Just a one time thing

Just a one time thing Just a one time thing

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tom cant keep his erection and as a result, he can't satisfy his gorgeous girlfriend Camilla. The toys just aren't cutting it for him anymore and he is desperate to spice up their sex life. So he ropes in his best mate to join them one drunken night for the threesome of a lifetime. One night, best mates and a laugh. What's the worst that can happen? **this is an idea that I may expand into a bigger story so it's a lot more detailed than my usual shorts. Just trying it out first***


Tom cant keep his erection and as a result, he can't satisfy his gorgeous girlfriend Camilla. The toys just aren't cutting it for him anymore and he is desperate to spice up their sex life. So he ropes in his best mate to join them one drunken night for the threesome of a lifetime. One night, best mates and a laugh. What's the worst that can happen?

**this is an idea that I may expand into a bigger story so it's a lot more detailed than my usual shorts. Just trying it out first***


Submitted: January 07, 2016

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Submitted: January 07, 2016



Tom slammed his fist into the headboard in frustration making Camilla jump as she lay beneath him. Their bodies are sticky and still entwined from their short moment of passion in between the sheets. Another moment cut short by Tom’s problem. She tried to appease him, but as usual his frustration just got the better of him and he rolled off her before storming out of the room into the shower.

Camilla lit up a cigarette and sighed deeply as she listened to the water hitting the tiles in the next room. She took a long drag as the usual thoughts began to haunt her. The same insecurities that his issues bring and she started to doubt herself. She has loved this man since she was sixteen and it never mattered about his problem before. She loves him regardless of how much his body allows him to show it, but lately it seems to be every time. He can rise to the occasion but soon falls into a soft slumber again in no time all.

He walked in again and she studied him as he fished out a top from his wardrobe. The sight of his naked body makes her pulse race with desire, but she wouldn’t dare try it on again. She knows better than that. It would add more pressure and he would be even more crippled from shame. That’s another cross she must bear. Never mind the unscratched itch of her needs or the constant doubts from his body’s rejection of her, she also has to deal with his whinging about it and the mood swings. “Come back to bed babe and lets have a cuddle eh? You know I like a cuddle…” she stopped as her mouth had landed her right in it again. Even managing to choke on the word “afterwards” won’t save her now.

“Are you for real or what? What are we seventy? Let’s just cuddle and ignore the fact that we haven’t had a decent fuck in years! It’s been five years for us Cam and can you name me one, just one decent time when we both came together. I’ll give you all the time in the world to think of it darling ‘cos you’ll need it. Face it, I’m a fucking freak!” he snapped and swallowed down the tears that are threatening. He never cries and yet this subject always seems to want to open the flood gates. He knows why though, it’s her. To say that he loves this girl would be the understatement of the century. She is his whole life and he would do just about anything for her. 

She’s never had anyone love her before, never had any family, well her mum was there at first but she never deserved the title. The rotten bitch wanted to cash in off her and that was all. First with benefits and then things really took a nosedive when Camilla turned sixteen and the money stopped. Luckily she met him then and he stepped in before her mum could do too much damage, but they never speak of it even now.

“Stop it! I’m sick of you putting yourself down all the time. I’ve said it millions of times now Tom, it doesn’t matter! The doctor said it’s gonna take a bit of time and that it could be a long road. We’ve just got to try the different things he gave…” she sighed and stubbed out her cigarette as he cut her off. Clearly there is no salvaging this moment. She didn’t get her fuck but she had high hopes of curling up with him for the next hour before he goes to meet the boys later. She really does love her cuddles. Depriving her of sex is one thing and totally out of his control, but he could give her this.

“Oh the fucking quack, the specialist that is supposed to make it all better, well fuck him and his ideas! They’re all shit and we’ve tried ‘em all Cam so don’t bother trying to fix it. The oils, the lubes, even talking to that dopey bitch he recommended about positions and dildos of all things. The only decent crack we’ve had has been the Viagra and that’s only rare. Even science has let me down!” he snapped and could have punched the wardrobe door closed when he heard her laughing, but the sound soon changed him as it normally does. He turned and looked at her with admiring eyes. She is a beauty. A rare find that he has cherished since the first day he saw her. Long blonde hair, big beautiful blue eyes and a body that is so perfect it could make him cry. He should be able to ravage it every night like he wants to, but without foreplay and the toys, she’d never get any pleasure from him. He watched her pat the bed and walked over and collapsed beside her. “I’m sorry baby…” he sighed as he pulled her into his arms and stared up at the ceiling.

“Stop apologising and definitely stop whinging ‘cos that’s worse than anything else!” she chuckled as she curled up next to him. The feel of her luscious curves pressed up against him left him feeling breathless as his heart hammered in his chest, but below the waist he was dead. He could be hugging his mother for all the flaccid, worthless piece of shite shows.

“Cheeky bitch!” he chuckled wishing for the millionth time that he could take her, really take her how he knows she wants to be taken. She likes it rough. She had let it slip once when they met and he’s never forgotten it. Probably because he has been desperate to live that dream ever since. But when it comes down to them doing the dirty, it’s more the making love sort and as much as she claims she enjoys it, he knows she feels a little robbed every time. At first he had held off sleeping with her for as long as he could, which was no easy task. After months of just concentrating on getting her off, naturally she wanted to return the favour, but finding his floppy friend was humiliating for both of them. He told her then and she never left or even laughed as he had expected. She was just there for him and he fell for her even harder. She was his girl, she was always special, but that night she crossed over into perfect. “I don’t deserve you Camilla Wright” he gushed.

“Oh hush the mush for Christ’s sake! You saved me all those years ago and I’d be dead now if not for you. You’re all the family I’ve ever had and will ever need. So stop beating yourself up about an issue that ain’t really important to me. I just want you babe and we still have sex…” she kicked herself mentally when his mushy grin faded into a saddened frown at her words. Their sex life does weigh on her mind, but she would never tell him. She is often frustrated and starved, but she would never tell him. She feels massively self-conscious about the whole thing and doubts her capabilities as a woman, but she will never tell him. That last one is for her own sanity. She knows she is attractive and gets enough attention from most people for it to have penetrated, but not being able to please the man she loves really does leave its mark.

“Oh yeah thanks for that Cam, as if I wasn’t depressed enough without you bringing that fucking thing into it…” he shook his head and almost shivered with disgust. At twenty six he is a known face in these parts as are his friends. Most have grown up together and all make up their firm, Which is up and coming in the relevant crowds. They are big enough to be respected, but not too big that they would show under the filths radar and Tom likes that about them. Greed can get a man a stretch or worse and he might be useless in the bedroom, but his life with Camilla is too important to throw away like that. It galls him as the image in his mind went from Parkhurst to the topic of conversation. For all his creds, here he is Tommy Hatcher, known face and part leader of one of the most lethal firms around and he has to fuck his bird with a strap on. If it got out he would be ruined. Even though it isn’t all the time, but once is too much in his circles. Toys, yeah, kinky sex, great, but strapping on because you can’t get it up makes you less of a man in anyone’s eyes. Even the people that have surrounded him for years would struggle to understand. A dysfunction like his isn’t something he screams from the rooftops. Just a handful of people know and he intends to keep it that way. Those in the know are the people that he trusts the most in this world.

“Oh shut up I like it! In fact…” she began to get up and he knew she was moving to retrieve it from its hiding place, but he stopped her. He is certainly in no mood for that at the moment. He would love to fuck her senseless, but his mood right now would wreck it. Just as seeing that ridiculous thing would ruin him as a man as it always does. He usually has to be smashed to even consider wearing it and that’s only because she’s usually drunk as well and one horny bitch when she gets that way. Camilla is a rare find and very sought after property in their neck of the woods. It’s irrelevant however given that he would break anyone that even attempted to go near her. The only men he trusts are his boys, his family and they are all as close as one too. They form one close group. The lads and their birds, all one tight unit and she loves it as much as they all do. Most come from broken homes or have been abandoned in one way or another. Together they are the family that they have all always craved and each one of them cherishes that fact.

Thoughts of it made him remember his night out with the lads. They’ve got a job on later. A hijack job that should see them sitting pretty for another few weeks. All electronic goods from the back of two lorries. Afterwards they’ll get mortally drunk as usual and then he will come home and most likely strap that shitty thing on. The disappointment in her eyes at his rejection just now has seen to that. He will make a dickhead out of himself later for sure now. Anything to please her.

Later on Camilla spent the night at home pampering herself for a change rather than going out on the lash. She takes good care of herself and being a beautician gives her access to all of the best products. She always makes time for looking after her skin and looks. She has work the next day at the salon and decided against going out for a change. Monica has had a barney with Ricky and all of the girls have gone out on the lash, but Cam stayed strong. She loves being out with the girls. She loves the group really and is one of the few that is on good terms with all of the boys. Some of the men can be a bit funny, but she has a way about her and Tom is constantly beaming over it. He loves his friends and they were all so welcoming given her dodgy start in life. All thanks to her mother.

She shuddered at the thought. Normally she doesn’t think of the woman as it breaks her heart. The vile bitch could have ruined her had Tom not stepped in when he did. She was never the caring sort, but even Camilla was oblivious to the depths of her cruelty. Camilla was a cash cow, an income and nothing more. She used her. Firstly for the benefits and when those stopped she sunk to much deeper lows. Not just sponging off her as she worked, oh no that was for the more average shitty mum. Colleen Wright was no average fuck up. She got Camilla hooked on crack by fifteen to ensure that the next part of her plan would be executed perfectly. Cam naively mistook her lavishing the cash and taking care of her as motherly love, but she was a fool. She was desperate for the woman to love her, always has been. She never knew what the next part of her plan was until Tom intervened. She had only met him a handful of times on their estate. Cam was more into her mum then though and favoured their nights out together instead of seeing her friends. She had thought that she was bonding with her mum. She never believed it until both Tom and his best mate Mitch walked into her kitchen with Colleen looking battered and bloody. Mitch had done a good job on her. Cam hated them and fought them until they told her that Coleen, her own mother had been offering her out for a price. It was all over the estate and Camilla was ruined before she had even got the chance to grow as a teen. All the parties, the drug fuelled sessions with her mums many mates were all a set up. The men that Camilla had bedded after Colleen’s encouragement had all paid for the privilege and her mum was coining it in unbeknown to Cam. She had just thought that she was having fun, being fun like her mum wanted and making her mum like her. Knowing that Colleen was enjoying being around her was a better high than the many hits she had taken those nights. What a fool she was.  

Tom was her hero. Mitch looked a nasty piece of work and she was frightened of him, but Tom took her home and took care of her. She was reluctant at first but her mum chucked her out in the next breath. Clearly seeing no use for her anymore and at sixteen Cam was homeless. So Tom’s house was her only option. They soon connected as his warmth won her over. He never laid a finger on her until she asked him to and even then he was nothing but a gentleman.

She smiled just thinking of her man. She looked around the lounge and the grin grew wider. He opened his home to her five years ago and she has certainly made it her own. There are photos of them and the group everywhere as well as her modern taste of décor. He spoils her rotten and she has felt so safe in these walls with him. She screwed on the lid to her nail polish and gave the snoring dog a stroke. Blue is their pride and joy. A gorgeous Staffordshire bull terrier that Camilla fell for the day she arrived. He is her baby and as pig like as he sounds at times, she loves the bones of him as Tom does. He travels everywhere with her beau when he isn’t with her. They hate to leave him alone.

A loud bang made them both jump and Blue was on his feet in protective mode instantly as the front door slammed. It was followed by thunderous laughter and slurring making her grin. He’s home and not alone by the sounds of it. She touched her toes and is glad the varnish is dry because knowing that lot she’ll be on her feet dancing and all sorts next.

“Christ look at the state of you!” She chuckled as Tom walked into the room bringing the smell of tobacco and ale with him. Very much like a pub. He’s definitely frequented enough tonight by the looks of him. She was a little shocked to see that he has only brought Mitch back with him. Usually the whole lot of them come back and they end up having a party or ordering a load of food. “Just you two?” she asked as she gave Blue a comforting stroke.

“Oh no babe it’s the three of us!” Tom smirked and swapped a cheeky glance with Mitch. She rolled her eyes putting his answer down to drink and went on to ask about their night out, but Tom had other ideas. He said something that surprised her and she had to double check it with him still finding it unbelievable as the words penetrated her ears. “I’m serious babe stop laughing! I think it’s a good idea. We were talking before and I reckon it’s worth a try…” Tom slurred as he patted his knee for Blue to sit on his lap.

“You’re both mental! You sure you ain’t been on the Persians tonight as well as the booze? I mean what the fuck?” she laughed in pure shock at his request. They can’t be serious. Tom seemed to look it though and when she looked at Mitch he just shrugged. She felt her heart skip a little as he smirked at her. Unbeknown to Tom or anyone for that matter, she and Mitch have history. All before her time with Tom, but literally just before. They almost overlapped but that was an accident and no one’s fault. Just a bullet dodged.

Like most girls on their estate at the time, Cam was enamoured with the firm and even though she was only sixteen, her looks gave her the edge. When she wasn’t with her mum, she would go to parties with Monica and that is where she met Mitch and a few others. She has never messed around with any of them, but she has dabbled with him. She was completely hooked after one kiss. Even with his bad reputation and it is vile. He is known for all of the wrong reasons. Womaniser, cheat, violent psycho and basically not someone that any girl should lust after, but Camilla did. It was unreal to her when he started to show an interest. She was nothing and he was this twenty two year old bad boy that she desperately wanted. Mitch Williams actually wanted her back and she was ready to give herself to him. Monica had tried to warn her off and thought she was successful, but Cam was too smitten. 

Monica had plied her with horror stories about Mitch’s ex-girlfriend, the only girl to ever have had the title, but good lord did she have to earn it. The black eyes and broken bones were just the tip of the ice berg there, but Cam could see the good in him. Even now she can see it. Mitch, like her is a product of his environment. He never had a chance and it is probably why they connected like they did. But Mitch being the bastard he was, never really took the chance to seize the moment as she would have liked him to and smugly dragged his heels knowing that he could have her whenever he wanted. It all blew up with her mum then and it was Tom that won her over. It wasn’t long before things had moved on with her knight in shining armour. She sees it as fate now as it was probably for the best. Mitch is no prince charming and certainly not someone that she would like to end up with, but that spark never really went away. That niggling feeling of wondering what it would have been like to go further with him, to experience what most girls have before for herself. A fact that worries her now as they both sit smiling at her. Surely this isn’t a good idea and she bit her lip in deep thought of her boyfriend’s proposal.

“You want the three of us to…you want us to….” Camilla couldn’t even say it for the shock. She knew they were close, knew they were best mates and even knows that they have done this sort of stuff before, but she never thought Tom would suggest it to her. She looked at her boyfriend for some sort of sign that he was kidding or had gone mad with desperation, but he looked as sure as anything as he finished her sentence for her leaving her gobsmacked again.

“I’m doing this for you babe. I want us to have a good fucking blow out. You know we’ve done stuff like this in the past and I want you to be a part of it. It’s a good laugh and we both know Mitch here loves a good fuck!” he slapped his mate playfully on the back completely oblivious to his girlfriend’s frosty expression.

“And what if I don’t want to have a blow out…” She snapped frostily. She’s pissed off and it took her a few seconds to really work out why. She felt cheap and never expected it. She couldn’t focus on the good intentions and that is all he had. He lives to please her she knows that. It didn’t stop the bad from polluting it though. In the back of her mind she was thinking about her mum and the fact that she liked to pass her around for her own means. She knew she was being unfair and even mentioning the woman to these two will see their tempers explode, but she can’t help it. She put it down to her walk down memory lane earlier. The moment of nostalgia has obviously stirred up a few old feelings that she had buried.

“Don’t get the hump babe. It ain’t like that. Like I said I’m doing this for you, for us. Me and Mitch were having a talk about the old days and it sort of sparked the idea in my head. You’re gonna love this babe I promise. I’m actually getting a little stiff just thinking about it. I want you to fuck Mitch while I watch and then I’ll join in when…when I can…” he stumbled drunkenly over his wording. She can see the nerves in his eyes and felt immediately sorry for him. As usual she burst into laughter as she normally does. She laughs at everything and they all buzz off it. 
Nothing fazes her really. She supposed that when you’ve risen up from the bottom, anything else upwards from there would be funny instead of dire.

She sat and stared at them both. Studied them for any sign of the punch line, but neither faltered. They sat waiting for her response, waiting for the green light and she started to feel the hunger within her. The uncertainty dissolved inside her by the second and was replaced with sheer excitement. Finally she will get that bone deep need satisfied. The minx inside her was more than ready and when Tom suggested that she go upstairs to put on something for them, she almost skipped up there.

She settled on her new black lacy set with matching stockings and her Jimmy Choos. She can’t stop smiling as the excitement whooshes around inside her. She pulled her hair down and let the long locks fall around her like a vale. She spritzed on her perfume and felt flawless as her skin glowed thanks to her beauty regime earlier. The sound of them taking the stairs made her stomach jump with delight. She bit her lip to attempt to hold in the giddy squeal that wanted to escape. Instead of standing like a spare at a wedding, she sprawled herself out on the bed with baited anticipation of what is to come.

Tom was the first to walk in with a big beaming smile on his face. Mitch walked in next letting out a short whistle as he shut the door behind him. Both look blown away by her making her inner goddess burst with joy. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she would get to enjoy both of them. She had set herself up for a long haul of Russian roulette sex with her boyfriend. Will she be the one to come or will he? Usually it is neither, but tonight that changes. She eyed Tom again as he pulled off his top and sat in the seat in the corner of the room. He looks excited, which only added to her happiness. She likes this kinky side of him. The toys and other stuff shad guessed were more out of necessity than for fun.

Mitch removed his top revealing his tattoo covered muscles. Two sleeves of detailed ink and one that carries over onto his chest. A subtle chain hangs from his neck and his Calvin’s peeped out over the top of his low jeans. The sight was mesmerising. He is olive skinned like her and the thought made her ache to feel the warmth of him pressed up against her. She sat up slightly only to be met the rest of the way by a very eager Mitch. The kiss was urgent, almost desperate as his tongue danced with hers. She was moaning already, high as a kite on lust itself as his hands wandered and she thought her heart might stop as he caressed both her lace covered breasts. Feeling his breathing shorten as she unclipped her bra made her sing inside. The feel of his hands cupping her exposed chest sent shivers down her spine as goose bumps formed on her skin. He tweaked both of her hardened nipples expertly before letting his tongue flicker over one of them. She bit her lip as her eyes rolled from the heavenly sensation as her thong got more damp by the second. Every stroke of his lips around her nipple was like an explosion inside her. Each one building up to something better, something that she has waited for too long to feel. She clutched his head and pulled chunks of his hair into her tight grasp as he full on sucked as much of her breast as he could into his mouth. It was a glorious feeling and she squeezed his body between her legs, locking him in a sheer stocking prison.

“Fuck, she’s wet mate!” Mitch grinned towards Tom as she lay back on the bed in a lust filled haze. She couldn’t think past his fingers brushing against the sodden lace covering the most intimate part of her. She quivered beneath every stroke and the build up inside her was getting more intense by the second. She might just explode before he has even really touched her. He peeled the delicate material down her legs slowly as though he was unwrapping a present and she was salivating at the hunger in his eyes. The sheer need as he eyed what was waiting beneath. She opened her legs further to give him a better look at the throbbing honeypot that was waiting for him.

“Wait ‘til you taste her mate. Fuck all else compares and she’ll ruin the rest for you…” Tom’s voice carried across the room like a song making her melt. The tone, the words, all of it was music to her. Mitch smirked but didn’t waste another second. He ran his tongue along her folds making her cry out as he slipped it inside her. Suddenly her mouth was occupied by Tom’s rapid tongue. Clearly he was enjoying the view too much and it had the desired effect. He kissed her longingly before moving down to her breasts as Mitch did earlier.

Both men worshipped her. Used their mouths to push her over the edge and she moaned with every delicious stroke. She began to shake as her breathing lost control. Mitch’s face pressed deep between her thighs as Tom devoured her breasts was all becoming too much. She soon erupted as the build-up sent her freefalling in euphoric bliss. Mitch’s moans as he cleaned up every drop had her thrashing wildly against his face.

She was in another world. Completely lost to both of them and could only lie still as they switched up the position and her boyfriend took the wheel. He pulled her upwards and made her straddle him before plunging his fingers deep inside her. She could hear the sounds of the friction as his rapid strumming against her wetness took over the room. She could feel more wandering hands creeping up her stockings and sweeping over her curves as Mitch cupped both her breasts in his hands again. She shrieked with excitement as he yanked her head back by her hair forcing her to kiss him. That coupled with Tom’s ploughing fingers has her head spinning as the three of them are locked in a passionate frenzy.

She came into her own as the sex starved minx inside her wanted to play. She pushed outwards forcing both men away from her before bending over the bed. She eyed Tom’s erection like it was gold dust, a rarity bordering on miracle and traced the droplet of his cream that had journeyed down his shaft with her tongue. It intensified the fire inside her and she closed her mouth around him sucking every inch she could fit in her desperate mouth. Tom’s moaning was music to her ears. She loves to hear him enjoying himself. He never really gets to as either his problem or his anxiety ruin it for him.

Just as she had planned she felt Mitch spread her legs further as he grasped her peach in his hands. It made her feel like a queen as he complimented her behind before gripping her hips in his hands. She moaned loudly in sheer pleasure as she felt him push himself inside her right to the hilt. The bed jerked with the force of every beautiful thrust and she felt herself starting to build again. She moaned as her mouth continued to devour Tom and he clearly enjoyed the sensation as he began to thrust himself wanting more. She gagged from their double team, but loved every second. Even the feel of Tom’s firm grip on her hair added to the moment.

“Get up ‘ere you sexy bitch and climb on!” Tom almost yelled from desperation and she was only too happy to comply. Mitch released her that very second and she scrambled onto her boyfriend as he waited looking almost over excited. The need in his eyes almost broke her, almost melted her there and then as it is an extraordinary sight. She is shaking from Mitch’s previous thrusts as she grasps his penis in her hand. She smirked down at her man feeling glorious and knowing that he was feeling the same in that moment. She lowered herself down onto him and began to grind against every push from his hips. She whipped her head back and loved the feel of him inside her, her man, her hero. She picked up the pace as she caught a glimpse of Mitch watching in the mirror. The sight of his body had her practically salivating as she rode her boyfriend. He looks like he was chiselled by the Gods themselves as he watches her like she is the only thing in his orbit. She started to bounce on top of Tom and pummelled that sweet spot inside her never taking her eyes from Mitch’s. She pushed her breasts together giving both of them a show. Clearly the move was too much for Mitch as he could no longer stand back and watch.

He pushed her forward slightly by her shoulders which raised up her back end as she carried on fucking her boyfriend. The feel of his fingers tracing down her back slowly made her eyes roll to the back of her head. God she wants him, wants to feel him inside her again and he doesn’t disappoint. He pushed the tip of his erection into her puckered hole making her ache for more. She reached behind her and pulled him close as she continued to ride Tom who was lost in his own sex filled world in that moment. Mitch pushed against her, filling her with his solid inches as he found the same rhythm as her. It was mind blowing for her to be so full of both of them. The pleasure was beyond measure. Locked in a tight embrace the three of them began to melt.

Tom was the first as both Mitch and Camilla lost it above him. Both thrusting wildly together as their moans filled the room along with the smell of delicious sex. Tom knew he would blow his load first, he’s just glad to blow it at all and watching the other two fuck like possessed demons above him has helped no end. They soon followed suit as they both came together and the sight was exquisite for him. Never did he think he would enjoy watching his bird getting fucked, but it really worked tonight and really turned him on. It’s not something he will make a habit of as he told Mitch downstairs earlier, but he loves his friend for his help tonight and feels nothing but proud to have his bird bring the infamous man whore to his knees. Camilla certainly met the challenge and he can see that straight away as Mitch collapses on the bed trying to catch his breath. He looked at his girl then and melted inside. She looks beautiful even in her shagged out state. Those soft blonde locks are wild now and her perfect body is glimmering with a sticky sweat that just seems to compliment it more. Sort of like a polished diamond and the stockings still weaken him even now.

“I’m so glad I didn’t go out tonight!” Camilla said breathlessly making the two of them crease up. This was easily one of the best sexual experiences of her life. She got to fuck her true love and also live out a fantasy that she never knew she still had.

“Roll up a joint mate, I’ll get the beers in…” Tom ordered as he stood up and walked out to get the drinks leaving both Camilla and Mitch on the bed.

“Still catching your breath stud?” she teased as she leaned up on her elbow. No need to be bashful about her body now as she displayed everything all over again. He never answered and just admired her. She felt the desire pulse through her veins as she watched his eyes travel down her body. A deep set longing lit up the green making it sparkle like an emerald and had her entranced, especially when his gaze rested on her own baby blues. They stayed locked in a gaze as the heat between them intensified. They never spoke, they didn’t need to and she thought it would somehow ruin the moment. A moment that was as addictive as it was dangerous as it made her feel a yearning that consumed her. It was like lava between them, a passion that is bursting to be released. Neither moved a muscle yet they both wanted to, she knew that and could see it written all over his gorgeous face. She swallowed hard as their eyes stayed locked as if both stuck like that and it occurred to her then that this may have been a mistake. It was supposed to be a harmless fuck and it’s over now, but she doesn’t want it to be and it scares the life out of her.

Camilla opened her eyes to the sound of the shower next door. She couldn’t stop the smile spreading across her face as the previous night replayed in her mind. The mind blowing sex, the screaming laughter shared between them afterwards and the easiness of it all. It was as if the three of them had always been doing that. There was no awkwardness or bad feeling. They drank beers and the boys smoked a few joints as they reminisced and laughed about other good times. As strange as it seems to her, Mitch even shared their bed with them and it wasn’t weird at all. It was actually very enjoyable for her though Mitch had kept his hands to himself all night after their session. Almost like the perfect gentleman or as close to it as he will ever get given who he is and his vile reputation with the ladies.

“Morning gorgeous…” a husky tone whispered into her ear and made her tense up in pure exhilaration. It wasn’t Tom. That was all she could think and she knew it was wrong, knew she shouldn’t be enjoying having Mitch so close. He was pushing it himself as he pressed his body up against her back and she could feel his erection digging into her. The only problem was she welcomed it, wanted more of him and he seemed to share her need. He stroked her hip in a soft graze that made her gasp and feeling greedy, she brought his hand up to her breast and clutched her own over his as he grasped it. He kissed her neck and the feel of his warm breath against her skin was like magic and had her tingling all over.

“Fuck me…” she begged in a choked out whisper. Suddenly it wasn’t about the situation, wasn’t about the fact that this was her boyfriend’s best mate and the fact that the repercussions for such deceit would be apocalyptic. It was about her need for Mitch, an itch that only he can scratch and she was determined to get her fill.

“You want it…” he whispered in her ear before sucking her lobe into his mouth. She gasped at the feel of his teeth grazing her soft skin and was desperate for him. She moaned her response as she stroked his cheek and curled into him. Both moving in the same rhythm, a seductive dry hump that is set to make her brain explode. He taunted her again and she can hear the smirk in his tone. “Tell me you want it…” he said as his fingers expertly tweaked her bud between her thighs, which was a punishment that she wasn’t ready for.

“Fuck me Mitch! I want you so bad!” she begged in a drawn out moan feeling the urgency of getting her fill before Tom finishes his shower. She turned her head and kissed him. He responded instantly and it changed him then. He wasn’t as cocky anymore and was all about the task at hand as he pulled her leg upwards slightly. In the next moment he thrust himself inside her in their spooning position. The feel of him was magnificent as was every push of his hips. She clung to the headboard trying her hardest not to scream his name for fear that Tom would somehow hear through the wall. Mitch quickened the pace as he hammered into her and whispered filth into her ear. Dirty talk that she missed and never knew she wanted at all. That wicked tongue made her head spin as he complimented her in the best way. A raw, sexual way that she has never experienced before and it consumed her. He pumped inside her like a madman making the bed start to hit the wall, but both were too far gone to care. The sound just amplified the experience for her as she was on the brink of explosion. Within seconds she was back in the world of Euphoria again and hearing his choked out grunt in her ear as he came was the icing on the cake. He pulled out and sat up just as Tom walked back into the room.

“Finally awake I see. We’ve got a meet with the lads at ten mate so we best get a move on” Tom said as he pulled on his outfit for the day. Camilla watched him feeling the relief sweep over her. Just a second earlier and he would have seen everything. She would find it hard to believe that he hadn’t heard them at all if not for the chirpy smile on his face. He is clueless. The guilt hasn’t sunk in yet. She is still high off her morning fix. A moment of stolen passion with her dirty little secret. She felt the sticky liquid smear between her legs and couldn’t stop the smirk as she loved the feel of him there. It felt naughty, but exciting and she stole a quick glance at him as he buttoned up his jeans. He doesn’t look her way but she expected that. It was a brief moment, but it’s over and it’s time to get back to the daily grind. A life that she loves along with the people in it and a life that would be torn apart if she were to ever give in like that again.

She turned her attention back to her man and beamed as he winked at her whilst lighting up two cigarettes. Tom is a heart breaker all on his own. Gorgeous inside and out. The best part being that the perfection in front of her is all hers. He closed the gap between them and kissed her before handing her the cigarette. She waved them both off from the bed and puffed away as she lay back feeling like a goddess.

She was all smiles that day. All of her clients got a giddy therapist for every treatment and she had an actual spring in her step. She feels nothing but a mushy warmth inside her for her man. He really pulled them out of a slump last night. Their bedroom issues are something that she has accepted and will work through, but she never knew just how much she needed a good fuck. Oddly enough she never knew how horny she was until last night. The frightening part being that she never knew how much she actually enjoyed sex, craved the hard, rough treatment at the hands of a man. It doesn’t surprise her that it is Mitch that comes to mind when she thinks of that. He is after all known for his bedroom antics and Camilla has never heard anything bad in that department. It’s the rest of him that’s wrong. The emotional, crazy lunatic that punishes or ignores anyone in his orbit that he considers an outsider.

She still feels no guilt for her sneaky session this morning. All she can think is that her head was still in the clouds after such an amazing night with both of them. Even telling herself that the game was still in play as Mitch was still naked in bed with her and Tom was happy to leave them there. Thoughts of that naked body pressed up against her makes her weak at the knees and she almost crashed her car into the garage as she parked up at home. She still had the smile on her face though. There is no getting rid of that. She sighed in sheer contentment as she thought of her life. A safe life with people that she loves, a family that she created along with the rest of them.

She looked at her watch and snapped back into real life. She has had an early finish today as she is having some new shoes delivered. Some gorgeous leopard print Louboutin’s that she would never trust anyone else with and will stand by the door until they have been safely delivered. Admittedly she doesn’t need them, but it’s all Tom’s fault really as he spoils her. She has hundreds of pairs and most are designer, but the real expensive ones she likes to keep as a treat. The firm makes good money, but they aren’t quite at the lavish spending phase. Their income is comfortable which is fine with both of them, but sometimes she does wish for more. It’s a natural thing she supposed given that they could pull off bigger jobs than they actually do. It’s been the stem of a few arguments within the firm at times, but they always sort it. Mitch tends to think a little bigger than Tom, but both love the firm and their way of life too much to jeopardise it. Tom keeps Mitch grounded as he does her at times and she couldn’t possibly love him anymore if she tried. He might be twenty eight, but he is much wiser than his years and he always laughs as she calls him an old soul. He has depths that draw everyone into his orbit. A very fitting leader for the firm, though Mitch is a close second as they built their family together.

In her bedroom she stripped down and pulled on her robe ready for the shower. She is going with a red dress tonight, which is figure hugging but plain as she wants her shoes to have the spotlight. They are all going out together tonight and she can’t wait to show the girls her latest purchase. The men won’t care but she will show them regardless.

The sound of the doorbell had her running down the stairs so fast that she almost tumbled down them. The excitement was pumping through her making her giddy and she practically snatched the parcel from the delivery man. She slammed the door and ripped open the box to reveal the perfect pair and newest addition to her collection. She couldn’t resist trying them on and walked around in her robe feeling like a supermodel. It surprises her how much shoes make a difference. They boost her confidence no end and as silly as it sounds to her, they make her feel like a real someone.

She was dancing when the doorbell went again. She opened the door ready to show off her latest purchase uncaring of who it was on the other side. She was silenced though when she came face to face with Mitch. “What are you doing here?” she asked and tried not to be affected by his perfect fitting shirt or the pure gorgeousness of him. He is groomed to perfection and she can feel the effects between her legs as she tingles when he smiles at her.

“Christ I take it he ain’t back yet then? He’s told everyone to meet here first for a few drinks before we go out. He’s probably still picking up the booze with Danny. You know them two love doing everything together!” he laughed as he closed the door behind him. He couldn’t stop admiring her. He has punished himself all day for slipping this morning and had vowed to keep his distance for a bit. He would never be able to truly avoid her as the group do everything together, but he had hoped to avoid being alone with her for a bit. Especially when all she has on is a skimpy robe that he would love to rip off. He shook his head to remove the filth that was running through it.

“Don’t get me started. I swear if it ain’t you it’s bleedin’ Danny that’s always with him. I’m lucky to see him by myself most days!” she laughed and turned to see him stood by the door looking a little uneasy. She hadn’t expected him to feel awkward. This is Mitch Williams after all. The man that has broken up more relationships than she could count as well as countless hearts. It all rolls off his back though thanks to his cold nature. It got her thinking though. Should she feel bad? She doesn’t at all but his reaction has her questioning herself which she didn’t like. She decided to nip it in the bud. “Don’t look so scared Mitch, I ain’t about to rape you darling. Like Tom said, last night was just a bit of fun yeah? Let’s not make an issue where there doesn’t need to be one…”  

“Yeah but it ain’t last night I’m thinking about and you know that….” he stopped as she sat on the stairs and crossed her legs looking unmoved by his words. He took in her bronzed pins and the robe which barely covered that luscious body that has been running through his mind all day. The sight was mesmerising and he completely missed her words. She was talking about that morning, he knew that. Just as he knew that she would be writing it off as nothing as he should. He has really, but he can’t seem to stop the need within him. The burning urge to take her all over again. He just hopes it passes or it could ruin both of them and everyone they love. She seems fine though which galls him. Normally he is the one that is indifferent and she seems to be enjoying his obvious state. “Nice shoes!” he smirked lamely. Like he actually gives a fuck about shoes right now.

“Well I was wondering when you were gonna notice them” she smiled making his heart stop in his chest. He stood frozen as she stretched out a gorgeous leg and moved her foot to show off the overpriced leopard shoe. The smile never moved from her face and he caught the look in her eyes. The sparkling blue that is full of mischief. The same look that she had given him when they were alone the previous night. He can feel his pulse racing as she starts to let her foot travel up his jeans and hover over his crotch. She smiled wider as she eyed the straining erection and gently pushed her heel over it making him throb for more. “So you do like ‘em then?” she purred sending his head into meltdown. If she gives him the green light then Jesus Christ himself won’t be able to stop him.

Camilla felt like a goddess as she watched Mitch Williams, known bastard to women everywhere crumble from the slightest touch. Never has she felt so empowered before as she watched the blank look on his face as he admired her, the green eyes beaming with lust and she wanted more. Wanted to see how far she could push him. That was more exciting than anything else.

“Get on your knees…” she demanded and was giddy inside as he just dropped down without as much as a whimper. The same wanting expression on his face as the desperation comes from him in great invisible waves. She feels almost victorious as she moves the shoe up his torso and rests it on his shoulder for a second, giving him a look at the juicy smile she has waiting for him. He was open-mouthed and catching his breath as his eyes widened at the sight. She smirked again feeling smug and telling herself that she is doing this for women everywhere. She raised the shoe up and pushed the heel into his mouth. Those gorgeous lips parted straight away and it was her turn to salivate as he sucked her stiletto. 

Watching his tongue travel up and down was almost hypnotising. She gasped as he gripped her ankle tightly and pulled her down two steps making both her back and her behind sore already. She was past caring though when he unleashed his erection. A sight that she will always feel a deep sense of relief for thanks to Tom’s condition. Mitch just seemed to give her the standing ovation she deserves without much prompting at all. It was a revelation to her.

He ripped open the robe to reveal her heaving breasts and wasted no time in sucking them both like a sex starved animal. She was already screaming his name just as he had imagined. She never did it the previous night for obvious reasons, but lover boy’s not here now and he plans on making this whore his for the second. He worked his way down that stunning body, even taking the time to gently suck the stud in her belly button. She curved her spine towards him showing him just what a greedy bitch she is and the heat was running through his veins like lava. He pulled her other leg up onto the other shoulder and buried his face between her thighs. She is as warm and sweet as he remembers, but the taste is amazingly something that he had forgotten. Mostly for the fact that it is better than anything that has ever touched his tongue before. A treat that would be hard to believe unless experiencing it there and then. Like a sweet that just keeps getting better and he can’t wait to taste that liquid happiness that will soon follow. Every lick was met with a grind from her and it sent pulses down to his balls like electricity. He was throbbing and already seeping his cream because of her. He used his thumb to strum her bud hard, his signature move. ‘Treat it like you hate it’ that’s his motto and he soon sucked it into his mouth and held it between his teeth driving her wild. She is gushing already making him grin as the smugness returned to him. Gone is the deer in headlights from before and he couldn’t be happier with the turn out. For all she acts the stunning goddess, she is still sex starved, still not getting hers.

“Oh God Mitch!” she shrieked as his fingers plummeted inside her. She has never felt a force like him. He was buckling beneath her shoes before and now he is like a possessed loon. She can’t get enough. He slipped in another finger making her mind blow as the tightness was out of this world. Like his favourite instrument, he knew just how to play her and she found herself bucking against him. He switched again and rolled his fingers almost violently over her swollen bud as his stiffened tongue took her to oblivion. She gripped the banister as he hauled her closer still as though he wanted to push his face inside her. She could barely breathe as he licked and sucked her senseless. Then it happened. Both legs tensed as they squeezed his head and her back raised up high as she felt herself squirt into his mouth. It was like rainfall, a powerful shower of sweetness as she emptied into his mouth. She was panting, lost in a sex filled daze as he lifted his head.

“Don’t tell me you think we’re done?” he laughed smugly with her juices smeared over both of his cheeks and his chin. She was entranced by it. She never knew she could create so much, especially since he had feasted on most of it.

“You’re about to get the shafting of your life girl and I mean a real fuck!” he said almost in warning and she barely had time to register the words before he rammed himself inside her. She screamed in pure ecstasy as he pinned both her legs to his chest taking himself deeper. Every thrust filled her to her core and was out of this world. She has missed this, needed this for so long and she gripped the banisters either side of her as he lifted her off the steps and hammered into her over and over again. The force had her breasts bouncing up and down and his eyes were blazing watching her. She screamed his name repeatedly knowing that it was turning him on. Every gasped ‘Mitch’ was met with a harder pump of those delicious hips and a deep moan from him. Even in her sex crazed state she knew she had him. He was just as lost to her and she craved more.

“Come on Mitch fuck me like you hate me! I wanna feel you for days after this…” she demanded before shrieking excitedly as he flipped her over effortlessly. She was only too happy to comply as she spread across the steps and raised her back end in the air. Presenting at its best. He ploughed back into her again and it was as though she could feel him in her stomach. Each thrust like a pummelling rod that just kept burrowing in further every time. She gripped the step in front of her as her knees scraped into the carpet. The burning sensation wasn’t enough to stop it. She wanted more and screamed for it as he pulled her head back roughly and kept her hair wrapped around his wrist. He clutched her breast greedily with his other hand and pounded into her like a wild animal. She was in another world, his world and she was ready to explode.

“Say my fucking name as you come, scream it you filthy whore!” he yelled as he began to choke up himself. He tensed before his body jerked against hers. She knew he was on the verge and started to frig her clit again. A move that she never knew could be so magical until today. She punished it as he did before and the results saw her whole body tightening around him. She melted and he joined her. Both came at the same time. Both breathless and collapsed on the steps in an entangled heap. She stayed curled next to him wondering what the hell just came over her and worst of all, the guilt that has been looming all day hit her full force. What has she done?  

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