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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man goes insane after loosing his job, his boss's son suffers for the father's crime.

*Squick….Shrew Shrew Shrew….Thunk!* 

The juicy, strange sound had come for hours now, followed by a light sawing sound and finally the heavy thump on the floor of Andy’s apartment. The thumps were different sizes, some large, some small, all messy, he was happy he had put down a tarp before he had started this, after so long you learned tricks to make jobs easier and cleaner. The tiles wouldn’t get dirty, but the blood…there was so much blood, thankfully there were plenty of old hotel towels to soak it up with. 

He wiped his brow, the young man sweating from so much physical labor. He grinned as he had finally finished cutting up all he could, between blood soaked hands he pulled up the wide eyed, severed head of a young boy. He loved the white blond hair that had all been real and not a wig, those crystal blue eyes had been especially beautiful when he had cut off the first toe from the boy’s body. The sock gag in the kid’s mouth preventing him from letting the horrible scream escape loud enough for anyone but Andy to hear.He watched the blood drip from that all too pale head, coloring the dead boy’s hair at the ends, making such a mess. He set that head down and let fingertips touch one of his eyes, feeling the orbs starting to decompress, it wouldn’t be long before they would be like balloons that had lost some of their air, but for now they were perfect.

“I wish I could keep your pretty eyes, but that wouldn’t be smart, now would it…?” He said with a smirk to the corpse. “No, no…If I keep evidence I’ll get caught…then what point is there to all this…?”

One week ago, close to Halloween. Andy had been a normal office worker, even though he had grown up on a farm, his father a butcher, his mother a housewife, but Andy had come to the big city and made a life for himself, his office job paid well and he liked to think he made a difference in the company. He strived to be the best salesman he could, a high paid one because of it, his mother had always told him he had a head for sales, as well as numbers.

He was working on the expense accounts for his boss, just something new to learn, or more someone had pawned off their job on him, but Andy was very motivated and never minded it. But he had found out something strange, the boss seemed to be using some of his money for some strange managing conference every month or so, quite a bit each time. He decided to directly ask the head honcho himself about it. He felt so many things, shock, anger, confusion, sorrow. His boss was yelling now, calling someone on his phone. It happened quickly, he asked so innocently and suddenly he had found himself face first on his ass, fired and accused of company sabotage, the man saying he’d never work in that town again, to go back to his farm.

Andy had taken a few days to be mad, and then a few days of job searching, finally shopping for candy for trick or treaters, the holiday was coming quick. 

He was raging inside, livid, but he couldn’t think of anything that would have changed the situation, no one believed him, his old boss was a smooth talker, enough lawyers on hand to be able to make this go away. He had hardly slept, hardly eaten anything, just trying to come up with a plan to get back at the man. Thoughts for the


company’s welfare mixed with the want for revenge, when the perfect opportunity landed in his lap. He was just driving home to get ready for trick or treaters when he saw that boy.

Doras, the boss’s only son, a spoiled boy who tended to get into a lot of trouble to piss off his uptight father, the only son of the family, quite beloved and nice around other people, but he was so rebellious, around fourteen if Andy remembered right, just at the age of not caring what anyone thought about anything he did. He smiled at the outfit the kid wore, something like a noble Frenchman during the time of the revolution, white and embroidered with silvers and golds, expensive looking, the type of costume that made other kids realize what their parent’s monetary status was. Doras had to be a little drunk, he had a flush on his face and a stagger that seemed like a barfly’s as he walked over to Andy’s car, knocking on his window till Andy rolled it down.

“Hey, if you buy me some beer I’ll do something for you on the ride back from the store…” The boy said and winked at him.

It was perfect, too too perfect and before Andy could rethink his options, he nodded to the boy at the window.

“Yeah, 12 pack ok?” He asked as he let the other get in his car.

“Perfect…Now no touching me till we get the beer.” He said with a smirk.

“Yeah I got it…” Andy said, making a turn to the store, but it wasn’t too long before he went right past it, heading to his apartment instead.

“Hey…we just passed the store…” Doras said, looking back to it.

The kid wouldn’t have more than a few seconds before he would feel Andy’s fist against his face, but he didn’t pass out, making Andy grimace that he hadn’t got him on the first go.

“W-What the fuck!?” Doras yelled, blocking his face from more punishment, just to be socked in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

Andy watched Doras slump over and he smirked, hurrying along to his parking garage, driving up to the eleventh floor, soon enough pulling Doras out of the car and into his apartment, thankfull he had found an easy parking spot, not many people home from work, at least not on his floor. He pulled the kid inside, his apartment right on the other side of the parking garage entrance so it was easy to get in completely undetected.

It was about an hour later when Doras woke up, Andy having tied his hands behind his back. He was sitting on a chair he had pulled into his bedroom, watching the kid squirm and realized his mouth had been taped shut too, screaming in a muffled way that made Andy laugh. He got up, tearing the tape off the boy’s mouth.

“Ow! Dammit…you fucking perv! Let me go! Do you know who my father is!?” The man well known enough in that city that even if Andy wasn’t anyone special he would have seen an add with the man’s face on it somewhere.

Andy grabbed Doras by the jaw and snarled at him, narrowing his eyes. “Yeah I know who he is…in fact, you can thank him for what’s going to happen to you, not that you’ll ever see him in this life again.” He said, giving a very unbalanced laugh as he reached to tear the other’s shirt off, then his pants, stuffing one of the kid’s socks in his mouth to keep him from screaming too loud.


“It’s a shame you’re too stupid to know it’s not good to proposition strangers…It’s like you’re asking for this…” Andy said as he roughly bent the boy over, spitting at that tight spot between the boy’s rear cheeks, not much lube at all but it was for his own comfort, not Doras’s. He relished the scream he heard from behind sock fabric as he pressed his cock into the helpless boy beneath him. “Don’t be so upset…it’s what you wanted right? To sell your body for a cheap price, or was it just to make your dad mad at you? I don’t care either way actually.” It had been easy to get aroused, Doras was cute enough, and it was about revenge, not lust. He gave Doras no time to adjust as he started to thrust, just closing his eyes and swimming in the sweet sound of sobbing and screaming till he had reached his own climax, pulling out quickly and watching the boy curl up into a ball on the bed, weeping.

“I’m not going to lie to you Doras…Yes I know your name too…” He said as he fixed his clothing again, a little flushed from what he had just done. “Every second you’re here is going to be hell…but at least you’ll die soon enough…”

Through the time Doras was at Andy’s apartment, only a full day’s time. Andy had stopped though for long enough to go get a drink of water and take his bed sheets to burn.  Locking the boy to his bed and in his bedroom, the only thing for the other to look at in there were motivational posters and a puppy of the day calendar hanging to the side of him.

Andy hummed to himself as he came back with some things he had gotten from a farm equipment place just outside of the city, humming an oddly happy song as he used zip-ties to lash Doras’s ankles and upper arms to the chair he had been sitting in before the boy woke up, setting up a tarp on the kitchen floor before he would move the boy, chair and all to place in the middle.

“If you need to vomit, now’s the time…” Andy said as he pulled the sock from the other’s mouth.

“HEL..MMmmmph!” Came a quickly muffled scream from the boy’s mouth, stifled when Andy stuffed that sock right back in there.

“Well, if you die from choking on your own puke then don’t blame me…” Andy said with a smirk, loving how fiery and scared the young boy’s eyes looked as he tried to glare. “You know…I used to be a farm boy. Something I learned from my dad…he’s a butcher…is how to effectively cut up animals…bones and all.” He brought out a length of wire, two wooden handles at the end. Taking time to put on protective black gloves, Andy looked back to Doras, smiling widely. “This is razor wire…even a girl could use it to cut easily through meat and bone.” He pulled one of the other’s ankles and kept it firmly in place with an elbow digging into the boy’s shin. “I could just cut you up like a pig…but it would be a waste…I’ve never cut up a person before…so this is going to be a learning experience.”  

The process began with a toe, muffled screaming going till Andy had cut all the boy’s toes off, tourniqueting his feet so he wouldn’t die from blood loss so easily, taking the time to talk to Doras as he worked on him, tieing off his wrist to keep the blood from his hands, working on cutting off fingers now.


“You know, your dad is a bad person…He fired me and of course that pissed me off…but the real reason I’m doing this to you is revenge for the company.” Andy said to the weeping boy who was almost loosing consciousness. “You’re going to go to good use though so at least you’ll be doing something good in your life, right?”

Andy cut him up, fingers, hands, arms, legs, by this time the boy had stopped moving all together, though he had a weak pulse. Andy took this time to then cut around the boy’s anus, pulling it out and tieing it off with a bit of twine he had, watching Doras’s body shake, the kid more than likely unconscious from shock but he was still alive, barely.

“It’s finally time to say goodbye Doras, you’ll be with your family soon enough....” He said as he grabbed a large plastic contained that had held ice cream some time before, setting it below the boy’s ass, grabbing a good sharp knife and plunging his hand into Doras’s body. With the knife facing towards the boy’s abdominal wall, making a precise cut along through kin and flesh and the tough cartilage there before he would begin gutting him. He looked up as he pulled Doras’s organs from his body, watching the light fade from his eyes and his body go limp. “Goodnight Doras…”


Andy smiled a bit as he started to set up a very nice care package. He cleaned up everything, took most of it to feed to wild animals in the forest on the other side of the city, the bones he placed in a plastic bag, and under his kitchen cupboard to be dealt with later. He used all his computer skills, now forging a fake box from the Omaha Steak company, along with a card explaining that these were the finest chops of a young steer. The company it was sent from as a gift was something he made up, a place in England that didn’t exist. He soon enough had it all packaged and after a quick costume change into the UPS outfit he had from last Halloween, he would deliver said food. It was only two days after Halloween, making it perfect for him to just deliver something randomly, ungodly easy to paint an old van to look like an ups special deliveries vehicle. He pulled up to the lovely three story home, perfectly kept yard, all the surroundings very upper class, an elite cul-de-sac. He greeted Doras’s mother, keeping his hat low to hide his face a bit and having her sign the papers and receive the meat before he would take off to dump the van.They would eat it all of course, and no one would know till a bright sunny day, some odd months ago, a letter sent anonymously to tell them what they had eaten, placing blame on the father for his ‘evil deeds’.Andy had already cleaned every inch of his home, burned the chair and sheets, ground the boy’s bones into a powder and spread them over five different cities, having moved back home, back to the farm with his father. He thought that perhaps he had a knack for being a butcher.

They never did find the ‘killer’, it was doubtful that they ever would, Andy made sure to check the news papers on any leads, nothing at all was ever turned up, the case became a cold one soon enough. 

Half a year passed before Andy moved from home again, opening a butcher shop of his own in a large town, far away from the big city he had lived in before, he was sure he would enjoy his life more so from that day on.

Submitted: February 22, 2008

© Copyright 2021 LeeOnami. All rights reserved.

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Iason Tonyaka

Wow... thats all I have to say... lots of description... damn... I'm not sure what to say... besides... damn.....

Fri, February 22nd, 2008 8:05am


XD glad you...maybe liked it? It's disturbing to say the least. I wanted to write a descript story and so I took the time for the first time to look up subject material on how to cut up a human body. there's a weird amount of info on cannibalism how to on the net. I guess it's good. Makes sure the cannibal's don't get all sick and dead. I'd actually like to watch someone eat a human someday...but not really something I could do myself..I'm weirded out enough eating deer...

Fri, February 22nd, 2008 12:23am

Judgment Seat

Awesome work. I'm listen to death metal right now and this story is more brutal then there lyrics ( which hard feat to do). I just want to ask, I'm writing a story right now about a murderer and I was wondering, could you give me some tips about how to write in vivid detail about cuting up a guys body like you did in this story?

Thu, October 21st, 2010 10:15am

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