroated she cock immediately. 

"Gug, Gug, Gug." 

I was sure the entire school could hear.

She got lower and sucked on my balls. It felt great. 

She went back to my wet cock and stuck a finger in my ass. Pretty soon I was ready to burst.

"I'm gonna cum!" I exclaimed.

She opened her mouth as a stream of thick, gooey, cum went down her throat. She got dressed. I looked down at my cock.

It was covered in saliva. I would have to clean it off. She threw me a towel and I wiped my sensitive, red cock off. 

"Now go home to that hot piece of ass your mom is." she said

Has my mom fucked my teacher? I thought about the entire way home, with a wide grin on my face.

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