Ruby Eyes

Ruby Eyes Ruby Eyes

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


A greedy King who is determined to rule over all, including the lands belonging to the Vampires. A Vampire Queen determined to protect her lands and her people. A Dhampir, who is just learning what she is and unsure of her capabilities. Her family killed by the King's soldiers, she has sworn to see him burning in Hell.


A greedy King who is determined to rule over all, including the lands belonging to the Vampires. A Vampire Queen determined to protect her lands and her people. A Dhampir, who is just learning what she is and unsure of her capabilities. Her family killed by the King's soldiers, she has sworn to see him burning in Hell.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Ruby Eyes

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A greedy King who is determined to rule over all, including the lands belonging to the Vampires. A Vampire Queen determined to protect her lands and her people. A Dhampir, who is just learning what she is and unsure of her capabilities. Her family killed by the King's soldiers, she has sworn to see him burning in Hell.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter One


The day was hot with only an occasional gentle breeze to bring relieve from the heat, still the young woman practiced with her sword and bow as she did each evening in the small clearing outside of Carth Village by a small creek that supplied the village with water. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she practice her form with her sword on the practice dummy she had constructed of a few poles and burlap sacks stuffed with straw, sacks that had to be constantly replaced from her practices.

For eight years she had practiced with her sword and bow, coming to the clearing each day where she had first learned to hold a sword under the watchful eye of her father, then perfecting her form farther with her older brother who served in the village guards. Though it was only a hobby to occupy her time and energy with, not a man in the village could best her with sword or bow, nor could anyone from the other villages when they held local events for the men to show their fighting skills, first place had been hers for the past five years.

“You know, no man is going to want to marry a woman who can best him with any weapon?” A deep gravely voice spoke from the shadows in the edge of the forest surrounding the small clearing.

The young woman straightened from her defensive stance, she turned smiling at her father, Richard Blanche, as he came out of the trees and paused to look at the damage done to the dummy. “The dummy accused me of horrible things father, I could not ignore the slighting remarks.”

He laughed, knocking a clump of straw from a large tear in the burlap that was barely hanging on, it fell to the ground and he idly broke it apart with the toe of his boot. “Why do you practice so often?” He asked softly, giving a small shrug of his shoulders. “No one can best you, the men are afraid to try because it embarrasses them to be bested by a woman who is the size of a child.”

“I do not hear you lecture my brother Simon when he practices with his sword father.” She pointed out, lifting her sword and sliding the blade into the sheath that hung from her narrow hips. “Why do you lecture me?”

“Simon is a man, also serving on the village guard to protect us from the bandits and troublesome travelers.” Richard pointed out, resting his hands on his hips. “You are not a member of the guard, you have no reason to need the skills of a soldier.”

“Would you rather me be a weak woman who could not defend myself and my family father?” She asked, her brow wrinkling when he simply shook his head. “Then what, I practice alone and I do not even carry weapons inside of the village, what harm am I causing?”

“Oh, Sable, my child.” Richard laughed, shaking his head as he picked up her bow from the old battered table where it lay from her practices. “How long have you used this bow?” He asked, drawing back the string and hefting it's tension.

Sable shook here head, waving a hand in dismissal. “Three, four years I guess, why?”

“I think it is time for a proper bow Sable.” He said softly, picking up an arrow and notching it it. “Don't you agree?” He asked, drawing back and loosing an arrow it struck the dummy in the center of the chest.

“I'd love a new bow father, one that can carry the distance of a soldiers bow.” She told him, going to the dummy and removing the arrow from it's chest.

He nodded, replacing the bow on the table. “I have the materials, tonight you and I can work together in the smithy and see what we can come up with.”

“You did not come to lecture me on learning to handle weapons, then turn and offer to help me make a proper bow father.” Sable turned and faced him, tapping his shoulder lightly with the tip of the arrow. “What did you really come out here to speak of?”

Richard sighed, he turned slightly and placed an arm around his daughter's shoulders. “A group of soldiers traveling south came through the village earlier this morning while you were out hunting.”

Sable laid the arrow on the table by her bow. “Why are soldiers heading south, the only thing south is Vampire lands.”

“That is where the problem lays.” Her father answered flatly. “King Gregory Leopold in his infinite knowledge has decided to push south and expand his lands.” He added sarcastically.

“What about Carth and Wavers Village to the east of us, why have they not sent soldiers to protect us from attacks when he is the one starting what will only end in an all out war?” Sable asked, spinning out of his grasp and facing him squarely.

“There will be no reinforcements, the soldiers said that it is our own duties to protect the villages or to travel north until this is over, the King has left us to fend for ourselves.” Richard explained, lifting his hands helplessly. “We need to have a family meeting to decide our course of action.”

Sable nodded slowly, her thoughts coming together in her mind. “The bow, that is why you want to make me a better bow, you are concerned that the King's war will spill over into the villages.”

“Of that I have no doubt.” He answered instantly. “The King is a stupid man, the Vampires out number us as it is, one of them could easily handle five of our soldiers, he does not know what he is getting himself into.”

“Then we should prepare the village and the people to defend themselves.”

“Sable, very few men in the village have any training with weapons, only a few even know how to properly use a bow.” Richard pointed out. “We would be wiped out in the first attack if there were more than a handful of Vampires.”

Sable let out a long breath, she turned and leaned against the table folding her arms over her chest. “This is not our war, this is nothing more than a young King who wants to be greedy and rule more lands.”

“There is nothing we can do to change what is happening.”

“What about the Vampire Queen, they say that she is fair and just even for a Vampire.” Sable asked, straightening and looking her father in the eye. “Queen Maria Selwyn, she is one of the ancients, she has a lot of power among the Vampires.”

Richard laughed. “Siding with the Queen would only place us on her side, we would be labeled traitors.”

“I have no love for the Vampires, I have never met them and I know that they feed on human blood.” Sable admitted, stepping towards her father, her voice raising slightly. “But the King is wrong, he is breaking a treaty that has kept us safe for almost a hundred years, the Vampires have a right to defend themselves but we will be caught in the middle.”

“So, what are you suggesting that we do then?” Richard asked, curious to see where his daughter's mind was heading with this line of thought. “Join the Vampires and fight the King's army ourselves?”

“No, of course not.” She blurted quickly, shaking her head at the thought. “I was merely thinking of some how making it clear that we had nothing to do with the King's decision, maybe they would overlook us if we were no threat and did not challenge them.”

“That may be harder to accomplish.” Richard answered slowly.

“What do you mean?”

He sighed, tilting his head back and staring at the clouds for a long moment. “The King plans to use the southern villages and forward posts, soldiers will be housed here to reinforce the front-lines as needed.”

“In other words, he is putting us directly in the path of war, we cannot refuse soldiers entrance and we cannot say that we are neutral with the King's soldiers housed in our own villages.” Sable finished quietly, swearing beneath her breath.


“It will take them weeks to organize themselves.” Sable said quickly. “Let's go to the village and have dinner, then we can work on the new bow you promised to make for me.” She smiled, rising on the tips of her toes and kissing him on the cheek.

“That works, I'm always hungry.” Richard laughed, slapping his stomach soundly.

“Yes, I know father.” Sable joined in his laughter as she gathered her quiver and bow from the table, together they left the clearing and started along the well worn path towards the village.



It was late by the time she came inside from the smithy, her father was finishing the bow, staining the wood to leave it to dry over night, in the morning he would string it. He had not told her that he had already begin to work on the bow before that night, the strength of her new bow would put the bows the soldiers carried to shame in any contest.

“Sable?” Judith peeked around the door of the bedroom she shared with Richard.

“Yes mother, it Is me.” Sable answered, turning to smile at her mother as she came into the main room of their small cottage. “Father is straining the bow, it will be ready to string in the morning, it is a beautiful bow with silver tips on each limb, the grip is of leather with a silver band top and bottom.” She explained excitedly.

Judith smiled, nodding her head as she did. “Yes, I watched your father put the tips on the limbs myself, he said you deserved a bow that would loose an arrow straight and true.”

“You both are keeping secrets from me,” Sable grinned. “you should both be ashamed of yourselves.” She laughed, shaking her head at her mother as she pulled out a chair for her at the table.

“Oh, then I really am ashamed then.” Her mother took the offered chair and caught her daughter by the wrist as she passed. “You have a gift from me waiting in your room for you, something to go along with your bow.”

Sable smiled even as her brow wrinkled in confusion. “A gift to go along with the bow?” She mummered, turning and heading towards her room and pushing the door open.

She froze in the doorway, her mouth dropping open in shock when she found a hardened leather cuirasses and a pair of matching bracers, leather britches, and boots. Sable grinned as she crossed the room and lifted the cuirass hefting the weight in her hands, everything was in black leather, her mother had worked leather for years and now her talents shown through.

“Do you like it?” Judith asked, standing in the open doorway with a big smile on her face.

“Yes, it is beautiful mother.” Sable answered, turning to her mother and holding up up against her chest. “When did you do all of this mother?” She asked, laying the cuirass on the bed and taking up the bracers to look them over.

“I worked on it at night after you were in bed.” Judith answered, smiling bigger as she watched the smile on her daughter's face broaden.

Sable stood looking at the items on the bed, slowly her smile begin to fade as she realized that everything here was for protection and fighting. “Mother,” She said quietly. “how long have you and father known about the King's decision to challenge the Vampires?”

Judith sighed, she nodded towards the main room and turned returning to her seat at the table. “Would you tell your father it is time to come inside?”



They were all seated at the table now, no one had spoken when her father came inside from the smithy, they had just quietly went to the table and taken their places as usual.

“Sable,” Her mother started, glancing at Richard who nodded his head slightly, she reached out and took her daughter's hands in her own. “have you ever wondered why it is that your eyes are bright red?”

Sable nodded slowly, lifting her eyes from her hands clasped in her mothers. “Of course, they are strange and odd, but they have never bothered me or affected my vision so I have never bought the topic up.”

“Have you noticed how easily you conquer a new weapon when you pick them up?” Richard added, a faint smile twitching at the corners of his lips. “A trait I wish were so easily accomplished by me and your brother both.” He laughed quietly.

“I have an interest in defending myself, I enjoy learning how to handle weapons.” Sable answered simply. “I suppose I simply concentrate more on learning the proper forms and techniques required to use them.”

Richard laughed. “You have bested every man and soldier for miles, you do not even break a sweat doing so, they are no challenge to you at all.”

Sable could not help but feel her pride swell at his words, she could not contain the smile that appeared on her face. “No, I have never met anyone to challenge me with sword or bow.” She admitted.

“You are not human Sable.” Her mother said the words quietly, her hands tightened as her eyes filled with tears. “I am not your birth mother.”

Sable laughed nervously, shifting in her chair at her mothers words. “What do you mean I am not human?”

“You are Dhampir.” Richard finished, seeing that Judith was on the verge of tears.

“What is a Dhampir?” Sable asked, having never heard the term before.

“You are half human and half Vampire.” Judith explained, releasing her daughter's hands to wipe the tears from her eyes. “You have all of their strengths, yet you do not share any of their weaknesses.” She added.

“Do you think a woman your size could handle swords as easily as you do with having the strength to wield them?” Richard asked softly. “Have the strength and balance to take a blow from a man twice your size and not give ground in battle?”

Sable nodded, realizing his words were true, she could take a blow from the largest man and it would not even slow her down during the local events held by the surrounding villages, the heaviest sword she wield with ease. “I've never thought of it all before.” She answered honestly, her voice barely over a whisper as she spoke.

“You have more power than you could ever imagine hidden inside of yourself my daughter.” Judith told her, reaching over and patting the tops of her hands lovingly.

“What kind of power?” She asked, looking between her parents for the answer.

“We do not know.” Judith answered softly.

Richard leaned over and laid a hand on her shoulder squeezing it firmly. “We have spoken to travelers and people from all over, but no one has ever heard of a Dhampir growing into an adult.”

Sable turned her attention towards Richard now. “Why would they not become an adult?”

“They were half-breeds, not human or Vampire, they were destroyed at birth in most cases.” Richard explained.


“So, then why I am alive and breathing?” Sable asked, pushing back her chair she got to her feet and begin to pace the floors.

“Because no one knows what you are Sable.” Judith stood and caught her daughter by the shoulders forcing her too look at her. “With everything happening now we cannot hide you any longer, your eyes will be noticed the first time anyone with knowledge of Vampire history spots you.”

Sable shook her head slowly, her mind trying to digest everything she was learning about herself. “But I am no threat to anyone, why would that matter?”

“You are a threat to everyone Sable.” Richard spoke quietly, remaining in his chair. “You are half human and half Vampire, no one can be sure which side you would choose to fight on.”

“I would prefer not to fight on either side.” Sable told him. “This is not my war, I did not start this war.”

“This war will not be fought on a battlefield in the south.” Richard told her firmly. “This war is going to spill over into the lands of both sides, innocent people will be caught in the middle, people will be forced to choose a side and fight or perish.”

“Then why are the two of you making weapons and armor for me?” Sable asked, laughing without humor. “It seems as if you want me to choose a side and fight.”

“No!” Richard blared, shoving his chair back when he shot to his feet. “I want you to live, I want you to defend yourself and live to be an old woman and have children.”

“But the bow, the armor?” She questioned.

“Do you remember the small clearing about an hour from here where your brother broke his arm while hunting with his friends?” Judith asked.

“Yes, what about it?”

“In the morning you must go there, you will say you are going to be gone a few days hunting.” Richard started. “There is a horse and provisions enough to last you a week.”


“You have to ride away, do not come back here.” Richard told her, his voice cracking as he spoke.

“You want me to leave?” She asked, her eyes snapping back and forth between her parents.

“It is the only way we know to keep you safe.” Judith told her quietly.

“No, I will stay here with you.” Sable answered firmly, her voice rose slightly.

“What happens if soldiers, Vampire or human, decide to take us away?” Richard asked softly.

“Then I will fight them to..” Sable stopped talking, both her parents nodded their heads as the rest of the sentence took place in her mind. “to the death.” She whispered softly.

“That is why you must ride.” Richard told her.

“Father, it will take them weeks to organize a force large enough to move against the Vampires.” Sable argued.

“No, it will not.” Richard spoke over her. “They have been planning this for months now, small groups of soldiers have quietly moved south massing into an army during that time.”

“Why did you not speak of this before now?” Sable blared, slamming her fist down on the table and then staring at it in shock when an entire corner clattered to the floor. The top of the old table was made of oak and nearly five inches thick, she had broken it as if it were glass.

“Now you are beginning to understand your strength.” Judith told her quietly, placing a hand on her shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze. “You must prepare to ride away from here in the morning.”

“To where mother, where can I ride where I would be safe?” Sable asked, turning to look at her mother as tears rolled down her cheeks silently.

“You will ride south.” Richard answered softly. “Ride south into the Vampires lands and lose yourself.”

“Who is a bigger danger for me?” Sable asked softly.

“The humans, they do not understand you and they would try to force you to fight the Vampires or simply kill you out of fear when they figured out what you were Sable.” Her father explained. “You would be safer with the Vampires, at least they have an understanding of what you are, possibly they could even help you discover your other abilities and learn more about yourself.”

Sable nodded silently, she pulled out of her mothers grasp and crossed the room to her bedroom door, she paused at the door as she looked at the armor her mother had made for her. “I understand, in the morning I will collect my weapons and I will go hunting.” Without waiting for an answer she entered her room and closed the door behind herself.






It was almost noon as Sable gathered the last of her things and stowed them in a leather satchel for travel, she took up a hooded tunic dyed a deep forest green and slipped it on over her armor, there was no point in it being visible and inviting trouble. Better to be looked at as the common traveler or hunter than to be instantly recognized as someone who could defend themselves, although the tunic did make it difficult to reach her sword with any speed, she mused.

Taking her dagger she cut a small slit in the tunic large enough to be sure that her hand could enter and grasp the hilt of her sword, satisfied she sheathed her dagger and swung her pack onto her shoulder as she left her room. She paused in the doorway and stood there silently as she watched her mother wrapping jerked meat and breads for her to stash in the satchel, her chest clenched at the thought of leaving her mother and father behind without knowing the outcome of her decisions.

“Why do you and father not travel with me?” Sable asked, causing her mother to jump at the unexpected voice behind her. “Sorry mother.” She smiled as her mother turned with a hand over her heart.

“We discussed that.” Her mother finally answered. “But we decided that since we were unsure how safe we would be in the Vampires lands it would be best for you to go alone.”

Sable sighed. “I suppose you are right, not sure how humans are looked on by the Vampires.”

Judith laughed softly. “Food possibly?” She suggested.

Sable smiled thinly, not seeing much humor in her mothers teasing. “I suppose there will be plenty of injured soldiers returning home to ask in the following weeks.”

Before either could reply there were yells and the sound of pounding hooves, both women ran too the door and flung it open to find the King's soldiers swarming the entire village, swords drawn as they begin to enter homes and push the occupants out into the streets. Everyone was being directed towards the center of the village, Judith cried out as a soldier burst through the doors shoving past them both.

“Is there anyone else in the cottage?” He blared, shoving open doors as he searched their home.

“No.” Sable answered, her teeth clenched in anger at his lack of respect for their home. “What is the meaning of this?”

“We are talking the village, it will be a forward post and everyone must go who is not serving the King's army.” He answered, motioning towards the doors. “Out, center of the village with the others, Commander James Milo will explain everything.”

Minutes later they were crammed into the center of the village with everyone else, Richard pushed and shoved through a handful of people to stand beside his wife and daughter as the soldiers circled them. No one spoke, everyone stood quietly waiting to see what would happen next.

“By order of the King we are taking possession of Carth,” An armored soldier announced loudly, standing casually with his left hand resting on the hilt of his sword. “our soldiers will be barracked in the homes and buildings of your village and anyone not serving the King's army must leave.”

The ground begin to yell and shout their disapproval as some of the braver men shoved their way to the front of the group of villagers. “What about our livestock and our food and grain, everything we own is here?” A big redheaded man blared out over the murmur of the crowd.

“You may gather your clothing and personal effects from your homes, nothing else is to be taken.” The speaker told him, stepping forward. “We cannot have angry villagers running off with weapons in their hands.”

The redheaded man roared at the soldier. “I have never raised my hand against the Kings army.” He yelled.

The soldier struck him, the man lunged and knocked the soldier to the ground and the crowd roared in anger surging forward.

“God help us.” Richard spoke barely loud enough for Sable to hear his words, he turned towards his wife and daughter. “Sable, take your mother, leave now, do whatever you have to do to keep your mother safe.”

Sable nodded, she grabbed her mother's wrist and started shoving her way through the villagers dragging her mother behind as she went. “Stop fighting mother, father will surely join us, they are not going to simply kill everyone.” Sable yelled when her mother kept struggling to free herself.

“He is alone, I am supposed to stand by my husband.” Judith cried, looking over her shoulder at the mass of villagers and soldiers and the fighting grew more intense.

“He will find us mother, we must go now.” Sable yanked her mother between two cottages and they squeezed between them and spilled out into the street on the other side. She gasped when she looked up to see three soldiers less than ten feet from them, they started towards them and drew their swords.

Sable swung her mother behind herself, freeing her hand she shoved it beneath the tunic and drew her sword, the three men advanced, one of them laughed as he flipped his sword around in his hand. “A woman with a sword.” He sneered, lifting his sword he struck.

Sable deflected the blow easily, flipping her sword in her own hand once his blade was past her bodily harmlessly, the edge of her sword slid easily across the mans throat and he collapsed at her feet. The other two soldiers slow, more cautious now as they realized she was skilled with a sword and not simply some woman who picked up a weapon off the ground.

“Hold onto my waist mother, I need to know where you are so I do not strike you.” Sable spoke quietly over her shoulder, a moment later she felt her mother's hands grip her waist. She pulled her dagger from it's sheath and held it in her left hand, knowing she could use the smaller blade to deflect a blow or strike if given the chance to be so close.

The men spread out slightly, both advancing at the same time, she held her ground forcing them to come to her and make the first strike. The man on the left attacked low, his blade swinging towards her waist, she deflected it with her dagger as the man on the right swung high, she bought up her sword and their blades clashed. Instead of deflecting his blow she stepped towards him, pressing his own blade against his chest she shoved and sent him stumbling backwards, swinging her blade as he fell she felt it's edge sink into the other soldier.

Now only one man was left, he struggled to his feet and look at the two men laying on the ground between them in surprise. “What woman trains with a sword?” He asked, more to himself than to Sable.

“I do, come get your lessons.” Sable sneered, stepping towards him. A soft cry came from her mother and her hands closed tightly, almost painfully on Sable's waist, unsure of what was happening she twisted and pushed her mother backwards between the two cottages. “Stay here mother, do not move.”

There was no one in sight but the armed soldier, she stepped out to meet him and advanced, their blades clashed and she stepped into him again on the second blow, with his sword busy to deflect her own from injuring him, she shoved the dagger into his belly to the hilt and jerked the blade upwards. His eyes went wide, his mouth opened and closed but no sounds escaped, he went limp and collapsed to the ground falling on his face.

She spun away and went to her mother, her face was white and she was sweating. “Mother, what is it?”

“My back.” She gasped.

Sable turned her mother and felt her stomach roll at the sight of the arrow protruding from her back, it was in the left side and had punctured her chest cavity, to pull it out would be worse than leaving it in without someone with medical knowledge. There was no way she could carry her mother and defend them both, she had no choice but to leave her and try to find her father to help, carefully she dragged her farther between the two cottages.

“I have to see if I can find father to help me, I can't carry you and defend us too mother.” She explained, pushing her dagger into the palm of her mothers hand. “I will be back, just hold on until I find father or someone to help me get you out of here.”

Judith smiled weakly. “I know, hurry Sable, before the soldiers regroup.”

Sable nodded and shoved away from the side of the cottage, she went back towards the center of the village, using every ounce of cover she could to remain hidden so that she did not have to fight with any other soldiers if it could be avoided. As the village square came into sight she fought to keep from vomiting, bodies littered the ground, soldiers were walking among them with drawn swords finishing them off one by one, her father lay less than twenty feet from her, lifeless eyes stared skyward.

With tears in her eyes she turned and stumbled back towards where she had left her mother, as she neared the narrow passage between the cottages a single soldier walked out wiping a bloody blade on the bushes growing by the cottage as he passed. Sable turned as her stomach heaved, she fought to keep from making noise as she empty it's contents on the ground, when the soldier disappeared she dashed across the narrow street and into the opening.

Her mother was where she had left her, eyes opened, her throat had been slit and the soldier had simply left her their like an animal being slaughtered. Sable took a deep breath as she took the dagger from her mother's hand and sheathed it, running her fingers over her eyes she closed them as she leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.

There was nothing left for her here now, she shoulder her satchel and took one last look at her mother, then turned and left, passing the three soldiers she had killed she crossed the next street and quietly made her way out of the village.

With the soldiers searching for survivors what should have been an hour walk took almost two hours, she finally found herself in the clearing, the horse was where her parents had told her it would be. She saddled the animal quickly and stowed her gear in the saddle bags, glancing around to be sure she had not left anything behind, she gathered the reigns and stepped into the saddle.

At the edge of the clearing she turned her horse to the north for a long moment, she sat the saddle quietly staring into the distance. “May the King burn in hell.” She hissed, jerking the reigns she spun the horse and sank her heels into his ribs riding south.

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