Sweet Jezabelle

Sweet Jezabelle

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sordid and taboo, this little ditty is the tale of a man driven insane by a young Jezabelle until he finally snaps!...


Sordid and taboo, this little ditty is the tale of a man driven insane by a young Jezabelle until he finally snaps!...


Submitted: July 22, 2014

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Submitted: July 22, 2014



Each day I’ll watch her, fresh of face and honey sweet

I glimpse the outline of her curves and see her dainty feet

The swell of nubile breast, her lush and fleshy mounds

Her slender legs, make me so weak, I cannot make a sound.


She struts about quite shamelessly, I cannot help but watch

Taunting me with lithe snake hips, a bulge swells at my crotch

“She’s far too young! Just a girl! Completely out of bounds!”

My conscience screams yet I ignore, despite this dangerous ground.


She taunts and goads until she sits perched upon my knee

Alarm bells ring “You must resist!”, but I’m too blind to see

Lust burns inside despite the fact I know this is so wrong

My desperate cock still springs to life as I spy her lacy thong.


Must take control, assume command; she won’t be fooling me

Won’t wrap me round her finger, I’ll damn well make her see.

Once we’re alone I pounce and seize my long awaited chance

And with brute force I grab her waist, hands fast inside her pants.


No longer brave nor bold now with her panties round her knees

With leering smile I act with force, no more shall I be teased

She cries hot tears and whimpers, afraid of what I’ll do

Cruel intentions becoming clear, my fantasy comes true.


Her body trembles violently, damp skin within my grasp

She’s far from brave as I kiss her hard and make her gasp

Invading with my feverish hands, I yank away her skirt

I grope and maul her juicy arse, I spank her til it hurts


Sweet Jezabelle, the silly fool! She made the worst mistake

So now I’ll steal her innocence, her spirit I shall break

She played with fire, took a risk and now she’ll have to pay

Her penalty is surrender, my will she must obey


Far from feeling guilt or shame, instead I force myself upon

No squirming loose, she soon finds her chance to flee is gone

She fast accepts my vicious thrusts, resigned to no escape

Whilst I violate and conquer, teeth snapping at her nape

No doubt you’ll view me with contempt, with glares of burning spite

The crime of fucking that poor girl! You’ll show pity for her plight

But you know not about the hottest hell I’ve long endured

Tormented by the little wretch, my carnal needs ignored


She may be young forbidden fruit that I’ve been forced to taste

Yet the chance to quench my raging thirst I simply couldn’t waste

She’s to blame for baiting me with all her temptress tricks

So I punished her with each hard thrust of my throbbing prick


Now you’ll be shocked, won’t believe what you’re about to learn

So keep your outrage and save your threats, I no longer feel concern

For darling little Jezabelle, comes a-creeping now each day

And pleads with me to fuck her hard and have my wicked way


And so concludes this story of my dark and sordid tale

‘Bout how I had that sweet young thing, and how I made her wail

But I no longer find her novel, it’s too easy when there’s no fight

So now I hunt another, already have fresh prey within my sights.


© Copyright 2018 LexiaThornton78. All rights reserved.

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