Sara's View

Sara's View

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Sara arrives at the famous Abyss Bar. Having celebrated with many drinks she finds herself down below at a private erotic peep show that becomes a whole lot more.



Sara arrives at the famous Abyss Bar. Having celebrated with many drinks she finds herself down below at a private erotic peep show that becomes a whole lot more.


Submitted: September 22, 2017

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Submitted: September 22, 2017



Sara heard some familiar sounding voices, it was Brett and Kelly from her team, the unofficial Ken and Barbie of the Homicide department. Brett a suave attractive manly copper, Kelly appeared a clueless bombshell Sydney Bondi Beach beauty, but underneath a very bright intellectual spark, looks and brains, dangerous, dynamite!

Sara could hear their whispers and Kelly’s high pitched tipsy flirtatious giggling. Sara decided to lay in wait and see if they came further down toward her location. They stopped in the passage behind the cage, hidden from any unsuspecting patron moving to and from the amenities. Sara had a bird’s eye view of them both. The passage was well lit, she peered through the gap watching the two beginning to lustfully kiss. Their actions forward, suggestive, aggressive, both seamed sodden with desire. They wasted no time, hands, tongues, arousing palpitating heaving breaths, it was ON!

“Bloody hell, that’s all I need, another fucking office affair,” nodded Sara negatively, speaking concernedly to herself, peering a voyeur’s view through the sneaky peek obscure make shift portal, finding it difficult to pull her eyes away. “Thank God, it’s not Peta!” Sara relieved, the last several affairs often involved Peta, she was becoming well known as the office slut. Sara was running out of inter department transfer paperwork.

Brett is tall, towering over 180 centimetres in stature, in the old language, a six-foot giant. Kelly, petite, attractive, a bombshell platinum blonde, hourglass figure, stunning. In the past, when Sara joined the force, Kelly would have never made the height and weight cut, but now with anti-discrimination laws passed, she was safely in. Kelly is a great cop, she is fit and can run like the wind, exceptionally agile, top of her class, Sara was grateful to have her and certainly didn’t want to lose her.

Sara watched Brett grab Kelly’s ass under her very short, provocative skirt, pulling her in tight, lifting her off her feet, grinding his pelvis into hers. In an interlocking tongue twisting kiss, he let her slide off his hips running his hands out from under, up her slender body, cupping, squeezing her firm stout perfect tits.

Kelly didn’t knock him back she was clearly enjoying the strong man handling attention. Brett’s hands worked their way back down once again, under Kelly’s skirt, grappling her tight sweet nectarine butt. Sara heard Brett smack the cheek of Kelly’s bum.

Sara concluded she must be wearing a flimsy G from the sharp snap crack sounding like that of a Snowy Mountain horseman’s whip, a brazen saucy raunchy encouraging slap. Kelly’s top, scarcely covered her, cut to a sharp pointed V displayed her cleavage down deep to her naval. Wide underarm sweeps, only just enough of the flimsy material to cover the firm grapefruits bulging either side, braless youthful buxom bosomy backless, barely supported by her slender neck, a decent forward lean and the low hanging fruit would be a pickers delight.

Quickly Brett loosened the alluring silky garment, her plump youthful fruit, much more than a mouthful, certainly a delectable eyeful now on view passionately craving the onlookers. Brett bent down to gorge upon her, beelining for her cherry red hardening nipple, erect from the whip cracking slap of her bare ass cheek. Sara heard Kelly let out a muffled squeal followed by a tantalising panty wetting sigh, Brett must have bit the scarlet ruby. He wasted no time, boob in his mouth he hoisted her skirt, oops, got that wrong, she’s not even wearing any undies and perfectly blemish less, laser shaved. All the bits on display a smorgasbord of feminine genitalia just waiting to be touched probed consumed hoovered and pleasured.

Kelly decided it was time to see what Brett was packing and agilely wrapped her leg around his, allowing him to fondle why she undid his belt, tugging at his pants, lowering the zipper of his fly. Sara remembered reading Kelly’s personnel file, her sport, her fitness regime, a gymnastics participant and part time coach. It was certainly on display she was in deed, very flexible.

“Oh, my God!” Sara gasped quietly to herself, but she was not the only one, Kelly also, reeling, horny, possibly ready, she dropped her leg and stood back, her skirt falling, covering the show below. Both women gawked at Brett’s emerging penis. Sara was shocked at a safe distance and wondered how it would be for Kelly having a front row seat. Sara was gobsmacked, speaking to herself silently. “I have never seen one so big, my god that’s not a penis, a dick, not even a giant cock, it’s a god damn fireman's pole.”

Sara watched Kelly pulling it free, enhanced by Brett’s relieving moans of her finger teasing clutching touch, it was like an endless root of a tree being heaved out, unearthed, hidden deep below. Kelly edged his pants down past his hips, there it stood angled up at her, he too shaved, silky, a satiny sleek hard studded rough riding rod, his young physique trampoline tight. Brett reached forward pulling up Kelly’s skirt attempting to line up and sink the purplish cardinal red circumcised head into the tight angled centre pocket. Kelly pulled back abruptly, Sara heard her speak, “you’re not shoving that fucking thing in me!”

“Come on Kel, live dangerously, try it on for size,” grinned Brett, waving it around, poking it at her, stabbing at her juicy cunt as if it were a sword about to run her through, possibly split her in two. Kelly reached out and grabbed it with both hands, a combination of halting his thrusting advance but at the same time measuring, sizing it up, probably psyching herself up as to whether she could take him on. Sara looked at Kelly’s facial expressions, there was a cheeky grin, an itching wonder, Sara could see her face, the need, the want, the desire to ride the boy wonder, but at the same time her trepidation on his humongous fanny splitting size.

Kelly moved from in front to his side by the time they had jostled about they were both face on to Sara, who was looking wide eyed at the ballistic missile pointing in her direction. Kelly placed one hand around the giant Johnson, at the base by the two-swinging bull sized balls, they reminded Sara of when she visited a boxing ring watching the athletes punching a low hanging pear shaped ball bag. They were drooped, but solid and certainly wholesome.

Flicking the image out of her mind, Sara watched Kelly place her second hand in front of the other, gasping along with her, realising that not only did the giant cock poke out a good two to three inches she was also straining tip to tip with her fingers to encase the beast’s throbbing girth. “Fuck, that thing should be licensed,” grimaced Sara to herself.

Kelly appeared still to be apprehensive but a little mischievous somewhat adventurous. “Take off my skirt,” ordered Kelly still gripping Brett whole, afraid to let it go. Kelly was apparently in two minds, if she held on to the firemans pole she could try and convince herself to, have a go, to drop it may send the wrong message and her Everest opportunity to ride the cock of the century, lost, or worse it could take on a life of its own and lame her.

Sara could read Kelly’s thoughts, the expressions on her face said it all, “best she held on and keep some control!”. Brett excited, personifying a groom on his wedding night, ripping the bride’s nighty off in under seconds, “poof” in a magician’s swerving move Kelly’s skirt, was gone. Kelly now naked from the hips, Sara lingering in the shadows salivating at the young, tight, innocent, fresh as a daisy pussy, wondering, watching her wrestle the beastly corrupting cyclops pulsing in her hands.

“You have some serious work to do Brett,” remarked Kelly letting one hand go but the other holding tight, securely. Her free hand reached and pulled over a nearby discarded chair, “sit there.” Brett kicked off his shoes, jettisoning his pants, jocks and shirt compliantly. He sat eagerly, a trained puppy seeking positive re-enforcing attention, waiting impatiently on the chair, working around Kelly’s straining at the leash grip. Sara looked about noticing an ashtray nearby, up against the diamond shaped wire mesh fence, where the chair once rested, conclusion, someone’s hide away spot, where they ducked out for a quick fag, not likely a quick fuck. Watching the two, a non-smoker, she suddenly felt the urge for an anxious choofing puff.

Sitting on the chair, the totem pole still angled bolt upright, gazing up, a twisting ever growing expanding pirate’s spyglass. Brett fidgeted anxiously awaiting Kelly, stabbing it about. She took off her top, now standing in the raw, her back to Brett her firm boosies hardened at the giant cock eyeshot, gingerly she spread her legs, moved over him and gymnastically bent towards the heady girthed mast, gliding her clitoral lips along the endless length of studded shaft, teasing the hell out of Brett, who was now desperate to bang it in callously. Kelly attempted to work her own juices to flow free and lube her up ready for a major service.

“What are you waiting for?” spoke Kelly, “come on, get to work, you need to moisten me up to have any chance of me mounting this brute.” Kelly, both hands clamped on to the rock-hard cock, it, the wild beast, straining at the leash she had made with her hands, jerking, jabbing and jousting to enter the taut unyielding rabbit hole. It poked and thrusted, pulling, knocking her about from the movement of Brett’s heaving hips, wavering it around. Watching on, Sara likened it to an alien that an unsuspecting astronaut was trying to fight contain and restrain. Sara watched Kelly bent over further opening her mouth pulling Brett up to her shinny glossy lips, sizing up his giant circumcised Roman centurion helmet head. Sara could see the strain on Kelly’s face trying to plan how to tackle the barbarian cyclopes a now throbbing red blooded pulsing gargoyle.

Sara was now in full view of a live pornographic show, the positions, the fit attractive participants all that was needed was extra lights and a camera, the action, already rolling.

Kelly’s tongue poked out circling the throbbing foaming head, her smooth moist action made it glow, at the same time Brett whimpered at the now sensual sucking touch that followed. The little miss, not so innocent, with her compacted solid jelly mould tits used her callisthenic ability to lift a leg, grip the wire fence for balance and place the monstrosity whole inside her, butter wouldn’t melt, now, slut of a mouth. As Brett’s fingers moved in to loosen her up, fingering the smooth glistening juicy pussy, Kelly attempted to take as much of him in as she could, gagging on his size and girth performing an artistic display of the perfect, well-practiced, fellatio. Brett excited by Kelly’s gorging gagging gasping sounds of licks and sucks, fingered her hard and fast further juicing her up. Sara could see the excitement on his face the anticipation of her widening as he moved two, three fingers in broadening, stretching of her tight little cunt, ready for him.

Like a stud farmer preparing a prize mare for the inseminating stallion Brett pumped her tight pussy, Sara watched as Kelly responded by bobbing up and down his endless lengthy cock, sucking and licking him hard and lusciously, at the same time bouncing on his dildo like thickening finger action.

Watching, hearing them moan and groan, Kelly gag, Brett whimper, both with the occasional snort, Sara felt the devil inside her ignite, the flame of indecency burned fierce and bright, all from the immoral outrageous Ken and Barbie show.

Kelly appeared to be quickly coming to the boil, lubricated and partially reamed by Brett’s burrowing finger action. All three, the participants Brett and Kelly, the onlooker, Sara the dark passageway voyeur, wondering if she was ready to take on the gleaming polished robust roman centurion. Keeping Brett primed, Sara watched Kelly lick the pre-cum from the now swollen throbbing head, pulsing in her mouth. Sara still shocked from it, ‘takes two hands to handle a whopper’, size. Kelly’s tongue danced about and around the rock-hard cock, licking it like a melting ice cream, a voyeur’s fellatio viewing streaming dream.

Sara watched Kelly change her posture, pulling herself off the make shift dildo of Brett’s thrusting fingers. Balancing herself, still clutching the diamond shaped wire fence, gripping it tight she used her other hand to pilot the oozing plank of Brett between her thighs, allowing Brett to finally enter her, from behind. Brett depicting the randy horny goat god Faunus, looking to bang something, anything hard, pushed his hips up driving his cock’s helmet head into the tight squeamish apprehensive trembling pussy. Sara watched Kelly’s eyes widen, bulging to the point of popping out of her head, quickly she climbed up rising to her tip toes escaping the pile driving thumping rocket boring in her tight little nervy cunt, screaming “stop STOP it’s not going to fit.”

Brett’s posture changed, he sat disappointingly slumped in the chair while Kelly climbed down off the bean stalk. Turning her back to Sara, Kelly went down on her knees and commenced giving Brett vigorous head. Brett’s demeanour changed, his smirk a message Sara could read, a suck while not as good as a good hard fuck was better than nothing at all.

Kelly was not on her knees long, standing widening her legs, approaching Brett, face on. One foot on the ground the other raised to the edge of the seat of the chair she opened her legs, her pussy facing off Brett. He could read the play, he gripped her tight crisp ass and moved in fast, returning the oral favour hoping it would give him a second attempt at docking her with his extended limb. His rock-hard cock now peeking through Kelly’s open legs pointed directly at Sara.

Kelly was indeed a trooper and once again, she griped him tight, pushed his head back and lowered herself onto the titanic colossus. This approach, a different face of Everest, found her a more pliable supple entry. Sara watched Kelly descend the mighty girth of Brett’s humungous cock, absorbing it in, panting breaths each inch it slid in.

“Jesus Christ,” sighed Sara under her breath watching Kelly working her way down the fireman’s pole. Kelly had let go, both hands firmly on Brett’s smooth muscle rippling chest, making sure she held him tight and contained, certainly restrained. Brett sensing his tight pussy lover’s tenacious efforts to stretch and take him on whole allowed her total control.

Sara was amazed at the disciplined determination Kelly had in her actions, it was like watching a women’s fitness class doing squats to shape their calves. Flat footed Kelly pushed off working her way up the piston rod shank, reaching the top, a gentle high rise toward tippy toes, a crouched almost standing position, she, spreading her legs wider, if at all possible, slowly descending. A few crude sounds along the way, met by the odd compressing fanny fart, “my god how could she get that jolly bobby’s truncheon in there?” whispered Sara to herself, her eyes watering at the sight.

Sara watched Kelly rise and fall upon Brett’s rock hard giant cock. Kelly’s motion like an old-fashioned steam locomotion. Slow to start, a slip and a slide then finally the friction and the force combine to give rise to a faster more comfortable, stable ride. Bouncing up and down Sara watched Kelly conquer mount Everest, noticing her own devious desires now pouring into her own underpants.

Sara was a lustful crazed mess, her body wanted her to strip away her knickers and go join in the fun, to run and jump on the merry go round and hump the well-hung donkey, whislt tounging the clit of Kelly. “What the hell is the matter with me,” Sara chastised herself. I was married to man had little interest in his cock, gave head to keep him from lying on top of me, now I have found a woman I enjoy yet, I want to,”

Sara heard an approach from the kitchen, glancing over her shoulder, shit its Lisa. Sara didn’t know where to run and hide, to be found where she was not supposed to be, to be caught watching Kelly rocking up and down, humping Brett’s canine penis rouge, studded ribbed rod.

As Lisa approached, Sara really had no choice, holding her finger to her mouth making a visual symbol of, “shhh.”

Lisa quietly approached shrugging a question as to why she needed to be silent in her own private passageway. Leaning, whispering into Sara’s ear, her bouquet of sweet vanilla perfume wafted inflaming Sara’s nostrils. Lisa’s hand moved over Sara’s shoulder, a friendly, bordering inappropriate, hugging up close embrace. “What are you doing down here Sara, people are looking for you, are you okay?” Before Sara could answer Lisa was suddenly alerted to the carnal coitus sounds of Kelly and Brett.

Peering past Sara, Lisa caught an eyeful of wee Kelly psliding her pussy up and down the ballistic baton of Brett. “Fuck look at the size of that guy,” whispered Lisa into Sara’s ear. Sara was having difficulty speaking, lust soaked knickers itching, she imagined herself almost, gushing.

Both women watched Kelly bobbing up and down on the Bobbie, her little high-pitched squeals indicating she was getting close to ecstasy. Sara was beginning to pant along with her wishing she could share in the orgasm.

Lisa turned her body blocking Sara against the wall, looking up at Sara Lisa pressed her lips against Sara’s bitting them hard. An encouraging proposition, she was up for something, even if Sara wasn’t. Lisa whispered into Sara’s ear, “actions speak louder than words,” at the same time unzipping Sara’s pants fly.

Sara braced herself against the back wall, total confusion, her mind a complete fluster. She didn’t know whether to open or close her eyes. The woman, Lisa, who had rejected her days before, was now forcing her hand into her panties, running her fingers through her pubic floret, edging them to slide accross her moist wet swelling vaginal lips, fingering her cunt, search for her clit.

Sara didn’t attempt to stop her!

Kelly the mountaineer explorer, was close to reaching her summit, Lisa and Sara could hear her peaking to cum, Brett was ready to blow, god help the girl when that happens, images of the Rotorua geyser flashed into Sara’s conscious. Lisa’s fingers, suddenly, unexpectedly, slipped deeply in, “fuck Sara, you’re so ready, I arrived just at the right time,” Lisa’s words licked into Sara’s ear, as she used her free hand to peel Sara’s pants away, down to her knees. Brett coming alive begged Kelly to allow him to take over and fuck her pussy, “Kel, please Kel, let me up, let me fuck you from behind.” Lisa had Sara’s pants and undies down about her ankles. One of Lisa’s hands had secured Sara’s locking fingers pressed up against the wall, the other, her fingers, in and out of Sara’s burning hot fanny, Lisa smeared the hot sexy juices of Sara into her pubic hair turning it to a swampy marsh.

“Oh Fuck,” screamed Kelly, both Lisa and Sara looked toward the cry, there she was bent over, white knuckled both hands gripping the diamond wire fence, Brett behind her pumping her pussy insanely hard, jack hammering her tight overheated juiceey cunt, her cute little ass quivering like jelly with his donkey cock’s pounding blows. Lisa also excited having her hand, fingers, in out and around Sara’s hairy pussy, she found Sara’s swollen clit and was working it to a frenzy.

The sounds of Kelly moaning at being humped by a monster, the dirty filthy words of Brett telling Kelly how much he was loving fucking her tight little hairless cunt, images of Pricilla on a bus in the desert, with Mr Anderson no less wearing a dress, Bradley the brother in law humping the broad acre rump of the blond beauty, the ghost of Simone Brown sitting on his couch telling him to stop being a wimp and fuck her harder, Adra  Sara's girlfriend, wiping her mouth from guzzling Sara’s cum. Sara’s pussy on fire about to explode, Kelly unable to take much more of a thumping screaming as she was bore holed in anticipation of Brett’s torrent of a load.

Lisa tugged and pulled at Sara’s leg, restrained by her pants and panties handcuffing her at the ankles. Sara kicked off her shoe flicking one leg free from the chastity of her undies, lifting he leg for ease of Lisa’s persistent scandalous, please don’t stop, entry.

Lisa let go of Sara’s hand, dropping to her knees burring her nose in Sara’s soaked pussy, pushing her tongue between the exposed vaginal lips. Sara bit her lip trying not to make a sound as Lisa used her tongue and fingers in amazing synchronicity.

Sara, looking down at Lisa between her legs, hearing Kelly’s, once high pitched perky little nympho sheiks, now a low toned whoreish groan, “oh fuck Brett I’m going to cum, oh oh hugh huuh agh ff yeah hhhh arghh.” Sara, close herself, glanced once again at the two young porn stars. Brett now with a full head of steam, his giant firm hands holding an ownership grip on Kelly’s red hot glowing ass, banging the poor bitch senseless, the wire fence she griped, shook and wavered, it began to creek and squeal from her white-knuckle grip, Kelly holding on for dear life.

Somehow, without apparent explanation, it all suddenly came together.

Kelly orgasmed, she was so worked up, opened and wet, she shuddered off the exploding foaming rod. Sara caught a last looking view as Brett, let it all go. He had pulled the whopper of a schlong out just in time to ejaculate his frothing foaming manhood up all over Kelly’s plumb perfect ass, a white wash of whipped foaming cream. Kelly, relieved, gasping for air, giddy, still clutching the wire fence for balance, weak at the knees looked exhausted, an athlete who had run the quarter mile. She had cum, she had conquered, she had ridden the six-foot Bobby’s donkey, the King Kong of cock, and blown its torrent of a load. Sara completed the unholy trinity streaming her sweet honey from Lisa’s agile tongue and relentless fingering.

Reaching the dizzy heights of ecstasy Sara witnessed another shocking event. Looking up from Lisa, who was busily slurping and gorging her whole, Sara observed Kelly sitting on the chair face of with Brett’s slow drooping member. Grasping it with one hand she gobbled it hole, pumping it hard, syphoning the last of his manhood into her mouth, the other hand squeezing his mandarin sized balls ensuring every last drop was milked. Her actions so wickedly naughty, her sucks so ferociously wild, mimicking the pounding of her pussy, made Sara randy, horny for more.

Sara found herself involuntarily grinding her vulva into Lisa’s cum covered face, flexing her hips, thrusting, nearly knocking Lisa off balance from the lustful force of a demanding second fuck. Lisa, a willing giver, was only to please to satisfy Sara with a second orgasm sucking and licking her harshly rapidly gorging her more and more.

Kelly, no longer the sweet angelic sight,  stood steaming the lustful misty image of Lilith, the look of a wild rambunctious harlot, glowing, the smell of sex permiated about them all. Taking control asserting herself from the previous submissive brutish rear end fuck, she yanked Brett by his rehydrated cock planting him onto the icky gooey seat she had just arisen from. Pushing him down, she sat upon his renewed hardened cock, Brett agasp at his new-found best ever, most certainly a keeper, girlfriend. This time, Brett was shown no mercy, she claimed his whopper for her own lewd use. Jamming herself down, ramming the monster between her legs, she rode him hard, a galloping sprint, no thought for him at all, she was in the saddle pounding his swollen sore drained balls. Burring his head in her sweaty bouncing tits she didn’t even look at him, she wanted nothing but his rock-hard cock.

Sara close to going again, jerked her hips and fanny face fucked Lisa in tune with Kelly’s determined peaking “yes euh, Euh, yes Euh Euh Euh yes Euh EuH EUH EUH,” Kelly’s fanny, clobbering the grateful copper, Sara watching her cute little ass twitching as she slid up and down the mighty shank. “Christ,” gasped Sara to herself, having visions of old time cow hands riding the endless ponderosa on horseback, “Kelly will be bow legged, she won’t be able to walk for a week!”

Sara’s clit finding its final destiny of an exploding second orgasm, streaming down Lisa’s hands smeared against Sara’s thighs. The sticky honey coated her skin warm and runny. As the ecstatic ecstasy drained away all parties guiltily pulled up their pants, cleaned off the smut and the lust, a spray of perfume, a dob of cologne all to cover up the immoral debauchery that had occurred in the dungeon below the sinful Abyss Bar.

Sara’s phone flashed a silent text, “how’s the night honey, miss me, want me XXXX.”


To the reader from the author. You have just read two chapters of a book already published on this site.

The story of our Sara is complicated and like all good characters, the intrigue comes from understanding what makes her so desirable, so wanted, so desperate for love.

If you would like to get to know Sara and more about the people in her life, to get into the inner thoughts, to find elicit secrets and mind-blowing encounters, go find the Katie Experiment on this site. Come on take a look, don’t you want to know who the text is from?

For those already reading, thank you for stopping by, keep flipping through the chapters, the intensity of our lovers grows. Sara has so much more to share with you.

Just like all good sex, the Katie Experiment is not a, wham bam, all over in thirty seconds. Think of the story as a the climactic build up and see what the visiting archaeologist from England discovers in Australia, the land down under, wink wink.

Take a look at the Katie Experiment there is so much to discover!

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