Oh, Sister! (9)

Oh, Sister! (9)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Anton has slept with Rose's eldest daughter and has now also seduced Helena, her youngest ... how will Rose react after she finds the empty condom pack behind the armchair cushion where Anton has taken Helena's virginity ?


Anton has slept with Rose's eldest daughter and has now also seduced Helena, her youngest ... how will Rose react after she finds the empty condom pack behind the armchair cushion where Anton has taken Helena's virginity ?


Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012




Oh, Sister! (9)

clip_image002.jpg\"... the girls were both away for the day, visiting friends some little distance out of town, and while I would have glad of some company around the house, I was equally pleased that they weren't there because they would have been worried as to why I was depressed and I knew I would have blurted out the entire sordid truth.

I thought I might as well do a little housework to keep busy, lord knows the girls contribute precious little in that department.  I did Helena's room first, then Jen's where I was somewhat shocked when I picked up her waste basket and saw two used condoms lying there amongst the other litter.

"Well, I suppose I should be glad they are being careful", I thought before the image of the swelling in Anton's jeans welled up in my mind and given my physical frustration, I felt a flush of warmth in my groin as to what he would be like, proudly erect and free of those jeans.

I caught sight of Jennifer's hairbrush there and felt a twinge of guilt, not because of what I had done with it, but because I had let Helena once cop the blame for taking it.  Feeling more than a little horny, I decided a quick tidy up the lounge room followed by a quick once-over with the brush might be just what the doctor ordered.

I was a bit surprised when I saw two glasses on the coffee table both smelling of bourbon - Jen doesn't drink it, and while I let Helena have one sometimes for a very special occasion, I couldn't think what that could have been.  Anyway, I decided I good, stiff drink wouldn't do any harm, in fact I was now ready for anything good and stiff, and I poured a double shot.

After taking the other glass and leaving it on the kitchen sink, I walked back into the lounge and sensed a different musky scent; not one I place straight away, but teasingly familiar. 

What exactly was it? I thought as I moved to straighten up the cushion of the armchair in the corner.

The scent was noticeably stronger; I suddenly knew what it was - Anton's aftershave!  I had seen him drink bourbon a few times, but he knew Jen was working and it's not something she drinks anyway.

That only left Helena, had she been stealing a drink behind my back?

From now on, I thought, I'd better mark off the level of the bottle, see whether she has been at it when I'm not at home ... anyway, I kept on tidying up, and as I slipped my hands alongside the cushion to straighten it, and felt something there, sometime light with slight metallic feel and it pulled it out ...

... to my shock, it was an empty condom packet!

My mind was racing - Anton had been there, Jennifer hadn't and again, there was only Helena!

God! I thought. They have done it there ... right there in the chair in front of me.

Anton has taken her, deflowered her there. Thoughts rushed through my mind - had he forced her? I prayed not after Jen had confided in me all those years ago about her own terrible experience.

No, I thought. He would not do that, he would not hurt her, I know him and the swelling in his jeans, and I am suddenly envious of her feeling him caressing her, parting her as he gently pushes inside her ...

... Inside, I know the truth, but I cannot decide to confront Anton or Helena or both, and I wildly wonder Jen knows, surely neither one of them would confess this secret to her.

My heading is spinning as I hear the telephone in the kitchen ring, any wet, swollen pussy is throbbing as I walk to answer it and see Anton's name flashing on the incoming calls screen.

I know my throat is dry when I speak and I do not want this to be a drawn-out conversation. "Anton, I want you to come over here now; there's something important that I can’t discuss over the phone.  Please be here in half-an-hour" I rasp, and before my free hand comes down on the cradle to end the call, I lower the handpiece and rub it hard against my mound and pubic hair.

I take a swift sip of bourbon to settle my nerves. I desperately want him and need and wish I hadn't given him thirty minutes; he could be here in ten without breaking speed limits if he tried.

It is in fact not much more than ten minutes before the doorbell rings and I steel my resolve and open the door.  He is sweating slightly and I can tell he is nervous; perhaps a little scared of what the scene that may follow will bring.

If it is of any reassurance, I don't know, but I tell him both girls are out until evening, but that doesn't really matter, this really only between him and me.

I don't say another word - I just walk to the lounge and hear him sheepishly follow me.

I tell him I know he was here yesterday, and feel my fingers close around the condom packet and I tell him I know about this is well, as I push it into his hand. Anton knows without looking what it is, and I abruptly guess that it is why he called, to warn someone, and that is Helena he has taken, because if it had been Jen then he probably would have let the matter ride.

My heart is beating faster and faster, as I tell him I know what he did with one of my daughters, and directly accuse him about Helena, telling a white lie about her giggling and blushing all morning when I haven't seen her for nearly twenty-four hours.

The look on his face tells me it is true, he taken my little girl, and I am almost as shocked as he is  as I tell him I don't care, now he is going to fuck me, language I don't normally use even in the most intimate of circumstances.

Anton mumbles something which I don't quite catch, but the vicarious thrill of what I have said excites me even further and I repeat it, I know he has fucked one of my daughters, probably both of them and he is going to get his cock hard and fuck ME with it and as I think of the condom pack, I tell him he is going to cum inside me and he will make me come as well.

I cannot take my eyes off his, they are simultaneously nervous and hungry although I want to look at his jeans where I am guessing he is now bulging. My hands are shaking a little as I reach and undo two buttons of my blouse, intending to slowly become naked in front of me.

God, I think, has he ever had a woman like me.  I am twice his age, my body is still in pretty good shape, but will he be able to get it up when I am so demanding?

A quick glance at his crotch tells me I have no fears, he is totally erect, he is mine!

I move my hands away from my shirt and tell him to undress me.  My body is raging for him, but I know the passive sensation of him slowly and nervously of him unclipping, unbuttoning and unzipping me will extend the exquisite pleasure I am anticipating ...

... I have come twice with his face hard against we, letting him see my swollen lips and protruding clitoris, let him smell me, let him taste me. He fumbles with his jeans, pushing them to his knees, then lifting one leg after the other to push them to his ankles and each time he does, I feel his hardness pressing against my mound.

He wants me on the sofa, but no, I say he will fuck me in this chair, the way he fucked Helena. I feel him struggling for his pants, but no, I want to feel his fresh, young semen inside me, and I tell him no, he must come inside me  ...

... it is as I imagined, he is still a little hesitant, I am twice his age, I am Jen's mother, Helena's mother, so I reach for him, pull him towards my ache and guide him inside ... he is wonderful and  I know in part why Jen loves him, why Helena wanted him as I grind my mound hard against him and I orgasm again.

Before I let myself sink into a post-orgasmic euphoria, I gather my strength for two or three last desperate lunges and feel Anton shudder as he releases his fresh, young cum inside me ...

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