Slave to Love

Slave to Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


How dare he call her a prude?... Well she'd show him! Freya's indignance at being called a prude by her boyfriend spurs her into action to prove otherwise. Little does she know the rollercoaster ride and sexual adventure she is about to embark on!


How dare he call her a prude?... Well she'd show him! Freya's indignance at being called a prude by her boyfriend spurs her into action to prove otherwise. Little does she know the rollercoaster ride and sexual adventure she is about to embark on!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Slave to Love

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How dare he call her a prude?... Well she'd show him! Freya's indignance at being called a prude by her boyfriend spurs her into action to prove otherwise. Little does she know the rollercoaster ride and sexual adventure she is about to embark on!

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Submitted: August 01, 2014



Freya replayed the conversation over in her mind again as she sat at her desk. It still grated on her nerves each time she recalled it. She had never been able to take criticism and above all else, she disliked being called a prude…

“You’re all talk Frey!” He had stood there, smirking. “I think, if it actually came down to it, you’d run a mile!..”

“How have you arrived at that ridiculous conclusion, Cal?” Freya had challenged him, her hands on her hips, her expression one of indignation.

“Because I know you babe! You talk the talk, but… Well, I just can’t envisage you actually going through with it.”

“Damn Cal and his flippancy…” She thought to herself as she furiously hammered away at the keyboard in front of her. She was open-minded and adventurous, defying anyone who insinuated otherwise. Being labeled as the proverbial “chicken” was like a red rag to a bull in Freya’s opinion. She would find a way to call his bluff, to wipe that smug self-satisfied grin from his face. Mr Experienced, Mr Cock-Sure, Mr Man-Of-The-World would indeed eat his bloody words, so he would!..

“Oi Freya!” called Danielle, her work colleague. “Lunch?”

Freya checked herself, hoping to God she hadn't’t been muttering aloud to herself again. “Yeah, sure. I’I've done typing up this article anyway.”

“You sure? You look hell-bent on thrashing your keyboard to death!” Danielle chuckled.

Freya couldn't’t help but smile. “Hmmm… Pent up frustration Danni. Bit of keyboard abuse works wonders every time!”

Danielle raised an eyebrow. “You? Frustrated? Must be serious?”

Freya scooped up her jacket and purse. “Nothing a large Chardonnay won’t fix.” They headed out of the large open-plan office, eager to escape into the crisp Spring sunshine.

“I hate being cooped up in that sweatbox when it’s so beautiful out here.” Danielle cursed.

“I agree but frolicking around in the sunshine don’t pay the bills, nor for that matter does it get magazine articles composed.” Smiled Freya, adopting a mock, matter-of-fact voice.

“Spoilsport!” teased her companion amiably.

Taking a short walk, they headed to the Bistro where they often spent their lunch hour. Once settled at a table with drinks in front of them, Danielle took up their earlier exchange.

“So what be troubling you Freya?” She sat expectantly with her chin resting on her palms. “I’m all ears.”

Freya chuckled as she tried to divert the topic of conversation away from herself.  “Agony Aunt Danni now are we?”

“Yeah, if you like. It’s not like you to be stressed out honey.” Danielle retorted, determined to eek out her friend’s troubles. Freya shifted uncomfortably; as close a friend as Danielle was, Freya always played her cards close to her chest. her private life was just that: private. She had never been one to go around bleating about her love life, no matter how problematic.

“It’s nothing, trust me.”

“Way I see it, it has to be Man related.” mused Danielle, twirling her straw thoughtfully around her glass.

“How so?” Freya asked, feeling herself being drawn in.

“Without sounding all anti-men and raging feminist; it usually is. But you’ll probably just think I’m being biased.”

“Maybe Danni, but I don’t usually let any man rattle my cage as well you know.” With that Danielle cracked a broad smile. “A-ha! I knew it! You just confirmed my suspicions without realizing.” She sat back with a satisfied smile.

“Come off it! I never divulged anything!” Freya threw her napkin at Danielle in mock disgust.

“Tell me I’m wrong?”

“OK, OK, you got me…” Freya held her hands up in surrender.

“Cal getting too big for his boots then?” Danielle quipped. Like a dog with a bone, she wasn't’t about to let the matter lie without a struggle.

“Not really…” Freya trailed off.

“Spill your guts. I’m not here to judge you Frey.” It certainly was tempting to confide in and vent a little to Danielle. However silly it seemed to let a stupid heated exchange with her man bother her, it really was bugging her big time.

“Bloody men!...Cal thinks I’m a prude…” There. She had said it.

“What? You?” Danielle almost spat her drink out.

“Yup. We had a somewhat heated debate the other night when we’d got back from a club.”

“How did that come about? You and Cal have been as thick as thieves for months; why on earth would he called you that at this stage in the game?” Danielle frowned.

“It’s daft really.” Freya could feel the colour rising as her cheeks flushed, despite trying to play the matter down. Her friend urged her to continue. “We were in this club in town, having a great night…” Freya began.

“Did Cal do the Green Eyed Monster routine or something?” Danielle chimed in.

Freya laughed at that. “Hardly! Like I said, it’s silly. I was stood at the bar and this girl started talking to me. I didn't’t think anything of it, just thought she was being friendly.”

“Go on…” Danielle’s eyebrows danced quizzically.

“She offered to buy me a drink. You know how it is, everyone’s all loved-up and having a great time. I thought that was that and went back to Cal. Shortly after, she came over to dance with us.”

“So? Don’t leave me in suspense!”

“The three of us just had a laugh; dancing, chatting… I thought she was nice; we just clicked.” Freya paused to take a sip of wine, playing with a strand of hair as she did so. Danielle coaxed Freya to give her the next installment.

“It wasn't’t until the end of the night, as we were about to leave, that I got the feeling there was something more going on.”

“In what sense? Did she come onto Cal or something?”

“No, not al all…” Freya stopped talking, feeling self-conscious.

“Oh my God! She came onto you, didn't’t she?” Danielle clapped her hands in excitement.

“Keep it down! Yeah, I suppose she did…”

“Details Missy! Stop dangling the carrot and give me the full story!” Danielle’s voice took on a breathy secretive tone.

“I had to lean in close to her, to tell her we were going to shoot off and I went to kiss her on the cheek, as you do. Before I had time to register what was happening, she pulled me to her and kissed me… I mean, kissed me full-on…” Freya blushed once more at the very memory of what had happened.

“How did you react?” Danielle asked in the same hushed tone, practically holding her breath in anticipation.

Clearing her throat, Freya replied “Well, umm… At first I kissed her back, it felt sort of natural rather than a knee jerk reaction.” She drained her glass and waved at the waitress for a refill. “I stopped when I spotted Cal coming back from the cloakroom. God, I felt really guilty.”

Danielle watched her closely from across the table. “Did Cal see you kissing her?”

“At first I didn't’t think he had. It wasn't’t until we got back to his flat, that he started to tease me about the whole thing.”

“Well, at least he didn't’t kick off, Frey… Mind you, knowing Cal, it probably turned him on like mad!” Danielle laughed throatily. “Every red-blooded man’s wet dream!”

“Quite!... He wanted to know all the gory details!”

“So why the issue? Why call you a prude after that?”

“Guess we’ve always been pretty vocal about what gets us turned on… We’ve often talked about introducing a third party so to speak.”

“Are you comfortable with that though? Would you be happy to share?” Danielle pressed further.

Sighing, Freya answered honestly. “I have to confess that it was me who voiced that particular fantasy first, Danni.” Letting that secret slip so easily, she cursed the Chardonnay for lowering her inhibitions and making her loose-lipped.

“Really?” Danielle openly studied her friend.

“Yes, really. I’ve always been curious. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Cal kept on teasing me, saying that I’d chickened out and that basically I’m all talk.” Again, Freya bristled at the memory of Cal’s smug expression.

“Am I right in thinking then that you’re itching to prove him wrong?”

“That obvious eh?”

Danielle sat back in her seat. “Why didn't’t you grab the opportunity when you had it, girl?”

Freya shrugged. “That I don’t know the answer to… Maybe because I liked her.” There. Another admission. Despite chastising herself for being so loose-lipped, she felt better instantly for confiding in Danielle.

Her friend smiled back at her warmly. “ So if you could go back and do things differently, would you?”

“Honestly? I don’t know. Maybe, yeah. The thing is, it was me she was interested in, despite me being with Cal that night.”

“Were you interested in her too though, that’s the million dollar question…”

Again, Freya shrugged. “There’s something else Danni. As I went to leave, she pressed her number into my hand.”

Danielle threw her hands up in exasperation. “Freya! I could shake you! You’ve been stressing out about all this, letting Cal goad you, yet you’ve got her number?”

“I just don’t know what to do… Every time I think about her… She was lovely, but I don’t think I can just call her up out of the blue, certainly not just to get one up on Cal.” There was a pause in conversation and Danielle thought for a while before speaking again. Freya inhaled deeply, wondering why on earth she had spilled her guts.

“You don’t have to call her just to score points with Cal. From what you’ve told me, there was at least some degree of mutual attraction between you and her. Why don’t you go and explore for yourself?...”

“Wouldn’t that be cheating though Danni? I couldn't’t do the dirty on Cal.” Freya chewed her bottom lip as Danielle’s suggestion sank in.

“Depends on how you look at it. You already said that you and Cal are sexually open with one another. Besides, he shouldn't’t have called you a prude in the first place, just because you didn't’t invite her back home with you that night. If you want my opinion Frey, I say call the girl.”

Freya pondered for a long moment. “I’ve never been with another woman before, it kinda scares me a little but…”

“Turns you on too? Gets you hot and bothered? Makes you wet?” Danielle smiled wickedly.

“Danni! Behave!” But despite trying, Freya couldn't’t disguise the fact that her friend had hit the nail well and truly on the head.

“Go for it Frey. You only live once and besides, you might just like it.” Danielle said, winking. “I know I do!” Freya envied Danielle. She was openly bisexual, preferring women over men and making no secret of the fact. They both finished their long lunch and reluctantly headed back to the “Grindstone” as they affectionately called the office.


That afternoon, Freya found it impossible to concentrate. The combination of lunchtime drinks and her confession to Danielle distracting her from her work. Each and every time she began to rehearse making The Phone Call, she felt an unnerving flush of heat take over her. Finally, she packed up early for the day and ducked out of the Press Office before she got collared by the Editor. Back at home, Freya sat on the edge of her bed, a tiny slip of pink paper woven between her fingers. She gazed down at, reading the neat curved handwriting. “Abbi”. The name alone conjures up an image of the attractive girl from the previous weekend. Eventually, she bit the bullet and dialed the eloquently written number on the slip of paper. It rang out for a while and just as Freya was about to hang up in relief, a voice answered at the other end.


“Umm… Yeah, is that Abbi?” She enquired politely.

“Speaking.” The voice replied, sounding pleasant enough.

Swallowing her nerves, Freya spoke again. “ Hi… It’s Freya… Not sure if you remember? From the other night?...” She winced, wondering where her normally self-assured persona had run off to.

“Freya! ‘Course I remember you!” Abbi exclaimed down the phone.

Freya had to bite her lip to stop herself from letting out a huge sigh or relief, or even a gleeful squeak.

“How you doing?...” Abbi asked expectantly.

“Umm, I’m great, thanks. You?”

“Pretty good yeah, I’m really glad you called Freya!”

Freya didn't’stop the smile from spreading across her face as she felt some of the apprehension subsiding. She felt herself instantly warming to Abbi again, grateful for her honesty.

“I hoped you’d ring me Freya. I had a really great time the other night. “ Abbi’s voice was light and breezy.

“Me too! Not had a night out like that for ages.” Freya replied. “I paid for it the next day though! I forget I’m not a spring chicken anymore! “ She laughed, feeling exhilarated.

“Don’t be daft! You did yourself proud babe! I don’t know how we kept dancing all night!” Abbi chuckled before adding, “You’ve got some stamina, Freya!” On hearing that, Freya had an instant flashback to that night, dancing close to Abby; laughing and smiling. Her body betrayed her and she felt her nipples harden, heat growing between her thighs.

“Years of clubbing, I reckon, something I’d forgotten just how much I used to love…” Freya said wistfully.

They chatted for a while and then Abbi casually remarked “We should do it again sometime, if you fancy it?”

“Of course, I’d love to.” Freya answered, swallowing hard as the nerves quickly returned. “I was going to ask if you wanted to go for a drink or something?” She blurted out, afraid she’d back out before asking. To her surprise there was no awkward pause, no hesitation from Abbi who instead instantly accepted the invitation.

“When are you free? We could catch up this evening if you’ve got nothing on?” Freya found herself agreeing readily and before she knew it, they had made a date. Short of running around her bedroom like an over-excited teenager, she set about getting her nerves under control and deciding what to wear.


Stepping gratefully into the shower, Freya stood for a long moment, letting the water cascade over her body as she allowed herself a fleeting and illicit thought of Abbi.Her body seemed to react instantaneously, particularly as she remembered the moment when Abbi’s lips had touched hers and Abbi’s hands had pulled her in closer… To say that she felt aroused was an understatement. It had been almost a week since she and Cal had last been intimate; too long by their standards.

“Shit…” Freya murmured out loud as she suddenly recalled Cal suggesting that they go out for dinner that evening. Feeling torn, she ran through her options; simultaneously feeling guilty as well as cross that she had forgotten all about the prior arrangement with Cal.

“Buzz kill…” Freya mused as she carefully dried herself. She caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. “What the hell am I doing?...” She felt foolish, asking herself in disbelief why on earth she was even pursuing a complete stranger. She tried to reason that it had probably been nothing more than a heat-of-moment kiss…

The sound of her mobile phone ringing shook Freya from her reverie. Cal’s voice greeted her as she answered the call. It transpired that he had to cancel their dinner plans, apologizing as he said his hands were tied. A crucial business deal hung in the balance and Cal had to work late until it was sorted and officially in the bag.

“I could always come by when I get away from the office but it will be late. Sorry babes.”

“No worries darling,can’t be helped.” Freya answered. “ It’s up to you. You’ll be shattered though no doubt so don’t feel you have to come over to keep me sweet!” She tried to keep the disappointment from her voice, reassuring him that she wasn't’t in a mood with him.

“I’ll make it up you I promise sweetheart, take you somewhere nice this weekend.” When she hung up, Freya felt the all too familiar wave of nerves wash over her again as she realised that there was absolutely nothing stopping her from going to meet Abbi…


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