Dungeon Domination

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: BDSM Erotica

A dominant husband arranges for his wife to continue to experience domination by the owners of a dungeon while he is away on business


Jan and I were the first to institute a swingers group in our area and we have progressed to developing a fully fitted out S &M dungeon on a commercial basis,

Ian and Laura were the first couple we contacted and they have been our most regular clients.

Therefore when Ian approached me to continue his regular domination sessions with Laua when he had to travel away on business.

He would text mewith the activities to be carried out and we would film them and forward them to his laptop.

Laura was excited particularly as all of this would be carried out in full view of any of our clients who were in the dungeon at the time.

On the first night she was strapped to the upright Xframe in the middle of the room and fitted with a ball gag and tight nipple clamps linked to a clit clamp

by a light chain.

Jan then gave her a strict going over with a soft leather cat of nine tails finishing by pushing the handle up her by now soaking wet cunt !

She was then left on the frame while others in the room took photographs on their mobile phones.

Ian was delighted with the footage and texted his instructions for the next session.

In order togive her some recovery time it was simply for har and Jane to strip each other and jointly tomasturbate to orgasm using a double ende dildo in front of the whole group.

This had been a regular feature of our swinging sessions and always enjoyed by both.

Back to solo work next time when she had to settle herself on the dildo set into the saddle of the large rocking horse which was a new addition which was a new addition to the dungeon.

She then had to rock violently back and forth ending with me ejaculating over her naked body.

For Ian's last night away he decided to turn the tables on me because we had always had a competitive edge to our sexual challenges,

I was to be fastened down over the bondage bench while wearing only black stockings and suspenders while Jane locked my cock and balls into a metal chastity cage.

Laura was then to fuck me hard with a large stap on.

Ww had talked about doing thid during one of our swinging meetings butt I had always backed down.

However this time I felt that I had to go through withit and actually enjoyed taking the submissive role more than I thought I would..

After screwing me Laura had herself tied onto the electric fucking machine directly in front of me and proceded to to undergo multiple orgasms which was realy frustrating for me

with my cock fatened as it was.

When it came time to unlock the chastity cage Jane got into the act by offering me a choice of two keys.Needless to say I chose the wrong one and she left my cock out of action until

the next morning. She meantime was using her rabbit vibrator on herself to add to my discomfort.

Laura is looking forward to the next time Ian is away and Jan is suggesting that I should go away for a long weekend sometime as she wants to recreate the scenario for herself..


Submitted: March 01, 2016

© Copyright 2021 left24fielld. All rights reserved.

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Alyson Williams

Nice writing. Looking forward to more adventures with these couples. Always interested in the BDSM genre (is it a genre??)

Mon, July 25th, 2016 3:31am

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