Office Affairs(Part 1)

Office Affairs(Part 1) Office Affairs(Part 1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Jayla has been working with Lauren for 5 years, and from the very first moment she laid eyes on her, she knew she wanted her, what stopped her from pursuing Lauren was 1. Lauren was her superior, 2. She was straight and 3. She had a boyfriend.


Jayla has been working with Lauren for 5 years, and from the very first moment she laid eyes on her, she knew she wanted her, what stopped her from pursuing Lauren was 1. Lauren was her superior, 2. She was straight and 3. She had a boyfriend.


Submitted: June 03, 2013

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Submitted: June 03, 2013




I don't know if Lauren and I will speak again after all that just went down, at least I put myself out there like everyone kept telling me to do, now I'm thinking I should have just kept stuff to myself.
My name is Jayla Forbes. I'm 24 years old and the youngest Marketing Exec for R&R Publishing. Even though I've worked my ass off to get my position a lot of the guys working here don't think I deserve it so I'm often overlooked by my co-workers not to mention the fact that I'm a lesbian didn't fly with them. Lauren Robertson was my superior and from the first time I laid eyes on her 5 years ago when I started as an intern I knew I wanted her. Of course the fact that she was my superior made it inappropriate and the fact that she's straight and has a boyfriend.

Lauren is the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on, and I've been crushing on her since I first laid eyes on her, with her caramel complexion, shoulder length blond curls and a perfect little body, she was every guys dream girl, mine too, I didn't care that she was 6 years older than me, I just knew I wanted her. She's never given me a second look, her boyfriend was a world class douche that often left her in tears but she stayed with him anyway for reasons which remains unknown.

She walked into the office today looking fine as usual but very down; "Jayla, can I see you in my office please"

my heart started racing I felt like I was in some type of trouble "right away Ms. Robertson" I replied as I made my way into her office trying to think of an excuse for whatever trouble I was about to be in,

"close the door and have a seat" she said in somewhat of a stern voice,

I did as she commanded as she proceeded to talking "how long have you known me Jayla?"

I was a bit confused "um almost 5 years" I said shakily,

she then asked me "and what is your position in this company?"

I wasn't sure where she was headed but I answered anyway "I'm senior marketing exec, Ms. Robertson" she shot me a stern look and I went on to ask "where are you going with this Ms. Robertson?"

she slams her hands on her desk causing me to jump "Lauren, Jayla, Lauren, you've been here almost 5 years you've worked diligently to reach your position, I've told you before you don't need to be so formal with me, you can call me Lauren" she said almost all in one breath with such strictness in her voice,

I was taken aback, I hadn't realized how much my formality had bothered her "I apologize Lauren, I promise to stop being so formal" I said to her,

"good" she replied "now the reason I called you in here is because as you know A.J Adams is coming out with a new series of Vampire Erotic Literature and they're trying to reach your demographic" she stared at me as if trying to look into my soul

"what do you mean "my demographic?" I asked

"you know lesbian's 18 - 30" she replied quickly "I figured since the series will be about hot vampire lesbian sex, you could take charge of this campaign and really get it to sell, of course I was asked to do it but I don't know the first thing about lesbians or their sex lives and I would be helping you every step of the way, what do you say?"

My mind started racing, I got extremely happy on the inside, I wanted to jump up and down but I had to contain myself "yes Lauren I would love to work on this campaign with you" I replied as calmly as possible.

"Great" she said; "we have 3 weeks until the book launches, so we need to start right away, work hours will extend so be prepared to work long nights".

All I could think about was being here in the office with her alone after hours "No problem Lauren, I'll get started right away"


I walked out her office and returned to mine kind of in a daze, I was absolutely beside myself with excitement but I knew I had to keep it professional. I sat behind my desk and started brain storming, I went online and searched vampire girls lesbians were attracted to, I figured I could use one or two of them to be unofficial spokes girls for the ad campaign, on my screen popped, Alice Cullen, Bella Swan, Victoria and immediately I knew it was Twilight, I was somewhat of Twilight fan but I wasn't sure that's what this campaign needed, I kept my search going I found quite a bit, I got to writing the proposal, I was so engrossed in my project I hadn't realized how much time had past, it was 5 pm and the office was empty. I gathered my paperwork and made my way to Laurens office, her door was slightly ajar and my hands were full so I assumed she expected me to walk in, I almost reached her door when I heard her sobbing and talking

"what did she have that I don't Kadeem? Is she prettier than me? Younger?" there was a pause I knew it was wrong to be eavesdropping "You expect me to just forgive and forget? I've given you everything and you've broken me"

I turned around to walk back to my office I couldn't listen anymore, I wasn't paying attention and tripped over a garbage can, sending my paperwork flying, a minute later Lauren was running out her office to see what the commotion was "Oh my gosh Jayla are you ok?"

I got up and started gathering my papers "yes Ms.. I mean Lauren, I'm fine, I just tripped over this can walking to your office" I lied, I turned to face her and noticed how puffy her eyes were "Everything ok with you? Your eyes look a bit puffy"

Her cheeks flushed "Oh um allergies, I have the worst allergies" She lied,

I nodded in agreement as I picked up my last paper and changed the subject "So I've been looking at some sites and I think I may have some ideas on the direction the campaign should be headed" We walked into her office as I ran my ideas by her, she didn't like the Twilight suggestion, which brought me to my final idea.


I was about to speak when Lauren spoke "its getting late and I'm starving, I know you must be hungry, I'm going to order, any suggestions?"

"Um there's a South Asian restaurant down the street, free delivery" "Ah yes Asian King" She replied. She picked up the phone and dialed "What would you like?" she asked me

"Vegetable Fried Rice with Seasoned Boiled Shrimp, Vegetarian Spring Roll and Steamed Broccoli, Carrots and Cauliflower on the side and a bottle of water" she placed both our orders, hung up then walked over to her bookshelf which when turned the other way was a mini bar, "Would you like a drink Jayla? I have Scotch, Tequila, Vodka, Chardonnay and Rum"

My jaws dropped "uh, I'll have a glass of Chardonnay thanks"

she grabbed two glasses and the bottle set them on the table then disappeared out her office and reappeared with ice "shall we get back to work until the food arrives?" she asked as she poured a glass of wine and handed it to me then poured one for herself, we touched glasses and said cheers, I took a gulp and almost choked because Lauren downed her glass in 3 gulps, she immediately pours herself another "so tell me Jayla, which of these vampire babes are you attracted to? Please dont say Bella Swan"

I laughed out loud as I took a sip of wine "Although Bella Swan is beautiful I've had a thing for Seline, she has and always will be my favourite vampire, I would wife Kate Beckingsale, she is the sexiest female vampire ever" I rambled on,

"I agree" she said "She was good in Underworld, great in Evolution, amazing in The Rise of the Lycans and fantastic in Awakening"

I was amazed that she was a fan of the Underworld franchise "wow" was all I could say, she sat there smiling finishing the contents of her glass, "Not a big drinker?" she asked as she poured her 3rd glass,

"oh I am, I'm just keeping in mind that I have to drive home" I finished what was in my glass and placed the glass on the table, she immediately filled it up "thank you" I said to her, suddenly the office buzzer went off , food was here, Lauren and I got up and walked towards the door, she tripped over her feet, I caught her and balanced her out, I could feel the heat radiating from her lips from us being so close, she looked in my eyes as if trying to figure me out, I told her I would go downstairs to get the food, she handed me her credit card, I downed the rest of my wine then headed downstairs, my head was spinning, I couldn't believe how close her face was to mine, I was in a complete daze, I paid for our dinner and made my way back upstairs, could it be possible that she felt something for me too? It was probably the alcohol anyway.

There were so many thoughts racing through my mind as I walked through her office door, she didn't turn around as I walked in, she was standing standing by the window peering out as it began to rain harder, "I love it when it rains" she said calmly "it's just so peaceful listening to the drops against the window" She turned and walked towards the table " Am I pretty Jayla?"

I was shocked at the question "of course you are Lauren" I replied "You are absolutely stunning" I carried on, I noticed her cheeks flushing.

We sat and began eating, it was hard not staring across the table at her "am I your type Jayla?"

I almost choked on what I was eating "Um what exactly do you mean?" I asked as I downed my final glass of wine

"I mean, am I your type, if you didn't know me personally and you saw me in a bar would you approach me?" She asked while staring at me,

I sat and contemplated how I was about to reply I didn't want to say the wrong thing "Um, I would uh definitely try to get your number if I uh saw you in a bar" I said fumbling over my words by now it was almost midnight so I said "we should wrap up for tonight"

she nodded in agreement as she stood up to clean up but fell back in her chair and started laughing, I muffled a laugh as I got up and started to clean up "just sit Lauren, I'll clean up" I said,

I gathered everything and put them away then grabbed her coat as she put her arm in she asked "would you fuck me Jayla?"

I froze as she turned around and stared at me waiting for my answer I helped her button her jacket up while trying to avoid direct eye contact, she made me extremely nervous "um, wow, what a question, uh I'm not sure how to answer it" I finally replied,

she got serious "it's a pretty straightfoward question, so a straightforward answer is required" she said in a fresh tone,

I got fresher "No, I would not fuck you" and I left it at that as I walked to my office to grab my coat, I wondered what was going through her mind.


I walked out my office and bumped right into her almost sending her flying my reflexes kicked in I quickly caught her and balanced her, her eyes bulged as she felt my biceps "you work out I see" she said as her eyes slanted,

"everyday" I replied I finally caught her gaze I wanted so badly to kiss her right then "we should go" I said, I tried to pull away but her grip was tight

"are you in a rush Jayla?" she asked seductively as she ran her hands up and down my abs "wow you are very fit"

I was getting so turned on I was picturing all the things I would do to her when I felt her lips on mine, before I knew what was happening my arms were around her waist as I kissed her back intensely, she broke the kiss and pushed me off, I stood there in a daze

"now would you fuck me?" she asked as we walked to the elevator,

"wait what? that's why you kissed me? to see if I would change my answer of whether or not I would fuck you? you're some piece of work lady" I couldn't believe my ears

"is there something wrong with me? I mean you tell me you'd approach me at a bar but you wouldn't fuck me? I'm having a hard time understanding" she asked as we walked to the parking lot, I noticed her fumbling for her keys, I snatched them from her "you are not driving, I'll drop you home" I said as I lead her to my jeep, I opened the passenger door and she got in. As I was pulling out the lot she gave me her address and I noticed she was pouting so I finally answered her question "I wouldn't fuck you Lauren because that's just so vulgar, I would on the other hand make the sweetest love to you, paying close details to every aspect of your body from your head to your feet, fucking might be what you're used to but it's definitely not what you deserve, your body craves attention and I would if I ever had the opportunity give it all the attention its been begging for" I said as I kept my eyes on the road

"wow, really?" she asked

"yes" I replied as I pulled into her driveway

"can you stay here with me tonight Jayla?" she asked me,

"what about your boyfriend? won't he be home soon?" I asked,

"screw him, he's most likely screwing some young bimbo right now" I heard the hurt in her voice and agreed to stay I guess it's good that I always kept an overnight bag in the car.


We got inside and she disappeared up the stairs, I wasn't sure what to do so I took off my shoes and jacket and sat on her couch, I was checking my messages when she came halfway down the stairs

"what are you doing?" she asked

"I was waiting for you to come back" I replied as I looked up to see her standing there in just her bra and panties, my eyes bulged as my jaws almost dropped "Whoa" I said under my breath,

"I'm going in the shower, I assume you want to shower as well, you can use the shower in the main hall upstairs" she said as she disappeared upstairs once more.

I grabbed my bag and followed her as I got upstairs I saw her room, it was slightly opened as she took off her bra and disappeared into her washroom, I found the second washroom and ran the water as I stripped down and stepped in, all that was running through my mind was her body and how much I wanted her beneath me, she made me so wet just thinking about her, I almost started playing with myself until I remembered I wasn't home, I finished my shower and got out, dried myself off, moisturized then put on my wife beater and basketball shorts. I went back downstairs to put my bag by the door, I didn't realize she was in the kitchen until I heard her close the fridge, I jumped as she giggled

"I didn't mean to scare you, I thought you came down because you heard me down here" she said

"it's fine" I said, I went to sit at the breakfast bar as she made her tea that's when I noticed she only had a tee shirt and boy shorts on, damn did her ass look nice in them, I was picturing walking over to her picking her up and having her against the fridge while kissing all over her body, I was getting so turned on it took me a while to realize she was staring at me hand on her hip

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" I asked

"I was just saying I put some blankets in the guestroom for you" she replied "would you like anything to eat or drink?" she asked,

I was tempted to reply a tall glass of you but instead I said "water thanks" "do you mind if I watch some t.v before I go to bed?" I asked "Criminal Minds is on" I continued,

she gasped "I was about to go watch it in bed, I fall asleep after that show every night, you're free to watch in my room with me"

"sure" I replied "you know if I didn't know better I'd say you were coming on to me" I continued jokingly as we made it upstairs,

she stopped and turned to face me with slanted eyes "would it be such a bad thing if I was?"

"not at all" I said in shock,

as we got into her room she climbed in bed and turned the t.v on, I made my way to the loveseat she had in the corner when she asked "what are you doing?",

"I'm sitting?" I said confused

"so that kiss we shared wasn't enough to get you in bed huh?" she asked seductively.

My eyes almost popped out my head "I will be right back" I said as I ran downstairs to get my overnight bag, went in the powder room to strap up, put my shorts back on and made it back upstairs in less than 5 minutes.


She was looking puzzled when I walked back in the room, I guess she was trying to figure out what I left the room for, she moved the comforter and patted the spot on the bed beside her, I joined her, I don't know if it was the room or just me but being so close to her made me extremely hot, I sat there stiff as a board, eyes glued to the t.v, I felt Lauren staring at me, I was extremely nervous,

I turned to her and asked "what's up?"

she paused before speaking "I was just taking in how beautiful you are" she said sincerely, I blushed hard "I know about your crush Jayla" she continued, my jaws dropped

"Um how? Who told you?" I asked nervously,

she smiled, "You did, just now" she said giggling "It's ok, I'm quite flattered" she said as she pushed me against pillows and straddled me, she felt the bulge in my shorts and jumped "What the? Ooo that's why you ran downstairs huh?" she asked slyly, "tell me Jayla, why don't you have a girlfriend? You're such a hottie, pretty face, sexy body, nice long dreads, you drive a pretty nice car and you have a great job, why hasn't some lucky girl snatched you up yet?" she asked as she started to pull my wifebeater over my head

"um I guess I haven't had the time for relationships" by now she had taken off her teeshirt, her breast were nice and perky and nipples hard as rock,

"So do you date" she asked as she nibbled my ears,

"occassionally, if I have the time" I said, I ran my tongue over her nipple causing her to shudder

"what do you do for sex?" She asked running her fingers over my lips

"absolutely nothing" I replied,

she pulled my face up to hers and kissed me sending chills down my spine, she started grinding on my lap "I don't know what I'm doing Jayla, you sparked my interest with what you said to me in the car, the truth is I haven't been touched in over 6 months" she said in a low tone,

"say no more babe, I'll take care of you" I said as I flipped her on her back and got between her legs, she pulled me in for another kiss, her lips were so luscious I could kiss them all night. I kissed my way down to her breast paying very close attention to each one I sucked and nibbled her nipples causing her to release low moans of pleasure, my hand found it's way into her boy shorts, her pussy was soaking wet and to my surprise she had a clit ring, her moans got a little louder as I rubbed on her clit and flicked her clit ring. I continued kissing my way down her body, I absolutely loved the way she smelled and I couldn't wait to taste her, I pulled her boy shorts off and threw them to the side, I kissed her inner thighs

"Your tongue and lips feels good on my body Jayla" she whispered seductively,

I flicked her clit with my tongue causing her to jolt, I grabbed her clit in my mouth and sucked hard while flicking her clit, she gripped the bedsheets tight as she moaned louder, I stuck my tongue in her pussy and licked every corner of her pussy walls trying to take her to a different level of ecstasy, she grabs on to my hair as she grinded on my tongue

"I'm gonna cum Jayla" she said through clenched teeth

I responded by licking faster and sucking harder on her clit as I slid one finger in her slippery wet pussy, she grinded harder, I slid another finger in as she let out low screams

"what are you doing to me Jayla?, I'm about explode" she said as she gripped my hair tighter,

I fingered her pussy and sucked on her clit faster, I felt her muscles tighten around my fingers as she dug her nails into my neck letting out a loud scream she orgasmed all over my fingers and tongue, I lapped up all her juices making sure none went to waste. She pulled me up to her face and grabbed my bottom lip in her mouth and sucked off all her juices, running her hands from my abs to my strap I could tell she was craving the dick by the way she kept grabbing it and begging me to put it in, I did as she requested, I started slowly by sliding the tip in, she tensed

"it's so big" she said

"just relax and let me ease into you baby, I won't hurt you" I said soothingly,

I felt her body relax under mine as she took all 10 inches of me in, she wrapped her legs around my waist as I thrusted in and out of her, she moaned loudly in my ears and dug her nails in my back causing me to speed up my rythmn

"faster, harder, deeper baby" she said pulling my face down to hers,

she locked her eyes to mine not looking away once as I went deeper hitting all her spots. I scooped her up not breaking my thrusts, I felt as if I was in a trance when I sat on the bed and she started riding me, arching her back as I sucked and bit on her nipples, I knew she was about to cum again, I felt her body tensing, she tightened her legs around my waist and started grinding harder as I pumped harder into her, she grabbed my bottom lip and bit, her nails dug deep into my skin as she climaxed, her juices slid down my dick. She kissed me hard before sliding off and sucking off her creamy goodness off my dick, completely taking me by surprise, I watched as her head bobbed up and down my dick, the friction causing a build up in my lower abdomen, I snatched her up and threw her on the bed, tooting her ass up, I licked her from her pussy to her ass before sliding my dick back in her pussy, I grabbed on to her waist and started thrusting, she threw her ass back meeting me each thrust, arching her back and gripping the bed sheets

"fuck me Jayla, harder"

I gripped her waist harder as I went faster, feeling my orgasm build up, she began grinding as I thrusted, she let out a scream as I sped up feeling my orgasm about to break I let out a grunt at her body got tense causing her creamy goodness to come gushing all over my dick, we collapsed on the bed panting trying to catch our breaths.

She cuddled up to me under the covers and asked "what do you like about me Jayla?"

I pondered the question for a while before answering,

"well?" she asked as she rested her head on my chest,

"well" I said finally "You're ambitious, accomplished, hardworking, easy going and stunningly beautiful, to be honest Lauren, I fell in love with you because you have the biggest heart out of anyone I know and I've wanted to tell you for so long, just never had the courage to" I layed there waiting for a reply and got nothing, after a while her breathing evened out and I knew she had fallen asleep. I quitely snuck out and made my way home, slamming my hands on the steering wheel thinking how stupid I am.

I don't know if Lauren and I will speak again after all that just went down, at least I put myself out there like everyone kept telling me to do.
To Be Continued 


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