The car

The car

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Layla goes to hang out and chat with Mark in his car. One thing leads to another


Layla goes to hang out and chat with Mark in his car. One thing leads to another


Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



I layed on my bed, the hot air from the AC blowing against my bare skin as i let my body air dry after the shower. The normal heat of the day had quickly faded as the sun had set and now only a cool silence remained outside my bedroom window. My head propped against the satin pillow, i stared at the ceiling thinking to myself about what i was going to do tonight. Could play some video games. Could watch some TV. Or i could just go to sleep, but that wouldn’t be any fun. It was already 9pm and although it wasn’t that late yet, time flew when you were doing things. I hadn’t planned on staying up too late so i decided to just read a little before i went to bed. I pulled on my silk robe and curled up with my book.

About 15 mins into my reading session, i heard my phone beep. Right when it was starting to get good too! Looking at it I saw that it was from Mark and my heart skipped a beat.

Mark was a guy i met when i was working. He had given the impression that he had wanted my name and number so that he could have me babysit his younger brother. Since then, he had not mentioned his brother or babysitting at all. Just asking about who i was, what i liked, and other personal stuff like that. After a couple of weeks I decided we could meet up and just talk and hang out. He would pull up in his car at my apartment complex and we would just sit outside in his mustang and talk. I kinda felt bad because I refused to let him come up to my room, but i made it clear to him that i wasn’t looking for anything more than friendship. We didn’t leave to go anywhere because then it would feel too much like a date. But i wasn’t stupid either I could see that he was interested in me in a more than friendship kind of way. The way he would casually compliment me and laugh when i blushed. Or when he would hug me longer than most friends would hug each other and let his hands fall a bit lower than my back. There were even the occasions when he would lean over and brush against my breasts or his his hand would fall on my thigh. And with each gesture and each time i met him, i knew that i was slowly falling for him...

I unlocked my phone and it read “What are you doing right now?”

If it had been any other guy, my response would have been along the lines of ‘busy’ or ‘going to sleep’, but i was curious as to why he asked me that, so i texted that back to him.

“I was near you and wanted to stop by”

Hmmm...I did want to see him, but i did also want alone time...But he was funny and i could always use a good laugh. And even if he wanted to talk about more serious stuff that was fine too. Maybe it was because he’s like 7 years older than me, but part of me was attracted to his mind. I couldn’t stand talking with the people of my age because they talked about such pointless thing. When i was with him, we talked about life, past loves, the future, science, pets, and whatever else came to mind. It was refreshing to be around someone that was actually mature once in awhile.

“Ok”, I responded. “But i need a lil bit to get ready. Just got out the shower”

A second later he responded, “No need to get dressed for me ;)”

I felt a tingle spread through me before my phone vibrated again.

“Im kidding” and vibrated again “Or am I? ;P”

My mind took off before i could stop it and started thinking of all the things that those texts could mean. Was he serious? I had become used to his sly and sexual remarks, but for some reason tonight they felt more real. I had definitely thought of sleeping with him before, but i always stopped myself before those thoughts went too far. Imma just play it innocent and hope that he’ll drop it.

“lol. I’ll just need like 10 mins to get ready”

“Awww, do you have to? You could just come out in a robe...but nothing but the robe”

“No no no. That’s a crazy idea”

“I don’t think so. You should do it”

I got up to start getting ready as we continued the conversation. I decided on a cheetah print bra with a matching thong, black shorts, and a partially see through pink t-shirt. I hadn't said anything back in a while and my phone went off again. “Im outside” it said and i responded saying i would be down in a bit. I added just a bit of eyeliner and pink lip gloss and spritzed myself with cotton candy scented perfume. For the final touch i put on a pair of silver chandelier earrings, a pair of flat shoes, grabbed my robe, and ran out the door.


His grey mustang was parked in the usual spot by the side of my apartment and he was leaning against the driver side door facing toward me. Once he saw me, he pushed off of the car and walked toward me with a huge grin on his face. Upon reaching me, he said, “What happened to nothing but the robe?” I shook my head and laughed and we hugged. There was that awkward moment where i started to pull back and i could feel that he wasn’t going to let go, so i leaned back into the hug. He finally let go after what seemed forever and we went to the car, where he held the passenger side door open for me before getting in himself. I got comfortable and leaned the seat back, but, unlike usual, he started the car.

“Ummm...where are we going?” I asked, not dressed for going anywhere at this time of night. Or at least not anywhere decent that is.

“Oh, nowhere”

I was in the car now, so there was nothing i could do. But, we didn’t go far. A minute later he pulled into a dark parking spot at the back of my complex. No one came back here because most people rented in the front of the complex and mostly old folks who went to bed early stayed back here.

He parked the car, rolled up all the windows, and turned off the car. Then he turned his whole body in his seat so that he was facing me. I didn’t like the vibe i was getting, despite the heat slowly building in my lower abdomen. Reflexively, i scooted away from him and put my hands in my lap, unable to make eye contact. I was scared to look him in the eyes and see certain...feelings..that i was not ready to face.

“Are you scared of me??”, seeing my reaction, it was a valid question.

“!” But that wasn’t completely true. I surely wasn’t afraid of him, but i was scared of what being near him would do to me. I was afraid that being in such a dark, confined space with him, especially with the mood as it was, would release something in me that i’ve been trying for a long time to suppress.

“You look nervous” He gave me his classic smirk, that made his eyes gleam with a devilish light. A pang of electric shock hit me in the chest, when i made eye contact with him and i had to look away again.

“I have no reason to be nervous. Were just talking like we always do” But i knew this wasn’t like we always do. Yeah, we’ve been in close contact and he’s made a few half-hearted tries, but he wouldn’t actually try for real, would he? Especially not in a car! I’m not the type of girl that would fuck in the the back of a car, in a corner of my apartment complex! Yes it had been one of my fantasies, especially more recently, but it was a fantasy for a reason. I wasn’t mentally prepared to do something like this. But physically….

“Of course, of course, were just talking” He drew out that those words and put his hand on the bare part of my leg and slowly stroked it. “But, i don't see why we can't do more.”

“We already talked about this, I’m not interested in doing anything like that” Yet, I could feels the walls of my pussy tightening as his hand moved across my thigh. My resistance was falling apart. If he really did intend to fuck me in this car tonight, would i stop him? Did i want to stop him?

“ say your not, but you never really do resist me….” He leaned forward toward me. “I think you're just waiting for me to make the first move…” My body froze from shock as i came to terms with what was happening. “...because, as i'm sure you can tell…” His face was only a few inches away from mine. “..i'm very interested in doing just that”

He mouth was a mere inch away from mine and both my voice and breath had caught in my throat as i waited for the inevitable to happen. I could feel his hot breath, so so close. My eyes slid close, waiting.

“You want me, don't you?” His lips brushed against mine. The tension between us was taut and as sharp as glass, just waiting to be broken. My breathing was ragged and my body hot. My mind screamed for me to stop. That this was the breaking point and if i let his lips touch mine, that there would probably be no going back.


That was all he needed to hear before his mouth descended fully onto mine. It has been a very, very long time since a man had touched me, let alone kiss me, and my body was reacting in turn. It was as if i had taken some sort of sensory enhancers. I could feel goosebumps rising all over me; Could smell his hot musky scent. He tasted like spices and pine, if that was even a taste. I unwillingly let out a soft moan as his mouth danced with mine. His hands playing in my curly hair, pulling me in closer to his hard body. I let him pull me in without any resistance; There was still fight in me, but not enough to want to stop feeling him on me.

After a moment, he pulled away and smiled at me, looking me up and down.

“It would have been so much easier if you only wore the robe” He said as he grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off. He then reached around me and unfastened my bra and removed that as well. He blatantly stared at my exposed breasts, a hunger in his eyes that I’d never seen before, and i reached to cover them. As horny as i was, I was still self-conscious. He grabbed my hand and moved it to touch the bulge in his pants. I blushed at his bold move and declaration of intent. I moved my hand away from there and reached to pull off his shirt as well. He stayed still, letting me look at his body in wonder. The sharp and rigid muscles covering his abs, rippling across to his arms. I ran my hand over them and i marveled at the strength behind them. I could only imagine what those muscles could do in action.

He pushed me back so that my head was against the window and he grabbed my legs, lifting them so that they reached over to his seat. He then removed my shorts in one swift motion and climbed on top of me. His left hand grabbed my hip as his right hand slid up my body to cup my breast. His hand felt rough against my soft flesh and i gasped as he firmly grasped it. Lowering his face, he put my other breasts in his mouth, circling his tongue around me now rock hard nipple and his other hand pinched and flicked and the other erect nipple. My back arched, the buzzing centering from my breasts slowly seeping throughout me.

He made love to my breasts, tenderly sucking and nibbling on them, switching from one to the other until they were both wet and standing proudly at attention. He stopped concentrating one of his hands on my breasts and now used it to grab the other side of my hip, pulling my lower body against him. I could feel his cock, straining to be released from its confine, and were he without pants, i'm sure he would be able to feel my juices soaking through my thong. With his hands now both free, he continued to use his mouth to play with me, licking around my nipples, biting on my neck, nibbling on my ear.

After a moment, he sat back and went to remove my thong. I quickly grabbed onto them to prevent him from pulling them down. These were my last line of defense, if they got taken off then for sure i would be getting fucked within the next moment. I love foreplay, but actually getting his cock was a whole different thing.

“What's wrong?” He asked, a genuine note of concern in his voice. I bit my lip as i tried to think of something to say. But before i could he grabbed my lower lip between his teeth and kissed me again.

“I was about to maybe, maaaybe let you off the hook with that scared look on your face, but once you bit your lip...mmm….i have to have you” He moved out of the way enough to give me space to move. “Get in the back” i stared at him with a incredulous look on my face. I didn’t like being told what to do. I was very strong willed, although it is does feel like so much different being bossed in the bedroom and it kind of turned me on. So i didn't argue and moved to the back seat, moving around until i was comfortable enough to lay down. He moved between the two front seats to join me in the back and got back on top of me.

In those brief seconds, i came to the snap decision that we were going to do this. I was in the back seat, most of my clothes were off, and i was hornier than i'd been in a very long time. If i didn’t get fucked tonight, I would be in a raging lust for days. With that thought at the forefront of my mind, i sat up some and removed his pants and boxers.

It took a bit of maneuvering but it wasn't long before his length was free. It was long and wide and there was a little bit of moisture at the tip where the pre-cum had leaked out. I rubbed it, exploring the feel of it in my hands; Feeling the smooth shaft and the rises where his veins proudly stood out. I leaned forward and tentatively licked the precum off of the tip. A soft sound escaped his lips at the contact and i proceeded to move my hands around the lower half of the shaft while i used my tongue to taste and wetten the upper. Once it was good and wet, i licked my lips and moved down onto his cock. It was hot from being confined for so long and filled my mouth, making it hard to breathe around it. I knew that he had had many women before me and i didn’t want to seem inexperienced, so i tried my harder to make it feel good without seeming like i was trying too hard. I kept my movements slow and deliberate, sucking hard at the tip, licking slowly from the base to the tip, moving all the way down on his cock and turning and twisting my head. I made sure my tongue constantly was moving, always finding something to lick or caress. At one point, when he was deep in my throat, i looked up to see him staring down at me, a expression akin to pain on his face, but i knew it was pleasure.

“Touch yourself” he groaned out. And i reached back with one hand, staying on top of my thong, to rub my pussy. Although my pussy wasn’t exposed, the feeling was just as intense, if not more so, because of how soaked i was. It was as if i had a warm piece of silk, smothered in oil, rubbing on me and juices continued to pour out. I was moaning around his cock, his hand in my hair now controlling my movements, making me go faster on him. It was a raw and wonderful feeling to be stimulated in multiple ways at once.

I think he could feel me slipping into ecstasy as he said,

“Nuh uh. You’re not allowed to cum yet” and took me off of him, stopping me from masturbating, and laid me back on my back. I could start to see that he was a dominating type and that made me worried for what that could lead to, but the shiver of excitement still ran through me.

He didn’t hesitate pulling off my thong and i made no move to stop him. At this point, i wish he could take it off faster. His fingers ran between my pussy lips and i shivered.

“Mmm so wet…..and you said you didn’t want this” He was toying with me and i was not in the mood.

“Oh just fuck me already!” I was past the point of reason. I wanted one thing, and one thing only, and that was to have the sense fucked out of me. He chuckled and covered my mouth with hand.

“You’re not the one in charge here anymore” He moved down and licked upwards between my pussy. I moaned loudly behind his hands and he laughed again.

“Sensitive, huh?” and repeated the motion. I had never had anyone do oral on me and now i understood why it was such a big deal. It was amazing. My body shook and writhed and i cried out in pleasure as he sucked licked at my pussy. My hands were all over the place, in my hair, in his hair, on my breasts. When he nibbled and circled my clit, a fire broke out over my body and my breathing picked up. I could feel heat pooling in my center and i knew i was coming close to cumming. Right at that moment, he tore away from there, getting a whimpering noise from me, and i wondered when i became so desperate.

“Naughty girl, trying to end it before i'm done with you” He lifted my hips and began pressing his cock into me. He was slow at first, moving in and out until his cock was covered in my sweet juices, going deeper each time until he had got it fully into me.

I had never had a cock like this in me before, stretching at the walls that hadn’t been moved by a real cock in a long time. And because he was going slow and staring into my eyes, it made the experience all the more sensual. Maybe it was hormones, but if it was sensual, it just amped me up even more. I rolled my hips in time with his movements and tilted my head back, moaning and sighing with each thrust. Above me, i could see the muscles of his abs and arms stretching and compressing. He had gritted his teeth and i had the sense that he was holding back. So between my moans, i egged him on.

“Yes..yes...mmm...oohhh Mark….more please...moore...fuck me hard...make me yours…”

I always had been a very sexual and, possibly even kinky, woman but i always suppressed  that side of me for my own sake. I don’t know if it was him or the act of having sex itself that brought it out.

“Fuuuck..” he drawled and pulled out. I was confused until he folded my legs up and flipped me over, pointing my ass into the air. He immediately gripped hard onto my ass and drove deep into me. I started to yell out but  one hand flew around and covered tight over my mouth again. His thrusts became fast and erratic as he abandoned all control and let his lust take over. I, on the other hand, could only think the words: fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, as i was driven mad by his roughness. My ass slamming against him, breasts bouncing, heart racing. My face was a mere inch from slamming against the window of the car but i didn’t care. I just felt myself tightening, yelling behind his hand how fucking good he was. I’m sure he couldn't understand me but it didn’t matter at this point. I was so close….

He removed his hand from my mouth and grabbed a bunch of my hair, pulling it back so that my back was arched and he had more control over me.

“Damn girl!” he cried out but i barely heard him. My world was starting to narrow. I was on the edge.

He pressed all the way into me and my body violently shook, as he leaned forward, his lips almost touching me ear. So clooose…

“Now you can come” he whispered and that was the tipping point as my body exploded. Stars shone behind my eyes and i yelled out his name, my entire being convulsing as i was racked with tremors of euphoria.

It must have done it for him too. I felt him roar behind me as he stopped thrusting and pulled out of me, pumping his cock as multiple jets of hot cum shot out of him and onto my ass and back. I liked the feel of the physical form of his desire for me covering my backside.

I lay there panting, trying to catch my breath and he was doing the same, leaning against the opposite window.

“Fuck...we need to do that again.” He said when he caught his breath. I just laid there, partially from exhaustion and partially from the fear of getting cum everywhere, and shook my head. “I’m to tired…” I could already feel the lethargy from post release coming over me.

“Not tonight, but soon” He moved around and grabbed a towel and cleaned me up. I didn’t wonder why he conveniently had a towel ready in his car. After i was clean, we got re-dressed and moved back to the front seats. He smiled at me, that knowing look in his eyes and i blushed hard. Now that i had came, i was quickly returning back to my normal self.

“Ah, back to this fake innocence huh” I had nothing to say to that. He pressed on.

“Do you want to stay and keep talking?”

I thought about it for a moment. Maybe actually talking would clear my head, but i had a feeling that spending more time with him tonight may lead to a repeat of what just happened.

“I think i should go. You know, to clean up”

“There you go running again” he chuckled. “Do you want to get out here or have me drive you back to the front?”

“Ummm...i’ll walk from here” I needed some time to let what happened sink in.

“Alright” he got out and let me out. We hugged and he kissed my forehead, and when he pulled away he said “Don’t be a stranger. Let hang out again sometime real soon, ok?” I agreed, ready to just go sleep on this.

We said our goodbyes, and i walked away. A minute later he drove past me and waved  out the window and i waved back.

I thought about all that had happened as i walked to my apartment. That was one of the best moments of my life and i don’t think i should ever let it happen again. It was so easy for him to get me from rational to lust filled and that was dangerous.

By the time i got in my room, i decided to not think about it. I undressed, took a long, hot shower and went back to laying in only my robe in bed, air drying for the second time tonight. The last thought on my mind as i drifted off was of his dark lusty eyes staring down at me.


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