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Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


I read this amazing book Adeline by author Leila Salmani. It inspired my own erotic creative juices to start what will be a collection of erotic short stories evolving around one main character. Read, inspired, not derived from. :)


I read this amazing book Adeline by author Leila Salmani. It inspired my own erotic creative juices to start what will be a collection of erotic short stories evolving around one main character.

Read, inspired, not derived from. :)

Chapter1 (v.2) - The Bachelor Friend

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Pilot chapter. Happy reading folks!

Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: September 03, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: September 03, 2020



Angel let out a huff of air, her breath misting in the air as it touched the cold atmosphere. First frost was making its way downtown to earth, exactly as the first frosty attitudes of her relatives would come with them as the impending festivities prevail.

She needed this. A breather, in all senses of the word. While women were no longer bound to the ownership of men and corsets, Angel felt like her life had yet to progress beyond the bygone Victorian times. She was currently sitting on the ledge of the apartment lobby, waiting for her friend. It was ten minutes to seven and all the happy families would be going back to their cosy convivial homes by now, preparing for Christmas.

Some minutes later she felt a long shadow loom over her and she turned back, to finally seeing her friend giving her a flirty smirk. “Have you waited long, baby?” Angel gave him a small smile. “Just a few minutes. Let’s go up.”

They got to his apartment which was characteristically filled with a bachelor’s clutter. There was a bottle of gin living in plain sight on the kitchen island, which her friend poured into two glass mugs, then half filled with ice and finished to the top with tonic water. He gave one to Angel. “Thanks,” she said, cradling the cocktail in her clammy hands. She breathed in as she took small sips of the alcohol, savouring its taste. This was her first alcohol in two weeks.

They made small talk while they drank. Angel’s friend asked her about school, while she listened as he talked about his new job at a Fortune 500 company. It was dull boring work, but it paid well enough for him to live on his own in a desirable part of the city. This was their bi-weekly ritual. Angel secretly looked forward to this, and she hoped that on some level so did he. Finally, they came to the part they met for. Angel climbed onto his lap and took his face into a frenzied kiss. He kissed back hungrily, like a thirsty man in a desert. He undid her skirt to reveal the red silk panties she had been wearing under her clothes for school. He grabbed her youthful supple ass, and massaged them, relishing the feel of them in his hands. Angel shrugged off her shirt and it went the way of her skirt, on his living room floor. Now, she was laid bare to him, all her lingerie which she chose to wear on show, for his eyes. Her bra was a matching red one, revealing the volume of her breasts. Her friend wasted no time in bringing her into his bedroom. She undid his pants and helped him with his shirt. He was moderately muscular, having worked out sporadically on the weekends when he wasn’t up to his eyes in work. Angel ran her hands down the skin of his back. She could literally feel the tension of his muscles as he similarly explored her body, running his hands down her chest, stomach and down south. He massaged her sensitive areas and she let out a soft groan as she felt herself becoming wet under the artful movement of his fingers.

She lain there enraptured by his touch, a dozen adrenaline sparks flooding her brain with serotonin. With it, the feeling of true abandon and freedom, something sorely lacking in Angel’s day to day.

Don’t drink too many glasses of wine in one evening. Don’t hang out with boys alone. Do all your homework within one day. Weekends are for self-betterment, not lazing around. These were all drilled into her head from day one, when she was old enough to tie her own shoelaces of her school shoes.

For a long while she never minded or questioned it, knowing that all these strict rules imposed by her family were for her own greater good. After all, the corporate world is harder than ever than it ever was, especially with rising underemployment and the like.

However, lately Angel had been having niggling doubts at the back of her mind, like the house mice scraping away at the insulation between the walls of her old house. She wanted to feel how it is like, to throw yourself in passionately at something you wanted, but not needed. She wanted to know what passionate bliss is, in all aspects of the word and possible connotations. So, as she laid there making out with her friend, with his weight on top of her as they rocked back and forth, Angel closed her eyes. In her head she flew high like an eagle, surveying the vast landscape beyond her. Unbound by familial expectations of her behaviour. Unbound by expectations of the kind of girl her school friends wanted her to be. Just herself, in her real and raw form, like an unpolished ruby.

In the present, things were getting rough and heavy now. Not that Angel minded at all. She grabbed his hips hard while he put his weight on top of her, pistoning inside her, stimulating the walls of her vagina. Angel felt heat rush through her entire body as she felt pressure mounting inside her and she contracted around him, making him groan in pleasure and protest as he warned that if she continued, he would come too soon. “Come, then,” Angel challenged. “I’m near too.” She gripped his arms tightly as she playfully raised a brow. “In that case, let’s just enjoy each other for a while longer,” he said. Angel nodded, driving her own hips upwards to meet his where both slowed their pace down, switching things up to grind into each other. Then, in a white-hot flash, Angel felt herself become undone. She shrieked like a banshee, not caring at all about the neighbours who could possibly hear her through the apartment walls. This in turn turned on her friend, who throbbed while inside of her, releasing his liquids into the condom inside her glorious feminine hole. Angel and her friend moaned together as they reached their own highs, culminating in a series of groans and shrieks of ecstasy. Even with the thin barrier of protection, Angel herself could feel her friend spilling his liquids as he came. Finally, he rolled off her and they cuddled for a while, as they slowly came back down to earth, breathlessly satisfied.  

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