A Good Servant

A Good Servant A Good Servant

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Cory is a 21-year-old sent to serve in Drena, after three years of grueling training. Although he is meant to remain pure, as Masters only use sex slaves to vent off their lust, his Master, a handsome dangerous man named Xavier, the ruler of the beautiful city, takes him on the first day in the household. From there, Cory gets trapped in a world of lust, treachery, intrigues and political machinations. Without his or anyone's knowing, evil lurks inside the white city, and little does Cory knows that he will be the center of a revolution that will change everything, not only in Drena, but on the entire continent. Seduction is a powerful tool, but it is love that will make Cory realize, in the end, what matters most.


Cory is a 21-year-old sent to serve in Drena, after three years of grueling training. Although he is meant to remain pure, as Masters only use sex slaves to vent off their lust, his Master, a handsome dangerous man named Xavier, the ruler of the beautiful city, takes him on the first day in the household. From there, Cory gets trapped in a world of lust, treachery, intrigues and political machinations. Without his or anyone's knowing, evil lurks inside the white city, and little does Cory knows that he will be the center of a revolution that will change everything, not only in Drena, but on the entire continent. Seduction is a powerful tool, but it is love that will make Cory realize, in the end, what matters most.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Master Like No Other

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 27, 2017



He was waiting patiently for his turn. He knew he held no power over what was going to happen, but still, he had a modicum of hope that he would not end up with a bad master. The training had been hard enough; all the young men prepared to serve in the lavish houses of Drena were talking endlessly about the life of luxury and delights waiting for them behind the heavy iron doors of the Institution. As soon as they reached 21 years of age, they were considered old enough and trained enough to serve the masters.

The last three years had been hellish, as far as Cory could remember. When he'd gone to apply for a simple worker position at the factory, they had rejected him, telling him he was too pretty for that kind of work. At the time, he had no idea what being pretty had to do with anything. Unfortunately for him, soon enough he found out.

Cory seriously doubted that things would change once they were sent to their masters. What kind of masters needed that kind of unforgiving training? After all this time, he still had felt a chill down his spine, remembering how the wooden device was shoved slowly down his throat, forcing him to ignore his gag reflex. He vaguely knew that this kind of training was needed for entertaining the masters' stables of pleasure slaves. On the other hand, any manifestation of sexual desires between the walls of the Institution was badly punished. When two of the boys had been caught kissing, they had been beaten so badly by the servant wranglers that they had to be sent eventually to work the factories, their beauty compromised forever. What had been worse, the rest had been forced to watch their punishment.

What stood behind that reasoning of keeping them pure in one way and shamelessly dirty in another was beyond Cory's comprehension. But he knew one thing, unlike the others. That any master they would get, the hell would just continue.

They were set in lines, apart from one another, so that their would be masters would have plenty of room to examine them thoroughly. The fact that they were naked was the least of their concern. They would be probed and touched and verified everywhere. The biggest fear, after all, was that they would be deemed unfit. A certain percentage was always rejected. Some went back to training. Others were sent to hard work, in factories, a fate that seemed a death of some sort for many of them. Cory had no such fears. He would have preferred working hard but honestly instead of being trained and taught to fawn over empty headed slaves and their hypocritical masters.

It was not a matter of choice, though. Apparently, his fate had been already drawn by others, and he held no control over it. It didn't help, either, that he was quite a sensual being, by nature. Being forced to perceive any sexual activity they had been trained for as just duty, a necessity with no further consequences for a task well done had been particularly painful. He had almost had a lover a long time ago, in a life that had happened before being sent to be chewed and spit by the bowels of the Institution. He still had his regrets that he hadn't lost his virginity back then, to the boy he'd been in love with.

Arousal of any kind was strictly forbidden. Any sign of such a thing was strictly punished. Cory could vouch that a cane over an aroused member was the worst kind of pain. "You are nothing but a convenience, an utility, molded to serve. Such lewd desires will be quashed." Those were just some of the words the trainers at the institution kept on telling them. And many of them were transformed into senseless dummies. Cory was not, unfortunately for him, one of them. He hadn't dared to stimulate himself in a long time, but that didn't mean they could enter his thoughts, deny him the desire he still nurtured inside himself that someday he would be held, embraced and loved by another human being. As he grew up, transforming into at young man, dark desires began assaulting his mind; surrounded by beautiful boys of the same age, he started fantasizing. Sometimes he thought about being held down and penetrated by the others, used as a recipient of their pent up desires. He dreamed about sucking their beautiful cocks until his mouth was full. He never acted on his desires, though. Being forced into abstinence was a really tough punishment for Cory. Knowing that a life without sex was waiting for him made him desperate.

He was pulled out of his mind by the low murmurs. It was a clear sign that the buyers were there. All the servants assumed the position, their eyes cast down, their hands tightly held together at their back, their legs parted. It was an unforgivable impudence for a servant to raise his eyes, to see the masters.

A soft swish of clothes was the only sign that the masters were already present. Questions were never asked; it was assumed that the trainers had done a perfect job, so the only procedure applied was this visualization session. If a master liked what he saw, he took. That was all.

He could tell by the sound of steps that some of the young men around him were already being taken away. Finally, someone stopped next to him. A gloved hand touched his chest slowly, examining him. Cory could not breathe. It was finally there, the moment when he was going to be taken away, and condemned forever to serve as an appliance in some master's home.

The hand continued, steadily, its explorations. It was now touching the small of his back, just under his clasped hands, then it suddenly descended on his buttocks, squeezing one hard.
He knew he should have stood still. But, despite his better judgment, he jolted and snapped his head up, looking straight at the manhandling him like he was nothing but a toy. If the man was surprised, he didn't show it. Cory stared into a pair of cold grey eyes for a couple of long seconds, before he was grabbed by strong hands to be taken away.

He could hear the trainer's low voice apologizing, like through a haze. But then he saw the owner of those steel eyes making a small gesture, and he was let go. He breathed heavily through his mouth. He'd been close to being rejected; he'd missed his chance. Desperately, he searched for the grey eyes again. He opened his mouth to say something, to yell, or do something outrageous, but the gloved hand covered it swiftly, and a short change of glances determined him to keep it shut. He nodded imperceptibly, and the hand moved, caressing his cheek briefly.

The custom demanded that the servant was going to be 'packed' by the trainers and sent to the master's house. So Cory was surprised to see himself pushed to move behind his new master, completely naked. He didn't say anything. After all, shame was not something servants knew or understood. So he started treading lightly behind the man now owning him. His soles felt the ground he was stepping on as if was trying to bind him, but he forced his feet to move, and follow his fate.


Now he was standing in front of his new master who was comfortably seated on a lavish chair, his hands crossed in his lap, with what looked like an amused look on his face. Cory could not help staring. The man was handsome, much more beautiful than any other he had seen in his short life. He had short brown hair, neatly combed over his head, and high cheekbones, lovingly balanced by sensual lips. The gray eyes no longer looked so cold. They even had a certain warmth in them.

"So, am I passing the test?" a deep, baritone worthy voice asked, and Cory blushed deeply. Being fair skinned, with blond hair and light blue eyes, his embarrassment was easy to read.

"I ... I don't really understand the question, master."

"Oh, but I think you do. Cory, why did you raise your eyes? You know the punishment for it."

Cory's forehead became all wrinkles.

"Do not over think it. Just tell me."

"I ... master touched me."

He looked with frightened eyes at the man on the chair. Even seated, he looked so tall, compared to Cory's smaller frame. Was the man wanting to learn the truth?

"And? Am I not allowed to touch you?" The man seemed amused.

Cory shook his head. "Forgive me, master. I have no idea what got into me."

He fell to his knees, letting his head touched the man's shoes in obedience.

"I didn't tell you that you could kneel," the man's voice became thicker.

Cory got up, trembling. He felt fear, pure and deep, turning his blood into ice. He knew what the trainers could do to him. What a master could do with a worthless servant, he didn't.

"Speak. Loud and clearly. Don't even think about lying."

"I wanted ... not to be touched. I wanted to be free," he said with difficulty, swaying slightly on his feet.

Laughter made him stop. He looked at the man, not sure if he could believe his ears. His new master was laughing so hard, it made the chair creak. In the end, the laughter subdued. "Well, Cory, you certainly are entertaining. I somehow felt you would be different. So, to make things clear, come closer."

Cory moved, although his feet felt like lead. He noticed how the man's hands were still in his black leather gloves, so tight that he could see the outlines of the knuckles through the material. Like a magician trying to warm up before a trick, the hands stretched, flexing long, elegant fingers.

"Let's see," the voice grew deeper, laced with promises. Cory was pulled closer by the gloved hands firmly grabbing his buttocks. He gasped. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to focus on letting his mind go blank, as his master started kneading his buttocks, parting them and getting closer and closer to his rear entrance. He felt his organ twitching; he knew he was expected to behave like a sexless being. Soon, his new master would learn the truth and he would be shamed, sent back to training or worse.

"Stop," he begged. "Master, please."

"Why? Open your eyes, Cory."

With great difficulty, he did. The gray eyes stared into his, then traveled down to his groin. When their eyes connected again, the master was smiling.

"So, no amount of beating at the Institution was enough to drive sensuality out of you ... Is this what you are trying to hide?"

Cory nodded, lost for words.

"Good," the man said shortly. "Let's set some ground rules, Cory. My name is Xavier, and I am your master. My first request is that you forget about what you were taught about having to hide your arousal."

The look on the young man's face must have been priceless. Xavier chuckled softly. "Really, they should not insist so much on forcing servants against their nature as males. Sooner or later, they are all used for this, by slaves and even their masters."

By masters? Cory stared at his master in disbelief. "But masters have their pleasure slaves, who are much more beautiful," he spoke, without thinking.

"Glad to see that the cat didn't get your tongue, Cory. I do not keep such slaves. I found them completely boring."

"But ... isn't it ... odd?"

Xavier laughed again. "What does the color of my clothes tell you, Cory?"

It was only then that Cory looked closer at the man's attire. He was completely dressed in black, austere clothes. Surrounded by luxury, slaves, and servants, the rulers, the highest class of masters, had only one restriction to abide by. Their clothes could be no other color but black.

"Master, you are among the rulers," he whispered.

"Not very perceptive, are you?" Xavier chuckled. "However, the point is that I can do everything I want, including having fun with my newly acquired servant."
Cory gulped.

"I have one curiosity," the man's hands started moving again, this time going upwards, caressing Cory's flanks. "How did you manage to fool them? A simple touch is making you hot like this."

Then Xavier changed his tactic, this time choosing to touch Cory's nipples, rubbing them between his index fingers and thumbs, mercilessly.

"Master," the young servant almost shouted. "No one touched me ... so no one knew I didn't ... respond to training."

"No one has ever touched you?"

Cory hesitated. This wasn't missed by clever gray eyes. "Who touched you?" Xavier's voice became suddenly harsh. "I don't intend to tolerate this. If you are not a virgin, I will send you back."

The servant felt a pang in his chest. He didn't want to be sent back. A single tear fell on his cheek. "I had a lover once. But he didn't, ... we didn't go all the way."

"Turn and bend," the master demanded, and he did as told.

A finger entered him harshly and he cried out. He was pushed on his fours on the plush carpet, and his butt cheeks were parted roughly. "You are saying that you are still a virgin?"

"Yes, master."

"Then we must remedy this situation. I will take you now, Cory."

"Yes, master."

"I wasn't asking for your approval. Come and make it wet. This is your first punishment. For letting someone touch you."

Cory felt weak to his knees. He felt as if he should have argued, but he knew better. As he turned, on his hands and knees, he was faced with the man's organ, released from tight black pants. It was engorged, angry looking, a thick vein on its tight surface. What made him in fear was the size, though. He used his mouth to grab the head and engulf it in his hot cavern. He was trembling on the inside, but in the same time, he was feeling the familiar warmth in his belly. He was aroused, his an organ bobbing between his legs, painful in its needy desire.

The servant moaned with the head of his master's cock in his mouth. He lapped at it, sucking it. Xavier caressed his hair and laughed softly. "I should not be mad at you ... shouldn't I? Tell me, Cory, do you want your master inside you? You're still a virgin, don't forget."

Cory let the hard organ out of his mouth to respond. "Please, master, I want all of you inside me," he whispered. Long thick eyelashes fluttered, as the servant got back to his task. This time, he took more into his mouth, pushing the man's cock deep inside, down his throat, revelling in the sensation of being filled so perfectly. His master allowed his ministrations, his breath becoming ragged, as well.

He was taken by surprise when the long hard cock was pulled away from his mouth. He whimpered at the loss.

"Don't worry, Cory, you will satisfy your master later with your mouth. I am really looking forward to enjoying your oral skills. You really seem to have a knack for it, too. Now, lie on your back and part your legs. Pray that you did a good job at getting my cock wet enough."

Cory felt as if he didn't mind anything. But when the blunt head pushed against his entrance, his fear got back in full force, waning his erection. "Master, please, I'll die!"

"Use your saliva," Xavier demanded curtly, withdrawing a little. Cory hurriedly complied.

When his master pushed again, he closed his eyes tightly, trying hard to relax. He felt warm breath on his face, ghostly like. "You will not die. You will love it."

The master had to be wrong. The excruciating pain made him scream, as the entire length was pushed inside him. The man remained still, letting the smaller body adjust. Cory felt the pain receding and slowly opened his eyes. His master was looming over him, watching him intently. "I will move now, Cory. Trust me."

And he did. As his master moved inside him, his pain turned into discomfort, then slowly into an unfamiliar ache. Suddenly, the man changed the angle, and Cory grabbed at the strong arms, crying out, this time in pleasure. It felt as if his own stiff organ was rubbed at its roots from the inside and he let himself prey to the sensation.

"Don't touch yourself," the command came, and he bit his lip. It was nothing he wanted more right now. His master was slamming hard inside him, thrusting with incredible force, and he felt helpless. Liquid came unbound, spewed from his untouched organ, feeling him with a pleasure so intense his eyes rolled in his head.

"You came without being allowed to," Xavier commented through his own grunts.

It didn't look like his master was upset, though. If anything, the servant's disobedience seemed to have triggered a new level of arousal in Xavier, who was now moving so fast, it made Cory's back rub against the thick carpet like he was without his own capacity to dictate his moves on his own. When the master voiced his release, Cory felt happy. Fulfilled.

Withdrawing slowly from his servant's lovely body, Xavier commented. "A natural bottom, this is what you are, Cory. Now open your mouth."

His own essence was gathered from his belly by gloved fingers, then pushed into his mouth, while he was still trying to catch his breath. He sucked at the fingers, tasting himself and expensive leather. That earned him another appreciative chuckle from his master.

"Have you ever tasted a man's essence?"

"No, master. They trained my mouth, but not with the real thing."

"So, what do you think?"

"I want to taste master's, too."

"Cory, you sly fox, you just got over your interview."


"I never hire servants unless I try them personally. And I must say you are the first to pass it with flying colors."

"Do you have many servants, master?"

"Not at the moment, no. I am afraid you will have to look after this big house on your own. And, of course, after me," Xavier added smiling.

Cory looked at his master with admiration in his eyes. His forehead was caressed briefly. "You belong to me now, Cory. You will like it here. Now, prepare the bath. I seemed to have exerted myself a little," the master added with a smug smile.

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