No One Can Know, Love

No One Can Know, Love No One Can Know, Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime


Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime


Dreams are scary and dark... Twisted. How can you resist your temptation during sleep?


Dreams are scary and dark... Twisted.

How can you resist your temptation during sleep?


Submitted: December 02, 2012

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Submitted: December 02, 2012




The filaments in the light bulb are cracking, making a bulb blinking weakly. Soft whisper is ubiquitous making me feel like the walls around me are alive. Psst! Listen…

Come on, angel. Don’t make me change my mind. Or maybe you already have?

Eyes open widely. Psst! No one can know.

Sarcastic grim appears on my mouth. Now or never. That’s the shot. To let my body sail away, to the places I really want to be.

Looking at a person lying on the brown sofa near the wall, I made my decision. Her red hair are scattered on the white pillow with colorful butterflies that matches the duvet under which her body’s shivering. Now!

Squeaky doors are not hard to pass by. Getting through them, taking a deep breath…

Vividly green forest. The smell of grass is filling my nostrils. I want to absorb all of the beauty that’s surrounding me. Every single piece of these flowers, a wing of a singing bird that flying nearby. Instead, I know that I can’t stop. Not now. Not after everything. I have a goal to achieve. No coming back now.

A cottage at the edge of the forest, just on the horizon’s line. An enormous stream of smoke is coming out of the stone chimney. Wooden steps are breaking under somebody’s weight.

Familiar face. Those wonderful green eyes with joyful flames on the corneas… Psst!

He’s taking my little hand into his big, strong. I’m feeling like an electric current is passing through whole of my body. Heart starts pounding loud, tears of happiness are accumulating in the corners of my exhausted eyes… Right now I feel undeniably wonderful. It’s just perfect. I could as well die right now. In this precise moment, in this very minute.

Psst! No one can know.

Rainbow dances behind my eyes. Mix of voices, mix of smells is everywhere, it’s giving an expression that it’s fulfilling my soul. My mind, my body… They’re all united now. Equally divided for the better understating and appreciation of the world. Harmony, at last.

Drops of water are falling at slow pace from the height, hitting the floor and disappearing brutally. Psst! Red dye is going down through the bath’s surface, running down to the mouth of the drain. I’m smiling with the widest smile possible. Feeling so high, that streek of passion can’t be compared to anything else existing on the planet.

Rising a finger at the height of eye line. Dirty, rotten red substance covered half of it. Psst!

Slowly, relishing every split of second of that, I put the finger inside my mouth. Licking the tip of it. The moment my tongue felt the sweetness of blood, a fireworks of pleasure had its own independence day.

Go, go now. Run! No one can now…


You won’t say anything, right love? It’ll be our little secret. Mine and yours.

Hysterically laughing, I step out of the bath, wrapping my naked, wet body with a cotton towel. Red.

Taking a big step, passing the limply spread man’s body. The flies has gathered, making themselves comfortable. NO ONE CAN KNOW. 

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