Glow Chapter Three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

New Friends

Chapter 3

More new friends


I got home about 5:30 to find Karen’s car in the driveway.  Karen never came home two weekends in a row.  Never.  Our parents were in the living room and Karen was on the patio with a girl I didn’t know.  I dumped my backpack in my room and took a piss.  My parents wanted to talk about my new job, but I didn’t really have anything to tell them.  I excused myself and went outside to see just what Karen was up to.

“Hi, Karen.  Who’s this?”

“Ethan, this is Alice.  She’s my roommate.  Alice, this is my brother Ethan.  I might have mentioned him a time or two.”

Alice and I shook hands.  She was a nice looking girl, about five foot five, with dark hair.  She was also at least 30 pounds overweight.  She was what Mom always called “big boned”. 

“So”, I said, “nothing going on at school this weekend”?

“Nope.  We thought we’d come down here and I’d show Alice the big city.”

Right.  Fat chance.  Karen was lying her head off.

Very softly, Karen said, “Let’s go sit under the tree and talk.”

We walked to the shade of an oak tree in the corner of our back yard and sat cross-legged on the grass, out of earshot of the house.

“I brought Alice here for a very special reason,” said Karen.  She looked at Alice.  “Are you sure you want me to tell him, or do you want to do it?”

Alice dropped her eyes.  “You tell him.  I’m too embarrassed.”

“Well, Ethan, Alice has a fairly simple problem and I think you can provide the solution.  You see, Alice is a virgin.  She’s gone on dates with two different guys.  They’ve made out and she got one of them off.  She wants to fuck at least one of them, but she doesn’t want to come across as some inexperienced novice.”  When Karen said, “She wants to fuck at least one of them”, Alice blushed bright red and embarrassment was strong in her glow. 

Alice looked at me.  “That’s a crude way of putting it, but it’s accurate.  I’m almost 21.  I haven’t dated much, because I’m so heavy.  Shit, listen to me!  I’m fat.  No way to hide it, is there?  Karen said you might be willing to teach me about screwing and that you’d keep it a secret.  If you don’t want to, I’ll understand.  I know I’m not thin and pretty.  I know most men don’t give me a second glance.”  She paused and I didn’t say anything.  I could tell by her glow that she wasn’t finished.  “I really hope you’ll help me.  I want to know what I should do with a man and the best way to do it.”

Since when did I become the town sex instructor? I thought.  What are the risks here?  Is my sister going to bring home horny virgin girls every weekend so I can teach them how to fuck?  Don’t I have all the pussy I can deal with already?  And why am I complaining about getting too much pussy?

I was careful not to show my annoyance at being put on the spot this way.  I gave Alice my most sincere smile.

“Alice, you are pretty.  You’re also a good person, or Karen wouldn’t have brought you here.  I’ll be happy to help you.”  I laughed.  “I’m a horny high school boy, don’t forget!  There’s no chance at all that I’d turn down the opportunity to have sex with a pretty woman.”  I turned to Karen.  “How are we going to do this?  I start my new job in the morning and I don’t know how long I’m going to be working.  I can’t be up all night and we can’t do anything with you-know-who around.”

“That’s one reason I picked this weekend.  Mom and dad are going to the Henderson’s for Mr. Henderson’s birthday party.  They’ll be out of here by 6:30 and won’t be home until midnight or later.  You’ll have at least four hours.”

“Okay, that’ll be fine.  Alice, exactly what do you want to do?  I’m alright with oral and straight sex in all kinds of positions, but I’m not into feet or leather or armpits or anal.”

“Whatever you want to do, Ethan.  I know oral is important.  No one has done that to me and I haven’t done it to anyone.  I jerked one guy off, just once.  I liked the way it felt on my hand and after he was finished I tasted it.  He really liked when I did that and I did, too.  I put his thing in my mouth for a minute and it felt good.  He rubbed me through my panties.  I loved that, but I wouldn’t let him do any more.”

“Well, to start with, are you shaved?  If you aren’t, you should be.  Pubic hair went out before we were born.”

“No.  It didn’t seem like anyone was going to see me, so I didn’t bother.  Isn’t it a lot of work?”

Karen butted in.  “Not if you stay on top of it.  If you do it every day in the shower, it only takes a couple of minutes.”  She grinned.  “It’s worth it.  It feels so much better when a guy goes down on you!  And it’s so much cleaner.  Guys don’t like sticking their tongues into a wad of hair that you’ve been peeing through.”

“Ass hair is the worst,” I said.  “You know the word ‘dingelberry’?  No matter how well you wipe, you’ll never get all the crap out of that hair.  It’s a major turn-off for a lot of guys.”

Alice shrugged.  “If you say so.  I came here to learn and I’d better take your advice.  Karen, do you have a shaver I can use or should I run out and buy one?”

“I’ve got one, no problem.  It’s easier if you do it in the shower.  The shaver’s electric, but you can get it wet.  Get some shampoo on your pussy, start with a number one guard and then go to the bare shaver.”  Karen led Alice into the house.

I relaxed in the shade, thinking about how I was going to handle this business with Alice.  I was going to let her call the shots as much as possible, that was for sure.  At 6:10, Mom and Dad came out to say goodbye.  I walked into the house and went upstairs to see how things were progressing.  Karen was still in the bathroom with Alice.  I went into my room and sat down at my computer.  I created a folder and moved several videos into it.  A few minutes later, Karen and Alice came in.  Karen was wearing a terrycloth robe and Alice had a bath towel wrapped around her.  I got out of my chair and motioned Alice to sit. 

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” I told Alice.  “While I’m gone, I want you to watch these videos.  They’re all amateur blowjob videos.  Pay attention to the techniques the girls use.  The techniques themselves aren’t essential, but the way the girls use them is.  They all want to please the guys they’re blowing and that’s plain from the way they behave.  I’ll be back.”  Alice watched as I pulled off my shirt, shoes, socks and jeans and stuffed them in my hamper.  Alice blushed when I stripped off my boxers and dropped them in the hamper, but she didn’t look away.  I had a nice, firm start of an erection.

When I got back, Alice and Karen were watching a video of a dark haired girl on her knees, sucking her boyfriend in the shower.  It was one of my favorites.  The girl was obviously having fun.  As we watched, the girl deep-throated the guy.  He bucked his hips and came in her mouth and throat, making the “ohhh, ahhh, ahhh” sounds that seem to be universal, no matter what the guy’s native language.  The girl turned toward the camera and opened her mouth, showing the puddle of cum on her tongue.  Then she swallowed and stuck out her tongue again.  There was no sign of cum.

“Why does she do that?” asked Alice.  “Is it just for the camera?”  She couldn’t help staring at the bulge under my towel.

“Yeah, I guess so.  I guess she’s proving that he came in her mouth and she swallowed it.  It’s popular in professional porn and lots of people have picked it up.  The same goes for pulling out and jerking off on a girl’s tits or face.  The pros started it and now it’s common for amateurs.  Seems kind of pointless to me.  Cumming in a girl’s mouth or pussy feels better than jerking yourself off.  Maybe it’s some kind of power thing.”

The girls watched three more bj videos.  They all ended with the guy cumming in the girl’s mouth and her swallowing. 

Alice clicked the pause button.  “I suppose we should start, but I don’t know where to start.” She buried her face in her hands.  “This is crazy.  I’m trying to get sex instructions from my roommate’s younger brother.  I don’t think I can do this!”

Karen pulled Alice’s hands away from her face.  “Don’t try to pull that shit!  We talked about this all week!  You asked me to bring you here and you’re damn well not going to back out now!  Get up!”

“You can be a real bitch sometimes, you know it?”  Alice smiled a lopsided smile.  “But you’re right.”  She stood up and faced me.  “Let’s get to it.  We don’t have all night!”

Alice was standing two feet away.  I took her hands.  “First step, let’s get rid of the towels.  You decide which one to drop and you take it off.”

Alice hesitated for only a few seconds; then she reached for mine.  She untucked it and opened it.  I had only the beginnings of a hard-on and I stayed that way.  I wanted Alice to get used to a soft cock before springing a full-blown erection on her.  Alice blushed, but didn’t look away. 

“Now, do you want to take off your towel or do you want to touch me?”

Alice reached for her towel and then changed her mind.  “I’ll touch you first.” 

“How do you want me?”

Alice rolled my desk chair in front of me and sat down.  “Just stand there.”  She started with my upper arms and shoulders and worked her way down my chest and abs.  “You didn’t tell me he was in such great shape,” she said to Karen.  Her hands got close to my dick, but she didn’t touch it.  “Turn around,” she said.  Alice didn’t bother with my upper body; she went straight for my ass.  She reached between my legs and touched my scrotum.  I moved my feet further apart and she cupped my balls.  It felt really nice, but I kept my dick soft.  “Turn around,” she said softly.  When I did, she studied me for a minute and then tentatively touched my cock.  She lifted it and examined it from all sides.  As she did, I let myself get hard.

“That feels good, Alice.  I’m getting an erection.”

She stroked me and played with my balls.  Soon, my cock was very hard and pointing directly at her face.  She held me tighter and jerked me a little faster.

“I don’t think the guy I jerked off was this big.  Was he small or are you big?” 

“The average erection is between five and seven inches.  I’m about seven.”

Alice looked up at me.  “Is it alright if I try it in my mouth?”

“Sure!  Just remember, lips and tongue only; no teeth!”

Alice did a surprisingly nice job for her first time.  She licked my head and shaft and practiced her head-bob technique.  I held her head lightly with both hands.

“Just hold still now, Alice.  I’m going to fuck your mouth, so you know what that’s like.  I’ll go slow.”

Well, I started slow, keeping an eye on her glow, gradually increasing my speed and the force of my thrusts. Alice took it easily.  This might be more fun than I thought!  I slowed down and pulled out of her mouth.  “Stand up, Alice.  It’s time you got rid of that towel.”  Alice didn’t hesitate.  She stood up quickly and undid the top of her towel.  She opened it and tossed it to the floor. 

I had to admit, Alice looked pretty damn good.  Her excess weight was well distributed.  She had nice, big D cup boobs with prominent nipples.  She had a noticeable waist and her hips weren’t as wide as I’d expected.  All in all, she was entirely fuckable. 

“You look good, Alice.”  I held her waist.  “Any guy I know would love to fuck you.  I want to fuck you right now.”  I moved my hands to just under her breasts.  “Is it all right if I touch you?”

Alice ran her hands up my arms and held my face while she kissed me.  In a barely audible voice, she said, “Touch me”.

I caressed her breasts and her glow.  There was already some gold there and I saw more appear as I rubbed and sucked her nipples.  I kissed her and let my hand wander to her pussy.  She was wet and got wetter as I fingered her.  Gold spread through her glow.  I took my fingers out of Alice and led her to the bed.  I had her sit on the edge of the mattress and dropped to my knees. 

“Lay back, Alice.”  I started with the insides of her knees and moved, step by step, to her pussy, using the techniques that I’d learned to enhance her pleasure.  In just a few minutes, silver dominated her glow and she had a small orgasm.  The strength of her orgasms grew with each one, until she was cumming hard against my mouth.  I gave Alice six orgasms and tapered her off to a nice, calm sexy state.  I climbed up on the bed and she moved up beside me.  We kissed and she hugged me.

“That was wonderful, Ethan.”  She gripped my cock.  “Are you going to fuck me now?”

“No, Alice.  I’m not going to fuck you; we’re going to fuck each other.  Fucking shouldn’t be something people do to each other; it’s something that people do with each other.”  I nudged her legs apart and got on top of her.  “Are you ready?”  Alice nodded.

Alice was wet and open and my cock slid into her with little resistance.  She had, without any doubt, the largest vagina I’d been in.  We fucked in the standard missionary position while I licked her glow.  Her first orgasm with a dick inside her grew and grew until her glow was bright silver.  Her orgasm crashed over her more intensely than those she’d had earlier.  I gave her two more and slowed to a stop.

“Doing alright so far, Alice?”

“Oh, yeah!”  She gulped, catching her breath.  “It’s terrific!  Are you going to stop now?”

“No, but we need to try some other positions.  Let’s roll over and you get on top.” 

Once Alice was riding me, it didn’t take her long at all to find her clit with her fingers and get to work.  The combination of me inside her and her fingers on her clit, my hands on her boobs and my efforts on her glow brought her to another four orgasms.  I had to admit, this was ‘way better than playing video games or taking a nap. 

Next came doggie, then spooning, then back to missionary.  Alice came repeatedly in each position and I got pretty damn close myself a couple of times.

“Alice, I’m going to cum pretty soon.  It’s your choice; I can cum inside you in whatever position you want or I can cum in your mouth.”

“Ummm, do it in me.  I want to do doggie again.”

Isn’t there a question you should have asked? I thought.

“Alice, are you on the pill?”

“No, but this is my safe time of the month.”

I laughed and shook my head.  “Do you know the technical term doctors use for women who use the rhythm method of birth control?”

“No, what do you mean?”

“They’re called ‘mothers’!”

I dug my wallet out of my pants, extracted a condom and rolled it on while Alice waited patiently on all fours.  I got into position behind her and slid into her roomy pussy.  The condom dulled the feel of her vagina, but that was a price I was willing to pay.  Alice still felt loose but nice as I glided in and out.  I held her waist and fucked her harder that I had before.  Controlling her glow was second nature now.  I hardly had to think about it.  Alice’s glow lit with silver as she came.  I picked up my pace.  The ripples (waves!) in her ass cheeks when my hips slapped her looked cool.  The whole situation was pretty damn cool.  I was fucking the virgin pussy of a girl I had met an hour earlier and I hadn’t had to buy her so much as a cheeseburger.  I fucked her harder and harder, feeling better and better.  Alice came again.  One orgasm for Ethan coming up!

“I’m going to cum, Alice.”  I pumped her hard, really slamming into her.  “Yeah, gonna cum!  You feel fucking great!  Yeah, yeah, fucking great, ahhhh, fuck!”  I came in the condom, not slowing down, barely aware of the slapping sound every time our bodies collided.  Alice came at the same time. 

“Nice show,” said Karen.  She was sitting in my desk chair, grinning and giving us a double thumbs up. 

“You’re a goddamn pervert!” I said.  “A pervert and a voyeur!” 

“Take me in, officer; I’m guilty on all charges!”

I started to pull the condom off and Alice stopped me.  “Before we’re through, I want to taste semen.  If you can get it up again, I’ll blow you.  If not, I’ll try what’s in that thing.”

“Oh, I can definitely get it up again.  I love blowjobs and there’s no way I’d pass up the chance to nut in your mouth.”

“Good!  Let me pee first.”  She headed for the bathroom. 

I walked over to where Karen was sitting and took a tissue out of the box on my desk.  I peeled the condom off, tied it off and dropped it into her lap.  “A souvenir,” I said.  I wiped my dick with the tissue. 

“I can do better than that.”  Karen thoroughly cleaned me with her mouth.  I had lost only half my erection and Karen had me hard by the time Alice came out of the bathroom.

“What the fuck, Karen!  You didn’t tell me you were going to blow your brother!”

Karen giggled.  “Just getting him warmed up for you!” 

I untied Karen’s robe and caressed her breasts while I kissed her and she played with my dick and balls.  “You know,” I whispered, “I’m going to have to shove this thing inside you sometime this weekend.” 

“I know.  In fact I’m counting on it!”

I led Alice to the bed.  “And now we come to the art of the blowjob and the oral creampie.”  I sat on the bed and pushed Alice to her knees in front of me.  “Let’s start this way.”  I talked Alice through how to use her mouth, lips tongue, hands, fingers and boobs to provide maximum pleasure.  Titty-fucking Alice was great fun.  Her big, soft boobs seemed to have been designed for it.  We explored several positions, including some I’d only seen online.  Toward the end, I had Alice lie on her back and hang her head over the side of the mattress while I fucked her mouth.  She seemed to have no gag reflex at all.  I could go in all the way, sinking four inches of my very hard seven inch rod into her throat, and as long as I gave her a chance to breathe every now and then, she was fine.  Karen knelt beside us with her mouth open in awe.  Finally, after we’d covered all the finer points of cocksucking I could think of, I was ready to finish.

“Let’s end where we started, Alice.  I’ll sit here on the bed and you get on your knees.  You don’t have to do anything fancy; I’m sure you’re getting tired.  Just do what you’ve learned and I’ll cum for you.  I’ll give you some warning before I do.  Remember to keep going for at least a couple of minutes after I cum.  If I’m too sensitive, I’ll stop you.”

Alice did an excellent job and soon I was ready.  “Okay, Alice, I’m almost there.  Jerk me a little faster and suck nice and hard when I start cumming.  Don’t take your lips off my head and keep your tongue moving.  Aaaah, that’s perfect!  Here it comes, ahhh, fuck, I love this!”  Alice sucked and stroked me like a pro, not slowing down when I came, prolonging my orgasm, apparently perfectly comfortable with gouts of cum shooting into her mouth.  The girl was a born fellatrix.  When I was spent, Alice looked up at me and blew some cum bubbles through her smiling lips.  Cum ran down her chin and she scooped it into her mouth before swallowing.  She grinned triumphantly.  

“Oh, man!” she said.  “That was fun!  I loved the way it poured out of you!  I loved the feel and the warmth and the taste and everything!”  Alice threw her head back and swallowed again.  “I could do that all day, every day!”  Her glow was solid green.  I saw many, many lucky guys in her future!

When the two women were gone, I took another shower, set my alarm and hit the sack.

My alarm went off at 6:45 on Saturday morning.  I showered, shaved and got dressed.  No one else was up at that hour and I had a quiet breakfast, brushed my teeth and called Bill Coyne at the lab at 8:00 on the dot. 

“Come on in,” he said.  “I’ll meet you at the door in fifteen minutes.”

Exactly fifteen minutes later, I walked to the door and Mr. Coyne let me in.  “You’re right on time,” he said.  “That’s a good start.  I’ll show you around and introduce you.  As we go through the lab, tell me what you see, what equipment is being used and what you think it’s being used for.  Call me Bill, by the way.”

Half an hour later, Bill escorted me into his office.  “Well, Ethan, I have to say I’m impressed.  You know all the equipment and while not all of your opinions about what the techs were doing were correct, they were all reasonable.  I’m going to issue you a lab coat and put you with Frank’s team.  He’s a good teacher and I don’t think you’ll have any serious problems.  If you aren’t certain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, don’t hesitate to ask Frank.”  He shook my hand.  “Randy Wallace made a good move when he hired you.”

All the techs on Frank’s team made me welcome.  They were very happy to have someone to handle the tedious scut work so they had time to pursue more complex procedures.  I didn’t mind at all.  Just working in a first-class chemical lab was a dream come true.  The day just flew by.  I took a half hour (paid!) lunch break and clocked out at 4:00.  I was scheduled to work from 8:00 to 4:00 on Sunday and I couldn’t wait!

I briefed my parents, took a quick shower, put on a pair of gym shorts and went to my room to make notes on what I’d learned at the lab.  Then I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling, just grinning.  What a great job!

There was a knock on my door and Karen stuck her head in.  “Got a minute, Ethan?”

“Sure, come on in.”

Karen and Alice bounced in and flopped on the bed on either side of me. 

“Mom and Dad are on the patio, having a drink before supper and Alice here ….”

Alice broke in.  “And I’ve been yapping all day about how much I loved sucking you off and feeling you cum in my mouth!”  She smacked her lips.  “I want to do it again.  If you’re up for it,” she winked, “Karen can keep an eye on your folks and I can blow you right now!”

“That’s an excellent idea, Alice.  Get your clothes off and let’s get started!”

I kicked off my shorts and Alice was nude a minute later.  She crawled between my legs and started stroking me.  Karen went to the window and looked out.  “All clear,” she said. 

“We might not have much time,” said Alice.  “You stand on the bed and I’ll kneel in front of you.”  I did as she commanded.  Alice sucked me for a minute and then jerked my spit-slick tool.  “This’ll have to be a quickie, if it’s alright with you.  I’m gonna blow you fast and hard.”  Alice went at it as she promised and I didn’t hold back.  I was stoked from my first day at work and a nice, uncomplicated blowjob was just what I needed.

I grabbed her head.  “Let me fuck your throat.  I love getting my whole cock in your mouth.”  I used long, full strokes, feeling her lips and tongue and throat.  “Fuck, that feels good!”  It looked great, too.  I tilted her head back.  “Look into my eyes, Alice.  I want to see your eyes when I cum.” 

She pushed me away for a moment.  “Don’t cum in my throat.  I need to taste you.”

She gobbled me again, this time doing as I’d asked.  I hadn’t cum all day and I was ready.  I fucked her face and looked into her eyes.  My orgasm built rapidly.

“Any time now, Alice.  You’re really fucking good at this.  Suck the head hard.  Yeah, tickle my cock with your fucking tongue!  Gonna be a big load this time!  Don’t look away!  I want to see your pretty eyes.  Here it comes!  Ahhhh, fuck!  Ahhhhhh!”

From the look on Alice’s face, it was as good for her as it was for me.  Well, maybe not quite as good.  Frankly, it was a terrific orgasm.  Being blown while my sister stood guard made it even more exciting.  I pumped out the last of my juice and released Alice’s head.  She sat back and worked her jaw and tongue, playing with her mouthful of semen.  She swallowed a little, played with it and swallowed some more.  After a few minutes, she gulped down the last of it. 

“Shit, that was better than the first time!  You were right; there was more, it felt thicker and creamier.”  Her smile was pure, innocent happiness.  “I love that so much!  I loved the way you were looking at me when you came.  It’s so fantastic to be able to do that!  Mmmmm, I love the taste.  I’m not going to brush my teeth as long as I can taste you!” 

Alice got up to go to the bathroom. 

Karen glanced out the window and turned toward me.  “You know, we had an agreement,’ she said.  “You promised you’d stick your incestuous dick in my pussy this weekend.”  She glanced out the window again, while unsnapping her shorts.  She unzipped them, dropped them and stepped out of them.  She wasn’t wearing panties.  “So get your ass over here.”  Karen put her forearms on the window sill and stuck her butt out.  “I’m wet as shit and you’re still hard.  I’m horny and I want that cock of yours inside me.”  I hesitated.  “Come on, come on, fuck me!  Don’t tell me you don’t want to fuck me!”

I hopped off the bed, lined my erection up with her slick opening and plunged into her.  This was not how I’d imagined our first time, but she looked so damn sexy bent over like that.  Karen was hot and the chance to fuck my sister, actually fuck my sexy sister, was something I’d dreamed about.  I pounded into her good and hard.  My hands found their way under her shirt and I mauled her big tits and her glow.  Karen was super turned on and she came immediately.  I gave her one orgasm after another, hardly noticing when Alice knelt beside us. 

“Alice, keep watch for us!”  I yanked Karen’s shirt off, picked her up and tossed her onto the bed, face up.  In a second, I was inside her, fucking her harder than I’d ever fucked a woman before.  Karen came like crazy, again and again.  I had just cum in Alice’s mouth, but this situation was so damned hot that I couldn’t hold back.  I slammed into Karen and came, pistoning into her without slowing at all.  She came again, her glow a blinding silver.  I kept myself hard and fucked my sister like a madman, ignoring the brown ring of fatigue creeping into her glow.  In minutes, I was ready and I came in Karen’s pussy for the second time, grunting like an animal. 

Eventually, I slowed my thrusts and looked down at Karen.  She was spread-eagled under me, drenched in sweat, mouth open and eyes closed, panting.  I checked on Alice.  She was looking back and forth between my parents on the patio and the outrageous scene of incestuous mayhem on the bed.  She had three fingers in her pussy. 

I kissed Karen and slid my cock out of her.  She didn’t move.  Her glow showed total sexual satisfaction, fatigue and nothing else.  She was wiped out. 

Alice motioned me over to her.  “Watch your folks.”  She squatted down and sucked me, obviously relishing the taste.  I leaned against the side of the window and let her have her fun.  “It’s not enough,” she mumbled.  She walked quickly to the bed and buried her face in Karen’s pussy, slurping at the mixture of my two orgasms and Karen’s girl juice she found there.  Talk about a fucking hot picture!  Did Karen know who was eating her?  Did she care?  She raised her hips to give Alice better access.  Alice licked her with full strokes of her tongue and sucked Karen’s clit.  Karen pulled her roommate’s head tighter against her and cried out as she came.  I hadn’t done a thing to Karen’s glow.  Fucking cool!

Outside, my parents stood up and I almost stopped the girls.  Then Mom and Dad kissed and started walking toward the garage.  I checked their glows and there was a whole lotta gold there!  Dad opened the side door of the garage and patted Mom’s ass as she went in.  I tapped into Dad’s glow and had a great view of Mom pulling her tank top over her head and flipping it onto Dad’s workbench. It was easy to see where Karen got her big, beautiful breasts.  Mom’s tits had some sag to them, but they were still amazing.  Dad slid his shorts off (he wasn’t wearing underwear and his pubic hair was closely trimmed!) and boosted himself up on the bench.  My parents kissed.  Dad played with Mom’s tits and she stroked his erection.  A moment later, Mom bent and began sucking Dad’s cock.  I made the mistake of switching to Mom’s point of view and switched back immediately.  Not my style at all! 

Mom’s technique was nothing more than the ‘ol head bob combined with stroking Dad’s shaft.  There was no hint of any deep throat action.  Dad leaned back and braced his hands on the wide bench, watching Mom suck him off.  It didn’t take long.  “Gonna squirt, baby,” he gasped.  “Gonna squirt for you.  Shit, I love you! Love your mouth!  Ummm, ahhhh, goddamn, I’m cumming!”  Mom stopped moving and held Dad in her mouth, stroking him while he came.  When Dad was through, she spit into a trash can, then sucked Dad as he softened. 

“Later, you’re going to return the favor and then you’re going to make love to me.”  She kissed his limp dick.  “The next time you cum, it won’t be in my mouth!”

My parents got dressed and I turned my attention to the girls.  They were wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing.  I moved to the bed and smacked them both on the butt.  “Time’s up, ladies.  Get your asses out of that bed and into your clothes.  Mom and Dad are walking in right now!”  The girls scrambled out of bed and dressed in record time.  They kissed me and trotted down the hall to Karen’s bathroom.  I went to my own to clean up. 

The rest of the evening was routine.  We ate supper and I went to my room to do my homework.  I was finished by 8:30 and watched some TV with the family until 10:00, when I took a shower and checked my email.  I was asleep by 11:00.

I awoke at 2AM with my cock in Karen’s mouth.  I can’t say I was surprised.  “Sorry to bother you, Ethan,” she whispered. 

“The hell you’re sorry,” I whispered back.  She moved up and slid over my cock.  “Can’t say I’m sorry to have you riding me.”  I held her big, soft tits and relaxed, loving the feel of her.  We fucked quietly, so different from our frantic afternoon screwing.  Karen didn’t need my help to reach orgasm, but I nudged her along anyway, bringing her to five nice, strong peaks.  After the last one, she rested, sitting upright with my face in her hands.

“I love you, Ethan, but I love you as a brother.  I want us to keep doing this and I can tell you do too.  I guess we’ll have sort of a ‘siblings-with-benefits’ arrangement if that’s all right with you.”  She glided smoothly up and down on me.  “I want you to cum, now.  It’s your turn.  I can get you off this way or some other way, if you want.”

“I’m ready.  I’d like to finish doggie, if that’s okay with you.”

Karen got on her hands and knees and I entered her.  “Let me do all the work,” I whispered.  “Can you cum again?” 

“Oh, yeah!  That feels so damn good.” 

I fucked her and stroked her glow, climbing toward my own peak.  I timed my orgasm to match hers and we came together in loving harmony.

I worked eight hours at the lab on Sunday, having the time of my life.  Everyone seemed so friendly and so happy to have me around.  From some of the comments I heard, my predecessors hadn’t been much use to them.  Once I understood the way things were run, I didn’t need much guidance.  That was a relief to everybody.  As a bonus, the glows of two of the female techs looked very promising.  Neither of them was close to Playboy material, but they looked very nice.  One of them, Charlotte, was at least eight years older than me and had a set of tits that she sure as hell hadn’t been born with.  She sat next to me during lunch and couldn’t keep her hand off my thigh.  When someone dropped a stainless beaker in the lab and everyone turned to look she gave my dick a quick squeeze.  More pussy on the way for Ethan!

Monday, Sarah buttonholed me after class.  “Got a few minutes after school?” she asked.

“Yeah, but just a few.  I have to work from 4:00 till 7:00 tonight.”

“It won’t take long.  I’ll meet you at your car.”

We met at the appointed time.  It was only a half mile to Sarah’s house and not too far out of the way to the lab, so we headed there.

“I want to tell you what’s been going on since Rita and her friends started their campaign of truth.”  She was happy, her glow a strong green.  “The word got around that I’m a virgin and not some fuck-happy whore.  I’m still getting hit on, but not nearly as much and I can handle it.  The fun part is, I’ve gone on four dates with Steven Kimani.  You know him, right?”

“Yeah, he’s the exchange student from Kenya; long distance runner, got all the state records.”

“That’s him. We dated at the beginning of the year and got along great, but he was also going out with Donna Schmidt.  Things got pretty serious with them.  They weren’t fucking, but there was definitely some handjob and finger-fucking going on.  I wasn’t willing to do that stuff at the time, so he stopped asking me out.  Well, they broke up and he’s back for another try with me.  That’s fine.  I’m perfectly okay with that.”  She grinned.  “So, here’s the good part.  Steven’s sponsor has some land north of town and Steven has a key to the gate.  There aren’t any buildings out there, but that isn’t a problem, because Steven has that old, old Rambler that his sponsor’s father gave him.  The seats in the Rambler are pretty cool.  There are bench seats in the front and back and, if you slide the front seat all the way forward, you can drop the back of the seat and it lines up with the back seat.  The whole thing turns into a bed!”  Sarah was getting excited, just telling me about her boyfriend’s car.  I pulled into Sarah’s driveway and parked next to the house.  Sarah unsnapped her seatbelt and reached under the front of her shirt.  She opened the front clasp of her bra and I slid my hand in there and played with her breasts. 

“Anyway, Steven took me out to his sponsor’s place and we made out in the car.  When we dated before, I wouldn’t do much with him, but this time I let him feel me up through my blouse and dry-hump me.  On the second date, he got my shirt and bra off while we were making out.  I let him play with my boobs and suck my nipples.  He put my hand on his dick over his pants and I gave him a half-assed handjob.  He felt really big!”  She patted my dick.  “I liked making him cum in his pants.  He didn’t say anything, he just tensed up, but I could tell he came.”

“On the third date, I took my top off without him asking and pulled his shirt off.  He messed with my tits for a while and then took off his jeans.  He was wearing boxers.  I let him reach into my pants and panties and finger me while we kissed.  It felt terrific!  He has those long fingers and he put two of them in me.  I was getting pretty hot.  His cock kinda accidentally-on-purpose popped out through his fly and I jerked him off.  Jesus, he’s got a big cock!  It’s not any bigger around than yours, but it’s at least an inch longer.  It’s a good thing he had a beach towel spread over the seats, because when he came it sprayed everywhere!”  Sarah’s glow told me all I had to know about how much she’d enjoyed telling her story.

“On the fourth date, just last night, he got naked and I stripped down to my panties.  He fingered me and I had two nice orgasms.  Steven was starting to make humping motions and I started jerking him again.  I used both hands and it wasn’t enough to hold his whole cock.  When he started breathing fast and moaning, I put my lips over his cock and he came in my mouth!  Shit, that was a lot of cum!  When he was done, I drooled it out on his stomach.  Then I slurped some of it up and swallowed it.”  She laughed.  “Steven was about jumping out of his skin!  We made out some more and he got me off three more times.  When I got tired, I started another handjob.  He was super hard and ready to shoot again pretty damn quick!  I went down on him and blew him until he came.  That time, I swallowed it all!  That guy cums a pint, at least!  I loved it!”  Sarah’s glow was turning a nice gold color.

“Do you have ten or fifteen minutes?” she asked.  “Why don’t you come in and let me suck you off?  All the great stuff that’s been happening lately is your doing.  Let me blow you!” 

“Well, if I have to.  I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed!”

A minute later, we were in the living room.  I turned the chair we’d used before around and told Sarah to sit.  “I’ll stand here and watch for your folks.”

Sarah jumped up, stripped off all her clothes and sat down.  I dropped my pants and shorts and she got right to it.  Five minutes later, I was filling her mouth.  I love blowjobs!!

Submitted: September 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Lance C. All rights reserved.

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