a walk in the woods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

a young women on her way home gets abducted and brutally gang raped and humiliated...

will she ever escape from her tormentors? who knows...

Table of Contents


a young women on her way home gets abducted and gangraped Read Chapter

just the beginning

Chapter 2 – just the beginning I feel a hand rove over my chest and breasts. I struggle, not wanting this, only for the man to rip ... Read Chapter

and it starts

Chapter 3 – And it starts I feel a hand near my exposed genetalia and shudder. Fingers enter me a few times before withdrawing to s... Read Chapter


Chapter 4 - Intrusions Eventually the man who I assume is in charge is happy with my efforts to clean his cock and moves away. Th... Read Chapter

my body betrays me

Chapter 5 – My body betrays me He starts moving his finger in and out in and out. Each time I cry out in pain; wanting it to end. ... Read Chapter


Chapter 6 - Humiliation Another cock enters my vagina and starts thrusting away. After several painful minutes the man withdraws and ... Read Chapter

its finally over. or is it....

Chapter 7 – Its finally over. Or is it?.... One of the men swings his one of his legs over my head and straddles my chest. I can fe... Read Chapter

my torment begins again

Chapter 8 – My torment begins again The bonds around my wrists are removed before multiple hands grab hold of me flipping me so I a... Read Chapter

pain beyond belief

Chapter 9 – Pain beyond belief I try to relax so it doesn’t hurt so much but I know it still will. It’s not easy relaxing when ... Read Chapter

is it over?

Chapter 10 – Is it over? I was picked up and placed on the bed, no it wasn’t the bed I was straddling one of the men. My body... Read Chapter


Chapter 11 – Freedom A gentle hand moves me into the shower, and starts running water all over my body. Washing all the shame of th... Read Chapter