Oh, Sister! (1)

Oh, Sister! (1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jennifer's 17 year old sister Helena has taken her hair brush again. Why does Helena need it? She has brushes of her own ...


Jennifer's 17 year old sister Helena has taken her hair brush again. Why does Helena need it? She has brushes of her own ...


Submitted: June 20, 2012

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Submitted: June 20, 2012




My seventeen year old sister Helena has taken my special hairbrush again! Now she is going to get it big-time!

No big deal I hear you say, but it took me ages to find what I needed.

You see, I have very long hair, half way down my back, and ordinary brushes don't let me comb all of it, so I needed one with an extra-long handle. Funnily enough, I found it in a shop selling fancy dress costumes; I think it might have been some sort of a stage prop, the handle about six inches long and with a contoured grip that allows me to brush right down to the bottom of my tresses.

Right, I'm going to have it out with her for once and for all! Why does she need my brush? She's a couple of ordinary ones of own, yet she's always taking mine.

I know she's in her room because I can faintly hear the radio playing.

We have a sort-of rule, a protocol that we don't barge into each other's room - ever since she opened my door and found me there on my knees with Anton - I didn't say much then, well, I couldn't really, with my mouth full at the time if you know what I mean!

And I'm still mad at him for turning and showing Helena his cock, all wet with my saliva and for being careless enough to leave a condom in my wastepaper basket.

I'm going walk straight in and if I catch her using it, then there is going to be big trouble ...

... Using it?

My god! She's stark naked on her bed, rubbing the handle between her legs, masturbating with it, and I sudden turn red as I have done this myself a number of times, sliding it up and down and sometimes when I'm really hot inside me as deep and hard as it will go!

"What the hell are you doing with my brush?", I yell at her.

Oh yes, she's always between super-cool and cheeky, and she stops moving it up and down and spreads her legs slightly and I see the wetness even from the door as she gives me a half-smile and says in slightly hoarse whisper "What the fuck does it look like I'm doing"

If I was shocked with catching her out, I was probably equally so at what she said, I'd never heard her swear before, but then again, while I've seen her naked many times over the years, I've never seen her aroused like this, never even thought much about her even being a woman before.

Helena starts to move up her hand down her again, and Christ!, I'm getting hot myself.

"How many times have I told you?" Give it to me!" She spreads her legs even wider, grins at me, and says "No, you come and get it".

I walk over to grab it, wondering whether I should roll her over and spank her little backside to teach her lesson, but just I start to reach for it, she shuts her legs suddenly, clamping herself hard against the brush handle, daring me to pull it out from her.

I stretch for it but just as I touch it, she grabs my hand, pushing it down on the bristles and slowly starts pumping again, and now it is me masturbating her and my panties are so wet, I don't want to stop, but she is my kid sister ...

Helena's head is tilted back, her eyes closed and the tip of her tongue is curled up against her upper lip; she is my kid sister, this is ridiculous, and I don't want to stop!

I pull her hand away and she sighs as she knows I am now a willing accomplice in her lust and she re-opens her legs and I see her wetness and her lips, her other lips, moist and swollen and gripping at the contours of the brush handle.

My other hand slips down and holds the tip of the handle just above her little virginal hole and I squeeze those deliciously wet lips against the handle as I slowly start to move it side-to-side hard up against her clitoris.

She is moaning as I continue to move the wooden handle across her; I have heard moans like this before coming from her room and although she is just seventeen and still, well, I think still a virgin, she has experienced orgasm and she is thrusting her pelvis at me and arching in the air and she has experienced orgasm again.

I withdraw the brush and let her lie there gasping for breath when a sudden spasm between my legs remind me of my own excitement and I start to rub the brush against my mound, wishing I'd worn a dress which I could lift instead of a tight pair of jeans.

I am remembering the thrill of Anton deep inside me for the first time and wondering what Helena thinking as she watches me, her tongue licking at her upper lip, and her hand sliding down and her first two fingers starting to massage her swollen clitoris.

Helena suddenly stops, and leans up to pull the pillow from under her head and push it underneath her backside, raising herself, and her hand again reaches and takes mine. Instinctively I make to repeat the movements, but as I near her, she takes the tip of the handle and pushes down, down through those glistening lips, and resting it against her entrance, daring me, challenging me, wanting me to penetrate her.

I suddenly remember the thrill of it when I shoved it inside myself, gripping at it as the contours of the handle alternatively stretched and relaxed my cunt as it slid inside me, strangely more physically exciting than Anton or any of the half-dozen penises I have had.

But I am afraid to take her virginity - I know her maidenhead is broken, a couple of years ago when she was horse riding and I saw a little bloodstain on her pants as I piled clothes into the washing machine.

The tip is pressing against her entrance and I twist the handle to-and-fro to stimulate her further when she suddenly arches up, forcing the first inch inside her and she is trying to thrust more and more.

I take a deep breath before I slowly thrust the full length into her expectant cavity and I recall the vicarious thrill of the bristles scratching at me as I started to rhythmically thrust in and out, fucking myself near senseless with my beloved hairbrush.

But unexpectedly, tears come to my eyes as I think of my beautiful kid sister's virginity and how mine was taken so cruelly, so harshly a few years ago ...

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