Tuesday at George's Bar (2)

Tuesday at George's Bar (2)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Garry may have thought that he had picked and seduced the down-and-out Brian, but perhaps Brian has another tale to tell ...


Garry may have thought that he had picked and seduced the down-and-out Brian, but perhaps Brian has another tale to tell ...


Submitted: June 28, 2012

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Submitted: June 28, 2012



Image_174.JPGOf course, as a down-and-out male prostitute that will sell his arse or mouth to anyone with a lazy twenty bucks, my new, personal, and sophisticated friend will part with plenty as I dream up a few more roles of an absolute innocent to pay the rent and bills for many months to come ... for him to cum ...

Tuesday nights aren't usually great, but I thought I give George's Bar a try.

George is always on the lookout for my tricks and I slip him a cut if I score off one of his tips.

It didn't look all that promising at first, four younger types, a couple only with eyes for each other, two slightly older broads that maybe I could do something for, but as I walked to the bar, I saw George give an imperceptible nod towards the corner and I saw this dude, obvious with cash and reading one of the financial newspapers.

I decided I would wait before I tried it on with him, if George had gotten him figured wrong (and George doesn't do that often), there was always the two thirtyish broads, maybe lesbian, but hell, I've had some fun times there once or twice, almost felt guilty charging them for it.

I sensed this guy was hot to try something new - actually not bad-looking and with an outfit that would cost what I "earn" in a month - and I suddenly thought that on a slow night I might take my time and enjoy it.

George nodded once or twice, but didn't need to, I knew the guy was staring at me as I slammed down the first beer. Well, George and I have got it down pretty well pat, and this guy walked over and we went through the "want another" routine, I suspected the bait was taken hook, line and sinker!

He ordered a scotch, not your average rotgut, top shelf stuff and I thought he may come on to me there and then, but I also sensed that this may have been the first time he tried this, or least the first time with another guy.

I finished the beer and was pondering whether I should wander over to his table and lay it on the line, whatever he wanted for a fifty and gently stroking my cock as I said it, but before I could move, I saw from the corner of my eye that he was writing something on a card.

Hell, I thought, I don't need a love letter or flowers, just fifty and a relatively quiet doorway will do, but over he came, mumbling something about food, and I saw George's eyes flicker down and something just lightly brush my elbow before he returned to his table.

Sure enough, there was the card, face down and I wondered briefly whether he wanted a blow job by correspondence, but I confess my heart jumped when I saw the $200 written there! That was even more than I had charged those two lesbians who thought they were performing miracles after I put on my "I'm not really gay, I just can't get it up with women" routine.

I let him sweat for a few seconds, before I turned and putting on my innocent look, I gently nodded. I wasn't really sure that he'd go through with it but when I saw the look on his face, I knew the deal was done and when he signaled George to pour me another beer, I started to plan just how I could string this guy out.

Given I know all the tricks of the trade, I managed a hard-on and as I climbed into his car, some job it was too, I waited for him to investigate a little further and I knew by his tentative touch he hadn't touched a good, stiff cock before. Well, sunshine, that may be the first, but at $200 a turn, it won't be the last!

As soon as pulled into the garage underneath the condo where he lived I recognized it.

I had a regular booking there a couple of months ago, a real weirdo that couldn't get it up without tying me and then fantasizing that he was raping me, but then again it takes all sorts.

I recognized the bum boy in the lobby, and knew from his grin that he recognized me in return.

Anyway, as soon as we step into his living room, this guy is at me, fumbling with trousers and pressing his erection against me, squirming so he can press himself against my hard-on.

Well, I have come (and cum) across many cocks in my time, but this was one out of the box! This guy has the personality of a week-old lettuce leaf, but he's rolling in dough and right now my fingertips are sliding up and down nine inches of shaft, so I'm thinking two outa three ain't bad.

He's starting to gently moan slightly, and Christ, I thought, I'd better cool this guy down or he'll blow in his pants and while I'll still have my handout for the$200, it might not be good for future business.

The lounge looks as good a spot as any, so I push him backwards towards it, and as he sinks into it, I'm pull his shoes off and slide his trousers all the way done and drop them alongside. Socks, there's always the problem with socks, there's nothing more ridiculous in the world than an otherwise naked man still wearing his socks!

I decide to give him the full works, his balls in one hand while I stroke and nibble the underside of that massive cock which has just escaped his underpants. Off with them and I give him the cock-against-the stomach treatment that seen many a lesser man than this gut with a navel full of semen, but no, that is not what he is paying over the odds for, so my mouth and tongue start working on him. Low down at first, then slowly upwards and I must confess this is the biggest penis I have operated on in years.

I'm guessing I've got about four inches to travel when the hand cupping his balls feels the first spasms of his load starting to build. With years or practice, I can judge to second when a customer is about to get his money's worth and I slide my fingers down to the base of cock to hold him for one final burst.

Six or seven contractions are the norm and I know as soon as I release him he will blow in one long spurt.

I'm just about to engulf him with my mouth, as much of that nine inches as I can take, when I think, no, let's leave him with a little bit to think about and I just press my lips against his tip as he let's go, a little cum seeping through my lips, the rest over the base of his stomach and mixing into the base of his pubes..

As he sinks back, I'm thinking what else can I do to make this a long-term contract?

Maybe I should rub his now-shrinking cock into the mess his semen and my saliva has made? A better idea, I think, let him believe he has turned me on, that I'm in state of lust after what I've just done to me, and I realize that I have had a hard-on for a few minutes.

With the practiced hand of a true professional, I can usually get myself off in twenty or thirty seconds, there's always those who love a face full of cum, so with a quick rub to lubricate myself, four of five long and slow strokes, a couple of quick ones, and wham, he is now convinced that he has so excited me I could not help myself!

A little stream of semen (his or mine?) is slowly starting to dribble down his side, and I'm wondering whether to play the role further by bobbing down and licking it all up when he starts caressing it with his fingertips, rolling this and that, getting a liberal coating before he lifts it to his mouth …

O.K., the job is done, as he picks up his clothes, I push his card into his hand, business tycoon or not, that's as close as he's going to get to an invoice and I don't take credit cards!

I wait near the entrance for him to finish in the bathroom, expecting him to come out and tee up another job when I realize with a shock that there has not been a single word has been spoken between us. Fine by me, most customers find my mouth is more useful for things other than talking, and as he steps from the bathroom, he presses a roll into my hand and I leave.

I sense that there is something else there, and not surprised when I find the card is back.

Hell, I think, Thursday will be even easier than tonight, but I feel my arse pucker at the thought of those nine inches which I'm guessing will want to find their way in there before too long … it's a quick walk back to George's although I'm guessing the actions over for the night.

I pull a twenty out of my wallet as I walk in to slip George a twenty - the couple are gone, the kids a little tipsy, but as I walk past the two thirty-something's, I sense one of them is watching me and see George with that half-smile nod in their direction …

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