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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jessa Carter was spoiled and all she could think about was summer and how she was going to live it up with her firends go to the beach and just have a good ass summer until shes told she wont be able to graduate unless she passes a math final.the biggest nerd smartest boy in school is in charge of helping her study but he has something else in plan something very intense.

It was finally the last day of school no more high school I was on my way for the best summer ever going to the beach tanning hanging out with friends. I was walking out of my math class when my teacher called me back what could he possibly want I went up to his desk and he waited until the last person was gone before he started talking to me.

 " Ms. Carter it seems that you might no be graduating you are aware that you had a D- in my class and you decided that you didn't want to do the final but the last homework you missed all the answers which brought your grade down to an F" I stood there not really hearing what he was saying after he told me I wasn't going to graduate that was going ruin everything.

"Mr Binder I need to graduate there is no if ands or buts about it what can I do I'll do anything please" I was desperate at this point I needed to figure something out.

" Well don't usually do this but if you take the final and pass I will change your grade and will be able to graduate but there is a catch you have to come in tomorrow morning and take the test" tomorrow morning I seriously sucked at math I failed almost all my tests how was I going to pass a fucking final.

"will you be able to help me study" Mr. binder shook his head while gathering his stuff

" No I'm sorry I wont be able to be able to help you out I have a lot of papers to grade but you are in luck I thought of this ahead of time thinking that you would say yes and take the final I got my best student to help you out he is in the library to help you out Tyler Patterson" with that he walked out of the room leaving me alone. Tyler Patterson was a jerk and a nerd he thought he was better then everyone because he was the smartest guy in the whole school and I'm sorry being a nerd is not something to brag about that puts you on the bottom of the food chain like eww I mean it's no wonder he got picked on by the jocks a lot and I mean if he didn't have such a big ass mouth he could be popular and well liked he want ugly in the slightest he actually had a muscular build he was tall like 6'2 he had the most beautiful green eyes with dark hair that fell over his eyes and to top it al off he was rich like come on but he decides he wanted to be a nerd and hang with the losers. after taking out my phone and sending a mass text to all my friends that I couldn't meet up because I had to meet u with a geek in order to pass math I headed towards the library. No one was in there when I stepped in the library but who wants to be here anyway I started to walk around looking for Tyler I finally located him in the back he had his head down on the table tapping his foot I walked up to him tapping him on the shoulder he looked up and did a lazy once over of me rolling his eyes taking his earphones out of his ears.

" it's about time you showed up i was about to leave" I rolled my eyes at him he didn't need the attitude.

" oh I'm so sorry I kept you waiting how ever will I sleep at night knowing I kept you waiting" I took a seat in on of the chairs taking out my math book and notebook ready to get this study session over with so I could maybe meet the girls at the mall.

" alright let's get this over with" I looked up to meet Tyler's green eyes I waited for him to take out his stuff but all he did was give out a chuckle.

" I'm sorry princess but I think we will work at the pace I want to go" I was not about to sit here if he was gong to be a fucking jerk the whole damn time.

" okay let's get a few things straight while we are working together 1 don't talk down to me 2 don't be a fucking jerk 3 don't call me princess"

Tyler looked at me for a second and then got up until he was right in my face his breath as minty fresh he moved until his lips were by my ear

" what if I don't follow any of your dumb ass rules huh princess" my faced turned into a scowl I pushed Tyler away standing up

" why are you such an asshole huh why do you think your better than anyone FYI your not okay" Tyler was to me in two big strides backing me up against one of the bookshelves.

" I'm not the one who thinks they are better than everyone that's you and your friends you walk around this school acting like you being there should be a fucking pleasing while us little people need to bow down to you" our lips were touching that's how close we were if any one of us but more pressure we would be kissing and I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but I wanted to put more pressure I mean the guy just insulted me and I was getting turned on his whole body was pushed against me and I could feel his body.

" Nothing to say huh because I'm - he didn't get to finish that sentence because I pressed me lips to his firmly I don't know what was coming over me but I was just going on impulse it took about 2 seconds before Tyler was kissing me back he tangled his hands in my hair pulling on it firmly he bit my lip and I opened my mouth with no protest he slipped his tongue in my mouth massaging my tongue I couldn't' help the moan that came out of my mouth that made Tyler smirk into the kiss. I placed my hands under his shirt lifting it up as my hands explored his hard chest his chest should be illegal it was so toned Tyler obviously got the hint I wanted the shirt off because he broke the kiss to take his shirt off when it was off he went right back to my lips. his hands moved to my breast the here ready to be touched he gave a light squeeze while his thumbs rubbed my nipples through the shirt I could feel them hardening I wanted more so I broke the kiss taking off my shirt and bra I knew we were in the library but like I said no one was here and we were in the back.

" A little eager are we now" Tyler went down sucking on one nipple while his hand twisted the other I could feel myself getting wet an all I wanted was to relive this ace between my legs. I pulled Tyler up to kiss him again I let my hands go to his pans undoing the buckle and pulling down the zipper. Tyler pulled back pulling down his pants he looked at me for a couple seconds and then something changed in his eyes I didn't know what it was.

" Jessa Carter you want this dick huh? do you want me to stick it so deep in your pussy that you wont be able to fucking walk straight tomorrow? he walked up to me pulling my hair forcing my face up to look at him

" answer me" he gripped harder on my hair I was getting so turned on I knew he was a jerk I should have known he was dominating. I nodded my head as best I could letting him know I wanted this. He forced me down on my knees removing his pants and boxers all the way.

" Your going to suck my dick first princess you have so much to say with that little mouth of yours I have been dying to shut you up and this is how I'm going to do it" with that he grabbed his cock and put the head in my mouth I wasn't used to this I have only given head one other time and I was in control of it all I don't think I am going to be in control with anything right now I opened my mouth letting him slide the head in his mouth I started to suck on it as best I could it was thick Tyler guided his cock into my mouth until it was halfway in and that was hitting the back of my throat I started bobbing my head getting a good rhythm I but both my hand around the base and started pumping Tyler was grunting in satisfaction he had his hands wrapped in my hair guiding me forward so far I was in control of this all which was good but I spoke to soon because suddenly Tyler turned into a maniac he grabbed my hair tighter and started rocking his hips in my mouth I did the best I could with sucking him at the pace he was going.

" that's right Jessa take this dick right now suck my dick like it's your fucking job" he continued to ram his dick into my mouth until he stiffend and I felt his cum shoot out and down my throat there was nothing for me to do but swallow he kept it in my mouth until I had swallowed every last drop of cum. pulling out he lifted me up and pushing me towards the table he cleared everything on the table in one swift motion laying me down on the table. my legs were spread open but I still had n my shorts I unbutton them taking them off along with my black lace underwear I didn't realize how wet I was it was slightly uncomfortable. Tyler got on top of me kissing me briefly before he started trailing kissed down my body until he made it to my core he licked up my slit causing me to let out a moan he put his clit in my mouth sucking while one finger slipped inside of me I grabbed onto his hair urging him to keep going. the moans were steady coming out of my mouth I don't know how many girls Tyler has been with but he was very talented with giving head. He inserted two fingers speeding up his pace my climax was fast approaching. When Tyler added three fingers speeding up his pace is when I was sent over the edge.my orgasm was so intense I tried closing my legs to ease the feeling but Tyler kept my legs open lapping up my juices I couldn't help the cries that where coming out of my mouth it just felt so damn good. In one swift motion Tyler had flipped me on my stomach pulling me up until I was on my hands and knees and Tyler was plunging his cock into my pussy I let out a shriek of surprise and a little pain he was big and thick I needed time to adjust Tyler drove into me letting out a grunt the sound of skin slapping skin and our moans were the only thing that could be heard in the library until Tyler leaned over and whispered in my ear

"Do any of those stupid jocks fuck you like I do do they make you feel the way you feel right now huh" every time he talked he was driving deeper and deeper into me the promise of not having me walk straight tomorrow was proving to be very true. I didn't answer I couldn't this pleasure was so intense that I could barley make a noise right now that didn't please Tyler though because he grabbed my hair pushing my face up

" answer me damn it you like this fucking cock I know you do after we are done that's the only dick your going to be thinking about mine all your going to want is my dick shit wont be the same" he sped up his pace not letting go of my hair I was so wet I could feel it dripping down my thighs. I gathered as much strength as I could

" I want you dick I like it so much no one else can do it like you fuck it feel so good" with that Tyler let it all go pounding into me  like it was his duty sending me to a heart stopping orgasim making me scream moan even a little drool came out of my mouth I felt Tyler stiffen behind me and then his cum feeling me up he let go of me pulling out making me wince and fall in a heap on the table I have never been so satisfied in my whole sexual life. I watched as Tyler picked up his clothes putting them on then grabbing his bag and started to make his way out

" wait don't we need to study for my final tomorrow" I could barley lift my head up I needed a nap

" no princess see I only had one task and that was to fuck you until you couldn't think straight to make you want the nerd since you think so little of them that was my job and my job is done you have a good night and good luck tomorrow" with that he walked out the library with out even looking back and there I was left on the table naked with a math final I had to still study for alone.

Submitted: June 05, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Leftygirl90. All rights reserved.

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