Ticklish Temptations Part 1

Ticklish Temptations Part 1 Ticklish Temptations Part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kayla can't stand being stroked and tickled in the bedroom. When her sexy and kinky best friend offers help, she can't resist the temptation of being bound in Johanna's bed. How far will Lust lead two friends?


Kayla can't stand being stroked and tickled in the bedroom. When her sexy and kinky best friend offers help, she can't resist the temptation of being bound in Johanna's bed. How far will Lust lead two friends?


Submitted: May 20, 2015

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Submitted: May 20, 2015



Kayla was bored. Bored with her simple sex life. But worse yet, she couldn't "get serious" in the bedroom. Her latest fling, Mark, had been very into her and her body, but as soon as they hit the sack, he was taken aback by her lack of sobriety “in the moment.” And it was all because she was ticklish.


Damn her sensitive skin! Especially her belly. Soft and pudgy, she was adorably rounded, curvy in the right areas, and looked like a little sexy minx when she set her mind to it. But as soon as a guy started to stroke her anywhere on the midriff, bam, the giggles would abound, and her hands would slap the poor man away.


And it was a drag on her relationships. The guys felt that they couldn't connect with her giggling all the time, or worse yet, that they were being laughed at. And every time she tried to explain it would always end the same way: "just get over it!"


"But I can't, I've tried!" she cried out in frustration to her best friend Johanna. "I have tried so hard so many times to just let them touch me, but I can't help it, it's a knee jerk reaction, Jo!"

Johanna, trying to contain her mirth, simply sat and watched as Kayla squirmed while trying to explain herself.


"Have you ever tried some bondage?" she asked when next she could make a somber face.

"No, no way. I can't get into the 50 Shades stuff. It scares me."

"Then you're not doing it right. And there's another way that you can acclimate yourself to being touched, and that's just letting it happen outside the sexual bedroom."

"What do you mean?" Kayla asked, suddenly intensely nervous and trying not to act it.


Kayla and Johanna had met four years back when they were co-workers at a small boutique that sold typical girly things. The place fit Kayla perfectly, but Johanna stuck out like a sore thumb. Tall, willowy, but with a tendency towards gothic styles, she was something dark, dangerous, and sexy as hell in that little pink shop. While Kayla had experienced some playful and drunk college nights with a girl or two, she had never thought of herself as enjoying a bi-sexual or lesbian relationship. Johanna was clearly Bi, stated it often, and enjoyed to uproariously flirt with the women that shopped at the boutique. As soon as Johanna and Kayla started interacting more and more, Kayla became slightly more interested in the prospect of experimenting again.


And now, Johanna- sexy, smart, and kinky Johanna- was once again discussing Kayla's bedroom life, but this time offering a whole lot more than advice.


"How about you come over tomorrow night, we tie your arms down and I help you get over this ticklishness? What do you say?"



Kayla's jaw dropped.

"What?" She was shocked, but definitely turned on. Johanna bit back a grin. She knew she had Kayla, hook, line and sinker.


"Oh come on Kayla, let your freak flag fly a little, try this and get that Mark guy back and bang the shit outta him!" After a moment's thought, and a few fantasies popping up in their minds, Kayla nervously agreed.



The next evening, Kayla ran home after work, hopped in the shower and shaved every inch of herself that she could reach. Just in case. She chose a black bra that didn't do anything special for her supple C cup breasts, but looked dark and sexy against her creamy white skin. A simple pair of black undies that matched for a nice effect, but not overtly stating anything, jeans and a baby doll tee, she took off for Johanna's.


Arriving at the door, she was greeted with a smiling Johanna and a glass of red wine.

"Let's drink and get you relaxed, okay. And I'll explain my plan to you."

"Sounds good," Kayla replied, taking a gulp of the wine.


A mellow burn started in her belly, but she knew it wasn't from the wine alone. Johanna was slim and stunning in a simple get up of black yoga pants and a tee, but the laid back look was thrilling to Kayla, enjoying the ease and sexual aura that Johanna carried about her always.


Sitting at Johanna's couches, they sipped their wine and talked.

"So I was thinking that I simply tie you up and tease you a bit, just see what your limits are before you want to freak out and such. How does that sound?"


"Tease me?" Kayla nervously replied. "What does that mean?"

"Well you said the guys tickle you, so thats what I'll do but I'll see what it is that makes you squirm. Maybe show you what the difference between a caress and a tickle. That kinda thing."


With another gulp, Kayla finished off her wine, set her glass aside, and said, "Alright, lets get to work then!"


Grinning mischievously, Johanna lead the way to her bedroom. The walls were an interesting shade of dark grey blue, the tones of a stormy ocean. Her bed was a low queen with dark wine red covers, but these were pulled back to reveal the black bedding. Stopping, Kayla looked at the bright red straps that came up from under the mattress and were loosely tossed upon the bed. Walking over to the side of the bed, Johanna picked up a strap.


"These wrap under the bed, and will hold you down with the combined weight of you and the mattress. They're soft and won’t hurt you, just restrain you. Now, go ahead and take off your shirt, you can leave everything else on, we'll just focus on your ticklish tummy today."

That hint of a next time threw Kayla’s whirling tipsy and horny brain into overdrive, her hands reaching for the hem of her shirt.



Watching Kayla intently, Johanna waited for her friend to pull her simple tee over her head. The fast removal went in slow motion for her, while she observed as much as possible. The soft curves of the woman before her, white skin, supple breasts encased in black silk. Minx, she thought, dressing up to tease me.


This was getting hot.


Breaking eye contact with her friends' flesh, she turned to the straps to get them ready.


"Come lie on your back here."



Kayla did as she was told, but was tense.  Johanna’s hands took her legs, rolled up the jeans a bit to strap the soft, padded bracers around her ankles. Her hands disappeared from Kayla’s flesh as her face came into view.


“Lift your hands up” she calmly told Kayla. Slowly, Kayla pushed her hands out to the sides of the bed. Jo’s soft hands wrapped her wrists in the black and red restraints. Giving a slight tug on them to be sure, Kayla tried to ease her tense muscles and slow her breathing. Somehow it was betraying her calm demeanor… well she hoped she looked calm.



Laid out like a feast for her eyes, Kayla was flushed and nervous, her eyes practically screaming at Johanna for her.


She was on the edge of fear and panic, and Jo loved it.


Deftly Jo stepped onto the bed and straddled her friends hips, hands resting lightly at the divide between jeans and flesh at Kayla’s hips.


“Now, just breathe, and let your body talk to me.”



Kayla sucked in a gasp of air, and tried to let it out slowly. It came out a stutter as Johanna’s hands began to smoothly glide up her belly towards her breasts. Kayla didn’t want to giggle this time.


She wanted to scream.


Softly crying out in pleasure, she shocked herself with her reaction to Johanna. It was never like this with men. Yes, the anticipation was there, but never this burn for more, this desperate need to have it done again, and again.


Johanna lifted her hands before her searching fingers reached the underside of Kayla’s breasts, and Kayla let out a groan of desperation, her arms and legs squirming in their bonds.



Johanna leaned down low over Kayla’s body, her lips at her best friend’s ear, her breath tickling and sending shockwaves of lust through Kayla.

“Those boys did not know what they had in front of them if they thought you weren’t ‘in the moment.’ You’re more alive here than I have ever seen you. Fools”


Johanna’s fingers skimmed Kayla’s sides, her muscles quivering from the contact, her inner muscles being worked with desire. Kayla strained at the the restraints, wanting to touch and hold Johanna. Jo could feel every flutter through her position over Kayla, her fingers sending her mind signals, and Kayla’s breathy dialogue of pleasure ringing in her ears.

Tripping her fingers up Kayla’s sides again, Johanna stopped at the barrier of cloth between her hands and the flesh of Kayla’s bosom. Eyes focused on Kayla’s closed ones, Jo waited with baited breath for permission to go on.


Kayla opened passion heated eyes to see Johanna glaring down at her with a question and burning desire. Who would have thought a simple suggestion could have lead to this much lust?


With a simple nod of her head, Kayla told Johanna to go on.

With a devilish smile, Johanna set to work.


Johanna slid her open thighs down lower over Kayla’s mound, lightly grinding down on Kayla, a promise of more to come if she wanted it. Letting her weight rest on Kayla, Jo reached underneath her bedmate and undid the clasps of her bra. Leaning back up, she pulled the bottom of the black scrap of cloth up and shimmied it up Kayla’s arms, the shoulder straps pulling Kayla’s arms tighter together, bringing her breasts higher with her back tightening with the added restraint, and the band coming to rest over Kayla’s mouth as an errotic gag.


Sliding her fingers down the soft white flesh of Kayla’s arms, Johanna stroked, teased, and tickled her way back slowly to the exposed breasts that both women were begging to have touched. The soft shell pink areolas were puckered with desire, the nipples firm and demanding attention.


Johanna slowly let the tips of the nipples be rubbed using the palms of her hand, going in small slow circles. Kayla gasped and squealed in pleasure. Shifting her seating once again, Johanna now laid between Kayla’s spread thighs, breasts at the tops of Kayla’s thighs, and her mouth mere centimeters from Kayla’s pert and puckered breasts. She pulled down the bra that was muffling Kayla.


Looking her dead in the eye, Johanna waited. Waited for permission. Here was the balance of their fling, one step more and it would make them lovers.


“Do it!” Kayla gasped out, tugging at all four corners, hips rising to grind against Johanna.


“Do what?” she barely breathed the question.


“Whatever you want.”


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