Vanessa's Beach - The Stranger

Vanessa's Beach - The Stranger Vanessa's Beach - The Stranger

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Vanessa lies naked on a secluded beach when suddenly a shadow appears ... (formerly under dreamsidream which I can no longer access to modify the original story)


Vanessa lies naked on a secluded beach when suddenly a shadow appears ...

(formerly under dreamsidream which I can no longer access to modify the original story)


Submitted: June 27, 2012

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Submitted: June 27, 2012



Vanessa's Beach Part 2

Image_178.JPGMy friends think I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to my favourite hobby. Yes, I know bird-watching, or to be more precise, ornithology "the study of birds, including their physiology, classification, ecology, and behaviour" isn't everyone's cup of tea, but both my parents were keen naturalists and brought me up with a keen interest in wild life of all varieties.

My hobby has brought me a few bonuses - the discovery of two or three, well, not exactly new species, but a species that was not quite supposed to be domiciled in the areas where I found them.

Often an excursion turns out to be, pardon the pun, a wild goose chase, but what I found this day was way beyond I've seen flying in feathers before.

I had a tip-off about a particular species of quail that might be living alongside a stream about twenty miles from home and thought I would check it out without great hopes - quail as a land-based bird are notoriously shy, nest on the ground and capable of short, rapid bursts of flight, they take flight at the slightest sound or sudden movement and I knew I would have to be especially careful in staying quiet and staying out of sight if I was to catch a glimpse of any.

Normally I would have worn long trousers to protect my legs but it was such a warm day that I decided to risk it with shorts, a few scratches wouldn't kill.

I drove along the dusty, back road that my friend had mentioned, noting the spot that he reckoned was closest to where the birds might be and found what I was looking for, the farm house of the property that I needed to cross to get to the stream. Tooting the horn drew no response, neither did a knock on the door and I decided that if no-one was home, then no-one would care, so I returned to the car determined to go ahead anyway. As I opened the car door, I sighted a woman in the distance in what from afar seemed to be a white cotton dress and I thought of calling out to her, but then realized that if she hadn't heard the car horn, she certainly wouldn't hear me call.

After parking, I tramped about a mile and a half across the lightly timbered countryside until I could see not far away some heavier undergrowth that I guessed was alongside the stream. A few moments later, a gentle tinkling sound of running water reached me, and I slowed down, determined to remain as quiet as possible.

I figured that if the quail were there, they probably by close to the stream, so to keep myself as invisible as possible and not scare them off, I crept from tree to tree, waiting 30 seconds or so before advancing before I guessed that I was pretty much behind the last tree before the running water.

From what I could see from my hiding spot, there was a little stretch of sandy beach, perhaps 30 yards long by eight or ten wide.

l moved around the tree a little to see whether the quail had clustered there, but to my shock I saw a young woman, maybe 22 or 23, wearing a white cotton frock standing there, Wearing? I gulped as I saw her reach behind her and unzip the back, shaking the front down her arms and exposing her small but perfect breasts.

Instinctively, I drew behind the tree, both excited and yet a little ashamed I was intruding on her personal space.

What could I do or say if she saw me there? From her shadow extending to the bank 0f the stream, I realized that the sun was directly behind me and she probably couldn't see me if I didn't make any sudden movement.

The only movement, involuntary as it have been, was my cock stiffening within my shorts as I watched slide her hands down and push a pair of thin blue panties down around her ankles, She threw her head back, letting the hot sun flow over her lithe body and I imagined her nipples tightening and hard as she sank to her knees and picked up a bottle of suntan oil,

She now had her back to me and I moved sideways to get a closer view and she sprinkled the oil into the palm of her right hand, taking care to make sure the bottle remained upright before rubbing her hands together and lifting them to her neck and shoulders, massaging the lotion in before her head was suddenly thrown back and her hands slid further down.

I knew she was fondling and squeezing her pert little breasts, and I knew the back of my handing was rubbing up and down my erection, and I knew, although I had not seen her face that I would have this strange woman, I knew I would force if I had to, but I will have this woman!

I watching her slip her hand further down and see her rock gently backward and forwards and the image of her fingers slipping down over her swollen clitoris, between her turgid lips and teasing her opening has my cock nearly bursting out of my shorts,

Suddenly she stops, and I hear a sigh as she rolls onto stomach, squeezing some more oil on her right hand and struggling to cover her beautiful slender back.

I cannot help myself as I watch her writhing from side to side in her attempts to anoint her back and when I see her facing away from me, I step as silently as possible from behind the tree and take the half-dozen steps to stand alongside her.

While I know the sun is behind me and blinding any view she might have of me, it is casting my shadow across her naked, vulnerable body and she suddenly rubbing at her back and she tries to twist and look at me.

I reach out with my foot and push her shoulder down – there are perhaps one or two moments that define a man's life, and this is one of mine – I ache to explode inside this strangers body, it will be with her consent, or I will just bury her face in the sand and take her, perhaps not violently because I know she is aroused and wet, but I will force her anyway.

To my relief, she does not resist and rolls back on her stomach with her face away from me. I notice the oil bottle still in her hand and kneel; at first alongside her while I take the oil from her hand, and then shift up so her head is between my knees.

I spill some oil on the small of her back, reach down and lean over her and begin to massage her back, conscious that my groin and bulging erection is pressing closer and closer to her face and I feel her lift her head slightly and sense she wants to bite at me, but no, despite the pleasure we are both enjoying, I want to, and will fuck her!

Her back is well and truly oiled and I shuffle my way down to her feet, and realizing they are perhaps the most sensitive part of the body to burning, I massage the oil over the soles, ankles and between her toes.

Between her toes! The old joke about rubbing her between her big toes flashed across my mind as I stroke to slide my hands further and further upwards to within that spot that I know she is aching for me to caress! I feel her squeeze her thighs tight against my hand and for a split-second I think she is resisting me, telling me to stop, but as my thumb burrows down between the cheeks of her slim arse and presses against her tight little puckered hole she relaxes again, even pushing up against my hand.

I sense there will be little resistance if my well-lubricated digit pushes inside there, but I resist the temptation and turn my hand sideways and with the hard outer side start to slowly stroke her from the base of her spine all the way through to the spot where my fingertips can rub the base of her clitoris.

She is arching her back, almost begging me to slip a a finger, fingers into her, but my cock is aching for her and i raise by the hips and push hard against her, first against her spine and cheeks of her beautiful arse, sliding it from side to side as pushes back against me,

My cock is sliding down the crack of her arse, a sudden twitch as I sense the tip against her tight little anus and for a fleeting second I am tempted to push inside, my shaft is well and truly lubricated, but I have not loosened her there and despite my initial desperation to rape her if need be, she has passionately responded to my every touch and I know I cannot and will not cause her pain.

I move further down and press against the opening to her vagina, teasing her, letting her wait for my thrust inside her, but suddenly pushes back against me and I effortlessly am inside her and I cannot help but slowly push myself further in and she eagerly moves back to take me fully inside her.

After a few seconds, I slowly withdraw and sense she is already matching me, pushing and withdrawing in rhythm as I pull outside her and the penetrate again.

I know she is about to come, but again I have this urge to force her, rape her and as she starts to shudder, I force her down hard against the sand and grab her flailing arms, stretching them flat and when I feel her legs start to thrash, I hook my feet under her hers and hold the still as her orgasm shudders underneath me, her cunt contracting against my shaft, her buttocks valiantly try to push up against my groin

I let her rest and feel her body relax from the tension and excitement from what I know has been a massive orgasm, but after a minute or two while she spasmodically squeezes me, and I feel the familiar itch in why cock and the ache in my balls as the cum builds,

My hands pull her up and I start to thrust harder and harder into her; she has had her climax and now I will have mine, A final thrust and that moment of hesitation as the cum pumps from balls and suddenly I realize I have no idea whether she has any sort of birth control. I pull myself out of that wonderful, wet cunt and run my cock against the cheeks of her arse, pumping myself, two, three, four times before I arch back and shoot my cum across her hip and the small of her back ...

I am conscious of lying on top of a minute before I feel an irresistible urge to doze off and I feel this strange and delightful woman's body sink beneath me as together we slide into the euphoria of a sated sleep ...

... maybe for fifteen or twenty minutes we slumber before a slight scuffling sound slowly brings me back to a state of consciousness, as I and slowly open my eyes, I finally see what I have what I had waited for, lusted for years; fifteen or sixteen orange -bellied quail slowly working their way across the sands, pecking at the remains of some long dumped shell fish washed up on this narrow beach and somewhat sadly, I know this has been the experience of my life, and it cannot be this way again ...

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