Tuesday at George's Bar

Tuesday at George's Bar

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Brian is down-and-out and savours the last drink he will enjoy for quite a while when a well-dressed stranger slips a card under his elbow ...


Brian is down-and-out and savours the last drink he will enjoy for quite a while when a well-dressed stranger slips a card under his elbow ...


Submitted: June 28, 2012

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Submitted: June 28, 2012



Image_175.JPGAfter being unable to find work for several months, way behind in my rent and being pressured for a few debts, I shouldn't have gone to that bar in the place, but hell, I thought my just eight bucks cash left, there was hardly any point in saving for a rainy day. I had enough for two beers at George's Bar and that was it.

Being a Tuesday night, there were only a handful of people in the bar, a couple, a group of four that looked like under-age college students, two women of about 30 that may have been lesbian and a guy reading a newspaper at a table in the corner.

The first beer hardly touched the sides and I was starting to regret that I'd come at all as I was starting to get a taste for it. My guess was right and I did have just enough for a second, and as the barman poured it, I glanced around the room and noticed the guy in the corner staring at me over the corner of his paper, a strange, hungry look on his face before he pulled the paper back up as soon as he saw me looking at him.

I was down to the last of my second beer when the barman asked if I wanted a top-up - “No mate, I'd love to but I'm flat broke”, “Yeah, know the feeling” he replied and I suddenly the guy in corner was standing next to me and I sensed he quickly looked at me before he ordered a scotch on the rocks.

I watched him walk back to his table; probably five years older than me, perhaps 25 or 26, casually dressed but a cut and look of quality that my second-hand jeans and old t-shirt could only ever have dreamed about, a trim but well-muscled body and good-looking.

I couldn't help but think “this clown has it all. I've got bugger all” as I watched him pull out an expensive looking pen and scribble something on the back of a card.

I downed the last of what was likely to be my last beer for some time and was putting down the glass when I realized he was standing alongside me again, asking the barman whether any food was available. “Sorry, not on Tuesdays, too quiet for me to make it worthwhile” and hearing this, he walked back to his table,

I reluctantly pushed myself off my stool and was surprised to find a card under where my arm had been, face down. I suddenly realized that it must have been him that slipped it there while he was talking to the barman.

Not quite sure what it all meant, I cast another furtive glance in his direction and saw him half-smiling at me before he slightly nodded his head, beckoning me to pick up the card.

I turned away, but curiosity had got the better of me, and trying to hide what I was doing, picked up the card, that card that started it all ...

“Blow me 4 $200”

... neat handwriting and my brain was racing as I realized what he was offering ... I've never had any sort of homosexual experience other than the usual quick fondle in the gym showers as a teenager, not really “homosexual”, just a quick thrill and nothing that I ever considered in more mature years.

But the $200 kept leaping of the smooth card – it wouldn't cut much off the back rent, but at least I could pay off the electricity and gas bills, perhaps even enough to stop the phone from being cut off .

“Oh God!” I Thought. “Can I do this?” and quickly remembered from a few women that had gone down on me, what they had down with their tongue, their lips and a little gentle biting and I felt my penis starting to harden. “It's that simple”, I thought, I can do this ...

… although it seemed like minutes since I had picked the card up, I realized that all these thoughts and images had flashed through my brain in probable no more than ten seconds and I couldn't help but turn my head to look back at him, The expression on his face was different – no longer a smug, self-confident smile, now a quizzical look of almost pleading ...

... perhaps if he had still been so sure of himself, I would have thought that this guy was simply buying me because he knew was in trouble and that could just buy me as he could another $200 pair of shoes, but I suddenly realized that no! it was that he really wanted me.

Our eyes met for a split-second, and I could the hunger in his and without thinking, I gently nodded and saw him half-smile, a smile part of relief and part of anticipation.

“Do I go over and join him??”, I wondered but I saw him signal to the barman and point at my empty glass and the barman with a somewhat knowing look on his face put a fresh beer in front of me. Part of my head wanted to gulp it down in two or three gulps, but another part was semi-focused on the things that had wildly turned me on the past and the memories of what had been done to me and what I should do to him had my own cock starting to harden,

I was probably half way into my beer when I glanced over at him, our contract irrevocably sealed by my acceptance of the third beer, and he nodded ever so slightly towards the door and started to rise. Despite draining the last of the beer, my mouth had a strange dryness to it, and as I lifted off the stool, I suddenly wondered whether he wanted that too and I had to slip my hand down and push my hard-on down into a less conspicuous position.

“Have a real good night” the barman said with a grin as I walked out ... he was waiting outside and as I emerged, he turned and moved a short distance to a sports coupe probably worth more than I had ever earned in my life ...

I settled in the passenger's seat as he turned the motor over and as it kicked into action, he slipped his hand over and gently pressed my erection against my leg and then ran his figure tips two or three times up and down my shaft before he slipped the gears and edged the car out into the street ...

... the foyer of his apartment block was like something I had only ever seen in a Hollywood movie. Marble walls, plush carpets and small fountain in one corner gushing water a few inches in the irony of the pumping wasn't lost on me, nor was the telling grin of the concierge, batman, lift attendant or whatever he was called.

... immediately we step inside his apartment, he pulls me towards him and I sense the same sense of pleading as I saw in the bar and as he rests his head on my shoulder, I can smell the musky scent of an exclusive shampoo or conditioner. I feel his anxious fingers at his belt and him rubbing his erection against me as he pushes his immaculately-creased trousers down to his knees.

His erection is so complete that is rubbing against the base of his groin and my memories slip back to those women that have done this to me, and I reach down and start to gently rub the through the thin fabric of his underpants the back of this magnificent penis, the likes of which I have never felt or even imagined I would ever feel.

His mouth is gently nibbling at my neck and I know and he knows it is time for me to take control, I gently push him away and down onto a lounge suite. Kneeling before him I slip off his shoes and pull down his pants, pulling them clear before I push his legs apart and slowly slide my hands up his thighs …

With one hand I gently fondly his balls though his underpants, stimulating them, because I know he deserves the full two hundred dollars' worth of cum in my mouth. With my hand I rub the tips of my fingers up and down the underside of his shaft from the base to the sensitive tip as he starts to writhe and his hands come behind my head and he tries to pull my face against him.

My lips nibble at his erection through the thin fabric of his underpants and I see that the head of his cock has escaped over the waistband. I move my hands to them and start to pull them down. He lifts a little and suddenly his erection springs free and he is so hard it is rubbing against his stomach.

I admire the sight for a moment while my hands move to my belt and I unzip my jeans, pushing them down to my knees and my own cock is free and as hard as his.

One of my hands moves back to those tight, cum-filled balls while the other reaches for his shaft and taking it with my fingertips, I slide it backwards and forwards, gently rubbing the tip against his stomach …

… he is breathing hard and moaning slightly and I know it is time for me to earn my $200.

I move closer and while one hand is still caressing his balls and the other pressing his erection against his groin, I lower my head and my tongue starts licking the base of his penis, my lips grip him and I gently bite him ... further and further I edge my mouth up, and my fingertips against his balls feel them tighten, and I know he is seconds away from blowing his load and the $200 is mine ...

My hand slips up further and gently squeezes the base of his cock, holding back his orgasm, and I shift upwards and my lips clasp the head of his cock just as I release the pressure and his semen is pumping into my mouth, drenching my probing tongue and taste buds with the warm salty fluid that have only dared once or twice to taste when I have masturbated or let fly over the soft body of one of one my lady lovers.

I have the lovely sensation of his cum starting to dribble from my mouth as I go further down on him, taking all of his shrinking, spent cock in me, but his pushes me away and I understand as it is with me that after orgasm that his penis is now extremely sensitive, and instead of sucking I let him slide out of my mouth before I kiss the base of this magnificent organ that has brought to me such an unexpectedly erotic experience.

His cum and my saliva has dribbled out all over the base of his stomach and I suddenly realize my own cock is oozing pre-cum and I need to release. I straighten up over him and coat myself with the little pool and with four or five strokes I am coming and add my own semen to the mix ...

My head is cradled against his hip ... his hip? ... and with a sudden shock I realize I do not have the slightest idea the name of this strange and seemingly sophisticated man to which I have given such pleasure, no, have shared such pleasure in discovering a desire long hidden in the past.

I watch as his hand moves to the puddle on is stomach, his fingertip pushing through the mixture there, rolling from side to side and he brings it to his lips and licks before it slides into his mouth

We doze for a few minutes – half awake, half asleep, both in the aftermath and euphoria of complete sexual satisfaction – until I feel him stir and push me gently away. I know it is time for me to go, although I suddenly realize that I have no idea as to where I am or how to get home.

I stand as he rises and picks up his shorts and trousers, and just in case he has in the excitement forgotten our deal, I slip his card from my shirt pocket and into his hand as he heads to what I am guessing is the bathroom.

I hear water splashing as I pull up my battered jeans, and am standing by the door when he emerges and slips what I know are four crisp fifties into my hand.

Shoving them into a back pocket, I leave quietly and as the elevator reaches the ground floor, I reach back for them to peel one off for what I'm hoping isn't going to be an expensive cab fare home when I realize they are folded over his card, now slightly altered …

“Blow U 4 $200, Thursday”

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