Glow Chapter Four

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Chapter 4



During lunch on Tuesday, I got a text from Alex. – hotel 3:15 -  I wasn’t scheduled to work, so I sent –ok- .

Even before I got to the parking lot, I could feel Alex’s glow.  Close to hers, there was another glow that I didn’t recognize and which felt very different from any other glow I’d come in contact with.  It was filled with energy.  Not only that, but it was aware of my glow.  I scrambled out of my car and up the steps to the second floor.  I knocked on the door and Alex opened it right away.

“Hi, Ethan!  I want you to meet my sister Rachel.  We’re fraternal twins.  Rachel, this is the guy I was telling you about.” 

I didn’t respond.  I was frozen in place, staring into the eyes of the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen, sitting on the loveseat.  The family resemblance to Alex was obvious.  Rachel was a little taller, a little less busty, a little slimmer and a couple of shades darker.  Her hair was much shorter than Alex’s and she hadn’t had it straightened.  Her face was, if anything, more beautiful than Alex’s.  And all that was minor compared to the sound of a lovely contralto voice that seemed to come from the center of my brain.

**Is it true?  Can you hear me?  I thought I was alone!**

“Hey!” said Alex, waving her hand in front of my face.  “Earth to Ethan!  Anybody there?”

**I hear you,** I thought.  **You’re not alone any more!**

I took two steps and sat next to Rachel, never taking my eyes off her.  Rachel held my hands and touched my glow with her own.  In an instant, I absorbed the totality of Rachel’s life and felt her absorb mine, sharing our experiences, our memories, our loves and doubts and deepest feelings through a swirling kaleidoscope of pure joy as our glows combined.  How had I not encountered this fabulous creature before?  The question answered itself through Rachel’s memories.  Rachel didn’t go to the same high school Alex and I did.  She was a musical prodigy and attended a very exclusive conservatory outside of town.  She was a keyboard and English horn major.  She’d won important state and regional competitions.  She was famous, yet I’d never heard of her.

That lovely voice spoke to me.  **I don’t have to tell you what happens now!**

**I’m hard just thinking about it.**

**And I’m ready for you.  I want you inside me.  I’ll always want you inside me.**

Without moving, Rachel spoke.  “Alex, I see that Ethan has told you about his talent.  I have that same talent, but I haven’t learned to use it as well as Ethan has.”  We stood up together.  “Ethan and I are going to make love now.”  She smiled a delighted, wicked, lust filled smile.  “We’re also going to fuck!  Oh, yes, yes, yes, we’re going to fuck, all right!”

There’s no point in trying to describe the next two hours.  When ordinary people have sex, there’s always some hesitation, some uncertainty about what to do next, what the other person wants, whether what you’re doing feels right to your partner, whether you’re going too fast or too slowly or using the right amount of pressure in just the right place.  Everyone has fantasies that they can’t fully explain to their partner.  Those fantasies aren’t realized, because communication is never perfect.

None of those limitations applied to Rachel and me.  Our communication was perfect.  We thought and felt with the same mind.  We shared everything.  When one of us felt a sensation, the other felt it, too.  Words were unnecessary, although we did use words, not to ask for anything, but to express our feelings for each other.

Rachel’s orgasmic jellybean was even tighter than Alex’s had been.  With my cock inside her, I led her though the process of altering it, a tiny bit at a time.  I went down on her and, as her orgasms grew stronger, we thinned the walls more and more, being very careful, until we reached that ideal state of maximum orgasmic bliss.  Even before we started, her orgasms were as strong as mine and longer lasting.  When we finished, her orgasms made mine seem like the pleasure you get by scratching an annoying itch.  And yes, I felt her orgasms as deeply as she did.  Every one was more astonishingly wonderful that I can possibly say.

Naturally, we couldn’t leave Alex out.  I spent almost as much time inside her as I did inside Rachel, sometimes fucking or eating one to orgasm and then moving to the other or going down on one girl while being ridden or blown by the other.  Our ability to piggyback on each other’s glow made it all the better for Alex.  I had never had a complete understanding of what women want out of sex, generally just concentrating on producing lots of intense orgasms.  There’s much more to it than that and with Rachel’s memories and feelings at my disposal, I was able to give both women far more that any of us imagined.  With my memories and feelings available to Rachel, my every desire, even those I wasn’t consciously aware of, was fulfilled.  Fatigue, loss of erections?  Nope!  Rachel handled that for me.  I stayed hard for the entire two hours and came over a dozen times. 

In the end, Alex, Rachel and I lay together on the bed; three bodies and two minds. 

The connection Rachel and I established on the sofa that day has remained unbreakable. 

The next time the Group met, Rachel was there.  She fucked all the guys and then blew them.  I fucked all the women and either came inside them or in their mouths.  It seemed like one of us was cumming every minute.  Glorious!!


Four years later:

During the two years after Rachel and I met, I had what my mom called a “growth spurt”.  At the end, I was at 6’4” and 220 lbs of bone and muscle and no fat, adding half an inch to my erections.  I now look like a cross between a first-call underwear model and a Marine fitness instructor.  Rachel wanted to be taller too, so we brought her up to 5’11” with breasts that matched Alex’s.  It’s phenomenal what people with our talent can do!

Rachel and I have one more semester before we graduate.  We both got full scholarships; me to MIT, majoring in Chemical Engineering and her to Berklee College of Music.  The schools are less than a mile apart and our Back Bay apartment is within easy walking distance if we don’t want to drive.  We’ll be married right after graduation. 

I have a letter of intent from Wittier Chemical.  They guaranteed a job at a very good starting salary as soon as I have that MIT diploma in my hands.  Rachel will be spending much of her time on tour and in the recording studio, but she won’t really be away from me.  Our connection is powerful and constant, unaffected by distance. 

Most couples couldn’t handle having that kind of continuous observation by their partner, but it’s not an issue with us.  Right from the start, we’ve known every detail about each other.We can trust each other because, let’s face it, keeping secrets isn’t really an option.

Our love for each other hasn’t changed our love for having sex with our friends.  We have very, very active sex lives.  We love the excitement of group sex and we’ve become popular with various swinger clubs in Boston.  The Group broke up as its members scattered to various colleges, but the members meet when we can. 

It’s great fun for Rachel and me to have sex, each of us with someone new, each of us in a different place.  I’ve become accustomed to the pleasure Rachel gets from feeling a cock unload a couple of teaspoons of warm cum into her mouth.  That’s not to say I’d ever want to try it, but she enjoys it so much that I can’t refuse to share it.  It’s much better for me when a man cums inside her, especially since she usually cums at the same time. 

Sarah and Steven became very serious and Sarah was on the verge of believing he was the one.  At the last minute, she chickened out.  The last I heard, she was still, technically, a virgin, although her hymen is long gone.

Rita and Harry got married, but couldn’t keep their hands off other people.  Rita was completely open about it, but found that marriage brought out an unpleasant streak of jealousy in her new husband.  Their marriage lasted less than two years.

Alice found her ideal career.  She makes videos of herself giving blowjobs and posts them on her fee-only website.  She’s blown untold hundreds of men and she always does excellent oral creampies.  All a man has to do is rent a decent hotel room within two hours drive of her house, have a clean lab report and a matching photo ID and Alice will show up with her cameraman and suck his dick.  Men often don’t want their faces shown on video, but if a guy doesn’t mind showing his face, Alice will suck his dick, let him fuck her in various positions (his choice) and finish him with her mouth.  Alice usually gets the guy off two or three times in one session and she insists that every ejaculation goes into her mouth.  She encourages men to be vocal, especially when they’re cumming, as long as they don’t call her names or get abusive.  Her enthusiasm for swallowing is legendary, as is her total distain for facials.  In her opinion, the only place for a man to shoot his load is in her mouth with her lips clamped around him.

Alice holds day-long “Fan Appreciation Oral Gangbangs” which usually bring as many as 30 men, each of whom must agree to show his face on camera.  Alice hires three cameramen for the sessions and she blows them, too!  Her website had become tremendously popular and generates a very healthy income for her.  She sells blowjob DVDs by the thousands.  By the way, Alice has lost 35 pounds and looks terrific!  Very little of the weight loss came from her boobs! 

Rachel and I spend a month traveling around the US or Europe or Asia every summer, searching for others like us.  We’ve found nothing.  Can it be that two people born in the same year in the same town have this ability and no one else does?  That’s something that we’re not willing to accept.  Our only fear is in finding someone who shares our talent, but is evil or mentally damaged in some way.  Will our children inherit this talent?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, our lives are all we could hope for.  We each have careers we love and we love each other. 

What does the future hold for us?  As I said, only time will tell.


Submitted: September 25, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Lance C. All rights reserved.

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