Cabin Romance, Lust, & Love

Cabin Romance, Lust, & Love Cabin Romance, Lust, & Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The building orgasm is now strong enough to drench his cock, which he likes...L O V E S.


The building orgasm is now strong enough to drench his cock, which he likes...L O V E S.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Cabin Romance, Lust, & Love

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The building orgasm is now strong enough to drench his cock, which he likes...L O V E S.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 20, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 20, 2015



"Ooh, it's raining. It's so peaceful.", she says as she looks out the cabin window.

"Yes, it is.", he says as he comes up behind her, wrapping his arms around her to look out the window with her.

She leans back against him, she feels so protected, safe, and loved right here, in his arms. They went up to a cabin far away, it's a nice sized log cabin in deep woods where she can do her magic stuff. It has a huge fire pit, which is perfect for what she wants to do. She loves nature and loves being with him, so it was nice that he wanted to come with her, but that's not the only reason why she wanted to come here nor is it his.

He holds her tighter, never letting her go but he knows that she'll never go anywhere. She's his forever. His and his alone. This time will be for everything; romance, love, passion, lust, and so much more.

She slowly turns in his arms, putting her hands on his chest she slides them up slowly before wrapping her arms around his neck, drawing him down to her she kisses him and he returns it. She lets him go and starts to move out of his arms, she walks towards the couch that's in the middle of the 'living room'. She's content, happy just being with him, around him. She loves him so much and misses him when he's gone.

He follows her, sitting down when she does. She smiles, he so loves that smile. Loves making her smile. Loves her period.

She turns to face him, leaning against the back and arm of the couch. He's watching her, wondering what she's up to. But, all she does is smile.

"This rain is making me horny, not just peaceful. There's just something about rain falling down making everything wet that turns me on."

She's wearing a jogging suit with nothing on underneath. Why wear a lot of clothes...or clothes at all? But, wearing nothing at all would make one or both of them have just a one track mind. But, right now, that's exactly what she has...a one track mind.

She unzips her jogging jacket, never taking her eyes off him just as he never takes his eyes off her. She slowly takes it off, doing a little striptease. Standing up, she unties her jogging pants and slowly hooking her thumbs in the waistband and ever so slowly slides them down off her hips, down her legs, feet. She scoots it out of the way. Now, she's just in a black tank and a black thong.

She hooks her thumbs in the strings and plays with them, teasing him by pushing them down and pulling them back up. Going lower and lower every time. She switches and quickly pulls her tank off. So, she's just standing there in her thong.

She does the same thing again, but then finally she pulls them down and off. Standing there naked, in front of him. The way he's looking at her, the hunger in his eyes, is making her wet. He's itching to get his hands on her...after he gets naked or maybe before. She walks closer to him, managing to get his clothes off before she slides onto his lap, sliding his huge cock into her.

After he's balls deep, she sits still, doing kegels.

Tighten Loosen Tighten Loosen


She starts bouncing on his lap. Hard, harder, harder, fast, faster, faster. Grinding into him, his hands are on her. Touching, grabbing, caressing, squeezing. She loves it!

She speeds up, slows down, speeds up, slows down. Over and over again. She leans towards him, kisses him before going to his neck where she promptly bites him hard, sinking her teeth into his neck. She growls as he fucks her from underneath.

She never stops moving, she just has a hold on his neck with no intention of letting go, at least yet. But, she does so she can kiss him again, iron on her lips, she has drawn blood. She kisses him anyway, licking his lower lip slowly. Letting the taste of her linger, he doesn't seem to mind.

She runs her fingers through his hair, pulling him slightly and kisses him again but harder. She pulls back, dismounting, grabs his hand, pulls him up and runs to the bedroom. Jumping onto the bed, on her back, he quickly follows suit and is back on and in her in seconds. She grunts as he grabs her hands and pulls them up over her head, pinning her as he fucks her.

"Oh god, Julio! Fuck me!"

Though, the mere mention of his name makes her pussy quake. She squirms under him, fucking him as he fucks her. Harder and faster, harder and faster. Hard and slow.

"Julio..Julio..Julio...Julio!" her pussy is quivering.. triple time with what he's doing to her and her calling his name.

He plows her so fucking hard! She loves every second of it. She pulls her hands out from under his and goes straight to his back where she digs her nails into it. He's making noises, she loves those noises.

She stops digging and starts caressing his back. Running her fingers and hands up and down, slowly before moving them to his chest where she starts rubbing his nipples which are hard. She starts rubbing faster, rolling them in between her pointer and thumb. She stops and starts scratching his chest. Up and down, up and down, then moving back to his back and promptly digs her nails into him again.

Did he just grunt? Growl? Moan? Hmmm, a noise.

She slides her hands down to his hips where she pushes him into her before digging her nails into him. This is animalistic almost. She can't get enough. Doesn't want to stop, but it will.

"Cum with me, Julio. Fill me as I cum for you."

The building orgasm is now strong enough to drench his cock, which he likes...L O V E S.

"Julio..Julio..JULIO!", she cries as she shatters around him knowing he is filling her. He's tense and holding still against her. She slowly lifts her hips as her orgasm fades. Pushing him in deeper.

Both are panting. He struggles to roll off her, but with her help, he lands on his back. She rolls onto her side, with her head on his shoulder and her hand over his heart, moving her fingers in small circles. Sleepy, happy, relaxed, and content, she falls asleep. In his arms.

By the time she wakes up it's dark, pouring, and she's hungry. She notices he isn't there, so she gets up, putting her silky leopard print robe on, she walks out to the 'kitchen'. There he stands, naked...and is he cooking..gotta love when a man cooks? Yes, YAY, food!

The smell is both intoxicating and making her stomach queasy. She's hungry but not starving. She makes her way over to one of the stools at the bar, sitting down. She's zoning and he's looking at her, with a worried look on his face.



"Aren't you going to eat?"

"Um, maybe." she's unfocused on whatever it is he sat in front of her. She eats anyway. Now, starving.

She has it all gone before she could even taste it.

"Guess, I am, did. Was starving after all."

"Thank you.", she says as she hops off the stool, walking to the living room, she sits on the couch.

She feels better, lots better. She gets up from the couch, grabbing his hand, she leads him back into the bedroom. Where they stay for hours, all she wants is to be held, and that's exactly what he does. Eventually, she falls asleep again.

When she wakes up again its daylight and the rain has stopped, her back is pressed against his chest with his arm wrapped tightly around her. Her robe has untied itself and is up over her hips.. or maybe he did it? Who knows, it doesn't matter. She just lays there and listens to him breathe.

Peaceful, easy, calm. He's safe just like she is. Noone can break what they have, it's too strong. Noone knows where they are and there's noone around for miles.

She rubs her ass against his cock, it's already hardening anyway might as well make it hard for a reason other than why. She 'dances' against him, laying there, on their sides. She lifts her leg slightly, sliding him in between her legs, straight into her pussy.

She lowers her leg once he's all the way inside her, she lays still. Loving the fullness of him, completed. She slowly scoots back and down, forcing him in deeper. She notices his breathing has changed, he's awake, but he's pretending otherwise. She rocks against him, he starts to move his arm to touch her.

"Mmm, Julio.", she moans.

She grabs onto the side of the bed and rolls onto her stomach, he's right there with her. Getting up on her hands and knees, she takes off her robe that was falling off anyway andgrabs a pillow and pushes it under her. He's stroking her back, scratching it before leaning down and kissing and biting it. Her whole body shivers, she pushes back against him.

Then, she feels the sting as she hears and feels the...

Smack Smack Smack

"Ouch! Oooh!"

Smack Smack Smack

"Ooooh! Keep doing that!"

Smack Smack Smack

Her ass cheeks are getting red.

Smack Smack Smack

"Oooh, baby!"

He stops spanking her and starts thrusting in and out of her. Harder, faster, harder, faster...DEEPER! She's grunting and he's growling. She uses her kegels to make herself even tighter.

"Oh Julio!" "Mmm!"

She manuvers the pillow out from under her and lays on her stomach. He continues to fuck her harder, harder, faster, faster. Soon, she's creaming his cock and he's creaming her insides. She lays there, on her stomach and waits for him to dismount, which he does very, very slowly.

After he lays down, she gets up and stretches. Ah, what a GREAT way to start the day! She makes her way to the bathroom, turns on the shower, just when it's right she steps in and lets the water run all over her. She washes her beautiful black hair and body, rinsing off, turning the water off, steps out, moves to the sink to brush her teeth then wrapping a robe around her as she walks back to the bedroom.

Standing at the foot of the bed...

"Morning, how'd you sleep?"

"Great, had you in my arms all night."

"Mm, that you did."

"So, what's the plan for the day?"

"Nothing, it's tonight that's big."

"Okay, what happens tonight?"

"You get to watch your Pagan Princess do her magic in person."


"Up close and personal you get to see me do stuff noone really has before."


"You'll see."

She gets a pair of hip huggers, a see through white tank, a pair of black cotton panties, and tosses them on the bed. She unties the robe, letting it slip from her body, her hair wet and dripping down her face, neck, shoulders, chest. She goes and gets her clothes, putting them on..with everything else needed. She looks DAMN good.

She gets her PIMP hat, puts it on, and poses for him. She tilts the hat and smiles at him. She blows a kiss at him before turning around and walking out to the living room, putting her shoes on, she goes outside, thankful the trees cover much of the sun, but she ends up at the fire pit which is more like a bond fire area than anything that isn't, obviously around trees. She breathes in the air, inhaling deeply before exhaling.

She closes her eyes and breathes normally relaxing. She opens her eyes, kneels down, draws a pentagram in the wet dirt, standing up, she turns around and notices he is close behind her. She smiles.

She shivers, gets hot, shivers again.

"Are you cold?"


"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, baby. They are power surges. Might not have to wait until tonight. And, tonight's the full moon."

"How do you know?"

"Hmm, duh!"

She laughs

"It's okay though. I might not need to do this anyway. I don't think I will, actually. I'm suddenly not in the mood to do it. Which is okay, I don't HAVE to do it. Let's go back in. These surges are strong and I need to sit down."

She walks up to him, wraps her arms around his neck, pulls him down, kisses him, pulls back, grabs his hand, and leads him inside where she leads him to the couch. She pushes him down onto it. Takes her PIMP hat off, flinging it across the room, next comes shoes, they go too. She moves closer to him and then straddles his lap, pulling his hair back and whispers in his ear "I love you, baby. Forever." before kissing his cheek then his lips.

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