Giving her some attention

Giving her some attention

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Ignored by her husband desperate for attention.Desperately her mind a rush with sensual feelings was trying to suppress her need to moan and scream as the build up to orgasmic release was quickly approaching, god oh God, she said under her breath, I so want this but shit this is going to be a train wreck


Ignored by her husband desperate for attention.Desperately her mind a rush with sensual feelings was trying to suppress her need to moan and scream as the build up to orgasmic release was quickly approaching, god oh God, she said under her breath, I so want this but shit this is going to be a train wreck


Submitted: August 21, 2015

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Submitted: August 21, 2015



Her husband drunk, loud and obnoxious sent cringing chills up her spine. The party in full swing he had consumed more than his fair share. She tried to ignore his overbearing antics and the glares from fellow attendees but it hung about her like a bad smell.

Consistently he put her down, belittled her amongst the party guests, he had their ear after all he was their boss and if not their pier. She sighed at every party invite as she knew her night was one of guardianship not pleasure. She would always be apologizing and escorting his paralytic state to their loveless bed. Her only blessing in this torrid event was that his after party antics trying to get it on, let alone up, met with him passing out draped across her seminude body, thank good she escaped it once again.

Watching him hold court to willing fools desperate for his attention made him more the unbearable. She was astounded that the fools would stand and lap up his woeful dribble of a conversation.

Standing at a distance, close enough to intervene in an emergency but far enough to exclude herself from the antics she swallowed the last drop of her crisp Chardonnay.

From nowhere approaching from behind a levitating bottle appeared at the rim of her glass. A little shocked a slight jump of the heart and a quiver she turned her head looking over her shoulder to see him smiling.

"May I" he said in a soft but strong commanding way, as if no was not an acceptable answer.


Tongue tied at this chivalrous gent she smiled, tilted her head in the direction of the glass, raising her eyebrows all in a theatrical motion of a resounding "YES".

Holding the bottle at its base he moved in close behind her, his pelvis brushing against the fabric of her short summer dress with just enough vigor to tweak the cheeks of her shapely rear end.

Placing his four fingers gently on her exposed shoulder, mimicking the need for balance, he angled the bottle and she watched the buttery rich golden liquid swirl into the empty glass releasing its fragrant light bright summer evening fruity flavors.

Excited by the attention she joined the flirt gently pushing her hips back firmly against his pelvis. He met her flirtatious move with a controlled thrust, she could feel him swelling against her cheeks.

Careful unobserved movements all in a just seconds she aligned her tightening bottom, slow flexes of her hips rubbing the swelling man between her rear end cheeks.

Lifting the bottle away from the edge of the glass his hand gently cascaded down her arm goosebumps prickling to the surface as he pushed in a little harder. Pushing back the two bodies found an equilibrium where he was now hard up against her, her delicate cotton dress now beginning to disappear between her bottom cheeks.

This little naughty moment roused her dampened spirit. Her once stalled libido now beginning to reactivate a desire she had almost forgotten.

He stepped away her dreamy emotion of his hard swelling pelvis came to an abrupt end, she felt her emotions rapidly moving from desire to disappointment perhaps a little anger by his sudden withdrawal. Twisting away from her like a professional sommelier he placed the bottle on a nearby table ceasing up a full glass of bold red wine.

Still angled close by her rear but slightly to the side he gestured his glass forward, 'clink' went the glass, "cheers" he boldly exclaimed.

Their location was close by the house at an outside bar just a few meters from the main party where her husband continued to argue court. He a leading barrister was in high demand and the junior partners and solicitors all lapped up his courtroom victories anxious to chair a case with him. She often wondered whether he had banged a few up and coming female juniors in the chambers all clambering to get the next murder case, to be in the news get on TV. He was a drunk but no fool and never short for an articulate massacre of the opposing council.

Standing sipping her wine he placed his hand upon her hip guiding her backwards her lower body out of sight of the party, edging her gently around the outside bar. She followed his lead eagerly trusting his guiding pull of her hips. Safely around and out of sight he wasted no time his hand under the cotton dress pressing his fingers into her skin massaging her tight buttocks flicking the elastic of her knickers enjoying them snapping back at her silk like skin.

Her free hand motioned up his leg and across his pelvis. Rubbing the outer of his pants she could sense he was getting hard, she continued this motion sending the message she was not shy.

The message was received loud and clear his hand slipped under the elastic edge of her panties running around her inner thigh his fingers walking their way down between her legs. The sensation of being touched erotically, firmly but sensual was overpowering and she found herself widening her stance allowing him the freedom to explore her more. Grabbing his crutch she heard him gasp as she squeezed him tight wondering what sight was beneath the trouser.

His fingers found their way deep into her pants and she widened her legs some more. To have a man touch her so OMG I'm getting wet in my pants. The temptation of feeling him whole was more than she could bare. Finding the zip of his trouser she eased it down. Reaching inside she worked him free. As she grasped him his index finger slid between her vaginal lips, moving her hand up his length he began sliding his finger inside her. Amazingly they found a synchronicity as she moved up and down his hard rod he moved up and down her moistening outer vaginal lips.

Circling her thumb upon his swollen erect head she felt the warm lust of his desire beginning to gently flow as he rubbed firmly her moistened clitoris responded, shit she thought what if someone comes for a refill when we about to cum.

The feeling of being the focus and attention by another in a location so unsafe bordering on perilous, being wicked no less, excited her all the more. Being just that little more daring she widened her stance in a casual playful slide of her left leg, oh my god he was right on the spot with perfect stimulus a balance of vigor and capable firmness. Moving the wine glass to her lips her hands and arms trembled as her heart raced in time with his lower attention. Desperately her mind a rush with sensual feelings was trying to suppress her need to moan and scream as the build up to orgasmic release was quickly approaching, god oh God, she said under her breath, I so want this but shit this is going to be a train wreck I can..., oh Jesus God almighty....

Squeezing him harder she could feel him pulsing in her hand oh how she wanted him inside her.

Her eyes beginning to glaze over the husband ahead becoming a dull out of focus blurred droning roar. Her brain selectively shutting down the party bores, focusing her on the indulgence of pleasure.

Every synaptic connection in her body was energizing, electricity was building to capacitor strength, the release was coming and arriving fast, she had to get away she had to get him

between her thighs her panties filling with liquid lust the heat building from the marvelous friction of pleasure her hips begging to be freed of her knickers to open her legs wide.

Leaning back against his body she could feel his breath upon her neck. Whispering into his ear she commanded "take me somewhere, take me now, quickly, I want you now". Withdrawing his hand he continued the tease dragging his finger across her hip she could feel her wet self being smeared seductively across her smooth skin.

Walking gingerly, nervously almost awkwardly with sticky wet undies she moved through the crowd portraying an heir of control and innocence hoping none would waft the scent of her indecency.

Ignored by her husband she gently glided to the side passage of the house a covered darkened area of the home that was well out of eye are hopefully ear shot disappearing from view.

Casually glancing to ensure he followed he kept a safe distance stopping to mingle a little in his way. Peering from seclusion "For fuck sake" she murmured to herself "don't hang about don't get caught up with the crowd" she was hot and horny something she had not been in a very long time "oh thank god he is on his way”.

Butterflies now formed has his presence closed upon her. The excitement of a quick interlude a naughty moment of pure indulgence was intertwined with the guilt of an affair with man she did not know, not even his name. She had never had an extramarital quick hard fuck

Moving down the path their hands clasped he could sense by her nervous movements and shy glances the intoxication of the pre orgasmic fondle was wearing off and she was beginning to waiver. Seeing a secluded section of the wall shrouded by thick leafy greenery he took his moment edging her into position. As their eyes locked for the first time in an intimate stare he leaned in for the kiss.

For her this kiss was strong and commanding his arms about her held her fast tight and secure but not restrained. So as not to lose the moment, which pent up passion created behind the bar, he reached beneath her summer dress and eased her panties down. Responding positively she undid his belt buckle, pushed his trousers over his hips and worked them down towards the floor whilst kissing him passionately teasing biting tonguing him more and more.

Feeling him getting her knickers down to her knees she wiggled and juggled them to her ankles. Flicking off her shoes she felt the rough brickwork against her feet. Stepping out of her undies she pulled him hard and ready from inside his and sized him up once more.

Having hold of him, preparing to guide him between her opening legs, she was surprised as he began to pull away. Confused and becoming frustrated by his withdrawal she broke the passionate kiss.

Being released from her intense embrace he dropped to his knees level with her pelvis. Running his hands up her outer thighs his arms raised her cotton summer dress. Sensing his intention hoping he was a ‘diver’ she gathered up her dress allowing him to come face to face with her feminine genitalia.

With just a hint of moonlight pooling into the side yard he glanced lingeringly at this beautiful womanly site. First a gentle breath a blowing of forced air upon the thin triangle of short silky hair. Sensitive to his strong breathily breeze bristled the luscious manicured bloom and goosebumps pricked the skin as she allowed him to lift her leg opening wide before his outstretched tongue.

Her hot wet pussy now swollen from earlier exploration poised begging for more attention, activated by the widening of her legs and his teasing blowing breath. Stiffening his tongue he meandered the length of her inner thigh sending blissful shudders through her lower body tightening and pulsing her naked buttocks now pushed up against the rough outer wall bricks.

Tasting her sweet liquid lust he circled her stiffening labial lips feeling them flowering before him opening like a morning rose meeting the first strike of sunlight for the day. Shivering and twisting in erogenous glory she felt him work the pearl like oyster below. Closing her eyes, any fear of being caught with her knickers down had departed her conscious, she rested back holding her dress getting high on the gratification of his Devine soulful attention.

Moaning and groaning " yes yes just there oh my god that's it more more oh shit that's it hmmmm yeah yeah YEAH hmmmmmmm, fuckkk", feeling her cum across his tongue made him harder than hard and now he was needing her, wanting her , he must have her.

Running his tongue inside her one last time, a farewell to her below, he stood and pressed against her. She wrapped her leg and arms about him taking blind faith of his strength and support. Twisting and adjusting his head found the slippery opening, one, two three manly thrusts, and a gasping breath for each from her, he was now deep inside her. Her soft smooth velvet inner self dilated to accept him whole she widened her legs flexing her hips expanding to meet his girth. "Oh fuck oh fuck" she gasped as they found a rhythmic motion, wrapping her arms around his neck letting go of her her dress now caught up about them. He grasping her naked bottom feeling the juices flowing from within her as he split her legs wider driving himself in harder and faster. Sheltering her soft buttock skin from the hard wall he held her tightlydriving in and out spurred on by her cheer leading moaning and groaning.

For her the orgasm born from his delightful tongue , shot free violently straight up swelling her boobs making her giddy and light headed was now wavering slightly retreating like that of a spent wave on a beach shore drawing back to sea. Returning to the deep swell it was once again rising up to a crest ready to roll over its thunderous power re intensifying to once again crash through her lingering body. No calm retreating ocean spray for her his every increasing pounding of her pussy below whipped up the frenzied lust within. "Harder harder harder" she cried as her body jolted with each determined satisfying thrust.

Like lightning striking across the sky she felt her inner dam wall crumble, orgasmic bliss as the second wave reached every fiber of her being like the aftershock of a great thunderclap in a storm, stretched to her extremities, alighting in her belly, she poured her lust freely down his rock hard driving pole letting out a muffled whimpering cry of utter thankful satisfaction.

Feeling her warm splashing rush down is rock hard manhood flowing across his swollen groin all from her earlier friction heated tugging, was all he needed to release and deliver. Pouring into her the surging rush bought them tightly together as they clung on riding the wave of energy that they had created absorbing each other, extracting every zing of the intensity, vibrating the last erotic tremor they could muster, her squeezing her inner smooth muscles draining him, his last desperate pumps of exhausted strength.

Once just beaded perspiration upon their brow, now they were sweating passionately, they held each other for as long as they dare.Muffled panting breath reverberated around them as they clung tightly. The sound of the party still rumbling in the background reality quickly returned. The naughty adventure now beginning to dissipate as they bought their heady interlude down slowly, kiss by kiss, stroke by stroke, breath by breath returning from the dizzy heights to terra firma.

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