Kiss The Girl

Kiss The Girl Kiss The Girl

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Sasha Cartwright found her with her car in a ditch, a young woman with no job or funds who was on her way to stay with a friend. She finds herself responsible for her and enjoying her company. Lizzy Ashton, broke, young, no one left to depend on. Can she get beyond her past and fears of people using her and allow herself to be close to someone who wishes to help and possibly offers more than a passing friendship?


Sasha Cartwright found her with her car in a ditch, a young woman with no job or funds who was on her way to stay with a friend. She finds herself responsible for her and enjoying her company.
Lizzy Ashton, broke, young, no one left to depend on. Can she get beyond her past and fears of people using her and allow herself to be close to someone who wishes to help and possibly offers more than a passing friendship?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Kiss The Girl

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Sasha Cartwright found her with her car in a ditch, a young woman with no job or funds who was on her way to stay with a friend. She finds herself responsible for her and enjoying her company.<br /> Lizzy Ashton, broke, young, no one left to depend on. Can she get beyond her past and fears of people using her and allow herself to be close to someone who wishes to help and possibly offers more than a passing friendship?

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Kiss The Girl


Chapter One


Sasha Cartwright slowed another five miles an hour below the speed limit as the wind sent a wall of snow into her windshield causing the road to nearly disappear in a blanket of white, she cursed under her breath for deciding to try and make it home so late. It was not as if she had anyone there waiting for her, the occasional dinner with her parents was about the only time she got away from home and work long enough to socialize with anyone, if you could consider dinner with family socializing, which Sasha did not.

Clutching the wheel tightly in her left hand she reached out and flipped the defroster up another notch to try and help the wipers keep up with the falling snow, glancing at the clock as she turned the dial another notch. The usual forty minute drive was now stretching close to being over an hour drive as the snow forced her to drive under the speed-limit by nearly fifteen mph, if she was not home soon to call in with her family they would have the national guards out looking for her.

Feeling the car shudder she let off of the accelerator and gripped the wheel tightly as it slid into the southbound lane, cursing she eased back into her lane to avoid sliding off the highway into the ditch after passing through an area of thick slushy snow. When she was sure she was out of danger of fishtailing she gently touched the accelerator again and continued on her way, she hated driving in the snow, but at least she had done it so many times that she was aware of the do's and do nots of winter driving.

Sasha slowed to enter a sharp curve only a few miles from her home when she noticed a faint red glow coming from the ditch on the far side of the road, she slowed as she peered out the drivers window for a moment, eyes widening as she realized it was a car sitting nose first in the ditch. She pulled to the shoulder of the road as quickly as safely possible and flipped on her hazard lights, opening the door she made sure no traffic was coming and crossed the highway to the tipped car half buried in the snow.

It was obvious that the car had been there awhile, even the front windshield was covered in snow although the engine was still running, she slid down the embankment to the drivers door of the car and ran the arm of her coat over the window peering inside. A young woman was hunched over the steering wheel with a cut above her left eye and blood on her face, she jerked the door open and quickly felt the woman's neck to see if she still had a pulse, she found it beating strongly and sighed in relief.

Pushing the young woman's thick black hair back out of her face she gently tapped her cheek with her left hand as she shook her shoulder with her right. “Ma'am, ma'am, open your eyes and look at me?” She pleaded, not sure how long the woman had been sitting in the car.

The woman's eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Sasha's worried face. “Who are you?” She muttered, sitting up and wincing she lifted a hand to her head and gasped when it came away bloody. “Oh god, did I hit you?”

“No, no,” Sasha answered quickly, stepping back and waving an arm behind her so the woman could see past her body. “you just ran off the road into the ditch and hit your head, see?”

Tears filled the young woman's eyes as she looked around. “Is my car messed up very badly?” She asked. “I am out of work and was trying to get to a friends to stay with the awhile and cannot afford to have it towed or anything.”

“Listen, right now your car is stuck in a ditch and covered in snow, there is nothing we can do about it right now sweetie.” Sasha explain softly, beginning to feel the affects of the cold herself now. “But for now it is far enough off the road to avoid being hit, so let's get you out of here and into my car where it is warmer, okay?”

The woman nodded, she climbed out of the car and held onto the door for a moment. “I feel dizzy.” She said, gripping the door with both hands.

“You hit your head, you could have a small concussion, so we need to get you into my car and out of the weather, okay?” Sasha told her, not wanting the woman to collapse or pass out in the middle of the snow.

“Yes, okay.” She nodded, turning and working her way up the embankment with Sasha helping and gripping the car also as she worked her way along side it. “Did someone send you looking for me?”

“No, I have no idea who you are sweetie, I live down the road just a couple of miles and was headed home.” Sasha explained, leading her around the front of her Range Rover and opening the passenger door for her. “Come on, get inside and let's get you warm.”

Closing the door she hurried around to the drivers side and climbed in slamming the door behind her, she leaned up and turned the heat on high and then reached over and pushed the girls hair back to look at the cut closer in the better lighting. “The cut does not look to bad, I think you just whacked your head good on the steering wheel.” She muttered to herself as much as to the girl.

“I guess so.”

“What is your name sweetie?” Sasha asked, concerned that she seemed so disoriented.

“It's Lizzy.” She answered.

“Lizzy what?” Sasha pushed.

“Lizzy Ashton.” She finally gave her full name.

“Well Lizzy Ashton,” Sasha smiled, trying to relax the younger woman. “I'm Sasha Cartwright, I think for now I will just take you home until this snow clears up a bit, okay?”

“Yes, okay.” Lizzy nodded her head slowly, tipping it downward with her eyes closed. “Thank you, I am sorry.” She muttered.

“You have nothing to be sorry for Lizzy, you had an accident, that is all.” Sasha assured her, putting the Land Rover into gear and easing back onto the highway.



After another fifteen minutes on the road Sasha finally pulled into the drive and eased the Range Rover into the garage pressing the button to close the door behind the SUV. She had kept a steady flow of conversation not wanting to let the young woman fall asleep for awhile just in case she did have a minor concussion, she wanted to call the ER to see if the woman would be okay until morning.

“Okay Lizzy, you're at my house now, I am going to come around and help you out so that if you get dizzy you do not fall on the concrete, okay?” Sasha patted her shoulder as she exited the vehicle and made her way around the front end to the passenger side.

Opening the door she took Lizzy by the upper arm and helped her out of the car, keeping one hand on the younger woman's arm she closed the door and fumbled with the ring of keys in her right hand as they made their way to the kitchen door. Unlocking the door she guided her inside and turned the light on, crossing the kitchen she sat her down at the table thinking it would be best to keep her sitting up and awake for the moment.

“Thank you.” Lizzy told her, looking up at her with a pair of bright green eyes.

Sasha smiled at her, she patted her on the shoulder and went to the refrigerator, taking out a canned coke she opened it and sat it on the table in front of her. “Sip on that, keep yourself awake for me while I call and see if the ER thinks that you will be okay until morning.”

“Okay.” Lizzy nodded, picking up the Coke and sipping on it as she watched Sasha cross the room and pick up the cordless phone off the charger on the counter closest to the doorway. As Sasha made her phone call Lizzy took a moment to look over the kitchen, everything she saw was top of the line, stainless steel appliances, marble counter tops, the floor was some kind of stone tile. It was obvious that whoever Sasha was she was very well off financially.

“Okay Lizzy.” Sasha lay the phone on the counter and came and pulled out a chair across from her. “As long as you are not throwing up and you have no blurred vision, there is no reason to take you into the ER tonight, in the morning if you are still feeling dizzy or your head is still hurting, then we go to the ER.”

“I can't afford a visit to the ER, I have no insurance or anything.” Lizzy told her quietly, her cheeks turning red with embarrassment.

Sasha smiled at her softly, she reached out and covered the young woman's hand with her own. “Right now that doesn't matter, you may end up not needing to go at all by morning, so let's not focus on that right now.”

Lizzy nodded, sipping her Coke and looking at the woman's hand covering her left hand. “Do you make it a habit to bring strays home when you find them in the snow?”

Sasha laughed at her attempts of joking. “No, I can't say that I have ever bought any strays home before.” She admitted, wondering why she just didn't call 911 in the first place, it was unlike her to invite people she did not know into her home. Yet Lizzy had been scared and worried, maybe that had been the deciding factor in bringing her home, money seemed to be a big concern for the young woman right now.

“You have a really nice kitchen.” Lizzy commented, looking over the large room again, commenting more to fill the silence than an interest in the kitchen itself.

“Yes, now if I could just learn to cook well enough to make use of it.” Sasha replied, turning her own eyes to the fancy kitchen. “I burn more food than I cook I think, I usually just tend to stick with microwaving leftovers from my parents.” She admitted.

“Cooking is kind of easy.” Lizzy chimed in. “Once you do something right the first time it is easy to remember and do it again, kind of like riding a bike.”

“Do you enjoy cooking?” Sasha asked.


Lizzy nodded her head quickly, then wince and held her head still for a moment. “Yes, I love to cook, I lived with my Grandmother from the age of six and she taught me to cook.”

“Well, I know who is handling breakfast then if you feel up to it in the morning.” Sasha laughed, smiling at Lizzy so that she knew she was only teasing her.

Lizzy returned the smiled. “If you do not mind me using your kitchen and I feel better I would love to cook in here, this kitchen is huge and everything looks brand new.”

“That is because most of it is less than a year old.”

Lizzy looked up at her, sitting the Coke on the table. “You live here all by yourself?”

“Yes, just me and my cat Spud.” Sasha answered, glancing around. “I am not sure where he is, probably sleeping behind the couch in his usual place.”

“You do not have a husband or kids?” Lizzy asked.

“Well, no.” Sasha smiled. “Kind of hard for me to have kids considering that I do not date men.”

Lizzy looked at her for a moment, then her lips formed a silent 'O' when what she said clicked into place inside of her head. “Oh, you are a lesbian?”

“Yes, does that bother you?” Sasha looked at her, wondering if she had made the young woman uncomfortable.

“No, I just never met one before.” Lizzy returned, smiling shyly.

“Well, now you can tell all your friends you were rescued by a lesbian and spent the night in her home and survived it without being mauled.” Sasha laughed.

“You maul people?” Lizzy asked, her eyes widening.

“No, no.” Sasha answered quickly. “I was teasing.”

Lizzy grinned suddenly, her entire face lighting up with the motion. “You should have seen the look on your face.”

Sasha rolled her eyes but she was smiling. “I guess that means you may avoid a trip to the ER after all if you can joke and pick on me like that.”

“Do you think that I might could take something for the headache?” Lizzy asked, pointing at her head casually.

“Oh god, I forgot all about your head.” Sasha blurted, jumping to her feet and crossing the kitchen she opened a cabinet and took out a bottle of aspirin, shaking three from the bottle she took them to Lizzy and dropped them into her palm. “Take those, then we will go to the bathroom and clean up the cut on your head.”

Lizzy nodded, she popped the pills into her mouth one by one and swallowed them with a sip of Coke. “Thank you, I know you do not have to do all of this for me and probably have better things to do with your time.”

“No.” Sasha shook her head, taking Lizzy by the elbow and leading her from the kitchen to the large set of stairs guiding her up them. “I actually planned to come home and spend some time laying in bed reading a book.”

“Do you read a lot?” Lizzy asked, glancing at her as they entered a huge bedroom. “Is this your room?”

Sasha smiled. “Yes I read a lot and yes this is my bedroom.” She opened the door to the bathroom and lead Lizzy inside as she flipped on the light with her free hand. “We have more room in this bathroom than the other one.” She explained.

“Wow.” Lizzy muttered, looking at the huge garden tub with jets surrounding the inside and the standing shower at the end with a clear class wall facing the room. “So much for privacy in there.” She laughed.

“When you live alone you can skimp on having to worry about privacy and modesty.” Sasha explained, guiding Lizzy to the side of the tub and seating her. “Let me get a rag and we will clean the cut up and get the blood of your face.”

Neither of them spoke as Sasha got a clean rag and wet it with warm water in the sink, soaping the rag she came back to Lizzy and took a knee in front of he pushing her black hair back and tucking it behind the young woman's ear. Holding her hair in one hand she gently begin to clean the blood from around the cut and out of her eyebrow, suddenly realizing that she was cleaning a grown woman's face she dropped her hand.

“I'm sorry,” She muttered, holding the rag out towards Lizzy. “I suppose you could probably do this yourself and feel more comfortable.”

Lizzy looked at her and smiled softly, her cheeks reddening. “You were doing pretty good and being gentle, it did not hurt.”

Sasha smiled at her misunderstanding. “Okay then.” She finished cleaning the cut and then looked at it closely for a moment. “I don't think there is any need to worry about stitches, but you may have a small scar from the cut.”

Lizzy shrugged her shoulder's a slight frown passed over her face but was quickly replaced with a smile. “One more scar won't hurt anything.” She assured her rescuer.

Sasha nodded, curious what Lizzy meant by adding another scar but knowing better than to ask personal questions on something that could end being a personal matter. “I think I have some butterfly bandages, they may keep it from scarring to badly?” She questioned lightly, lifting an eyebrow.

“No,” Lizzy smiled. “I will be fine, thank you so much for everything that you have done for me already.”

Sasha shook her head, tossing the dirty rag in the hamper as she stood. “No need to thank me, it is kind of nice not having to come home to an empty house for a change.” She laughed.

“I've never liked being alone.” Lizzy told her quietly. “I'd go crazy if I lived in a house this big by myself.”

Sasha smiled, not sure if she wanted to have a personal conversation with Lizzy at the moment. “Why don't I see if I can find you some comfortable clothes and you can take a bath or shower and clean yourself up?”

“I'd appreciate that very much, thank you.” Lizzy glanced at the tub behind her. “I can use this one?”

“Yes, if you would like?” Sasha smiled a the adorable look on the young woman's face as she beamed and looked at the tub again nodding her head, thick black hair bouncing on her slender shoulder's.

“Yes, please?” Lizzy chirped.

“Sure, let me find you some clothes to wear and get you a towel.” Sasha left the room and went into her bedroom. She found a pair of sweatpants and a t shirt that did not look like it would swallow the petite young woman, then grabbed a towel from the bathroom closet when she entered.

“Thank you.” Lizzy told her, taking the clothes and towel and sitting them on the far corner of the tub.

“I will be right outside the door here in the bedroom if you need anything, after you take a warm bath make sure you hold onto the side of the tub when you step out so that if you are dizzy at all you do not fall down.” Sasha reminder her, pausing in the doorway with her hand on the knob. “Do you have everything you need?”

Lizzy glanced around for a moment, then nodded. “Yes, I believe so?”

“Okay, take your time.” Sasha smiled and closed the door as she left the room. She stood there for a long moment staring at her empty bed as she thought how nice it would be to have someone to share nights with each night when she came home from work.

Shaking her her head to clear those lines of thought, she ran her fingers through her auburn hand and pulled it back behind her head slipping it into a tight ponytail to keep it out of her face. She would wait until Lizzy was finished and then she would go and take a shower and get herself ready for bed, thankfully she was off tomorrow so that she did not have to leave the young woman alone in her home.

Not that she thought she would steal anything, she seemed sweet and honest, but this was her private space and she did not know Lizzy all that well and likely would never get to know her any better after tomorrow. They would get her car out of the ditch and then she would be on her way and they would likely never see each other again unless by pure chance in town or some such. She had never thought to ask the young women where the friend that she was going to be staying with lived, she would have to ask when she was done bathing.

Sasha was laying in bed propped up on her pillows still clothed when Lizzy came out of the bathroom, her hair still wet, the shirt hugging her petite frame showing her gentle curves nicely. “God, I feel so much better now.” She grinned, standing there by the door with her hands clasped in front of her.

“I'd imagine so.” Sasha smiled. “Did the sweats fit okay?”

“Yes, I had to tie the string a little tightly, but they are comfy and feel nice.”

“I am not sure what to do with you now.” Sasha muttered quietly, her brow wrinkling.

“What do you mean by that?” Lizzy asked.

“They said to keep an eye on you and not leave you alone, the only other bedroom that I have ready for guests is downstairs and I would not hear you.” Sasha explained the meaning of her previous statement.

“Oh.” It was Lizzy's turn to mutter now. “My head feels much better and I was only a little dizzy getting out of the tub, surely I would be okay alone for one night?” She questioned.

Sasha looked at her worriedly for a long moment. “You can sleep in my bed, I will make myself a pallet on the floor for the night, one night on the floor never killed anyone that I know of.”

Lizzy shook her head, eyes widening. “I am not putting you out of your own bed after all that you have done for me Miss Cartwright!”

Sasha laughed at being address as Miss Cartwright. “I think you can safely call me Sasha.” She smiled. “Well, either I sleep on the floor or you are sharing my bed with me?”

Lizzy looked at the bed, then back to Sasha for a long moment, her face reddening. “Okay, I guess I can share the bed with you.”

“Not afraid a lesbian may make advances on you are you?” Sasha asked grinning to lighten her words but honestly concerned with the young woman's thoughts on the matter.

“No, you have been very polite and respectful Sasha.” Lizzy answered instantly, shaking her head to emphasize her words. “That did not cross my mind, I promise.” She assured her.


“Okay, it is settled then.” Sasha nodded. “I am going to shower and get myself cleaned up now, there is an entire shelf of books if you want to read until I have all the lights off and the house is quiet.”

“Thank you.” Lizzy smiled, glancing at the books.

“See you when I am out.” Sasha got up and gathered her clothing, she went into the bathroom and closed the door behind herself.

After a quick shower she blow dried her hair and brushed her teeth, then gathered all the dirty laundry and stuff everything into the hamper, including Lizzy's clothing so that she could wash her things in the morning. Making sure everything was cleaned up she started to leave, then turned back and opened the medicine cabinet to find a toothbrush still in the package, she took it out and laid it by the sink.

“Lizzy,” Sasha called when she opened the bathroom door. “I laid you a new toothbrush on the counter by the sink, I did not think about it earlier.”

“Oh, thank you very much.” Lizzy got up and went into the bathroom, she came out a moment later wiping her lips with a single slender finger. “Now I feel better, I did not want to ask for a toothbrush after all you had done for me already.”

“Lizzy, anything you need you can ask me for,okay?” Sasha assured her.

“Okay, thank you.” Lizzy smiled at her, standing by the side of the bed now. “Are you ready to sleep or did you plane to be up for a bit?” She asked shyly.

“I am usually in bed by now, did you need anything before we turned out the lights for the night?” Sasha asked, pausing as she flipped the covers back.

“No, I just was not sure when you went to bed was all.” She smiled, sitting on the edge of the bed and then laying down and staring at the ceiling.

Sasha laughed quietly. “Are you sure you are okay sleeping with me?”

“Yes, I am sure, it is just that we hardly know each other and I am scared I might wake up curled against you or drooling on you or something.” Lizzy answered laughing embarrassed at her rambling.

“Well, I am sure I could do much worse than to wake cuddled with a beautiful woman such as yourself Lizzy” Sasha assured her, turning off the light and then climbing into bed and turning onto her side.

A full minute of silence passed between them before Lizzy finally spoke. “Do you really think so?” She asked softly.

Sasha turned slightly and spoke over her shoulder. “Do I really think what Lizzy?”

“That I am beautiful?” She whispered, her voice barely audible.

“Yes I do.”

“Thank you.” Lizzy muttered softly. “Goodnight Sasha.”

“Goodnight Lizzy.” Sasha returned, smiling softly in the dark as she closed her eyes and listened to the faint breathing of the young woman laying beside her.

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