The Jungle's Beast

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A sacrificial ceremony. A Beast the demands flesh. She gives in with pleasure.

She was running. A jungle before, a beast behind.

She dropped behind a hillock, panting heavily, straining to hear the sounds of anything coming... nothing.

Peeking between roots and leaves, she saw it. The beast.

Stalking for its prey... her.

The beast's long sleek body was black as night, four paws tipped in sharp claws ready to draw her blood, rip her apart.

Blunt nose low to the ground the beast took one long slow breath in, scenting for her.

She knew the beast had smelled her with the way its eyes snapped open in her direction.

Shit. Her heart stopped.

The beast bounded over the hillock in a moment, spinning in place to face her. She could see what the beast was face to face. A large jungle cat, one that her people sacrificed to in their jungle home.

"P-please! Please don't!" she screamed!


She had been prepared for this chase for the last few hours.

She was to be this year's sacrifice.

The priest and priestess of the village had chosen her just last night, as was typical.

They took her, the protests of her family falling on deaf ears. They lead her to the temple, up the steps.

Ritualistically they stipped her bare, looking over her flesh for any markings that would mar her beauty.

She was not a small woman, barely eighteen. Her belly soft from a good spring season, her breasts large, thankfully.

The priest approached her front, grabbing, tapping and pinching her nipples, gauging her reaction. Her gasp, blush and hardening nipples made him smile with pleasure. Her eyes fierce with anger but giving in to his ministrations. She would be a good match for the beast this time.

The priestess swept behind her, sliding her hands around the girls hips to her plump thighs. Kicking her ankles apart, the priestess slipped a finger between the girls legs. She shrieked at this invasion, but was slapped silent by the male in front of her.

"Quiet!" he demanded! "This is for your own good! Miskena? How is she?"

"She has been taken before, but not many times. Tight enough to please Him, but she won't scream or bleed like the last one."

He looked at her with desire, "Had some fun before you were bonded, hmm? Thats lucky this time around."

She couldn't stand looking him in the eye with that knowing look he held. Instead she looked down and saw the bulge at the front of his sarong.

"Look! She blushes so prettily!" the older priestess cackled.


They walked her to a sunken bowl in the floor, filled with oil scented water. Here, the priest stripped bare, exposing his tool, proud though smaller than Kitasha's, her one and only lover. She suppressed a giggle while he stepped into the water with her and began to wash her.

With a sponge from the sea, he scrubbed every inch of her. Starting with her back, he vigorously slid the sponge over her flesh, hands rounding on her bottom appreciatively.

Then he spun her around and latched his hands to her breasts again, molding them in his hands as he washed away the day's strains.

Slipping the soft sponge all over her upper body, he happily reached for the apex of her thighs, spreading her open to wash her soft pink petals, liberally slipping fingers into her. She took this with no complaint, and no pleasure.

And he knew it.

"Bitch, you will be well used by another, you may as well take your pleasure while you can!"

"I feel nothing from you, blessed one," she quietly replied. The priestess, Miskena scoffed behind her.

The priest's eyes blazed with anger. "You'll feel me soon enough!" Shoving a finger into her pussy, he tried in vain to make her moan, but his unskilled hands and quick fingers did very little for her.



The beast approached, his very long appendage hung low from the base of his belly, full and flexing with his rapid heart beat. He would be hard to take, she finally grew scared.



"You will want to be prepared for anything. Do you know how to pleasure yourself? It will make the beast's actions easier on you." Miskena was quietly asking her while braiding her hair.

"Y-yes" she finally admitted. "I do."

"Good. Otherwise I would have had to let Yandanu do it for you, and he would not be gentle after that incident in the tub. He is a proud prigg, but a prigg none the less."

She said nothing, her anticipation of the ritual making her silent.

"You might was well start now... its not long until we give you to him..."



She rolled onto her knees, she knew the chase was over. Quietly sobbing in fear, trembling, she began to pull the sheer garment the priestess had dressed her in over her head.


The Jaguar's soft wet nose and whiskers skimmed up the back of her legs, following them to her exposed and glistening pink womanhood. She shivered with the delicate tickling sensation.


Then shrieked in surprise and pleasure as the long pink tongue, harsh with barbs, scraped against her inner thigh, brushing against her engorged clitoris.

"Ah!" He licked her again.


She turned her head to see what the beast was doing now. With a small jump the beast began to mount her. His large hot maw settling against the back of her neck as a warning, his long but thin pink penis began searching for her opening.


Tense, she waited. With an awkward thrust of two completely different beings, the beast entered her. She screamed. This was completely different than Kitasha! The beast's thrusts were short, shallow bursts of energy. He didn't stretch her painfully, rather he reached deep within her tunnel. She was so scared, nervous, and unsure of herself that she did not realize that her body might feel any pleasure and was shocked when she naturally got into the rhythm of the beast that had mounted her.


The beast was awkwardly panting, growling sounds and chuffing into her ear. If she didn't know any better she thought that the beast might be done quickly with her, maybe only ten thrusts into this absurd scene.


But suddenly, the beast was gone! Leaping off of her back, he began to writhe on the ground, in the throes of pain not pleasure. Unsure of what to do, but truly fearing  now for her life with the flailing claws and powerful figure in front of her, she clambered up the hillock as quickly as possible, keeping her eyes on the figure in pain.


With what sounded like a scream, there was a flash of light, and a man erupted from the form of the jaguar on the ground. With a final settling of his spasming body, the man stopped moving, and she stopped breathing.



He was back! He could feel it. His hands, his toes, his head... his rock hard cock?

Opening his eyes, he saw above him a canopy of familiar green jungle, and a beautiful young woman, naked and panting, standing over him.


He realized, remembered, recalled...? The ceremony! It was working! year after year, this was the gift that the peoples gave him, a day of being himself again. But to finish it, he had to fulfill his and this woman's desires.


"You! Stay quiet, and do as I say! Do you understand!?"

"What? What the hell is happening? Who are you? What are you?"


In a moment he was wrapped around her pinning her to the ground. "Silence!" he hissed into her hair. "Or when I change back, I'll kill you!"


She nodded her understanding.


Releasing her hands for only a moment, he shoved them above her head, and flipped her onto her stomach. Roughly, he forced her hips into the air underneath his waist, open and ready to be entered. He grabbed her hair into a bunch at the base of her head, pulling back.


"Scream for me!" he demanded, as his, thank god his, cock slammed into the woman in front of him.

She screamed.



He was huge now! How did this happen? As the beast he was slim, able to easily slip into her. Now he was thick, stretching her to what felt like her limits. With a smack from his hand and a command of "easy!" she relaxed her inner muscles. It would make it easier on her.


He pulled out of her, but was shoved back less than a second later. His balls, low below his cock slapped into her mound from underneath her.


Back and forth, in and out, full and wanting. He was wickedly fast, and she was wickedly delighting in this. He went from too big to just right to fuck her hard. Screaming with every thrust, she pushed back against him, drawing grunts of pleasure from the beast inside him. With every pump into her, his balls drew tighter and tighter against him, begging to explode down his shaft and into her sopping wet cunt.


Growling, he pulled on her hair more, making her arch her back, her muscles now drawing more firmly around his invading shaft. She moaned in pleasure as he forced his way past her tight, tight muscles.

Holding herself up on one hand, the other slipped down her front, past her breasts, tickling her tummy to the sweet spot, the hidden jewel that would make her feel even more pleasure. She was glad the priestess had said to use this special knowledge.


Flicking herself, she stopped breathing for a moment, the pleasure that shocked through her rocking her. She flicked again, and groaned. Again. Again. Again! Matching his slamming cock with her actions, she was quickly building a desire, something that left her empty every time he pulled out of her, and was fulfilled again with his hardness. Her stomach muscles drawn tight against her spine, her body arching under its own strain to find release.


He saw what she was doing. How dare she not take pleasure from himself alone! Removing the hand that was anchoring himself on her hip, he whipped it down between her thighs, pushing her hand away.


She didn't know what he did differently, but it made her feel more. Her mind went blank, her body on the edge of pleasure beyond her wildest imaginings! Her hair was being pulled on even more, causing her to rear up onto just her knees. His arm wrapped around her holding her balance firm as he continued to slam upward from under her, his fingers working what could only be called magic.


He was about to come, and he could feel that she was on the verge too. She was a brilliant lover, taking control like she did, he could admire that. But this was all for his pleasure, and the only thing that could top it off would be to make her his and his alone.


The fist in her hair pulled to the side, exposing the back of her neck and shoulder. Perfect.



"Right there, right there, don't stop" she tried to say the words but they were too much. All she could form were moans, deep guttural aching moans, ones that called from a woman to a man not to stop, never stop, god please please please.


And then he did it. With a final push into her, her body spasmed, exploded, refracted. A feeling of her ending, her beginning, heart stopping. She screamed and came.

And then he bit her.


As her body continued to climb her climax he dropped her back to all fours, teeth digging into her shoulder, claiming her as his as he drew blood, using his mouth as the anchor to dig in and fuck her as hard, as fast as he could. She couldn't believe he was able to do it, but he went harder and faster.


And then she felt him expand, fill up, and release deep deep into her soaked cunt.


Growling deep in his throat, a man through and through he pumped his way through his orgasm, toes digging into the dirt behind him, trying to shove his whole body into her tight hole, the one that made him feel this damn good.


He released her neck at that point, licking the blood from the wound and his teeth.

His still hard cock was embedded in her, and they both collapsed onto the leaf covered ground below them.


Neither really caring about the other.



She awoke first, her body still charged with adrenaline from her flight from the beast… the man?

Rolling onto her back and out from under his weight, she turned to face him.


He was gorgeous.


Skin the copper bronze of her people, brows arched and naturally full like the gods, nose wide at the end. His mouth was large, but hard, and while he slept, his face was still tight, as if he were angry.


She looked down the wide expanse of his sun warmed skin to the curve of his buttocks and thighs. He was a muscle hardened man, slightly gaunt and lean, like he hadn’t had a good meal in a while. On his upper right shoulder, he had a scar of four large, long gashes. She had seen injuries such as this before on the men coming home from hunting the Jaguar in the forest. She reached out a hand to touch the large scars.

The man under her touch tensed, and came awake instantly. Eyes glaring up at her, he growled like the feral cat he was. She snatched her hand back to her chest, eyes wide with fear.


“Don’t touch those,” he demanded, low in his throat. “You don’t want what they can give you.
“What.. what do you mean?”

“I am what I am because of those scars, and I don’t think you want this kind of life for yourself.”

He slowly rolled onto his back, and sat up, shameless exposing himself to her eyes.


His toned front matched his back in color and muscles, his ribcage slightly exposed. A large black tattoo sat over his heart, with swirls and slashes, like nothing she had ever seen before.

“W-what… what are you?”

“A cursed man. I am trapped in the body of a Jaguar unless I pleasure a woman. I was a free man once, but I scorned a woman, and she cast this spell upon me.” He took a deep breath, his eyes drifting away from hers to look around them. “It has been over threeyear since I was last allowed in my own skin. The last women were far too scared to feel any pleasure from my jaguar form. I have your passions to thank for that.”


He got to his feet to move around the small clearing they had stumbled into. Stretching and flexing his own form, he groaned with pleasure as some joints popped.

“I’m sorry about before,” he said, eyes meeting hers again. “I can only control so much of that… thing that I am. I didn’t hurt you... then, did I?”


His eyes roamed over her, seeing the small scrapes and cuts that the mad dash through the forest earned her.

She shifted uncomfortably when his eyes came to rest on the bite mark at her neck. He stepped closer, eyes lowering, his gaze again predatory. She felt caught in a trap laid for her. His cock, which stayed semi engorged, began to pump to life once again.

“Did I hurt you?” His eyes snapped from the bite to meet hers and back again. “When I did that?” His hand came up from his side, pointing to her neck.


“Y-yes,” she stammered, eyes never leaving his face. “But I didn’t mind it at the time.”

He laughed, low, a feral chuckle. “Thats right,” he said. “It made you come for me.”

She blushed, eyes finally dropping from his face.

He paced another slow step forward.

“You know you are mine for the whole day, do you not?”


Her head snapped up, eyes ablaze with indignation.

A beat.

Then she gave in. “Yes”

“You know I want you again.”

“Of course,” she declared. He was in front of her now, his thickening cock standing out from him, its redned head searching for attention.

“Whats your name?”


Her head tilted back to look him in the eye, his throbbing cock in sight.

"Xanthia." Her voice was strong. His eyes gleamed with heat and humor.


"Open up, Xanthia."



Those large brown eyes were staring up at his in retaliation, he could sense that, let alone see it. But what he also saw there was desire. She had thoroughly enjoyed herself in their first encounter. It made him lustful of her body again, knowing that someone wanted his attention a second time, even more than they wanted to deny him.

For the last twenty years that he had been through these gifts of the ceremony he had never encountered a woman that was not a complete wreck each time he fucked her. Rare was the time he was truly able to pleasure a woman with an orgasm because their fear locked them up.

But this one, this Xanthia, deep down, desired the fear, and control that he had over her. While she was not a wanton woman, lounging in lust, she did understand some of her desires. She knew an alpha male when she saw one.


She obediently opened her mouth and took his blood thick cock upon her tounge, tasting his head. He hissed at the contact, the pleasure making him dizzy for a moment.

She reached up a hand and grasped his shaft solidly while her mouth wrapped around as much as she could fit of him. Lightly bobbing back and forth, her tounge played over his soft skin that was steel underneath.


Her other hand braced herself on his thigh as her bobbing increased, taking his large cock deeper into her mouth at the enterance to her throat. She was good at this.

Releasing him from her mouth, her lips traced up his shaft to the patch of hair that his length sprung from, nuzzling there, tracing her nose up to his belly button.


"You know what you're up to," he gasped out, as she lightly nipped at his belly.

"My lover likes it this way," she calmly replied.

His eyes seared into hers.

"What lover?" he growled, low in his throat. It was asanine that he was jealous over a woman he didn't know or a lover he'd never met. But his lust for Xanthia leapt to rage knowing that someone else had given her pleasure, and that she had honed her skills on some lesser man.


Reaching down, he pulled her to her feet, and sealed his mouth to hers, a kiss that demanded obedience, claimed her as his and left them both breathless and realing.


Gasping as they broke away, he glared into her eyes.

"Get on the ground." Instantly, she was spread before him, legs wide, cunt weeping and ready for him to enter her again.

He slipped through her thighs and, in one thrust, was deep inside her.

Raming back and forth vicously, his hips sawing into her, cock pummeling her sweet walls. His thrusts hit her right on the spot that made her cry out in pleasure, moan and whipmer in desire.


Quickly, she was once again on the edge. Without a word, she stared him straight in the eye, telling him what she needed. Instictively, he provided it. Hitching a leg over each of his forearms, he doubled his pace, their beaths coming in heaving pants and grunts, animalistic.


With his ministrations, she was speeding to a hard orgasm.

"Oh, gods, I'm about to burst!"


He froze.


"What are you doing?!" she screeched at him, on the cusp of bliss.

"Hush," he demanded. Pulling his rod out slowly so as to tease her mercilesly, he pulled himself off of her body, resting fully on his knees, and left just the head of his thick cock just inside her pussy's enterance.


And waited.

And waited.


She gave in quickly, squiriming her hips around to bring him back in. He gave her a look.

She squeezed her inner mucsles to tempt him to move. He growled.


Slowly he reached out his hands for her breasts. This was the first time he would focus on them. Grapsing a soft mound in each hand, be lightly began to stroke and tease the sensative flesh. Her breathing hitched and she gasped at the delicate caresses. His fingers worked her already sexually sensative nipples to hard points, lightly tweaking them to wring out a cry of pleasure and frustration from her. Her hips ground forward to try to bring his hot dick back into her grasping pussy, but he moved with her, keeping himself out.


"What are you doing?" she cried out again. His mouth cliamed her lips again at this outcry.

"Punishing you," was his easy reply. "You were going to come before me. I want you to come with me this time."


Frustrated, she looked at him with rebellion in here eyes. "Well you could have told me!"

Internally he laughed at this, but he also decided that this outbreak deserved another punishement.

Bending over her again, he took a pert nipple into his mouth. And bit down. She screeched at the mix of intense pleasure and pain radiating from her breast. He just as quickly let the first breast fall away from his lips, took up the second and did the same. This time as he bit down, his hand slipped to the top of her cunny, sought out the nub that gave all women pleasure, and stroked it.

She nearly exploded. Groaning in sheer frustration, she writhed beneathe him.  With only just the head of his cock in her, she was being kept on the edge with his skilled ways.


Releasing her breast again, his hand stayed where it was.

"I'm ready to come now, my pet," he smoothly told her. "Are you ready for me?"

"Yes!" she yelled, becoming an angry fuck. Gods, he liked that best.


Once again pinning her legs over his forearms and shoulders, he slowly pushed his cock back into her pussy, stretching her inner muscles out, which had been clamping down upon themselves, seeking release. When he was satisfied that she would be ready for him, he exploded into action.


Hips pumping back and forth, angling both him and her selves for the best points of pleasure, he hit them with each stroke. Her noises went from soft pants, to soft moans, to all out yelps of pleasure. The head of his cock burrowed deep every time, slamming his pelvis into her mound with great force, hitting her hot button of pleasure, stoking her higher and hotter


Holding eye contact for as long as she could, she dove screaming over the edge into a mind blowing orgasm, her inner muscles sweetly rippling with each of his thrusts, clenching down tight on his hard and invading cock, her mind focused only on more, more, more pleasure!


With her head dropped back, her spine arching into his thrusts with the power of her muscles spasaming, his view of her beautiful body was excellent. He too was very close to orgasm when hers began. With victory of his conquest, he was ellated and pleasured. Her inner walls were milking him for all they were worth and he was so ready for his release.


With a roar, his cock swelled inside her clenching soaked cunt, his balls, tight to his body, gave in to his orgasm, his cum gushing down and out of his shaft, deep, deep into her wanting pussy.

His thrusts slowed with the power of his orgasm, his stomache muscles tight and aching after the physical exertions of his thrusts, his back arhced, as he pierced her center, slowly coming down from his high.


Settling his now spent cock as far as he could go inside her, he slipped his fingers between her folds and continued her spasmings with a touch to her sensative nub. She wailed in pleasure and pain, the contact sending a smaller second orgasm through her. The effect of her pussy clenching down on his overly sensative cock was perfection.  


Now they both were too spent to continue anymore. For at least a little while. 

Submitted: April 25, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Leona Rose. All rights reserved.

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Loved it! I wonder if there's going to be a continue... :)

Sat, April 25th, 2015 7:02pm


I have no thoughts about it now, but if more want it, I'll think of something.
I hope you find and enjoy my other works.
Glad you enjoyed it.

Sat, April 25th, 2015 12:38pm


this was fabulously well written. I absolutely loved it!

Thu, September 26th, 2019 4:41am

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