A Vampire's Slave

A Vampire's Slave A Vampire's Slave

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


When a young woman takes the lives of 5 Vampire guards in an attempt to kill the Queen, she is captured instead of dying in her attempts. What happens when you're forced to submit to a Queen in order to save your entire village of friends and family?


When a young woman takes the lives of 5 Vampire guards in an attempt to kill the Queen, she is captured instead of dying in her attempts. What happens when you're forced to submit to a Queen in order to save your entire village of friends and family?

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Vampire's Slave

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When a young woman takes the lives of 5 Vampire guards in an attempt to kill the Queen, she is captured instead of dying in her attempts. What happens when you're forced to submit to a Queen in order to save your entire village of friends and family?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 21, 2015



A Vampire's Slave


Chapter One


For the past hour the young woman had sat silently with her anger growing as she listened to the cries and screams from the village only two hundred yards from the dark thicket of brush she remained hidden in. To attack now would be futile, she would be lucky to kill one or two before she was spotted and killed herself or even captured, she knew how quickly the Vampire's could move and the strength they possessed.

She would bid her time patiently and wait for the main attacking force to leave, the others would follow in the slower wagons drawn by mules or oxen, the wagons that would be carrying the children of the village to who knew what fate. No one who had ever been taken by the Vampire's were ever seen or heard from again, rumors flew about all the possibilities of what happened to them, but they were only that, rumors and nothing more.

Had she not been in the forest hunting to help put meat on the tables of those unable to fend for themselves in the village, she too would have been among those taken captive or left to rot in the muddy streets of their small village like the rest. Even from where she now sat she could see the larger bodies of the adults littering the ground, as far as she could tell most of the bodies were of men and older women, but she was to far away to be certain of it.

A small group of riders came out of the village, the young woman swore beneath her breath as she recognized the emblem emblazoned upon the chest-plates of the armored guard, a wolfs head with two glowing red eyes. It was the emblem of Mistress Lillian Romanoff, the woman at the center of the group was none other than Lillian herself, surrounded by her royal guard, the most trusted of her soldiers. She was supposedly the Queen of the Vampire's, if it were her she was likely the first woman to ever see the Vampire in person while holding a weapon in her hands.

She watched as the riders followed the muddy road towards the trees, if they stuck to the roads and did not turn off she could move through the woods and catch them within a mile where the road looped back around a small pond. It would be her only chance to send an arrow through the heart of the Queen Vampire, if she took them by surprise she could possibly take out the guards before the gathered their wits and realized where they were being attacked from.

Turning she slipped into the brush and moved as quickly as she could, her leather moccasins allowing her to move through the forest almost in silence without breaking stride. She was used to running, having spent her entire life in the woods hunting with bow and arrow and stalking game, she could keep her pace for hours before tiring and having to stop to take a break. If she could continue her pace and beat them to the bend in the road she would lay in wait for them and attack them as soon as they came within range of her bow.

An hour later found her at the bend ahead of her target, she scanned the area and quickly crossed the road to a small rise that would allow her to fire downward on the Vampire's when they came into sight around the bend. She took a handful of arrows from her quiver, notching the first in her bow and holding the others in her hand, a talent she had taught herself to allow her to fire arrows in rapid succession of one another. It was something that she had never seen anyone else do but herself, at least not with any accuracy as she held the arrows and the bow in the same hand, her right hand being used to draw the bowstring.

A horse nickered in the distance, she crouched low with her bow ready, legs tensed and ready to move after she loosed her first arrow, the horse came into sight, the group followed behind in a staggered line. Five of the royal guard and the queen herself came down the road towards her, she tensed and drew back her bow silently, letting out a long slow breath as she sighted down the shaft of her arrow. Aiming for the last guard in the group, she loosed her arrow, flipping her fingers another bumped her left hand and she notched the second arrow before the first even found it's target.

The first arrow caught the last guard in the chest piercing his heart, he stiffened and slid from the saddle with an audible grunt as the fall knocked the air from his lungs. Following the first arrow the second caught the lead guard as they all turned to look at their fallen comrade, he flipped over the rear of his horse, the weight of his body forcing the arrow out of his back.

“Protect the Que..” The third guard never finished his sentence, he slumped in the saddle and rolled off his horse on the right side, his body falling beneath the Queen's horse causing it to rear and tossing her from the saddle. Rolling to the side to avoid the horses hooves saved the Queen's life, the arrow missing her heart and piercing her left shoulder instead, she let out a high pitch shriek unlike anything the young archer had ever heard before.

Horses screamed in panic, the guards sawing on the reigns as they tried to gain control over the terrified animals, the forth guard went down now as the fifth looked up just in time to lunged from the saddle, an arrow left a gash along his left shoulder. Lunging to his feet he drew his sword and charged the young black haired woman as she notched another arrow, he was nearly on top of her when she loosed the arrow.


With a flick of her bow she deflected the weak swing of the sword, spinning on her heels as the Vampire fell dead face first where she had been crouched a moment before, she notched an arrow and spun back towards the roadbed to find it empty. Only a lone horse stood in the road surrounded by the bodies of the Vampire Queen's guard, the Queen herself was nowhere in sight.

The young woman swore, her eyes scanning the trees quickly, she knew the Vampire had an arrow in her shoulder but that would barely slow her down, it would take an arrow through the heart to kill her without a fight. Turning slowly on her heel she scanned the forest, nothing moved, she relaxed her arm and let the bow recoil without loosing an arrow, she had failed, the woman escaped with only an arrow in her shoulder.

Hanging her head she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves, she never would have thought she would have actually killed them all, the Queen herself had been her main target, yet she had faced 6 Vampires without a scratch. She started to rise, she froze in a half crouch as she felt the cold sharp edge of a blade against her throat, she dropped her bow and stood without moving.

“A lone girl killed my entire royal guard with nothing but a crude bow.” A soft feminine voice spoke right against her ear, cool breath brushed over her neck causing chills to break out over the younger woman's skin.

“You attacked my village without cause, we have never done any harm to your kind.” The younger woman answer, speaking through clenched teeth, anger filling her words as she realized it was the Queen Vampire holding a blade to her throat.

“You are cattle to sustain our thirst, why should I concern myself with the lives of one pitiful little village?” Lillian asked, keeping the blade against the young woman's throat as she circled to stand and face her.

“Kill me and stop talking, I will not waste my breath on some fowl creature with no respect for life.” The younger woman sneered, leaning into the blade the Vampire held against her throat.

“We took the entire village without a single lose to my kind,” Lillian spoke conversationally. “yet I leave and a single young woman armed with only a bow makes more fight than seventy armed men.” She smiled, shaking her head slowly.

“Maybe your royal guard were just pussies?” The younger woman shot back, anger overriding the fear of death as she snapped at the Vampire woman.

The Vampire laughed out loud, she lowered the blade and sheathed it on her belt. “You are very intriguing for a human being, it has been nearly a hundred years since a human has made me feel even a ounce of fear, yet I thought I had met my death today on this road.”

“Let me have my bow and I will give you a fitting death for your kind with an arrow through your cold heart.”

“What is your name girl?”

The younger woman squirmed now, unsure why a Vampire Queen would be interested in not simply killing her after she had attempted to kill the Queen herself, much less why she would ask for her name. “What does my name matter to you, you will kill me anyway?”

The Vampire moved quicker than she could react, a hand closed around her throat and the younger woman's feet left the ground, she held her at arms length with one hand as if she were nothing more than a puppy. “I'll grant your death if that is what you wish?”

“No.” She gasped, grasping the Vampire's wrist and trying to support her weight to keep from choking to death in her grip. “Selena Robertson.”

“Thank you.” Lillian released her instantly.

Selena fell to her knees as she gasped and coughed while catching her breath, her eyes drifted to the bow laying only two feet from where she was kneeling.

“You are not that fast Selena.” Lillian spoke quietly, she took a few steps and retrieved the bow from the grown, turning it in her hands as she looked it over. “Amazing that you killed my five best men with a stick and piece of string.” She sighed, slinging the bow over her shoulder she held out her hand. “On your feet.”

Refusing to take the offered hand Selena rose to her feet, she glared at the Vampire noticing for the first time that her eyes were bright yellow, the color of sunflowers. “Wow.” She mumbled, more to herself than to Lillian.


Selena pointed to her own eyes.”Your eyes, even for a Vampire they are beautiful, I never knew that your kind had such bright yellow eyes.” She answered quietly.

Lillian looked at her for a long moment, then lifted a shoulder in a faint shrug. “And you have beautiful green eyes and thick black hair, very becoming for a human being.” She turned and started towards the road. “Come with me.” It was not a suggestion.

Selena fell into step behind her, knowing full well that at any minute a group of her soldiers would come barreling


down on them and cut her down before she had any chance to run or defend herself. “Why do you keep me alive?”

Lillian walked nearly a hundred yards before she finally glanced to her right at her human companion. “Do you wish to save the people of your village?”

Selena stopped and stared at her. “Save who?” She almost yelled, pointing in the general direction of the village through the trees. “There is hardly anyone left alive to save but the children, your kind never kills the children, you always take them and they are never heard from again.” She was angry now, speaking through clenched teeth.

“Only seventeen were dead when I left the village, my men had strict orders that no one else was to die today.” Lillian assured her, casually motioning for her to continue walking. “I ask again, do you wish to save the people of your village?”

They walked in silence for a full two minutes before Selena finally replied. “All of them?” She asked quietly.

Lillian glanced at her and smiled. “All of them, yes.”

“And just what is that going to cost me, my soul?” She asked, only halfway sarcastically joking.

“Your loyalty.” Lillian answered simply, watching her face as she spoke. “I want you to serve me and be my human companion.”

Selena stopped walking, shaking her head before a word ever left her mouth. “No, I won't live my life as a slave, I will die with the rest of them if that is my only choice.”

Lillian stopped also, she looked at her for a long moment, then removed the bow from over her shoulder along with the quiver of arrows, she held the weapons out towards Selena. “I never said the word slave, you assumed.”

“I tried to kill you and you are going to hand me my weapons back now?” Selena asked staring at the offered weapons, confused.

“Even if you get lucky and kill me my men would slaughter everyone in the village to retaliate.” Lillian pointed out, glancing up the road as the sound of pounding hooves closed in on them.

“They are going to kill me if I am standing her armed when they ride up and find you injured and your guard dead from my arrows.” Selena pointed out, seeing the riders coming towards them with less than two hundred yards between them now.

Lillian raise her hand into the air with her palm facing the men and closed her fist, the entire group of riders stopped almost instantly and sat their horses in the distance. “My men obey without question.” She answered simply.

“What use am I to you?” Selena asked, her green eyes falling to the bow as she finished her question. “I'm a human and you're a Vampire, Queen of them actually, I am just some pheasant girl who hunts for her village.”

A pheasant girl who hunts for her village and single handedly killed five of my best men with nothing but a bow and arrow, you never even drew your sword from it's sheath.” Lillian pointed out the obvious. “It has been a long time since a human has interested me beyond quelling my thirst, I'd simply like to have your company.”

Selena stood there chewing on her lip as she considered the consequences of agreeing to submit to a Vampire's rule over her. “If I submit to you, you will release everyone in the village and allow them to live in peace?” She asked quietly, lifting her eyes to meet the yellow eyes staring back at her.

“You have my word.” Lillian nodded her agreement.

“May I come and go as I please or am I to live under lock and key in your castle walls?” Selena asked, glancing at the fifteen armored Vampire's sitting there horses watching them.

“Unless I specifically ask you to remain inside the castle walls for any reason, you may come and go as you wish as long as you are within the walls by nightfall each evening.”

“And if by some chance I am not inside the walls?” She questioned.

Lillian shrugged and nodded to the Vampire's sitting their horses. “I'll send two hundred of my men into the village and kill every man, woman, and child.”

Selena dropped her head for a long moment, she knew if she refused she would likely be killed and nothing would change with the entire village being held captive, yet submitting meant serving a Vampire for as long as she wished to keep her captive under threat of killing everyone. There was no other option for her to choose.

“I submit, you have my loyalty and I will never raise a weapon against you my..” She grimaced, clenching her teeth tightly. “Queen” The word was nearly spit from between clenched teeth.

“I'll hold you to your word Selena, take your weapons and come with me.”

Nodding in defeat she took her bow and arrows and slung the quiver over her shoulders adjusting it on her back into a comfortable position, together they started up the road towards the waiting group of Vampire's. As the drew near a single Vampire left the group leading two beautiful geldings by the reigns, he offered the largest of the two to the Queen then the smaller horse to Selena.

“Are we adopting human pets now?” The man asked, his yellow eyes roaming over Selena as he spoke.


Lillian ignored him until she was mounted on her horse, then she turned her horse to face him. “She is of no concern of yours, have the men know that anyone who lays a hand on her will be stripped of their ranking and armor and cast out of our coven.”

The man's eyes went wide, he glance between Selena and Lillian. “My Lady, you cannot be serious to force such harsh rules over some human pheasant girl?” He questioned.

Lillian turned in the saddle towards Selena. “Selena, this is my first in command, Ryan Clay” Twisting back towards Ryan, she leaned out of her saddle towards him. “I repeat, no one shall lay a hand on her, under any circumstances.”

He nodded, glaring at Selena. “Yes my Lady, I will make it clear for everyone under your command.” Jerking the reigns of his horse her sank his heels into it's ribs and rode back towards the others without another word.

Selena looked over at Lillian as the rode side by side in silence, nearly ten minutes past before she finally voice the question running through her mind. “Would you really do all of that if anyone of your kind bothered me?” She asked seriously.

“You have rules to follow but I do not consider you a slave Selena,” She turned her yellow eyes towards the younger black haired woman. “yes, I would banish anyone who broke my orders and lay hand to you.”

Nodding, in reply she nudged her horse and rode beside the Vampire Queen. “Thank you.” She mumbled after nearly fifteen minutes of silence had passed between them.

“Do you hate my kind Selena?” Lillian asked suddenly, flicking a hand over her shoulder in the direction they had ridden from. “You faced me and my men like you were driven by pure hatred, not even when my blade was at your throat did you show any fear of dying.”

Selena considered the question for a long time, the village was in sight by the time she finally decided on how to answer the question and how truthful to be. “No, I do not hate your kind, I hated that you would attack a village of people who have never done you any wrong.”

They rode the rest of the distance to the village in silence, when they rode up beside Commander Ryan Clay they stopped, Lillian turned in her saddle towards her men. “Bring every living villager to the village square in five minutes, along with all commanding officers present.” She demanded.

Men scattered as they hustled to obey her orders, Ryan stared straight ahead not acknowledging either of them, he made no attempt to move or signal that he had even heard the queen speak. She reached out and grabbed the chest-plate of his armor snatching him towards her until they were face to face with only an inch between their noses. “I'd suggest that you get a grip on yourself and show me the respect that I am entitled too or you will be the first I make an example of by turning you out of the coven and stripping you of your rank.” She hissed through clenched teeth, the iron chest-plate crinkled beneath her fingers before she finally released him with a shove.

“Yes my Lady, it will not happen again.” He answered quickly, lowering his eyes and backing his horses away before turning it and disappearing among the other Vampire's, some of which were smiling and snickering among themselves as he disappeared.

Minutes later Selena and Lillian sat their horses as the remaining survivors of the village stood in silence looking at them with questioning glances to the younger woman that most of them knew.

“This woman sitting her horse beside me showed more courage today then the entire village combined.” Lillian started, her voice ringing loud and clear as she nudged her horse forward to speak to the crowd. “With only a bow and arrow as her weapon she single handedly took out all five of my royal guard before I personally caught her off guard.” She explained.

She paused as the crowd mumbled and talked among themselves, some smiling and pointing and some shouting angrily why she has her weapons and sat her horse among the Vampires.

“Before you decide to judge her for sitting among your enemies, I would like to make it very clear why she sits a horse among Vampires.” Lillian paused again, waiting for the mumbling voices to die down before continuing. “She intrigued me with her bravery in the face of Vampire's, out numbered and out matched in every way she managed to come out on top.” She turned her horse and motioned for Selena to come forward, waiting until she was by her side. “She submitted to me, giving up her freedom so that you could all be free and live in peace, she gave herself for your freedom here today.” She finished.

“She really killed five Vampires with just a bow?” A man shouted.

“Yes, she killed my entire guard with just a bow, the second man was dead before the first man hit the ground.” Lillian assured them, having seen the entire thing with her own eyes.

“They were not men.” Someone else shouted angrily.

Selena nudged her horse forward of her own violation. “I have given my word, Queen Lillian has given her word.” She glanced at the Queen who gave an almost imperceptible nod of her head. “If you all avoid trouble with them then they


will have no reason to attack or have to defend themselves against you and you can live here in peace so long as I live by her rules.”

“How do you know she will keep her word to you?” A voice shouted out above the others.

“How does she know we will keep our words to her?” Selena shot back silencing the crowd almost instantly. “I am the one giving up my life so you may live, all you have to do is live your life and not fight with the Vampire's or attack them, it is not a hard task.”

Lillian nodded her head as Selena turned her horse and came back to stand by her side. “From this day forward let this be an end to the fighting among your village and my coven, so long as everyone keeps there word there is no reason for anymore bloodshed.” She spoke loud and clear above the murmur of voices.

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