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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A girl loses he sexual inhibitions and dominates her husband

My male friends tend to complain that their wives seemed to become less enthusiastic about sex after they became married.

Luckily my wife Jane has gone in the opposite direction. It is as if the marriage certificate gave her permission to act out the fantasies that she had only talked about to excite me but had

been too inhibited to carry out. These tended to relate to the activities of the three girls that she shared a flat with at college and they indeeed seemed pretty wild. In fact I took these stories

with a pinch of salt although I found them very enjoyable.

However on day of the wedding these three girls who were Jane's bridesmaids came into the room where I was changing after the reception and showed me that they had all gone commando under their formal dresses. When I told Jane she only said that this was typical of them and now would I believe her.

When we got back to the house Jane instead of quickly undressing did a slow and sensual strip where it became apparent that her previously luxuriant pubic hair had been completely removed

The girls had held her down and done this after the hen party and Julia, the ringleader,home that the fun  had gone down on her to demonstrate just how good oral sex could be. Jane had loved this because she had no control over the situation.

Her new attitude was shown on the honeymoon when for the firsr time she ever had gone topless on the beach .She had even made a point of going over to speak to a couple of guys from our gym who happened to be staying at the same resort. They could not take their eyes of her firm breasts with their rigid nipples and this gave me a major hard on - difficult to conceal whe you are weaing Speedos.

It was when we got home that the fun and games set up by her bridesmaids really started. Julia had been given a key to check on the house whie we were away and the girls, who had decide that normal wedding presents were boring, had left a large box containing sex toys and eotic underwear along with a set of cards detailing sexual forfeits.This is what they had used when they were living together thoughJane had usuallyonly been an observer.

The deal was that Jane and I would cut a pack of card withthe loser carrying out one of the forfeits . we decided to leave this until the followingday because we were tired after the travellin but whe we went to be we discovered that bondage straps had already been attache to the bedframe which seemed to give us a new lease of life.

The next day I won the first game and Jane had to wear only stockings and a garter belt unde her dskirt for a week. She got her own back next time by forcing me to wear a flimsy pair of her pants and stockings under my suit to go to work.She also insisted that she remove my pubic and leg haie to ger tke proper effect.I found thi a major turn on particularlywhen she phoned me at lunch time and gave herself a noisy orgasm with the vibrator from the gift box.

We then decided to have a mutual effort with Jane going to the shopping mall naked unde a raincoat with me wearin a cock cage under my trousers.


Her next task was to use fruit or vegetables as a dildo and starting with the obvious banana she got herelfso worked up that she masturbated to climaxwith a small cucumber.

All of these activities were photographed with a view to showing the girls on the laptop.

The favourite for both of us involved bondage with Jane preferrring the teasing of denied orgasm while in addition I enjoyed a moderate amount of pain.being inflicted on myself.

So it was that I was tied spreadeagled to the bed wearing nipple clamps, ball gag ,cock cage,garterbelt and stockings while Jane took photos from a number of angles.

Not content with showing the photos to the girls she wanted me to show the ones of her to my best friend Jim (pretending that she was unaware that I was doing this).He at first pretende to be shocked but we ended up with a session of mutual masturbation (something we had not done since we were 13 years old) A bonus to this was that he felt obliged to show me sexual pictures of his wife Anna at our next meeting withthe same result

Jim and Anna regularly came to our house to play cards and as the wine flowed there was uaually quite a bit of sex talk.Jane decided that as Jim had seen her masturbating with a cucumber it was only fair that Anna should see me wearing the cock cage.So at the next card night as moredrink was taken Jane sugggested strip poker which was agreed upon.As previously instucted I made a point of losing and was soonleft wearing the bondage toy..This brought about a lot of teasing from the other three but Jane would not allow me to cover myself. After Jim and Anna went home she also refused to give me the key and threatened to leave my cock in theer for a week.However she did let it out the next morning though warning me she had plans for longer sessions if I did not behave myself.

We are continuing to experiment and I am now completely under he her sexual contol.

Last Friday I came in from the gym to find Jane and Julia looking at the photos on the laoptop having put away the best part of a bottle of wine.

Jane said Julia really likes the bondage one of you and I have told her she cansee it live.. I was a bit scared but agreedand Jane tied me up as before then called Julia into the bedroom.

She then put a sleep mask on me which completely blidfolded me leaving me to listento the pair of them stripping off and using the vibrator.

I was left like that for ages then after Julia left we had the most explosive sex ever.

Our relationship has completely turned round but I am loving it and am looking forward to being exhibited to all 3 girls next week.

I don't know where this will all end but Jane has just ordered a large strap on from an on line sex shop.!!




Submitted: February 09, 2016

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