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The one The one

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: January 16, 2017

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Submitted: January 16, 2017



I knew he was the one. I could feel it, staring into his beautiful blue eyes, Luke was gorgeous, and as I stared at him from across the table I could see his pecs pressed against his tight white shirt, I couldn't wait to have him out of it.

he ran his foot up and down my leg slowly under the table as he sipped at his wine

"Want to head home" he offered, he didn't have to ask me twice, I nodded and bit my lip in anticipation. He settled the bill and called us a cab.

It was snowing outside, the winter chill ran through me, he placed his jacket over my shoulders and pulled me by the hips closer to him. His warm breath felt amazing as he kissed my neck, his hands gripping my back. God I could take him right now, I'd love him to push me up against the wall, pull my legs round him and fuck me right here. 

The cab pulls up just before my imagination is able to run too far away from me, the ride, despite it being just a few blocks seems to take forever. Luke rests his hand on my knee and slowly works his way up. His touch sending tingles down my spine and my pussy throbbing for him to touch it. He slides his hands up my dress and runs his fingers over the lace of my underwear. I can feel myself getting wetter, my body desperate to feel him in me. 

The cab finally reaches home, Luke's little second floor appartment, it's not much but it's enough for the two of us. We spend weekends just laying in bed together looking out the window to the park across the street, getting up only to get food and heading back to bed. This place was our haven and I loved every second I spent with him here.

Luke leads me up the stairs and pushes me into his apartment and closes the door behind us, pushing me against it and kissing me, he holds my hands above my head and presses his hips against mine trapping me against the door. I can feel him, his dick getting hard and pressing in to me I want to reach down and touch it, massage him and get him really hard but I can't he's still holding me up, one hand holding my arms up against the door, the other on my ass.

I love it when he's like this. All dominant and alpha male. He can do to me what he likes, all I've ever wanted was to be completely his. He pulls my legs up round his waist and my arms come down around his neck, he carries me to the bed and lies me on my front. He leans over me while he undoes the zip on the back of my dress. Pulling me up quickly and spinning me round to face him he cups my face and kisses me deep and passionately his hands moving down to slip the dress off my shoulders but his lips staying on mine. 

"That's more like it" he says as my dress hits the floor in a heap round my ankles, "don't stop" I beg as he kisses down my neck and over my collar bone. He undoes my bra and cups my breast, squeezing and massaging my hard nipples. I finally get a chance to undo his buttoned shirt revealing his perfectly chiselled abs, running my fingers down his chest slowly towards his belt, I tease him for a bit with my fingers feeling him getting harder by the second.

He moves his hands away from my breasts to my shoulders and pushes me to my knees, I undo his belt and release him from his pants. He springs free and I grip his girth slowly rubbing him up and down before accepting him into my mouth, running my tongue up and down his shaft he plays with my hair while he groans.

"I want you now" he breathes as he lifts me up and throws me on the bed, he pulls my legs apart and kisses down my inner thigh, he spreads my flaps and kisses my pussy, his tongue teasing my clit. I'm already so ready for him, I can tell he's hungry for it tonight to. 

He continues licking me out tracing me up and down before entering his fingers inside of me "you're so wet" he grinned as he bought his head up and back towards my face, he kneels over me while he grabs my hands and holds them down above my head.

"now please" I beg "just fuck me now" it's hard to catch my breath my heart is pounding I can feel his weight on top of me. He pushes inside me, his shaft filling me, he thrusts inside of me gently to begin with, I grip the back of his neck and dig my nails in his back desperate to spur him on to go faster. I lift my knees up either side of him to allow him deeper. 

"That's it, more" I cry, he immediately picks up the pace every thrust faster and deeper than the one before it. He lips not leaving my neck, he releases his grip on my hands and begins massaging my clit. I'm getting close now I can feel my orgasm coming he's so deep and so fast inside me. 

I think he can feel this, he lifts his head with a cheeky grin and a sparkle in his eye, he takes my hand "come with me" he pulls me into the shower, warm water running, lubricating every inch of our bodies. His hands exploring every inch of me and mine to him. He's still hard, I rub his throbbing dick while massaging his balls. He bites his lip and spins me round holding my hands against the wall he uses his other hand to pull my hips towards him.

He places both his hands just above me ass holding me open and entering me again. He leans over my back biting my ear and kissing my neck, one hand coming round to play with my clit again.

im so hot it feels like the water is just evaporating off me I look down and see it dripping off my hard nipples,

"come on babe, cum for me" me whispers in my ear pulling my legs a little further apart to gain him easier access to my clit, he continues massaging me, soft circular motions increasing the pressure every now and then

"I'm so close" I gasp "keep going babe" I can feel Luke is close too, he's getting faster and deeper and holding me closer. Every inch of him filling me I love feeling his hips hit my ass every time he thrusts. "I'm nearly there babe come on I want you to come with me" he breathes in my ear he leans in to kiss my neck and increases the speed of his fingers on my clit, my hands struggling to hold me up against the wall i so want to turn and hold him, 

with another thrust I reach my climax, pulsing through my body "I'm coming babe" I cry he feels me tighten round him and I feel him shooting his cum all inside me he keeps thrusting "me too" as he slowly pours out I feel his produce dripping out down my upper thigh.


"that was amazing" he pants as he leans against the wall over me, I turn round and cup his face in my hands and kiss him. "It really was" 

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