Rainy Blanket Days

Rainy Blanket Days Rainy Blanket Days

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Adam and Asllynn have been playing it safe as friends for years, but when the weather is right for a fire, these two will burn


Adam and Asllynn have been playing it safe as friends for years, but when the weather is right for a fire, these two will burn


Submitted: April 17, 2015

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



He had just sat down with a hot tea and xbox controller when the storm that was raging outside finally beat out the stalwart electricity lines, leaving him in the twilight grey of a rainy day. A pulse of fear ran through his system before the power outage registered. Sighing with slight frustration at not being able to binge game on a rainy day, he began to get the candles and fireplace prepared for a day of no electricity.


She was running on empty in what she completely believed to be a hurricane with the gallons of water pouring down on her poor rusty car. She wasn't more than two miles from her house, but she wasn't going to walk home in the torrential downpour. That was just plain dangerous and stupid. Feeling the last ditch effort of her car, she pulled it off the main road she was on. Luckily her best friend Adam was just a few short blocks away from this area of town.

Getting out of the car, she pulled up her hood and started a quick jog to his place when she saw the lightning strike. With a the majestic clash that only the power of nature could create, the bolt pierced the grounded electrical pole a few hundred feet away. Her eyes popping with the light, she gave a shout of sheer joy of the power as she continued down the street.


Blowing out the match that started the fire in his fireplace, Adam turned to make another cup of hot tea, the perfect pairing with the Sherlock Holmes story he was currently reading. With another bellow of the thunder outside he heard a knock at the door. Checking through the peephole, he saw his favorite person in the world, Ashlynn.

He opened the door with a grin that slid away when he realized she was soaked to the bone and shivering. Teeth chattering, she was smiling up at him in that way that made his heart race and his mind wander to places of wonder. The smile that said follow me and we'll find an adventure.


He had loved Ashlynn since he first laid eyes on her, eight years ago at that stupid freshman gathering that their college made them all go to. Most of the guys had noticed her eventually while she stood next her model tall and stunningly blonde roommate standing aloof in the corner of the hall. He waited for the right opportunity to approach, about to strike up a conversation about classes and how stupid this mixer was, when she grabbed his hand and dragged him to the dance floor to start off the rest of the party, and the rest of their lives together. Just barely catching her name at the end of the night with the pounding of the speakers and the shrieks of laughter from everyone around them, he knew he was a goner when he saw that smile.

Finding ways to constantly run into her filled his weekend, and all for naught since they were in classes together anyways. They hit it off famously from that meeting onward. Enjoying the same musical tastes, laughing at the same movies and smoothly transitioning this common ground into a great friendship; they were two peas in a pod. But he never pushed boundaries, rather thinking of a future where they could easily slip into a relationship after building this friendship. He took those warning stories of freshman romances seriously. Rather than committing anything to anyone, let alone Ashlynn, he enjoyed the typical young guy's college relationship experiences.

And instead of being overtly jealous, he rather sat back and was the constant shoulder to cry on for Ashlynn when the jerks she got involved with ran through the same patterns in her life. Sure, he was in the "friendzone," but he wouldn't have it any other way. He knew when the time was right, he would win his Ashlynn.


There he was, tousled and gorgeous as always in his baggy sweatpants and that old baseball practice shirt. It was her favorite shirt of his. She would always steal it from him any chance she got in college, though she didn't know why. It was a stupid crush back then, and he never reacted in any way when she wore it. Let alone when she would drag the next dude or bro in front of his face. But she was too cold to remember all that disappointment now. She was out of his league apparently, and firmly rooted in the dreaded friendzoned for the last eight years.


"C-ca-can I come in p-p-please?" she gasped in the cold.

"What the heck are you doing out in this?" he replied with that grin of his that was saved only for her, the one that laughed at the world with her in their own private joke.

Stepping into the small one bedroom house, she replied "I was on my way back from work, and didn't have enough gas, and the stations were closed because of the storm! Well badda-bing badda-boom here I am. My car is a few blocks away, can I just stick this out with you for the night?"

"Two bodies to keep warmer and all that, right? Ha, yeah you're welcome anytime, you know that. I should have some hot water still if you want a hot shower, go for it. Borrow anything you want, of course. Ill make you some tea."


While she went to the bedroom with its bathroom and hot shower, he put another kettle on to heat up, loving once again his old 1950s tiny bungalow of a home that was still on gas everything. Hearing the shower turn on, he stepped into the bedroom to grab his extra blankets, planning on putting them in front of the fireplace to heat up. Just as he was grabbing some from the chest at the foot of his bed, the bathroom door opened with a flood of candlelight and steam... and there she was, gloriously naked.

Shocked, they both stared at each other for seconds, one pair of eyes roaming a body, the other going wide with embarrassment.

"God! Sorry God, Im so dumb! Ah!" With a tiny scream she slammed the door. Adam, still bent over the chest stayed still, holding the perfect image of her in his mind, making sure it seared into his brain forever. With a squeak from the other side of the door he realized that Ashlynn was trying to explain something to him

"- towels in here, I was going to find one in your room. Sheesh, Adam, I'm so sorry, I am so embarassed!"

"More like em-bare-assed" he chuckled back through the door. He grabbed a towel for her and knocked. She opened the door a crack and peeked through to see he had a hand over his eyes, but was comically peering through his fingers. Poking his tongue out at her, he handed over the towel with the other saying, "My eyes! They burn!"

Snatching the towel from his hands she once again slammed the door, this time in his face and with a huff of disapproval at his joke.

"Get out of here, you Perv!" she shouted back at him, as he walked away laughing.


He now had the biggest hard on ever. Dammit, he knew Ashlynn had a gorgeous body, but assuming and seeing the real thing were two very, very different things. He was walking funny around his hard cock, the scrape of the material over the sensitive head was not helping matters... that and the image of Ashlynn's amazing body in his mind. He sat down in front of the fire, thinking of trying to sneak a quickie session in so that he could stay in control for the rest of the night. Knowing Ashlynn and that storm, they were going to bundle up together all night, and having a semi was embarrassing enough, but a full hard on?

He put his hand down the front of his sweatpants, just pulling and tugging on the material of this underwear, letting the sensation of the cloth tease his cock. He stared into the fire, but the burning sensation in the pit of his gut was from the image in his mind of Ashlynn, naked, and steamed up. He cupped his balls that were drawing tight to his body and pulled them away, giving a nice rolling motion to each through the material. With a quick glance at the door of his bedroom to see if anything had changed with Ashlynn, he finally let his hand fist his cock, with his ears trained on the sound of the shower running.

Palming the head of his penis, he rolled his hand around, then squeezed tight and pushed down the shaft to the base, gripping tight there. He loved doing this, it made his cock extra hard and teased the sensitive head to heighten the sensation when next he touched it. After another long squeeze, he dropped into his regular rhythm of a few short quick strokes, interrupted with long hard pulls. He pictured Ashlynn in his mind giving him this hand job, and wanted it to last forever. God, his balls were churning with cum, and while he knew he should just finish up, he couldn't resist the fantasy in his head. Ashlynn, with her pretty pink lips and ocean blue eyes, kneeling beneath his hard dick, fisting it with her delicate hands.

His breathing hiked up, this fantasy was really working for him, and it was becoming hard to stifle any groans that he was making. Ashlynn, and her naked body, were going to become a big part of his routine.

"Damn, Ashlynn. That feels so freaking amazing!"


She stood silently at the door to his bedroom, watching Adam as he stroked and pulled on his gorgeous dick. He was about seven inches long, and had a nice girth to him. The head of his cock was just the right size bigger than the shaft, and she knew it would feel amazing penetrating her soaking wet pussy. She couldn't see his balls from here, but she liked knowing that he played with them while he masturbated. His attempts to silence his groans were turning her on more and more when he let them escape.

"Damn, Ashlynn. That feels so freaking amazing!"

He was thinking about her? He was thinking about her!  "Well of course he would, any guy should after seeing a naked girl, thats the easiest to get off to!" said the self doubting voice in her head.

"Or, he has always wanted you..." a softer, yearning voice whispered.

Well, now is my chance to know, she replied to the two thoughts.


Oh, he was getting so close now, but he didn't want it to stop! He loved this teasing, playful Ashlynn that he had never experienced before, his fantasies were definitely taking an interesting turn tonight.

His strokes quickened even more, and he was breathing like bellows, his balls drawing tight to his body...

And he let go! Sucking in breath, his cock was throbbing with the built up pressure of attempting to cum, and being denied right on the brink. The head was bobbing frantically, searching for attention from his hand again. He loved to edge himself, it caused the best build up.

Dammit, he thought to himself, I have to finish, Ashlynn must be out of the shower by now.

He opened his eyes, expecting the fireplace and empty room. But for the second time this day, he got an eyeful of a beautiful, naked, and wet Ashlynn. She was kneeling beside him, her eyes darting between his rampant cock and his own eyes.

"... Ashlynn!"

In one swift move, she leaned forward and kissed him, a searing hot kiss that left him breathless, and then she grabbed his extremely sensitive cock, and he felt like he was going to explode.

He took her hand and pulled it off of his penis, grabbing it to his chest as she pulled back from the kiss, a look of shame and hurt in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I'm an idiot, I thought I heard  you say my name, I thought you wanted me-"

"Ashlynn, I- ."

"And then you stopped and I just couldn't stop myself, you are just so hot- "

"I -You think I'm hot?"

"Of course you're hot, you idiot"

She pulled off of him, and tried to take her hand back, finally embarrassed enough to try to cover herself.

"I'm just- just going to go now!" She had tears in her eyes.

"Ashlynn, please listen to me for a second?" He pulled some of the fire heated blankets on top of the both of them to cover their nakedness saying,  "I can't concentrate on this if you're... well, you, in all that glory," he chuckled, took her hand, a deep breath, and dove in.

"Ashlynn, I love you."


"Ashlynn, I love you."

Did he just say that, or was she having a mental break after the most embarrassing turn of events ever: being rejected by the love of her life?

"And I mean I am head over heels, give you the moon in love with you, and have been for a long time."

If this was her brain breaking, it was doing a damn fine job of it.

"I have wanted to be with you for so long that it feels as though my whole life has only ever been about loving you. I've loved you all those times you were with those asshole boyfriends, and whenever you were angry with me, or sad and of course when you were most happy. I love you more than I could begin to describe at this moment... mostly because I'm nervous and really, really turned on and can't think straight with that all going on--"

Say something you idiot, don't leave him hanging!

"I love you too Adam!" There! She said it!  "Wow that feels really good to say... I love you, Adam"

His face, always handsome and stoic other than for her, split into the largest grin she'd ever seen.

"Really?" He was as stunned as she was by their mutual revelations.

"I loved you ever since you said yes to my crazy idea of going out for pizza and ice cream-

"Instead of studying for that history test? I told you we would fail"

"And I told you we'd be fine, and look at us now!"

"Back to the topic on hand... you were saying?"

"I love you Adam Baxter."

"I love you Ashlynn. It does feel good to say."


For an hour they just talked about everything that they should have said for years and years. Cuddled up in blankets and each other, Ashlynn had stolen her favorite shirt of Adam's off of his back to wear while they talked and romanced in front of the fire.

Finally the slow burn that had once again rekindled in their bodies became more and more evident to the two young lovers.

Ashlynn, sitting with her bottom between Adam's thighs, kept shifting her body, softly grinding her cheeks on the constant semi hard dick that was pressed against her back. She was leaning back against his chest, her head on his shoulder, her lips brushing against his neck and jaw at every opportunity. His hands kept traveling up and down her arms, tickling and stroking every bit of her he could reach. She finally twined her fingers through his to get him to stop the slow torture that his fingers were stirring in her.

"I was on that dance floor watching you, it felt like forever, getting the courage to come up to you..." Adam was still talking, but she was done with talk. She wanted to taste him again. Their one brief and hot kiss was lingering on her lips, and she wanted an encore presentation.

She knew what she liked in the bedroom, and she was loving this constant teasing that they were doing. Her pussy was once again soaking wet for Adam. Raising their hands to her mouth, she looked him dead in the eye and bit down on his knuckle, just enough. Then, sticking her tongue out, she licked the lightly bruised finger.

"... and... I... umm. Uh," speechless, Adam's eyes were locked on to Ashlynn's teeth and tongue and whatever they were doing to his hand, it was hot.

She went to the next finger and did the same thing, this time sucking his finger into her mouth. She always had loved playing around with her mouth when it came to sex. It was never dirty for her because she rather enjoyed pushing men to the brink. She felt his semi hard dick at her back pulse to fill its larger girth. Excited, she wriggled her bottom back onto it some more as she sucked once more on Adam's finger.

He pounced.

One second they were curled around each other in a pile of blankets, the next he was on top of her, his body bearing down on her to hold her in place, growling at the girl of his dreams who was laughing like an idiot. He ground his hips into her groin and that turned her giggles into groans. And then, finally, he kissed her. His lips descended down and demanded all of her attention. They were soft lips, but firm in their determination to dominate the situation. She could taste his desire on her tongue, the hot, open mouthed kisses were beginning to drown them in it.

He pulled back and wrapped his arms around her, bring them both up to a sitting position. He looked her dead in the eye and said, "Ashlynn, I need you now so badly, and I want to make this perfect, but I might not be able to stop myself..."

"Im on the pill you know that," she continued to kiss him feather light over his skin.

"Ooh that tickles... and feels good, don't stop!" he breathed a sigh of contentment. "I- I-I mean I don't know if I can... make you feel as good as I will feel."

"Baby, Im so hot right now, I'm going to explode if you dont fuck me."

Damn, he didn't know Ashlynn's bedroom life would be this exciting!

"Yes, ma'am!"

He kissed her again, his hands began to roam her body, skimming over every inch of her he desired. Up and down her arms, over her thighs to her bottom, up the back of her shirt, and pulling it slowly up her back. Breaking off their kiss his eyes locked onto her chest as he tortured them both with the revelation of her body to him once again. Her breasts were just large enough to be noticed, but not overtly bountiful. He had always found little excuses to brush up against them, and one drunken night, he got a full squeeze out of one before he stopped himself. That reflection made him realize how much of an idiot he was, because Ashlynn never told him to stop. Her firm warm skin was glowing a beautiful amber, her areola and nipples a soft pink. His eyes snapped to hers, and found that she was a bit nervous, not confident in her body's looks for his desires.

"You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen Ashlynn. And you are so perfect to me." That made her smile, and she kissed him, but this kiss was one of love not lust. It started soft and slow and somehow spoke of promises of the future. His hands guided hers around his neck, and he slid his hands back to her beautiful breasts, palming them and squeezing to his hearts content this time. She moaned into his mouth, her nipples becoming firm buds of built up desire. He began to flick them with his thumb, her sexual desire flaring with each touch.

He dropped his head to her breast, tonguing the bud, his freed hand dropping to her hot wet core, and finding her engorged clit. She cried out in pleasure as she lay back for him to work all the right places expertly. Gripping his head in her hands she massaged his scalp, running her fingers through his soft hair, and down to neck and shoulders, massaging the whole time. Suddenly, his fingers dug deep, found her opening and pushed in. She gasped and gave a small shriek, feeling him smile around her other nipple. He pumped his large index finger in and out of her sopping wet pussy, seeking that glorious g-spot, while biting down on her overly sensitive nipple. Quickly was on the verge, the edge, about to be driven into the spasming bliss of orgasm...

"Oh god, I'm going to cum... uuh fuck me Adam!"

That was when he pulled his finger out.

"Ugh! What the-?!" And put two in its place.

"Fuck!" She screamed, diving over the edge, and writhing on his pumping hand, his wet mouth sucking on her breast, his thumb brushing her clitoris to keep her orgasm going and going and going.

When she came up for air after screaming her lungs out, she lifted her head to meet his eyes; they were hungry for more. She scrambled to sit up saying, "Take off your pants, I want to taste you."

He stood up, but waited for her to take them off for him. He like playing games of domination in his sex life, and he wanted to test out Ashlynn, see if she would join him in his world. She glared up at him from her knees, knowing what he was doing, and retaliated with a planned attack. Leaning forward she touched her nose to his lower belly, just above the waist of his sweatpants, and his raging hard cock. Skimming her hands up his legs, she wrapped them around to his buttocks, grabbing them hard in her hands, and pulling his hips forward. Opening her mouth she bit down lightly on his cock. With a yelp he tried to pull back, but he couldn't escape her mouth with her grip on his butt. His breath came in hard short gasps, he was so incredibly turned on.

Taking the material in her teeth, she slowly pulled the pants down from around his cock and hips, her hands at his back finally helping. Again she opened her mouth, but this time it was to suck the head of his cock through his tight black boxers. He groaned, his hands holding her head as she worked around his head and shaft hidden behind his underwear.

Finally, even she couldn't take the torture anymore, she pulled off his boxers and sucked his length into her mouth. Rolling her tongue around the head, and lightly bobbing, she began to suck him off. One hand stayed at his butt, stroking him from behind, as the other came to play with his balls.

"Goddammit Ashlynn, you're amazing at this!" Adam gasped out as she ran a finger between his hind cheeks.

"I need you to stop if you want me inside you, or else pull off, I'm about to cum, fuck I need to cum!" he groaned to her as he lead her head in a faster bobbing pace. She popped his dick out of her mouth, kissed the tip, and began to push her tongue into the dip of the head.

"Christ! You keep that up..." he warned, as she took his head far into her throat and moaned around him.

He gasped out a quick "Fuck!" as his balls released their load, his sperm shooting along his bulging cock and down her throat. One hand kept up a grueling pace on his shaft as the other scraped her nails down his back and butt, perfectly balancing his pleasure and pain, making him scream as he came even harder!

Knees shaking he shot the last of his cum onto her tongue, and dropped back into the blankets, breathing like a bull. "God damn, I’m happy I finally told you the truth!"


Adam was asleep on the pile of blankets that they made a makeshift bed out of, naked and bathed in the dying golden firelight. Silently as she could, Ashlynn got up to add another log to the fire, checked her phone for any messages, and grabbed Adam's copy of Sherlock Holmes that he was in the middle of.

Taking a blanket and a seat on the armchair she languished in her post orgasm relaxation, and waited for Adam to wake up and give her more.


He came awake a few minutes later, and simply watched Ashlynn as she read his book. Not yet wanting to disturb her, and not confident that he would be able to give her more tonight, he happily laid still and watched, elated that they finally spoke about their feelings.

A few minutes later, she glanced up from her book and caught him staring at her.

"Hello sleepyhead," she said. Slidding from the seat to the floor she eased into his arms, kissing his chest as she went.

"Any chance for a second go? You were just so in the moment, I couldn't make you stop again."

"It was the best sex I've had in my life Ashlynn, the best! I don't think even you could top that!"

"Do you doubt my skills!" She laughed, playfully tweaking his nipple.

"Uncle, uncle! Never, I swear it!" he laughed back.

He lifted his head for a kiss, and she met him. Their voices silent while their lips did the talking. Feeling the moment, Ashlynn levered herself up, and slipped her hand to his penis, hoping to enliven the spent member. She was met with a hot and hardening cock.

She deepened their kiss, wanting to get Adam going quicker, she needed to be fulfilled with more than his fingers, and needed it now.

Adam though, broke off the kiss, and dove for her breasts again, clamping his mouth over one, his fingers tickling the other. Gasping with the sensation, she leaned back to the blankets and pillows, her hand gently stroking his hardening shaft.

"Please be ready?" she begged him, focusing on the sensative red-purple head.

"Almost," he mumbled around her nipple.

Thinking that it was time to take control again, that always made him hard, Adam took her hand from his uplifted cock.

He flipped Ashlynn over to lie on her stomach, her beautiful tapering back glowing with the light of the fire. He planted his hands above her shoulders and began stroking his dick in the plump slpit in her buttocks, mimicing the sex act he wanted to give her, but giving himself the pleasure to be ready again.


Ashlynn liked this slightly dominant Adam. Their relationship had always been his tagging along with whatever she said, even though he never gave in to what others wanted him to do. But that was what Ashlynn knew made Adam the man that he was. And knowing that the Adam pumping his cock through her cheeks was the manly Adam that she was drawn to made her happy... and wet.

He slowed his pumping, then stopped, bent his strong arms to kiss the nape of her neck her shoulders, using his tongue to lick up the back of her neck.

"I'm ready" he finally whispered to her.

She excitedly rolled back to face him, her man, finally her Adam.

He gazed down into her eyes with a mix of lust and love, a fiery torrent that couldnt be put out even by the rain outside. Holding eye contact, he gripped his shaft, and lead his plump head of his girthy cock to Ashlynn's waiting pussy, and pushed in.

Rocking his way slowly inside of her tight opening, through her pink folds to settle all the way inside her, Adam's breathing hiked up.

"You feel so amazing Ashlynn, damn!"

His cock stretched her to the point of pain, but the pleasurable feeling of fullness was too good to be dampened; if anything, she liked it rough.

"God, Adam, please!" she cried. "Please, fuck me!"

And he did.


Pulling out, the head of his thick cock hit her g-spot perfectly. Pushing in, he ground his hips thoroughly into her clit. A few pumps in and out and she was moaning. A few more and she was screaming and begging to come as his balls slapped at her pucked asshole, her juices coating its small pink ridges.

He slowed, kissing her lips, hands plucking her nipples. He planted himself deep inside of Ashlynn, gripped her hips and rolled her on top of him.

Excited, she ground her hips into his pelvic bone, the angle causing her muscles to grip onto him tighter, drawing out a gasp. She sat back and flexed her inner muscles around him, the fluttery pulses making his head whirl.

Then, slowly, she drew herself off of his cock, until just the head was inside of her, and squeezed him again. He yelped with pleasure. Just as slowly she resettled herself on him, moaning the whole time. Her eyes closed, her face tight with concentration on finding that perfect pleasure spot.

Then she fucked him.


Bouncing as quickly as she could, she worked his cock like it was the last thing she would do. Since he had come already, he would last a longer time this go round, and she would ride this cowboy down.

Her clit was smashed against him with her slamming hips, his fingers worked her nipples while she rode herself ragged on his cock.

With a final slam, she moaned, coming as her juices poured from her, her inner muscles spasaming, fluttering around his cock in pulses that shook her body, bending it forward under its own strength.

Sighing she dropped onto his chest, but was dumpped a second later to the floor again, underneath Adam.

"No rest for the wicked, my sweet" Adam cheekily told her, finding her throbbing clit with his fingers. The post-orgasm pain ripped through her at the same time that it began to build up another wave of pleasure.

Positioning her languid body as he pleased, Adam set her at the perfect angle to pound, hard.

Slipping his cock out for a moment, he pulled and played with his balls in front of Ashlynn's eyes, which alighted with desire at the sight of his man handling himself.

Then he kissed her, long and hard, a promise that this would be alright, that tomorrow would be better, that a lifetime was about to start together.

Then he slammed himself into her, setting off another orgasm and he pushed through her even more tight pussy muscles. Grinding down with every thrashing pump, he hit her hot button every time, the angle he set her at dinging her g-spot wih each thrust, and he bottomed out with his balls slapping her ass.

Her arms, which didnt know what to do with themselves in her orgasmic state, were pinned above her head with one hand, as the other slipped under her thigh, and a finger's knuckle was popped into her pussy juice slick asshole. She writhed beneath him, giving him permission and more access to her ass. A second knuckle popped through the tight ring of her asshole, as he continued to slam his cock, his hips into her overly senative body. A third knuckle. She screamed as a fountain of pussy juices errupted from her spasaming pussy, his thick cock not able to plug her up. And still he kept going.

He pumped at her through another rageing orgasm before, finally, he begged her, "Stick a finger in me, do it."

Dazed in orgasm bliss, she replied "What?"

His pumping slowing to let him breath he asked again, "Stick your finger in me, I can't come right now without it. Its too much and I cant finish without you."

"Really?" She asked, fascinated and turned on. They readjusted so that she could reach him as he pumped into her.

Wetting her middle finger with her mouth, she wriggled the finger into his asshole.

He groaned as she found and tickled his sensative prostate.

He pumped himself into her pussy five more times with her finger lodged firmly inside of him before his balls, so tight against him, twisted and let loose their load, his asshole clenching down on her finger. She could feel the spasm of his load passing by his prostate. His breath was ripped from him as he groaned out her name over and over again, in time with his hips pumps.

"Oh, Ashlynn, Ashlynn... Ashlynn!"

His arms gave out, his strength gone. Slowly rolling her onto his chest, his now flaccid and spent cock slipped from her soaked cunt.

Kissing his jaw and neck, Ashlynn cuddled up close to him.

"Thank you Adam, I love you."

But he was already asleep.

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