The Mountain

The Mountain

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Layla isn't sure how the spending a walk with her friend Mark will go...


Layla isn't sure how the spending a walk with her friend Mark will go...


Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



I don’t do this kind of thing, I thought as i leaned my head against the car window. The light from the setting sun blinding me as i stared forward. I am not that kind of girl, and yet…

“Hey. What’s up with you?”

Mark briefly turned to look at me when he asked the question, mainly keeping his eyes on the road. He was a good driver. I trusted riding in the car with him, i just didn’t trust…

“Nothing. I’m just tired. It’s been a long day.”

Not a whole lie on my part. It had been a long day of working and taking care of the home. I was glad to be out, that was for sure, but was i making the right decision. I barely knew this guy. I mean, we had hung out a few times before and he seemed like a cool guy but last time we hung out…

“I’ll wake you up, don’t worry”

He took a hand off the wheel and placed it on my thigh, grinning from ear to ear. Heat spread through me at his touch and i was glad that i wore long jeans instead of the short dress like i was originally going to.

“Oh, I'm not worried”. Cockiness never was my forte but it at least played off the blush crawling over my face. Then again, I did act a bit different around him. Maybe it was because he was different and exciting. Maybe it’s cause he was older and more experienced and i didn't want to seem like a simple young girl. There was more to me. And he had said before that i was a really cool person. I don’t want him to change his mind on that.

He smiled even bigger, something i didn’t think was possible.

“Oh, yeah? and whys that?”

“Cause i'm awesome” Gotta stick with the cockiness now that i’ve gotten started.

“Mmmmm” he moaned. “I’ll see about that” and tightened his hand on my thigh.

That threw me for a loop for a sec. I thought i was clear when we were texting earlier that i wanted no funny business. Can’t say i don’t want any foreplay, but i honestly don't know if i can mentally, or physically, handle doing that with him again. I looked at him as he drove; the way he  arms were tensed and strong, the shirt clinging to his taunt muscles and couldn't help the dirty thoughts that crossed my mind.

What was i going to do?...


We pulled into the parking lot of the park a few minutes later. The sun had just set and there was enough light to see but not perfectly. I sat there looking down at my shoes. I wish he had told me we were going to go climb a mountain and i would have worn sneakers instead of these damn flats. I hoped deep in me that he had listened to my words earlier when i said that i didn't really want anything to happen between us. I just wanted to stay friends; Friends are what i need now more than anything. I stepped out of the car and let him lead the way as we walked toward the trail between the fence posts. It was quiet. Something i wasn't too used to these days now that i lived closer to the city and it was nice to not have to be bombarded by all the sounds of people. He slowed down a bit so that he was closer to me.

“I miss coming out here. Used to come here a lot but hard to find time now.”

“I wish i could come here more, although i am worried about the snakes, and scorpions, and coyotes”, I said quietly and gave a nervous laugh.

“They don’t come this close to the city cause of all the people so nothing to worry about. Beside, you got me” He flashed me another one of his 5 star grins and i felt like melting. Even in the dark it was just as dazzling as any other time.

“Oh ho! My knight in shining armor!” I couldn't stop myself from smiling. Something about him made me more open despite the walls i put up around myself. But it was nice to be able to just relax and be myself for a little while. We walked in silence for a few minutes; the light dimming as we got farther away from the city lights. Part of me was worried about how far up we were going (i was afraid of heights and never climbed a mountain) but also about what we would do when we got to our destination. Before I could dwell on that thought, i almost slipped on some loose rocks which caught his attention.

“Klutz” he said through his laughs and i blushed hard “Shut up” but i grabbed his hand when he offered to help me over that particular spot. From there i walked in front for a while, his hands occasionally grabbing my waist when i got too unsteady. Fuck these damn shoes making me slip! I tried my hardest to concentrate on not slipping because each time he had to grab me, his hands got lower and lower, which only made me more distracted. Another 10 minutes passed like this until he pointed to a spot where we could sit. I walked over and sat down and he sat next to me, his arm only an inch or two away from mine. Trying not to think about his nearness, I looked up at the stars. I had never been this far up before and the stars were so much clearer to see from here. I didn’t like heights but looking up at the stars and looking down at how small the city is was just so beautiful.

“It’s so beautiful” I said, unable to keep the wonder out of my voice.

“Just like you” he responded, turning to look me in the eyes. I quickly looked away, trying to hide how flustered that made me.

“I..I...uh..they're just so much prettier this far up” So lame. But i had no witty response for what he said so i just tried to pretend like i hadn’t heard him.

He laughed at my nervousness. “Alright, no compliments for you. So, you like looking at the stars huh?”

An opening. “Yeah, i always liked the stars. Looking up at them puts your life in perspective”

“And hows that?”

I noticed he was just watching me but I just kept talking, trying to not seem so flustered. “It makes you think of how small you are compared to everything. The problems we deal with on a daily are so trivial in the bigger picture. And it makes you think of how big the universe is. Those stars are light years away and we can still see them. They must be huge! I couldn't even comprehend how--”

He grabbed my face mid sentence and pressed his lips against mine. My eyes shot open wide and my heart stopped for a split second before it speed up ten fold. What was he doing??? Before i became trapped in the feel of it, i pulled away. He continued to look at me while i pulled myself together, trying to catch my breath.

“You know, you talk too much”

I pulled myself together. “I’m sorry. I’m just not used to having anyone to talk to.” At that moment i looked up and saw a flash of light fly across the sky. I gasped “Was that a shooting star?!” I’d never seen one before and it was so pretty.


“Probably” he said. His low tone had me turn to look at him and he was gazing at the sky, with a wistful look on his face. “I like spending time with you. You're a very down to earth person”

I chuckled under my breath. If only he knew the craziness running through my head most times. “I like spending time with you too. It’s like a breath of fresh air to be away from all the noise and drama. Not having to deal with watching your every move and word and just being able to sit back and enjoy the little things. Its nice…”

I should have seen it coming. Again he reached over and slowly pulled my face to his, bringing my lips to his. I was never one to be able to ‘shut off my brain’ as my people would call it, but when he kissed me, nothing crossed my mind except the taste of him on me. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the kiss. One hand on the ground and the other reaching behind his head to hold him to me. He made a breathy sound when i touched him and i felt a wave of tingling go up my body. His hand that wasn't tangled in my hair slide down my side and to my hips and then to my ass as he pulled my body closer. The majority of my consciousness wanted him. All of him, right here, right now. But a small part of me resisted. I didn't want to be this type of woman. And so very very reluctantly i pulled away.

“Why do you keep pulling away? I know you remember how it felt last time. I can make it sooo much better this time” he whispered gently, caressing my hip.

I thought back to last time, over three months ago, when we were talking in his car and were just fooling and joking around. And next thing i knew, we were in his backseat doing much more than just playing around. It was one of the best nights of my life but i felt so much shame afterward. I’d never wanted to become the type of person that would fuck in the back of a car with a guy she barely knew and wasn't even going out with. But that dark side of me reveled in it and craved to do it again. So, I didn’t respond to his seductive words.

“Come on.” He stood and reached a hand out. “Let's keep walking”

I placed my hand in his and we walked for a few more minutes until my feet decided they needed a break from all these rocks. We stopped at a small clearing, just marveling at the view of the city and the stars. There was a pole of some sort and i walked over and leaned against it, needing something to support me while i caught my breath. I didn’t hear him come up behind me.

Strong hands grabbed me by the hips and pulled me against the front of him; i could feel his growing erection and my pulse sped up. Leaning forward so that his mouth was almost touching my ear, he said in a deep voice,

“You know how much i want you. Ever since the last time, I’ve needed to fuck you again” His hands moved up and inside my shirt, grasping and massaging my breasts. I had to fight to not squirm against him.

“You felt so still do” He nibbled on my ear and my body trembled at the contact. He laughed and i felt his chest rumbling from it. A heat was building up in my lower belly and i knew that my pussy was getting wet despite my previous reluctance.

“I know you want me Layla. I can feel your body reacting to my touch.” He slowly slid one hand from inside my shirt, down my body, and to the front of my jeans. He let out a low, deep moan and softly rubbed the outside of my jeans. I could feel his erection twitch against my ass as he touched me. I couldn't think straight, my body was reacting faster than my brain could process anything.

He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. Pulling off of me, I could hear the sound of another zipper coming undone and I looked back to see him with nothing on but shoes and solid black boxers, his cock reaching for its way out. Stepping forward, he kissed me as his hands rubbed and grabbed on my ass.

“Damn, I've missed this fucking ass” Lust glowed in his eyes and he turned my head back forward and quickly pulled off my thong. He played with my ass a bit longer, chuckling to himself, and trailed forward to play between my pussy lips. I couldn't hold back the sigh of pleasure that escaped through my mouth.

“Mmmm, you're so wet for someone who played like they didn't want this..” I was being driven mad by his words and his deft fingers caressing me in all the right places. So much desire...I needed more...more of him touching me, taking me...I grabbed his hand and moved it so that I could turn around and fall to me knees. Removing his boxers was simple but I knew that taking his cock was going to be hard. I was no virgin but had never seen a cock as large as his. I could barely wrap my hands around it all the way and used two hands to stroke it. Twisting and turning them, rubbing the head, massaging the balls, doing whatever it took to make him harder for me. In wanted to see how hard he could get. I looked up at him, his head rolled back and his lips slightly parted with a smile on his face.

“Looks like i'm not the only one enjoying it” I said in a sultry voice. I was too far into this now. That little voice in my head telling me to stop was so quiet and far away that i could barely hear it. Before he could say a thing i slightly parted my lips and licked his shaft slowly from the base to the tip. A deep moan escaped from his lips which egged me on. I licked my lips and opened my mouth wide, taking him deep into my warmth. His length was hot and the precum that swam onto my tongue was both salty and sweet. I moved my head up and down, pushing him farther and farther toward my throat, getting it nice and wet so i could move on it easier. His hands came up and tangled in my hair as he pushed my head down, forcing his cock deeper into me and held me there. I sucked while trying to breathe as he blocked my airways with his wide girth. He pulled my head off him and repeated over and over, his cock feeling as if it grew more each time, making it harder and harder for me as i was made to do the impossible. A tear ran down my right cheek as i struggled to breath around him in my mouth. He finally released me and i fell off of him, gasping for air. He grabbed me by the hair again, lifting me to my feet and turning me around to lean back over the pole, my ass in the air facing him.

“You can’t keep putting this off now…” He rubbed his cock against my entrance, covering it in my juices before sliding into me; forcing all of his cock into me. My back arching as he went deeper, pressing at parts of my that had never been reached. I moaned softly at the feel of him stretching me before suddenly pulling out.

“Mmmmm..i almost forgot how good your pussy feels” I couldn’t hear what he was doing but then he suddenly thrust hard into me. I leaned forward onto the tips of my toes and gasped loudly. His hands grabbed my waist hard and he began driving hard and fast into me, every movement earning a gasping moan from me.

“Why did you wait so long...huh...why did you wait so fucking long?!” He enunciated each word with a powerful thrust that forced me forward. “I don’t know!” I managed to cry out between moans and gasps. I’m sure i did know, but right now i couldn’t think. All i could do was feel him in me, sending electric shocks of heat shooting throughout my body, tingling my brain. By this point my legs were shaking as he got more rough, going faster and harder. My ass was smacking against him when he thrust forward and he would hit it hard, making it bounce even more. I knew i wouldn’t be able to sit comfortable for a few days.

He suddenly started to slow down, leaned toward me ear, and asked “Who’s pussy is this?” He kept moving he cock in and out of me, which kept me distracted enough to not be able to answer. He grabbed my hips hard and pulled me against him, his cock pressing hard against my inner walls and i could feel his balls slightly touching my clit. My whole body shook in pleasure and pain and i grabbed hard against the pole.

“I said, who’s fucking pussy is this?” he asked again with a rougher tone.

“Yours! It’s yours!’ I yelled out, my voice quaking from the effort it took to talk.

“Yeah it is” he said under his breath. And suddenly started pounding into me. It was all i could do to stay on my feet.

“Oh..oh...ohhh..!” I was crying out hysterically in pleasure as he pounded me relentlessly. A sweat covered my body and i could feel the walls of my pussy tightening. He must have felt it too because he started groaning and growling and his fingers dug into me. My body was on fire the world barely visible in front of me.

“Ohh fuuck...mmm...Maaark...please...pleeaassee” I couldn’t stop myself from begging for it. The need in me had built so much that the only thing i could think was falling over the edge and being immersed in the feel of our hot sex.

“Please what?” he growled out between clenched teeth.

“Pleeease..please i need to cum...pleease…”

I could hear the grin in his words, “Fucking cum then” He let go of my hips with one hand and reached around to rub my clit. His finger was soaked in a second and i felt my womb tighten as he circled and rubbed with my sensitive bud.

“Yes, yes, yes….” I yelled louder and louder as i got closer to the edge. His hands becoming more frantic and i could feel him swelling in me.

“Fuuuck!!!” he roared out as he burst his hot milk into my pussy. His jets of cum bursting into my body and as his cock flexed and stretched to release, my body clenched and then relaxed as my world fell apart. I was on cloud nine, unable to feel anything but the euphoria running through my mind and body. I stayed that way for what seemed like forever before i came back down to reality. Only a moment had passed as he had removed himself from inside me and was catching his breath. I took a moment to do the same before reaching down to pick up my clothes and start to get redressed. I looked up and made eye contact with him, and he had a huge grin on his face.

“What?” I said.

“Nothing” he said shaking his head.

I stayed silent as the weight of what had happened sunk in. We fucked. Again. And this time it was outdoors where anyone could have stumbled upon us. Buckling my pants, i could feel his still warm cum dripping out of me. Well, shit. The things i do in the name of passion.

He walked over to me, after we were both dressed and said “We should probably go before the rangers find us” He grabbed my hand, pulling me close, and kissed me hard on the lips. His mouth was only half an inch away from my lips, when he said “And don’t make me wait so long next time” before leading us away from the clearing and back down the mountain.


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