Broken World

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

It had been ten long years since Tate had seen Deacon and even longer since the virus hit. The new world had broken their marriage and now they are expected to work together once again? There was too much history between them for this to ever end well.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

A first draft so needs a touch of editing! Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Tate drummed her fingers on the steering wheel as she waited. She knew Deacon would be out because now his little girlfriend had been see... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Tate tried desperately tried to fight off the sleep that was trying to take over her body. The antibiotics were amazing at killing any na... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Cole’s place was a shitty little fortress, filled with scum, prostitutes and criminals. Tate often stopped here on her travels, mostly ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Tate sat at the bar and nursed her drink as Tank ordered some food. He plopped himself back down next to her and pulled her in for a hug,... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Deacon had stayed at the bar for a little while, trying desperately not to think about Tate and what she was likely doing with Tank. He k... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Tank had gone with Mel, in an effort to throw people off their tracks, they were also taking Tate’s truck in case anyone was watching. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Tank stood as headlights lit the horizon, he gun drawn even though he recognised the sound of the car, it was his car. Mel had passed out... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

The rain began slowly at first, the group packed up quickly as the drops grew heavier and faster. Lightening lit up the skies around them... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

The Tavern was bursting at the seams by the time Tate and Deacon got there. Deacon held her hand and pulled her through the crowd, spotti... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Deacon had his hands either side of Tate’s head, his face inches from hers as she shook with rage. They had made it through the grim ni... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Tate jumped out of the car before it had even properly stopped, her stomach unable to keep the blood down any longer. Sobs shook her body... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

The settlement was a small, gated community, large houses, and top end security back in the day when the world was normal. They hadn’t ... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Tate watched as the blood circled the drain, her stomach flipped and she heaved. There was nothing left to throw up but it didn’t make ... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Tate and Deacon sat on the balcony, wrapped in blankets and each other’s arms. Sasha had once again started screaming during their seco... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Deacon had stayed outside for the rest of the evening, he desperately wanted to be near Tate but his head was a mess. Tank had said somet... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Tate packed up her truck and loaded it with some more bottles of water and some food while Tank and Mel had gone off to thank the guy who... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Tate could feel Deacon’s rage as they followed Nathan to the control room, she knew Nathan could feel it too since he ordered everyone ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

Dinner had always been a communal affair at the compound, Tate watched as everyone started getting their plates of food and joining each ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Tate wasn’t really sure what time it was but it was late, most people had already gone to bed. Tank sat next to her and watched the roo... Read Chapter