Her Mission

Her Mission Her Mission

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She falls asleep knowing she's found her mate, even though she didn't really think she'd ever want one. Between her Master and the Universe, she's all set and as happy as can be.


She falls asleep knowing she's found her mate, even though she didn't really think she'd ever want one. Between her Master and the Universe, she's all set and as happy as can be.


Submitted: December 21, 2015

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Submitted: December 21, 2015



Her mission clear, she grabs her sword, food, water, and starts heading for the door. She slowly turns around and smiles at her Master, who returns a smile.

"You'll be back before you know it." he says

She just nods, opens the door, and walks out shutting the door behind her. She slings her sword on her back, knowing this is a dangerous mission she thought it best. Not that she'd leave Home without it. Especially with her Master watching so closely.

Her Master, who is tall, dark, and extremely handsome sent her on this mission to find someone who could be his apprentice. Tough job, but someone's gotta do it, he said. She just doesn't understand why He chose Her. Couldn't someone else do it? she had asked. His answer was no. Go figure.

Armed and dangerous in her own right, she walks the path that he told her to take. This is going to be a long trip, but at least she's healthy, fit, and able to do it. Probably why He chose her. Once on the path, she starts humming a song she heard such a long time ago and she only hums it when she's on missions, such as this one.

Nothing but trees and water along the way. Knowing she's still on the right path after hours of walking, she stops to take a break as she's hungry. Sliding her pack and sword off, setting it down on the ground, she sits down, and takes out some bread and cheese. As she sits and eats, she thinks about her Master and all she's learned from Him. He's taught her to be independent, strong, dangerous, and perfectly capable of taking care of herself on this dangerous land. Humans are everywhere and slowly taking over her Kinds land.

In mid-thought she smells someone before she hears a rustle behind her, quickly grabbing her sword and turning around, she sees a male of her Kind standing in the open and openly staring at her. She looks down and sees that her nipples are hard, as women don't wear a shirt, only arm bands and gloves. Her pants are leather. He's not only staring at her breasts, but her tattoos. She continues watching him, watch her. Her sword ready, she slowly walks toward him.

"Who are you?" she asks cautiously

"I'm Jasek, and you?" comes his reply, still staring at her

"Dragalina." she says

"What kind of name is 'Dragalina'?" he asks stupidly

"One that will you'll remember if I don't kill you first." comes her harsh response

"Why would you kill someone of your own Kind?" he laughingly asks

"Where I come from, you can't trust anyone other than the ones you were raised with- own kind or not." was her proud response

"Oh, anyway, that is a pretty name." trying to save himself

It works as she relaxes slightly, but not enough to let him know it. But, he does-they always do.

"What are you doing out here instead of at Home?" he asks

"That, Sir, is none of your business." she says

"Maybe it is." he argues

"Doubtful." she argues back

"I'm on my way to see Travys." he says

She opens her mouth and quickly shuts it again. That's her Master, why would her Master send her to find someone who is on his way to see Him? she wondered to herself, at least that's what she thought anyway.

He answers, "I can answer that, you've been tricked, sweets, your Master wanted you to go out and find a mate."

Confused, she asks, "A mate?! Why would I want one? I'm quite happy with being with Him."

Ever so ready for answers, "Travys wants you to be happy with someone else. Someone He knows will be good for you. Are you sure you didn't know my name?"

Thinking for awhile, she slowly shakes her head 'no'.

"Okay, maybe we can figure this out after you have eaten your bread and cheese. May I join you?"

Nodding her head, she turns around, starts walking back to her spot, sitting down she grabs her food, and starts eating again. She notices he was right behind her and now sitting beside her, grabbing and eating his own meal. She's confused, tired, and angry at her Master for tricking her. Deep down, she knows He just wants the best for her and if it's this male than so be it.

"How do you know you're my mate?" she asks curiously

"You look exactly as Travys described, I just didn't know your name even though I should have." he says

"Oh." she breathes out

He's not hideous, he's actually gorgeous if you like tall, dark, and handsome. Which she does or else, she wouldn't have been with her Master.

Curious, she asks, "So what happens now?"

"We take our time and see how it goes. But, I have to be honest, I found you extremely attractive and that's got me hard as a rock." he admits

Blushing, she looks over at him and notices his hard-on. Never before has she made a male horny, to her knowledge anyway. She's still a virgin and as hard as she tried to seduce her Master, he kept her pure. Now she knows why. The more she stares, she starts getting horny herself. Not like it's the first time, she's ever been.

Shyly she says, "This would be my first time."

Slowly, he says, "I'll be gentle."

She only nods her head and lets him take control. He leans over slowly kissing her breath away before moving in closer to lay her on the hard ground, she moans into his mouth as she kisses him back, trying to take HIS breath away. He groans as he pushes her legs apart with his thigh and lays down on top of her, breaking the kiss.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he nervously yet excitedly asks

"Yes." her reply is slow

He sits up, undoes her pants, slowly slides them down off her legs then her feet. As they don't wear shoes, there's no worry about taking those off. He picks her legs up, spreading them wide apart he looks at her pussy. Her beautiful blonde-silver hair is everywhere, including her unshaven pubes. He loves what he sees, setting her legs back down he notices she's getting uncomfortable and he gently eases her fears.

"It's okay, baby. You're beautiful, everywhere. I'm taking my time and trying not to scare you."

He stands up, undoes his pants, takes them off, and goes back down on his knees in between those long legs of hers. Wishing they were wrapped around his waist and hopefully they soon will be. True to his word, he takes his time, slowly kissing and licking every inch of her. From her breasts to her pussy and back up again. She shivers as instinct takes over and she tries to pull him up and into her.

He stays down by her pussy, flicking his tongue over her outer lips, clit before thrusting his tongue inside her. Wow, she's wet! he thinks. He continues licking her, sucking up her juices before he can't take anymore. He slides up her body, positioning himself at her entrance, he slowly enters her. One inch at a time before he comes to her maiden-head.

Looking down he says, "This is your last chance to stop."

She looks at him, shaking her head, and breathlessly saying, "I don't think so, feels good thus far and I know it will hurt, but we can't stop now."

With the answer he hoped he'd get, he slowly pulls back before thrusting into her, breaking it. She screams, but he stops letting her adjust to him fully. Thankful he does that, she takes a deep breath and nods for him to continue and continue he does. Moving slowly at first he soon picks up speed when she grunts for him to move faster. Her wish is my command he thinks.

After a few minutes, it becomes animalistic hard, rough, fast, and oh so deep. Never-ending. Never slowly down. They both moan and soon she wraps her legs around his waist thrusting up to his downward thrusts.

She screams, "Oh god, Jasek! This feels so good, so natural, so right!"

He grunts in response, knowing she's right. Never has sex felt this great, no matter how many females he's had. He's close, too close, and he wants her to experience her first SEXUAL orgasm, too. He pulls up, reaching between them, he rubs her clit. She can't help it, she starts shuddering hard.

"OH MY GOD!" she screams loud

Her body is trembling, her pussy tightening and loosening and he can't help himself and cums as deep as he can possibly get inside her. They'll be married soon anyway. He smiles at thought. Breathing hard, he pulls out and lays beside her.

She catches her breath first, exclaiming her happiness, "I have never felt like that before, granted I was a virgin, but in general nothing has ever made me feel THAT good before. So natural."

He smiles at her, saying, "Neither have I."

Stretching and yawning, sh
e says, "I'm sleepy now."

Laughing he responds, "Go to sleep sweetheart, you've used a lot of energy. I'll be here when you wake up."

She falls asleep knowing she's found her mate, even though she didn't really think she'd ever want one. Between her Master and the Universe, she's all set and as happy as can be.

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