Oh, Sister! (5)

Oh, Sister! (5)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Helena thinks she seduced her sister's boy friend Anton and sacrificed ... but is seduction the right word ...


Helena thinks she seduced her sister's boy friend Anton and sacrificed ... but is seduction the right word ...


Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012



Oh, Sister! (5)

... Well, we arranged it, if arranged is the right work when you have no idea of Image_50.JPGwhat might actually happen. Rose would be away at her mother's for the weekend, Jennifer told me just loudly enough for Helena to hear that had a backlog of work to catch up on Saturday afternoon, and that she would meet me for dinner around 7.00 p.m.

As for me, I was to arrive at their house around 3.00 and suddenly remember that, yes, of course, Jennifer had told me she was working. And then I would let things happen.

I wasn't going to force the issue, just watch Helena for any tell-tale signs and then move gently from there. Hell, I thought, the chances are that she won't even let me into the house ...

... Well, she did. She looked a little flushed when she opened the door and I wondered whether the hairbrush may have had something do with it.

"Did you forget Jen was working?, Helena asked with a curious look on her face. "Oh shit", I said, "of course, she told me a couple of days ago" I stammered, at the same time as my eyes glimpsed her erect nipples pushing against the thin, cotton dress she was wearing.

"It's hot, at least you better come in for a drink", she said, "... at least", she repeated, and I quickly wondered why.

I also couldn't help but notice the slightly exaggerated sway of her hips as she led the way into the lounge room.

"Sit down", she said, pointing to a padded armchair in the corner before she opened the little cocktail cabinet alongside it.

Probably a couple of Cokes, I thought, although I could stand something a little stronger to calm the nerves.

I heard the rattle of ice cubes against glass, and when Helena turned around, I was a little startled to see her holding two shots of bourbon. "Does Rose let you drink that?", I asked. "Only on special occasions ... very special occasions", she replied with a wink.

She curled up on the floor at my feet and we made small talk, and I was starting to think that the situation was becoming a little ridiculous and that I should leave and just let Helena's precious little cherry for someone else to either enjoy or worry about when I felt her hand gently squeeze my calf before she got to her feet.

"Let me give something better than bourbon", she said, her voice suddenly slightly husky, and as she leant across me, just a little too close I thought, to pick up the glass with her left hand, her right grabbed mine and pulled it up under her dress just above the knee, sliding it slowly higher.

I grabbed the inside of her thigh to stop her, and in my shock and surprise, all I could blurt out was "What do you want to do that for?" - although of course, I knew exactly what she wanted!

A wicked grin split her face as she said "I want what Jennifer gets"... and as my mind struggled to digest what she was suggesting, she slowly said "I want what Sally gets ... and what Jennifer doesn't know about ... yet".

""Aw, Christ!", I thought, that stupid bitch Sally. All it had been was a quick fuck in the backseat after we had both had one too many drinks, meant nothing more a quick physical thrill and now she's boasting it all over town!".

I'd meant to tell Jen the night she told me off her first-time ordeal, that I had been stupid, that it meant nothing, and that it wouldn't happen again, but after what had said and then suggested, it just wasn't the right time, it would have to wait.

"I want what Jennifer gets", Helena repeated, and with my penis now bulging, I then knew she was going to get it.

I let her thigh go, and she slowly drew my hand up further, a second before she pushed me hard against her sex, I flicked up my thumb, pressing it between her clitoris and the upper join of her lips before she pulled the side of my hand hard against her slit and slowly started stroking herself with it ...

... when Jennifer suggested this crazy scheme, I wondered what it would be like if actually happened.

Would Helena be ready to take me? How long would it take her to get fully aroused?

As her hand guided mine further down, from her erect clitoris, between her swollen lips and pushing her fingertips against her opening through the thin panties, she is ready - as ready as any girl or woman I have had - wet, hot, engorged and as she presses my fingers harder, I can feel her vagina throbbing underneath them

She lets my hand go and leans over me, parting legs wider and I start to caress her, two fingertips encircling her clitoris, moving down and gently squeezing her lips together and sliding down to that throbbing. We are both desperate for that penetration; I squeeze one finger inside the leg of her now sodden panties.

Helena's heat and wetness encompasses my finger, but I cannot reach that throbbing, so I reach for the waist band and pull her panties down the knees. My forefinger slides effortlessly inside her and I twist it around, feeling the walls of her cunt squeezing at i, wanting more, more fingers, more.

Two fingers now, and she reaches and presses down hard on my erection, starting to stroke it and I know if she continues, I will blow inside my jeans and that is not what I want, not what she wants ...

... I bend forward and slip her pants down further, letting them drop free to her ankles, and she steps out of them I quickly undo my belt and unzip myself, feeling the pressure of my erection against my jeans suddenly released.

Her hands grab at my belt and I lift myself off the chair so she pull my jeans down to my knees, and as she does so, I see her eyes stare hungrily at the bulge in my shorts, the same look as when I had deliberately shown it to her, daring her to look at it there, glistening with Jen's saliva.

She reaches for, me and I pull myself free and she is rubbing at my cock, alternately gripping hard, then lighter, and at least I know she has done this before, someone has taught her this technique ... "I want what Jennifer gets" flashes through my mind and Helena is on her knees, her lips encircling my head of my cock, licking at it, pushing down a little further, perhaps uncertain of how much she can take of it, how long I can stand it before I unload down her throat ...

... I reach down for my wallet and somehow manage to pull loose a condom, tearing the packet open with my teeth and dropping it alongside me. She watches, a fascinated look on her face as I pinch the tip, slowly unrolling it over the head and then quickly all the way down the shaft.

I try to get off the chair to lead her to the sofa, but she pushes me back down and moves up onto the chair, her legs straddling me, her breasts burying my face as she reaches for me, to guide me into her, and my first thought is to thrust into her, before I remember that as wanton as she has been, willing, even urgent to be taken, Helena is a virgin and I do not want to hurt her.

I let her guide me towards her entrance, she doesn't quite hit the spot the first or the second time, but then I feel my tip pressing her, and her head comes down and bites at my shoulder as she lowers herself onto me.

There is just a little resistance at first, a little tightness, and she pauses with me about an inch inside her, then sighs as she slides further down, again pausing with about me half way.

She is panting a little and I feel her tense slightly as she prepares for the final push, "I want what Jennifer gets" she whispers, and although I know it may hurt her, as I start to feel her move, I drive my last three inches deep inside her.

Neither of us move for a few seconds, savouring our different sensations; mine of her walls tight against my shaft, hers of having a man inside her for the first time, pushing her cavity apart.

My hands are caressing the cheeks of her arse as she slowly lifts, uncertain of when to stop unlessI slip out of her, and I squeeze gently when I sense she reaches that point, and again she drops herself and I arch forward.

Four or five times she takes me, I enter her this way, but as we become more confident, we push faster and harder at each other, finding our rhythm and both now hungry for release, and I pinch my groin muscles together to hold on for a few more seconds as she arches, throwing her head back with a deep moan and grinding down hard on me and I pull her up for a desperate thrust as I come ...

Her head is against my shoulder and she is still softly panting, pressing me with her vaginal muscles as I start to shrink inside her.

We rest for minute or so. "A very special occasion" she murmurs as she climbs off me and reaches for the last of the bourbon ...

... A few minutes later, we start to dress and I slide the condom off and tie it securely, slipping into my jeans pocket to ensure there are no careless mistakes like Jen's waste basket. I wonder whether this has also been her first orgasm, but I remember the flush on her face and the erect nipples, how soft and wet she had been when she guided her hand to me, and I thought, yes, I think the hairbrush could tell a tale.

I kiss her gently as I leave. We both know this has been special, but that it will not happen again.

As I walk to my car, I see a trash can, and after a quick look around to check whether anyone is watching, I feel in my pocket for the condom and drop it in the bin. It wasn't until the next morning that I realized I had forgotten the foil packet ...

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