Planned intruder

Planned intruder Planned intruder

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Webbo is a gentle soul and a burdened one at that. He shares his body with a troublesome intruder that comments on his day to day life constantly. Webbo soon finds himself at odds with his mind intruder as he is thrown into a very sexy situation with the beautiful Faye....


Webbo is a gentle soul and a burdened one at that. He shares his body with a troublesome intruder that comments on his day to day life constantly. Webbo soon finds himself at odds with his mind intruder as he is thrown into a very sexy situation with the beautiful Faye....


Submitted: June 19, 2015

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Submitted: June 19, 2015



Why am I here you ask? Stupidity. Pure and simple. I know I'm too nice, but calling me a fool is going a bit far. I hear you muttering under your breath. I'm a doorman I hear everything. 

In a way I'm just doing my job. She's our best dancer and Mr Lennox will want his investment protected. He's the boss and it's my duty to serve him. The club has to run like clockwork. 

Shut up with the stalker bollocks! I just keep her safe. Trouble follows this one around. I heard that. For the last time I don't follow her. Why are you out to get me? You drive me fucking insane sometimes. 

Faye is delicate and she's always been decent to me. Those other stuck up whores don't give me the time of day, but she always lets on. She's special and deserves better then what she's been dealt. Especially that bloke of hers, Vinnie. 

A cunt of the highest order that one and someone I'd love to give a dig a at some point. He beats her. The scum leaches off her earnings and beats her for her efforts. Bastard. Still she allows it. Why is anyone's guess. I'll never understand women. 

I heard that and all, you cheeky fucker. I've fucked women before. Loads. We'll fall out if you keeping talking shit mate. Alright one bird, you happy now? Why bother asking when you know it was Faye. It was a one off, that's all. She was my first and only. 

Shut the fuck up now we're here. I can see that no ones in. What gave it away Einstein, the fact that we're still on this side of the door or the twenty unanswered knocks? I swear and you call me the simpleton. 

Nah I can't leave it. I've got to check on her. I could kick it in but that would just get me my collar felt, so let's try using my card. Well would you look at that it's open. That's why I hate door handles on a front door. You never know whose going to pop in. I heard that. I won't say it again. I'm here to help. 

She's been missing for two fucking days. I just need to make sure she's okay. No I don't love her and I'll give you a slap if you say it again. It's purely professional. So let me get on with it eh? 

Walking into the flat made my heart sink. The nicotine stained wallpaper and filthy carpet made feel itchy. She deserves so much better. 

Yeah I know it's grubby but it's all she can afford. Plus she keeps it as nice as she can. Look at those elephant ornaments. She loves elephants and often talks about going to one of those rehang farms in Thailand. Piss off I'm not being soppy. We just talked about it that's all. 

"Vinnie is that you?" She shouted. 

Fuck. I should say something but I can't. I stood still like an enormous statue in the tiny hallway. 

What if she chucks me out? You're right I did knock, but most normal people would have left when she didn't answer. You're getting on my tits now! I am normal right and don't you forget it! 

"It's...It's me've been missing and Mr Lennox wanted me to check on you..." My voice was soft. I need to keep it friendly or she'll think I'm some sort of freak. 

"Christ Webbo am I glad to hear your voice! Come through and help me out please..." She spoke again and I didn't need telling twice. 

Holy shit! Are you seeing this? Now I've seen this bird naked many times thanks to my job, but this is beyond that. Christ look at those tits! Silicone but still amazing. I can still remember the feel of them. 

"Webbo are you still there? Sorry I know this is a bit awkward..." She called out with her scarlet lips. Those stunning curves are calling out to me. 

You should look away. You shouldn't even be here really. Fine just keep your mouth shut and give her a bit of dignity. 

You didn't see that. I might have peeped a little, but who wouldn't? Look at that body, she's a goddess. Yeah, yeah I'm being unprofessional I know! She's blindfolded anyway. 

"That bastard tied me up like this making out it was just more kinky sex and then he fucked off! Probably with my wages and all!" Faye sighed heavily making those gorgeous tits move. I swallowed hard trying to get a hold of myself. 

Shut up you and stop nagging me for two seconds so I can untie her. 

My heart hammered in my chest as I touched her soft olive skin. The restraints are on tight. The red skin makes me angry. I fought to hold it in. I need to remain stoic. I'm Webbo, infamously quiet and unaffected by most. All except this angel. A real pain in my arse.

I thought you'd pop up again. Why can't you just piss off? I don't need you here. I never asked you to open your trap did I? I said she'd need help and look at her. Tied up and robbed. 

I shook my head. This is getting out of hand. I slipped off her mask and she sat up looking completely unaffected by my presence. 

"That two faced prick is done when I get hold of him. Thanks Webbo..." She smiled as she kneeled up and gave me a very nice, but inappropriate hug. 

Fuck off, I'm not smiling! So what if I'm enjoying it? You fucking would! 

The feel of her body pressed up against mine is unbelievable. It's like a rush as her sweet perfume assaults my senses. I took a whiff of her hair. The coconut scent is there as it was last time. It brings on flashes of her stunning body riding my oversized unit. I've always been built like a brick shithouse. All muscle and no brains my mum used to say. Stupid cow. 

"You're my hero Webbo! Why are you always so good to me?" She looked up at me with those mesmerising eyes and my cock almost flinched in my jeans. It's already straining, already aching for her, the only girl it's ever experienced. 

Seriously you're speaking again now? Does this look like a moment for intervention? I'm in the middle of being thanked here if you don't fucking mind! 

The feel of her hands running up my chest suggestively makes my tree trunk legs weaken. Why is she doing this to me? 

I never asked you! Don't talk shit. What exactly is she using me for then smart arse? To make Vinnie jealous? Don't make me laugh. Why would he be jealous of me? I'm webbo, not fucking Prince Charming. Oh that's real nice thanks.  
I ain't that ugly! I swear if I could see you I'd break your fucking face! 

I trembled all over as she licked along my top lip. I licked it instantly and enjoyed the tantalising taste of her. She smiled as I did so. God this girl is something else. 

Don't say that! She's a gem. What are you on about now? She wouldn't do that to me! Yeah it was easy to get in but most people leave the door open. It was Vinnie anyway. He was probably in a rush to get to the bookies. Just piss off with your theories because Colombo you ain't! 

"Are you okay? You look distracted..." She purred as she planted small kisses along my neck. 

See you've distracted me now and she's noticed! 

"I'm fine..." I spat as the anger for my head intruder spilled out at her. 

"Fuck me Webbo, fuck me like you did last time. Like I mattered..." She almost begged as she grabbed my hand and ran my fingers along her wet crease.

I gulped as my nerves started working up into a frenzy. I stroked her as my breathing became a pant. I could erupt at any second and tried desperately to calm myself down. 

She started to push against my hand and used my wrist to take control of the speed herself. A girl that knows what she wants. My sort of bird. 

I pushed two of my fingers inside her dribbling opening and she clung on to me as I fucked her with my digits. I know how she likes it thanks to our last encounter. She's a damn good teacher. 

She kissed me then as my fingers picked up the pace. The feel of her tongue was exquisite and my brain almost exploded as it doesn't know what to enjoy more. The intense kiss or the tightening hole closing in around my fingers. Then came the rainfall. I'd forgotten this part. I can't believe I did. The warm liquid slipped down my hand making me moan almost as loud as her. It felt like a gift. It was. Bringing her to her knees like this is better then anything else. 

Go? Now I know you're insane. Why the fuck would I leave now? Just pipe down and let me handle myself. I don't need you! 

The sight of her unleashing my throbbing cock was as unbelievable as the hungry look in her eyes. She licked the droplets oozing from the end before taking my entire shaft in her mouth. I grabbed her hair in sheer ecstasy. For such a small bird, she does wonders with her mouth. I'm not tiny in any way, shape or form. 

"You're cocks fucking huge Web, I love it! I want it inside me. I want you to pound it into me as hard as you can. Please Web I need you..." She begged making me scold myself for my obvious nerves. Last time was gentle. I'd thought that's what she meant when she had asked to be taken like she mattered. Clearly I'll never be experienced enough for a woman's mind. 

She turned over and positioned herself face down in front of me. I stared at her with wide eyes. Those beautiful arse cheeks spread, those juicy lips parted to reveal the gateway to heaven. 

What do you mean this isn't right? How is this not right? You heard her, she needs me. I won't let her down. Fuck being professional and stop using my words against me. Back off! 

I ran my finger along the sopping crease and a wave of heat rushed on me as she wriggled against my finger, pushing the tip into her quivering entrance. 

I couldn't hold back anymore. My cock took over the thinking and I snapped into fucking mode. 

I grabbed her hips and slammed into her. She lunged forward from the force but she loved it. Every shriek of pleasure from her spurred me on to take her harder as her juicy cunt swallowed every inch. She started to push against me, which was amazing, but unnecessary. I was determined to fill her. I had her locked in my grasp and was stuffing the stunner like a Christmas Turkey. I had the power. 

The tightness of her gripped around my cock almost locking it into place. Then came another downpour as every thrust milked my beautiful girl. 

Fuck you, She can't fake this! Look at her, I own her! 

The anger was pulsing through me at the harsh words and I lost it. Webbo can deliver no matter who it is! 

I pulled out and ran the tip of my cock along that puckered little arse hole. Those words taunted me and I was determined to destroy them. 

Watch this you mouthy cunt! 

I spread her juices between her cheeks before pushing every inch of me inside. She went wild beneath me as I pounded inside her. I started to pant as I knew I was close. My eyes squeezed shut as I ploughed into her over and over again. I pulled out at the last second and my seed burst all over her. My cream covering that juicy cunt as she collapsed breathlessly. 

How's that for faking eh? All quiet now aren't you...

I zipped up my fly and stayed standing. I thought about just leaving  but she turned and patted the bed. I felt like the catch being reeled in. I lay next to her feeling more nervous then I was when I fucked her. Of love to hold her, to hold her hand and be near her. 

She leaned against me and unbuttoned my shirt slightly before rubbing the skin beneath. My skin tingled at her touch. 

"I'm so glad you saved me Webbo. You're always there for me when I need you..." She smiled looking as angelic as she always does when her face lights up. 

"I'll always be here for you Faye..." I shrugged like it was a matter of fact, which it was. Since the first day I saw her, I've been hooked. I love her. 

Yeah I'm admitting it arsehole! 

"I love you..." She cooed making my breathing stop. It's like my dream playing out in front of me. I stroked her cheek to see if she was really there. I opened my mouth to say it back, to perfect the moment, but then all hell broke loose. 

"What the fuck Faye? I'll kill you, you cheating whore!" Vinnie screamed as he ran towards both of us looking fierce. I jumped up to defend myself and protect Faye. 


"Shit!" The word escaped my mouth as the air froze in my lungs. I watched Vinnie's shocked expression and I knew I'd never forget it. He paled instantly making the scarlet running from his chest almost glow. He hit the floor with a thud and more started seeping out. It was thick and seemed to be everywhere already. I've never seen a dead guy before. I can cross that off my list now thanks to her. The woman that gave me many firsts, but I could have lived without this one. 

What? I can't leave her, not now! Look at her she's shaking. This wasn't planned, how could you think that? I don't know where the gun came from...

The words haunted me. For once my head intruder was speaking sense. Where did it come from? 

I stared at her and it was as if I was looking at her with fresh eyes. She is shaking, but she's smiling. She's smirking as she watches her boyfriend lying dead on the ground. She looks wild as she glances over at me as if remembering I was there. Then I heard the sirens. 

"I need you to do this for me babe. I need you to tell them it was you. Please Webbo I can't go to prison. I just want to be free!" She pleaded as she held out the gun. 

I can't run now there isn't time! Just help me, think of something please...

The sirens were loud now. Almost piercing as my mind raced. I trembled at the sight of the gun. The steel prop that could put me away for the rest of my life. I shook my head unsure of whether it's to answer her or my complete denial of the fucked up situation. 

She begged as tears streamed down her cheeks and she was reeling me in all over again. 

The loud bang outside the room told me that the filth were already inside the flat. I had seconds at best. The sweat poured off me as I stared wide eyed at a terrified looking Faye. 

It was instinct. Damn that protective streak that she evokes within me. I took a deep breath and reached out for the gun. 

Within seconds I was face down and cuffed as Faye put on an Oscar worthy performance. It hit me then. It was true. I'd been played like a fiddle. 

Yeah, yeah don't say a word. At least I've got you to keep me company. We might be two minds but we're one body mate. Wherever I go, you go and we're going nowhere but clink thanks to the beautiful Faye. I don't care what you say though, it was worth it. 




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