Abduction Abduction

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


It seems like all the aliens we see on TV and in the movies are vicious, ugly monsters that want to kill, eat or enslave us. What if it wasn’t that way at all?


It seems like all the aliens we see on TV and in the movies are vicious, ugly monsters that want to kill, eat or enslave us.
What if it wasn’t that way at all?


Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019




Mahi sat chatting with Bethany and Emile in The Ice Dragon.  Unlike most modern bars, the Ice Dragon was pleasantly quiet, with the sounds of excellent jazz singers and small combos playing softly.  Mahi’s Indian mother and massively mixed-race father were jazz and classical music buffs and Mahi grew up appreciating complex and sophisticated music. 

Mahi’s jumbled genetic background had gifted her with dark skin, straight black hair, brown eyes and a stunningly beautiful face.  She was of medium height and had a slim build with firm breasts and a small waist.

Patrons of the Dragon tended to be intelligent and well educated.  Mahi had acquired a PhD in Languages (she had a wonderful gift for learning new ones) and a Masters in Music Performance.  As an accomplished keyboard, flute and guitar player, she felt right at home in the Dragon. 

Mahi was picky when it came to men.  She hooked up a few times a week with some guy and had a fun one-night stand, but the men she chose all had to be reasonably good looking, and more importantly, they had to be fit and smart and funny and able to keep up with Mahi’s clever conversational style.  There was no shortage of men in Los Angeles looking for a one-night stand and Mahi seldom had any trouble finding one.  If they were unusually good, she wasn’t averse to sleeping with them on an irregular basis.  When she was feeling horny and couldn’t find someone new, she could always open the “contacts” list in her phone and find an enthusiastic man within a matter of minutes.  The men in her life considered her a major babe.  Having sex with Mahi was always a treat. 

This evening, Mahi was considering a man at the bar.  He was a newbie in the Dragon.  Mahi watched him talking to several of the regulars and couldn’t miss the way he checked her out, smiling when their eyes met.  Her friend Bethany picked up on the non-verbal fencing and gave Mahi’s shin a light kick under the table.  “He looks promising,” she said playfully.  “Must be at least six-foot-six and he looks like some kind of pro athlete.  Probably got a ten-inch dick.”

Mahi laughed.  “He does have potential.  Let’s see how much.”  She caught the man’s eye and patted the seat next to her.  The man spoke to the woman he’d been chatting with, apparently excusing himself, picked up his drink and walked over.

“Hi,” said Mahi.  “This is Bethany and Emile.  I’m Mahi.”

“My name is Klementos,” said the man in a deep voice.  They shook hands all around and he sat next to Mahi.

“Klementos,” said Mahi knowingly.  “That’s Greek, right?  From the Latin.  Means ‘gentle’, doesn’t it?”

“Very impressive,” said Klementos.  “You speak Greek?”

“And Latin and a few others,” said Mahi modestly.  “I’m a translator and language consultant.”

“Don’t let her fool you,” said Emile.  “She speaks a shitload of languages; more than she’ll admit.  What do you do, Klementos?”

“I’m also a consultant, although I’m in foreign trade.”  Mahi’s trained ear detected a hint of an accent, but she couldn’t place it.

“You’re not from L.A., are you?”

Klementos smiled.  “No, my father was in government service.  We moved around a lot; Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and all over Asia.  I’ve acquired some odd speech patterns, I’m afraid.”

The four enjoyed themselves, talking for an hour before Emile laid his hand on Bethany’s arm.  “’Bout time we were going,” he said.  They stood and shook Klementos’ hand.  When Mahi stood to kiss her friends, no one noticed Klementos’ finger swiping along the rim of Mahi’s glass.

Mahi and Klementos sipped their drinks and talked for a few more minutes as Klementos waited for the drug to take effect.  Unlike so-called “date rape” drugs, the tiny amount he’d deposited on the woman’s glass wouldn’t disable her in the slightest.  Instead, its purpose was to make her very suggestible and friendly and cooperative.  It would lower her inhibitions and make her much more likely to say what was on her mind.

When Klementos was sure the drug had done its work, he placed a warm hand on her arm.  “I like you,” he said with a charming smile.  “I think we could be very good friends.”

“I think so, too.”  Mahi moved his hand to her thigh and slid it under her short skirt.  “Would you like to come to my place?  I have an apartment just a block away.”  She opened her legs and guided his hand to her vagina.  Mahi wasn’t wearing panties and Klementos’ fingers touched her smooth outer lips. 

“That would be wonderful.”  He pressed his thumb slightly inside.  “I would love to taste you.”  Klementos dropped some money on the table and they walked to the door.  The hard part was over, he thought.  The rest would be easy.



Mahi awoke slowly, aware of the feel of the bed under her and the lovely, languid way her body felt.  She wondered where she was.  The bed didn’t feel like her bed, but she couldn’t remember going to sleep anywhere else.  Wait; when they were in her apartment, Klementos had invited her to a cabin in the San Gabriel Mountains.  He made it sound wonderful and she’d agreed.  Jesus, they hadn’t even had sex!  She’d packed a few clothes and he’d asked her to bring her guitar and flute.  They had even carried her keyboard to his car!  For some reason, the fact that his car was parked right outside her building hadn’t raised any red flags.  The drive was a blur; she must have slept the whole way!  She had no memory of anything after they got onto the 110.  Holy crap, where was she?

Mahi opened her eyes.  She was in a room about 15 feet square.  Nicely contrasting colors covered the walls and ceiling, but there was no furniture that she could see other than the bed she was lying on.  Her overnight bag, laptop computer and her instruments were sitting on a shelf to her left.  The ceiling brightened, illuminating the room to a comfortable level.  When she sat up, the pillow that her head had been resting on retracted into the surface of the bed and the bed itself morphed into a kind of sofa.  Startled, Mahi jumped to her feet and watched as the “sofa” shortened and took the form of a large, padded chair.

“Hello, Mahi,” said a familiar voice from behind her.  “I trust you slept well?”  Mahi spun and saw Klementos standing in a doorway that hadn’t been there.  He was wearing the same clothes he’d been wearing in the Dragon.  Her own clothes, now that she noticed, were also unchanged.  Klementos smiled apologetically.  “Sorry to startle you this way.  I know I have some explaining to do.”

“Well, no shit!” shouted Mahi sarcastically.  “Where the hell are we?  This isn’t some cabin in the mountains, that’s for damn sure!”  Before Klementos could respond, Mahi shoved him out of the way and charged through the door, colliding with two women who were passing by.  Mahi barely managed to keep her balance.  In front of her was an enormous room, filled with clusters of low seats, many of them occupied.  The ceiling was at least 40 feet high, sky blue and gently curved like upside-down ocean waves.  Various shades of green and brown dominated in the huge space, giving the room a distinctly outdoor flavor.  One of the women Mahi had run into was wearing a sort of toga, made up of a short skirt and a sash that covered her left breast leaving the other breast bare.  The second woman wore a loose, mid-calf skirt and nothing above the waist.  Both women were barefoot.  Mahi staggered back, bumping into Klementos.  “What the fuck?” she gasped.  “What the fuck?”

“Please have a seat.  I’ll answer all your questions.”  Klementos said something to the two women in a soft, liquid language that Mahi was sure she’d never heard before.  They both smiled and continued on their way.  “Please sit there,” said Klementos, pointing to a long sofa-like seat that seemed to grow out of the floor.  Mahi sat cautiously.  She was very frightened.

“You have nothing to fear,” said Klementos, correctly reading her expression.  “No one here will harm you in any way.”

“And just where the hell is ‘here’, anyway?

“Well, that’s were it gets interesting.  You’re on a spacecraft, heading out of the Solar system.  To put it simply, you’ve been abducted.”

“Oh, horseshit!  This place is the size of a shopping mall!  There’s no way this could be a spaceship!”

“It’s pretty big, all right,” Klementos agreed.  “Our section is an oval over a kilometer long and about half that wide.  This is deck fourteen and there are 32 other decks much like this one.  We have access to them all.”

Mahi shook her head.  “You don’t look like an alien.  You look human.  What did you mean by, ‘our section’?”

“I meant that all 33 decks are inhabited by humans.  We don’t control this ship.  It’s controlled by the Asadii.  Don’t ask me to describe them.”  He smiled and shrugged.  “I’ve never seen one and don’t know anyone who has.  They communicate with us verbally, through the ship’s computer.”

“So, we’re what; slaves, pets, food?”

“No, nothing like that.  The Asadii consider humans to be a special, possibly unique species.  They’ve established human colonies on many, many worlds.  Their plan is to allow us to populate the Galaxy.  You see, intelligent life is extremely rare.  Life, even complex life, is common, but intelligent, creative life that avoids extinction and develops a civilization is almost unknown.  I’ve been on 31 colony worlds, plus Earth.  I don’t know of anyone who has knowledge of an intelligent species other than the Asadii and humans.”

Mahi shook her head in annoyance and confusion.  “Why don’t the damn aliens do their own colonization?”

“I could only guess, based on rumors and speculation I’ve heard.  The Asadii don’t tell us anything about themselves.  For all we know, the Asadii don’t use the same kind of planets that we do.  They might like more or less gravity than what we’re used to or a warmer or cooler climate.  They might breathe a different atmospheric mix.  We don’t go to their part of the ship and they don’t come here.”

Mahi thought for a moment, frowning.  “So, what are we doing on this ship?”

“Well, as hard as this may be to believe, we do whatever we want.  We have no duties.  The ship provides whatever we want in the way of clothing, food, drink and entertainment equipment.  We pursue our hobbies.  We enjoy each other’s company.  We eat what we want, when we want and we sleep when and where we want.  Lighting follows the 24 hour pattern that humans have evolved with.”  Klementos smiled.  “One of the benefits of this life is life itself.  On a ship, our health is nearly absolute.  There is no illness, no disease.  In the event of injury, pain relief is swift and healing is rapid and complete.”  He looked into Mahi’s eyes.  “How old do you think I am?”

Mahi shrugged.  “Maybe a couple of years younger than me; I’d say 25 or so.”

Klementos smiled and shook his head.  “As close as makes no difference, I am one thousand, three hundred and eighty Earth years old.  And I am far from the oldest human I know.”

Mahi sagged back in her seat.  “You’re lying.  That can’t be!”

“I was born in Greece when the Rashidun Caliphate was in power.  As a young man, I became a soldier and rose to a rank similar to Master Sergeant in your modern army.  During a battle in the Levant, I was badly wounded and left for dead by my retreating comrades.  A human recruiter for the Asadii found me and brought me aboard a ship, where I was healed and welcomed into the ship’s human society.”  Klementos smiled wistfully.  “If you think this is a shock to you, imagine what it was like for an ignorant, superstitious lout like me!  Of course, while my new friends had learned to deal with the technology aboard ship, they were at least as primitive as I was.  No one had a clue about the scientific method.  Your author Clark said it best; ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’.  To us, everything aboard ship was magic.  I was well over a thousand years old before I began to grasp the basics of the devices I was using every day.”

“Are you saying you’ve been on other ships?  We aren’t all trapped here?”

“Oh, certainly not!  If you grow bored with this society, you can request transfer to another ship or you can become a colonist on one of the colony planets.  I’ve been on dozens of ships and been a colonist on 31 worlds.  Each ship and each colony has a somewhat different culture, depending on the inhabitants and the planetary environment.  After twenty or thirty years in one place I feel the urge to experience someplace new.  Many of us feel the same way.”

“And you’re telling me this is all a wonderful utopia?  Peace and love and plenty for all?  No conflict?  No fights?

Klementos sighed.  “No, not quite.  We’re all still human.  Some of us want to control others.  Some of us are less inclined to behave properly in society.  Some occasionally become violent.  That kind of behavior isn’t tolerated.  While there’s no formal government and no police, we are always available to help when one of us is being poorly treated.”

“Sort of a vigilante mob?”

“Not a mob, so much as rescuers when rescue is needed.”

“You don’t have police, but do you have courts?  What punishments can you use?  Who decides on the punishment?”

“The victim decides on the punishment.  Generally, some corporal punishment is administered.”

“You mean you beat the bad guy.  Okay, fine, but if a beating doesn’t do the trick?  If he keeps doing it?  What then?”

“On rare occasions, when someone repeatedly commits violence, he is killed.”  Klementos took a deep breath and blew it out.  “We are human.  Some of us are bound to be violent sociopaths.  It happens.”

Mahi rubbed her face with both hands and took several deep breaths.  “So, back to the medical subject.  Help me understand this; you’re saying that we humans are immortal and will stay young forever?”

“On a ship, yes.  On a colony world, no.  Medical care in a colony is quite advanced, but not up to the level of that found on a ship.  Aging is greatly delayed, but not halted.  An injury that would be a minor annoyance on a ship might kill you on a colony world.  The good news, as they say, is that you can spend 30 or 40 or more years as a colonist and, if you choose to return to a ship, your youth and health will be restored.  I’ve spent as much as 90 years as a colonist and then opted for shipboard life.  As you can see, I’m still biologically a young man.”

Mahi’s head was spinning.  To say that this was a lot to take in was a titanic understatement.  “But my friends, my family, all my stuff!  That’s all gone?”

“Sadly, yes.  There is no possible way to go back.”

“So you kidnapped me, you son-of-a-bitch!  I had a great life and you fucked it up!” 

Klementos easily caught her wrist before she could slap him.  “Yes, I did.  You can contribute a great deal to human society and not just on this ship.  Not only that, but while your life on Earth was pleasant and fulfilling, you’ll find your life with us even more so.  I’ve made three recruiting trips to Earth and have, as you say, kidnapped dozens of men and women.  They all react the way you’re reacting, often with shocking violence.  In an amount of time that’s so short it would amaze you, they thank me.  Losing the only life you know is hard, but the life you’ll gain with us will make up for it many times over.”

Mahi snatched her wrist out of his grasp.  “Why choose me, anyway?  And what does, ‘not just on this ship’ mean?”

“Genetic diversity and high intelligence are essential to the survival of humans throughout the Galaxy.  You possess both to an unusual degree.  Your intelligence is so high that ordinary tests can’t measure it accurately.  You carry genes from four continents.  All that makes you priceless to the Galactic human species.”

“Fuck you!  I’m not some goddamn piece of breeding stock!  If you think I’m going to spread my legs and pump out babies for a bunch of alien dickheads, you can forget it!  You’re not getting any kids from me!”

“That’s your choice.  I told you that we humans do what we want.  That includes having sex and reproducing.  While you were sleeping, your long-life treatments were started and your menstrual cycle was suspended.  Unless and until you choose to become pregnant, it won’t happen, no matter how many times you have sex and how many men you choose to have sex with.  Your eggs have been placed in stasis.  Normally, you would lose all of them through regular ovulation.  In stasis, they’ll be preserved until you decide to use them.  As I said, reproduction is entirely your decision.  You are a free woman.”

“Except that I can only live on alien spaceships or alien colony planets!  How is that ‘free’?”

“A salient point,” conceded Klementos.  “It’s true; there are limits to our freedom.  However, you’ll get to see worlds and meet people and have experiences during your long life that you certainly would have missed if you’d stayed in Los Angeles.”  He shrugged.  “Win some, lose some.”

Mahi stared at her kidnapper, speechless.  Suddenly, she just wanted to be alone.  She got up and turned toward the door she’d come through, only to be greeted by a blank wall.  “Damn it!  Where’s the door?”  She started to cry.  She wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and block out all this craziness. 

Klementos appeared next to her and pointed to a faint vertical stripe on the wall.  “Just run a finger down this and the door will open.”  Mahi did so and somehow wasn’t surprised when the door dilated.  Klementos followed her in.  “While you’re in a room, the door won’t open to anyone else.  If someone wants to visit you, they’ll tell Ship and Ship will tell you.  The bath facilities are here,” he said, pointing out a series of stripes on one wall.  “You can extend the bed here.  Ship is programmed to understand all Earth languages and knows virtually every kind of food you can think of.  If you want or need something, just ask Ship.  Say ‘Ship’ and it will answer.”  Mahi nodded dumbly.  “I’ll leave you now.”

Mahi realized that she badly wanted to pee, take a shower and get something to eat.  It took her a few tries to discover which of the stripes would produce the toilet, the sink and the shower.  She stripped out of her clothes and took a piss.  The shower had remarkably simple controls and she found miniature nozzles for liquid soap and shampoo.  When she was clean and had turned off the water, gusts of warm air dried her.  A flow of warmer air came out of a vent at head level and she used it to dry her hair. 

Mahi opened her overnight bag and started sorting through what few clothes she had packed.  But what was the point of that?  Her clothes wouldn’t fit with what everyone else was wearing, that was certain. 


“Yes Mahi.”

“If you can, show me a portion of this deck that has people in it.”

A section of wall lit with a scene containing at least 50 people.  They appeared to represent every skin shade Mahi had ever seen and every shade in between.  Mahi was darker than most, but in that mix, she wouldn’t stand out.

“Zoom in on the group in the left center.”

Mahi examined the group.  Everyone was dressed in what looked like loose, very lightweight togas or vests or dresses.  No one was wearing pants; apparently, skirts or kilts were in fashion.  Partial upper body nudity was universal among women, with one breast or the other being covered.  Men wore vests or sleeveless pullover shirts.  Everyone appeared to be in good to very good physical condition.  Mahi also noticed that there was a lot of touching going on.  Men and women held hands or sat with their arms around each other.  They caressed each other, casually stroking faces and breasts and torsos and thighs.  A man laughed and gestured with one hand to 3 or 4 people while his other hand moved under the skirt of the woman sitting to his right.  The woman had her thighs spread wide, a look of pleasure on her face.  She moved her hand to the man’s head and pushed down, toward her crotch.  The man obligingly dropped to his knees, flipped the woman’s skirt up and began going down on her.  Around the pair, conversation seemed to continue uninterrupted.  Mahi went back to examining women’s clothing, but when she looked again, the woman was on her back, naked, with the man between her legs.  His clothing was on the floor and he was clearly inside her.  Not far away, a man reclined against a woman sitting behind him with her legs on either side of him.  She had one hand on the man’s erection, masturbating him rapidly.  The man turned his head to kiss her and ejaculated, his semen arcing onto the floor.  The woman laughed and they shared a long kiss.  Mahi noticed that none of the people had any body hair; no pubic hair or armpit hair and there was no telltale stubble.  None of the men wore beards.  She examined her own body and found no hair at all; even the wispy hair on her arms was gone.  The hair on her head was intact as were her eyebrows and lashes.

Mahi wasn’t exactly shocked by the nudity and public sex.  She’d been to San Onofre Beach and More Mesa Beach, both clothing optional beaches.  She was accustomed to public nudity and had heard stories about oral sex and straight sex on public beaches, although she hadn’t witnessed it.  She had a limited amount of experience with group sex with her friends.  Being nude around other people hadn’t bothered her, but those other people had also been nude.  This was different. 

“Ship, show me the most common clothing styles for women on this deck.”

What Mahi saw were women in above-the-knee skirts and tops that exposed one or, rarely, both breasts.  So, covering both tits was a style faux-pas.  As far as Mahi could tell, there wasn’t any pattern as to which boob was exposed, although the majority of women covered their left breast.  Fabric colors ran the gamut and were widely varied.  Oddly, there was no sexual activity among women whose right breast was covered.  Was that significant?

“Ship, make me clothes that match the ones worn by this woman here,” she touched the screen, “except reverse the colors.”

Almost immediately, a slot opened in the wall and a shelf slid out, holding a heap of folded fabric.  Mahi picked it up and shook it out.  The fabric seemed almost weightless.  When she dropped it over her head, it was like wearing air. 

“Ship, make me a two-egg omelet with tomato chunks and sliced mushrooms.  And a cup of green tea.”  Again the shelf slid out, holding Mahi’s order, complete with utensils and a napkin.  “Shit,” she said softly.  “Maybe I can learn to tolerate this after all.”

After eating, Mahi extended the bed and lay down.  She knew a nap would give her some emotional distance from the fantastic situation she was in, but she had so much to think about!  She was trapped, at least temporarily, with a huge number of strangers, all living in almost total anarchy.  If what Klementos said was true, sooner or later, she was sure to run across some violent loon.  Mahi swore to herself that she would never be alone with anyone in a room like this with the door closed. 




There were no clocks or calendars on the ship, but a bright, fuzzy disk moved across the “sky”, giving the illusion of a sun.  “Days” were 16 hours long and “nights” were dark enough for comfortable sleep, but not so dark that people couldn’t see to move around.  At first, Mahi kept track of the passing days and weeks by the calendar on her phone.  Eventually, the futility of that became obvious and she only used her phone to view the photos and videos she had stored there.  Like most young Angelinos, Mahi had been addicted to taking photos and “selfies” and videos.  Her phone had a 128GB SD card, filled with reminders of her previous life.  She had Ship copy everything to her laptop. 

Learning the ship’s language, known simply as “Language”, went very quickly.  Mahi already had amazing language skills, but this was different.  It seemed that she already knew Language and only needed to be reminded of it.  She assumed that Ship was somehow responsible.  Oh well, nothing she could do about it.

Ship, she learned, would keep her possessions safe and deliver them to her anywhere.  She formed the habit of wandering around what she thought of as her “home” deck, listening for music.  She soon expanded her search to other decks and when she heard the sound of musicians playing, she followed her ears to the source.  If she liked what she heard, she would have Ship produce one of her instruments and she would join in.  Mahi’s improvisational skills, already well developed, grew rapidly.

While most decks had similar layouts, with seats scattered at apparent random among walk-in showers and restrooms, the middle deck, number 17, was equipped for exercise and sport.  A bewildering variety of exercise machines and weights were intermingled with running paths and swimming pools of different sizes and shapes.  Some of the team sports being played were familiar to Mahi, but most seemed to be from ancient times.  No one used protective gear.  Mahi watched a game of no-rules field hockey and was horrified to see the violent tactics being used and the sometimes gruesome injuries that resulted.  But even the injured players took the damage in stride.  The availability of Ship’s medical technology made players willing to absorb punishment that would have had them in a hospital on Earth for months. 

Mahi learned that which breast a woman exposed did have significance.  Exposing the left breast signified that the woman was in a more-or-less exclusive relationship or simply wasn’t interested in having sex at the moment.  Exposing the right breast meant the she was available to her friends, but not to casual acquaintances or strangers.  Going topless meant that she was available to virtually everyone.  Since there was no disease on the ship and women only got pregnant when they wanted to, casual, public sex was rampant.  Children, she learned, were raised in either end of the oval decks, in crèches enclosed by high partitions.  Having sex within the sight of a child was grounds for a severe beating.  Attempting to have sex with a child resulted in a quick and violent death.

In the first days, Mahi saw men and women performing various sex acts, from simple touching and stroking to oral sex to full-blown hardcore screwing.  Sometimes, the people involved would move to an area that provided some privacy, but mostly it was all done right out in the open.  Frequently their friends would kiss and caress them, enhancing the eroticism.  Watching people have sex wasn’t considered rude or boorish; after all, they’d chosen to do it publicly.  Public sex was the most common form of shipboard entertainment. 

As Mahi became more comfortable with her surroundings, she found the ship’s inhabitants to be very friendly and happy to get to know her.  Nearly all of them were at least a couple of centuries old and many were much older.  The vast majority had been born on one ship or another or on a colony world.  They were fascinated by her accounts of living in a sprawling city on a planet jammed with seven billion quarrelsome humans.  Three people in particular, Ping, Ignacia and Semyon, made her feel welcome.  Ignacia had frequent sex with both Semyon and Ping and all three had sex with others in their local group.  Ping and Ignacia seemed especially close and usually sat touching one another.  Mahi and Semyon sat together, but so far, Mahi remained cautious.  She wore a “not interested” toga, exposing her left boob.  Mahi grew accustomed to seeing her new friends casually screwing and, she had to admit, it made her envious.  And horny.  Mahi felt more alive and energetic that she could remember, due, no doubt, to Ship’s long-life treatments.  She’d been happily sexually active her entire adult life, accustomed to having sex three or four time a week, usually with a different man each time.  Since her abduction, Mahi hadn’t gotten laid at all.  That was bad enough, but she found that watching the amazing amount of sex taking place around her only made it worse.  She tried ignoring it, but that was impossible.  Shit, it was right there!  How could she not look?

The amount of sex she witnessed wasn’t the only thing that amazed Mahi.  Without exception, all the women had multiple orgasms and that was nothing new to Mahi; she was certainly capable of having them.  What surprised her was seeing men having them. 

Mahi’s first hint of something unusual was on her second day, when a woman she didn’t know plopped down next to Ping, one of her new friends.  “Ping, you adorable man!” she cried.  “Give me a kiss!”  Ping scooped her up and deposited her in his lap, straddling him.  As the two kissed passionately, the woman reached between them and pulled Ping’s kilt up, exposing his erect penis.  As they continued to kiss, she tucked the head of Ping’s cock into her pussy and began fucking him.  Mahi watched with interest.  They humped enthusiastically and in only a few minutes, Ping gave a long “ahhh” and came.  “That was rude,” thought Mahi.  “She’s not finished.  What’s she supposed to do now?”  But the woman didn’t slow down and Ping obviously remained erect.  They kept fucking with only short pauses to kiss and whisper to each other.  By the time they were finished, Mahi was sure that Ping had cum at least four times. 

“Ignacia,” she asked curiously, “I’ve been seeing a lot of sex.  It’s not what I expected; the sex, I mean.  Ping came and just kept going.  How did he do that?”

Ignacia was amused.  “I’m surprised this wasn’t explained to you.  Our long-life treatments give men the ability to maintain erections as if they were in their mid-teens.  Both men and women have enhanced stamina and endurance.  For all practical purposes, we can go for as long as we want, as often as we want.”  She laughed.  “The material of the seats and floor soaks up everyone’s fluids.  Otherwise, we’d be sitting in puddles all the time!”

Mahi’s first personal experience with shipboard sex was distinctly unpleasant.  She was sitting with her three friends when Ignacia looked up and pointed.  “Uh-oh, here comes Aiken.”  A large blond man with movie-star good looks and wearing only a very short kilt was approaching.  “Stay away from that fellow, Mahi.  He’s trouble.” 

Everyone shifted nervously in their seats.  Ping, sitting with Ignacia, put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly, causing nearby heads to swivel in his direction.  Several men got up and moved toward the group.

Aiken stopped directly in front of Mahi and smacked his lips.  “Aren’t you the pretty little piece of ass!  Haven’t seen you before!”  He shoved his way between Mahi and Semyon.  Without warning, he roughly groped Mahi’s exposed breast.  “Great tits!” he said crudely.  “You want to suck my big cock?”

Ping, Semyon and another man grabbed Aiken and threw him to the floor.  A forth joined them and together they pinned Aiken down, one on each limb.  “What the hell?” wondered Mahi.  “Who put this fuckhead on the abduction list?”

“You’ve been warned, Aiken,” said Ping. 

The big man struggled.  “Let me go you szarjancsi miatt halt!”  Mahi recognized the phrase as Hungarian for “cocksucker”. 

Ping looked at Mahi.  “He assaulted you.  You have the privilege of deciding his punishment.”

“I’d like to see his balls cut off, but …”

Ping nodded.  “That might work.  Ship, make me a knife with a 25 centimeter blade.”  A section of the floor opened and a knife rose out of it.  Ping picked it up.

Aiken thrashed.  “Just try it, you nagy barom!  I’ll heal up and come back and kill you all!”

“He’ll probably try,” said Semyon.  “He’s been beaten and even maimed before.  He never learns.  He’s not going to stop.  There’s only one solution to this.” 

Ping nodded.  “I agree, Semyon,” he said sadly.  Ping looked around, studying the faces of the crowd that had gathered.  “Does anyone have a kind word for this man?”  There was no response.  “Very well, then,” he said resignedly. 

Ping held the knife in his fist with his knuckles flat against Aiken’s chest and the point of the knife touching Aiken’s throat just above the Adam’s apple.  Aiken struggled, trying to avoid the blade, his eyes wide.  “Wait!  Stop!” he shouted.  With one quick thrust, Ping sank the blade in, piercing Aiken’s throat and tongue and soft pallet and brain.  The knife stopped with a jolt when it encountered the inside of Aiken’s skull.  Aiken’s body spasmed.  Ping swept the blade back and forth, destroying the man’s brain.  The scene reminded Mahi of pithing a frog in her high school biology class. 

Ping left the knife where it was and wiped the blood from his hand on Aiken’s kilt.  “Ship, dispose of this waste.”

The floor opened and Aiken disappeared.  When the opening closed, there was no trace of the man.

“Pardon me,” said Ping.  “I need to wash.”

Mahi was stunned.  She had seen exactly two dead people in her entire life and both those had been at funerals.  This had been a cold-blooded murder.  She sat with her mouth open as the crowd dispersed, the people going about their business in a markedly subdued manner.

“What the hell was that?  Ping just killed that guy!  He was an asshole, but ….”

Ignacia laid a hand on Mahi’s shoulder.  “He wasn’t just an asshole, he was a monster.  He arrived when you did and he’s attacked women repeatedly.  He forced himself on them and beat them when they resisted.  He was severely punished, but he knew that Ship would heal him.  As Semyon said, he wasn’t going to stop.  He might well have killed someone eventually.”

Semyon sat next to Mahi, careful not to touch her.  “I’m sure that was hard to see.  It was hard for all of us.  Punishment is rare here and execution is extremely rare.  On Earth and in the colonies, there are laws and rules.  Here, our only rule is kindness.  We treat each other with kindness and respect.  Aiken was insane.  No sane man would attack women the way he did.  No woman would agree to have a child with him.  He was a danger to our people and would never have contributed to our society.”

Mahi sat for a few moments, thinking.  She missed Earth so much!  She missed her friends.  She missed the adventure of sex with her friends and with new men.  Well, if she couldn’t have Earth, maybe she could have sex.  Was she ready for that?  With these strange people?  She wasn’t sure.

“Semyon,” she said tentatively, “I want some privacy, but I don’t want to be alone.  Will you come into a room with me?”

“Of course.  I’ll help you in any way I can.”

Mahi led Semyon to the nearest wall and opened the first door she came to.  She stepped inside with Semyon behind her.  “I want to lie down and feel a warm body next to me.  I’m not asking you to have sex with me, just to keep me company.”

“As I said, I’ll help you.  Whatever you need.”

Mahi extended the bed and hesitated for a moment.  Then she slipped out of her toga and sat down.  “Lay with me.  Just hold me.”  Semyon dropped his vest and kilt and joined Mahi on the bed.  They embraced, lying on their sides facing one another.  Mahi closed her eyes and held the man close with her head against his chest, basking in his warmth, loving the comfort of his arms around her.  As they lay together, Mahi became aware of the pressure of Semyon’s erection, swelling against her belly.  Semyon lay quietly, apparently content to let Mahi decide on the next move. 

Mahi hesitated for several minutes and then tilted her head up for a kiss.  Semyon’s kiss was gentle and sensual, melting Mahi’s doubts.  She moved her hand to Semyon’s hip and then to his erection.  As she began stroking him, Semyon caressed her breast and kissed her neck.  His hand glided down her body.  Mahi opened her thighs and felt Semyon’s fingers enter her.  Mahi sighed.  She’d waited long enough.  She pushed Semyon onto his back and moved between his legs, taking his cock in her mouth.  Semyon wasn’t particularly well endowed, but he wasn’t small, either.  Mahi could get his entire cock in her mouth without strain.  She alternated between sucking him and jerking him while licking his scrotum.  Judging by the sounds he made, Mahi was doing a fine job.  Mahi bobbed her head and jerked Semyon with a twisting motion.  “He’s going to cum in my mouth”, she thought.  “What will it taste like?”  She sucked hard and stroked him rapidly.  “Guess I’m about to find out!”

“Here it comes, Mahi.  Don’t stop!  Ahh, yes!”  Thick, warm liquid spurted into Mahi’s mouth and she struggled to swallow.  It was a bit difficult with her jaws open, but she managed.  “A little bitter in the back of my throat,” she thought.  “Goes down easy, though.”  She swallowed again and again as Semyon emptied himself.  Mahi sucked hard as Semyon’s cock twitched.  She licked the traces of ejaculate off his still-hard cock. 

 “Time to fuck,” she thought.  She crept up Semyon’s body and lined up his very hard erection with her entrance, allowing herself to sink down until he was completely sheathed.  Semyon’s hands went to her breasts and she leaned back, moving up and down. 

What a beautiful woman,” thought Semyon.  “What an honor to be the first man on the Ship to be inside her.”  Semyon had a great many years experience with sex.  He’d had thousands of women and knew how to give them maximum pleasure.  He fully intended to make this a memorable experience for Mahi.  “Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy sex with her.  This is truly excellent!”

Mahi had no intention of being disappointed, either.  Semyon’s dick was producing just the right pressure and friction on her G-spot.  She concentrated on the feeling and came, gasping.  “That felt so fucking good,” she thought.  “I’m gonna do that again.

Meanwhile, Semyon lowered one hand to Mahi’s vagina, gathering some of her lubricant and spreading it over her clitoris.  Direct stimulation was something virtually every woman enjoyed.  As he pleasured Mahi, his own sensations of impending orgasm grew.

The feel of Semyon’s fingers sent Mahi over the edge again.  This orgasm was stronger than the last and she knew another one wasn’t far behind.  Then she felt Semyon throb inside her.  For a moment, she was disappointed, remembering the way her previous lovers had lost their erections after an orgasm.  But instead of wilting, Semyon’s cock stayed hard.  His fingers moved cunningly on her clit and Semyon’s sperm added to the slipperiness of her pussy.  Mahi came, hard.

Beautiful, beautiful woman”, thought Semyon.  “And even more beautiful when she cums.  Ahh, look at that!  So lovely!”  Semyon came a third time.

Feeling a man’s orgasm inside her was certainly nothing new to Mahi, but feeling his semen flow into her was.  Mahi had always insisted on using condoms when a man was inside her, whether he was in her pussy or in her mouth.  In Los Angeles, diseases were something to be afraid of.  She had known that she could be infected if she allowed a man to ejaculate into her body.  She had been assured that on the ship, no diseases existed.  Pregnancy wasn’t a problem.  So, for the first time, Mahi had a bare penis inside her and it was cumming.  Repeatedly.  The feeling was amazing.

Semyon gripped Mahi’s ass and rolled her over.  With him on top, he began taking long, hard strokes, plunging into her.  His fingers found Mahi’s clit again and he massaged it as they fucked.Mahi found herself in a seemingly endless world of sexual pleasure.  But everything comes to an end.  Semyon slowed his strokes and Mahi smiled up at him. 

“Thank you,” she said contentedly.  “You have no idea how much I needed that.”

“Please don’t thank me.  Sex with you is delightful.  I’m proud that you chose me to begin your sex life aboard the ship.”

Semyon placed his hands on both sides of Mahi’s body and rested on his elbows so that their faces were almost touching.  He stopped moving with his pubic bone firmly against Mahi.  Semyon kissed Mahi’s lips and kissed and nibbled the side of her neck.  He resumed his movements, speeding up until he was slamming into her.  Semyon felt her tighten around him and they came together.

Mahi hugged Semyon and let her legs fall to the bed.  “I think that’s enough for now,” she said.  “Unless you want to do this some more.”

“No, we can stop if you want.”  Semyon grinned, pulling most of the way out and then sliding back in, teasing himself.  “I can’t seem to get enough of you,” he said greedily.  He rolled off and lay on his back, still erect.

“Tell you what,” whispered Mahi.  “You were the first to cum in my mouth and the first to cum inside me.  Would you like to cum in my mouth again?”

“Oh, yes!  That would be wonderful.  I’d love to be the first to make you cum with my mouth, too, if you want.”

Mahi moved between his legs and licked their combined juices from the underside of his cock.  “Maybe another time.  Or maybe I should leave one or two firsts for someone else.”  She slid her lips down his shaft and swirled her tongue around his cock head.  Semyon sighed and smiled.  “You won’t have any difficulty finding partners.  You must realize how men look at you”, he observed.  “You’re very beautiful and besides that, you’re new and very young.  Every man who sees you wants you.  They all dream of being inside you.”  He opened his legs wider, raising his hips.  “And they dream of being in your mouth.  That feels wonderful.”  Mahi held Semyon’s cock in her mouth and sucked rhythmically while laving him with her tongue.  Semyon splayed his legs open as far as they would go and fucked Mahi’s mouth with short strokes.  He gasped and came.  Mahi gulped down that load and another before she released him.  She crawled up and lay full length on him. 

“You know,” she said, “where I used to live, we always used condoms.  Do you know what those are?”

“I’ve heard,” he said distastefully.  “It sounds terrible.”

“It’s not nearly as good as this, but it’s necessary.  Diseases, you know.”  Mahi shrugged.  “My point is, I was pretty sexually active at home.  I had sex with a lot of men, although not that many by some standards.  I gave blowjobs and I liked doing it, but I made the men wear condoms.  This is the first time I’ve had semen in my mouth.”  Mahi touched Semyon’s cheek fondly.  “I guess I’ll have to get used to it.”

“Does that mean you intend to start having sex with us?  Will you bare your right breast?”

“Yes.  I’m not going home.  I know that.  If I’m going to integrate into the Ship’s society, I might as well jump in with both feet.”  Mahi flopped down next to Semyon and held his hand.  “Tell me about the women who bare both breasts.  Do they do it all the time?  Do they let just any man have them?”

Semyon laughed.  “They’re not all the same.  I’ve known women who spend most of their time with their left breast exposed and then bare both for a while, taking all men who want them.  Maybe they just get the urge; I don’t know.  Very few women bare both all the time.  I think they might have some mental defect.”  He smiled and turned on his side, laying one hand on Mahi’s stomach.  “Men stand in line to have sex or be sucked by a woman like that.  It’s very stimulating to most men, seeing a woman being taken by man after man.  When a woman has many men waiting to have her, it’s considered polite for each man to reach orgasm as quickly as he can, so that as many men as possible can have their fun while the woman is available.”  Semyon traced a pattern on Mahi’s body, his hand wandering from her vagina to her throat.  “For you, the line would be endless.”  His fingers circled one nipple and then the other.  Mahi noticed that his erection, which had lost most of its hardness, stiffened. 

Mahi grinned.  “I can take a hint!”  She rolled onto her hands and knees and wiggled her butt.  “One more time, but that’s it!  I need a shower and some food.”  Semyon knelt behind her and glided his cock up and down her lips.  Mahi was slick from her own juices and Semyon’s repeated orgasms.  Semyon penetrated her with one thrust.

What an amazing woman,” he thought.  “I’ll do this every day, if she’ll let me.”

Mahi arched her back.  “Hold my hair, Semyon.  Pull my hair and fuck me hard!”

Semyon gathered a handful of hair and pulled.  His hips slapped Mahi’s ass and he felt an orgasm rush through him.  He came and didn’t slow at all.  Mahi came once and then again before Semyon came with a shout.  Mahi fell forward, sliding off of Semyon’s dripping cock.  She was breathing hard.  Semyon stroked his dick and ropes of cum flew onto Mahi’s ass and back.  He let himself fall next to her.  She turned her head and they kissed. 

Mahi and Semyon showered together, soaping and teasing each other.  He had a constant erection and Mahi could tell the man wanted her again.  He seemed to be insatiable!  But she was hungry. 

Mahi ordered a new toga and she and Semyon ordered their food.  They ate sitting on seats near where Aiken had died.  Mahi’s change of clothing didn’t go unnoticed.  Shortly, she and Semyon had a lot of company.  Her friends gathered around, the women curious to see what would happen and the men hoping for a chance at Mahi.

Mahi popped the last bite of food into her mouth and stood up.  “Attention, everyone!  As you can see, I’ve made a change to my social status.  You all know what this means, but please don’t rush me.  I need to get used to this.  I promise, I’ll get around to all you guys, but let me set the pace.”  Mahi gestured at Semyon.  “Semyon and I had sex a while ago.  It was fantastic,” she winked at Semyon, “especially since it’s been so long for me.  He was very patient and that’s what I need right now.  Thanks.”  The large group broke up into smaller groups. Leaving Mahi and Semyon with two other couples, Pablo and Haley and Uday and Caren.

“We’ve been wondering when you were going to break your vow of celibacy,” said Caren happily.  “And who you would do it with.”  She gave Semyon a light punch.  “I didn’t think you’d pick this fool!”  She leaned in and kissed Semyon.  “Actually, you couldn’t have done better, but if I know Semyon at all, he’d rather still be on top of you than sitting here.”

Mahi laughed.  “You’re right about that!  I’ve never known a man who could stay hard the way he did.”  She looked around at the men.  “Are you all that way?”

“It depends on who we’re with,” said Uday, rolling his eyes sarcastically and jerking his thumb at Haley.  She raised one leg and pulled up her skirt.  “No more of this for you, smartass!”

Caren guided Uday’s hand under her skirt.  “Poor man,” she said sexily.  “You can have this whenever you want it.”

Caren’s skirt moved as Uday’s fingers caressed her.  “Seriously, we’ve all been excited about having sex with you.  Every man who imagines he could be thought of as your friend will be hanging around, hoping to be accepted.”

“Now, the next thing we’re waiting for is to see you having sex out here instead of in a room,” said Haley.

“Well,” said Mahi, “if Uday can pull himself away from Caren’s goodies, we’ll see what we can do about that little hurdle.”  She lay back on the wide seat and opened her legs.  “I’m such a slut!” she thought as Uday sprang to his feet and dropped his vest and kilt.  Mahi slid her toga off and tossed it onto the floor.  In a moment, Uday had his mouth against her vagina and his tongue inside. 

Semyon laughed.  “So you were saving that for him, were you?” he said amusedly.

Mahi ignored him, running her fingers through Uday’s hair.  “He’s doing an amazing job down there,” she thought.  “He has to know I’m full of Semyon’s cum.  Doesn’t seem to mind.”  Mahi closed her eyes, threw her head back and came.  “Everyone’s watching.  Shit, I like it!  So exciting!!” she exulted.  Uday clamped his mouth around her opening and sucked rhythmically while flicking her clit with his tongue.  Mahi clamped her thighs around Uday’s head and came.

Then Uday’s mouth was gone and he was on top of her and inside her.  His cock was noticeably longer and thicker than Semyon’s and just as hard.  Uday kissed her, exploring the inside of her mouth with his tongue.  Mahi tasted a combination of Semyon’s cum and her fluids.  She hooked her heels behind Uday’s butt and urged him on.

Uday pumped rapidly.  “This fucker’s in a hurry,” she thought.  “He really fills me.  If he was much bigger, this would hurt.”  Their tongues dueled erotically and Mahi came with Uday grunting into her mouth and cumming a second later. 

Mahi’s friends watched the pair from close range.  People started drifting closer and Semyon waved them back.  Semyon was surprised that Mahi had elected to have sex publicly so soon.  After her, “Please don’t rush me” speech, he expected the rest of her day to be sex-free.  Instead, she was naked on her back with a man screwing her for all he was worth.  Well, good for her!  Semyon knelt on the floor and watched intently as Mahi cried out in her orgasm.  Under his kilt, Semyon’s erection pulsed with each beat of his heart.  “I want her again,” he thought.  “I’ll have to wait until the others have their turns with her.  Luckily, we have all the time we need.  She’s so amazing!  I’ve never wanted a woman more.”  Semyon resisted the urge to touch himself as he watched Mahi tremble through a long orgasm. 

Haley smiled at the lust on Semyon’s face.  She tapped Semyon with her toe and opened her legs invitingly.  “Over here, big boy!”  Semyon was on her in a flash.




The Ship’s society was flexible; people drifted from group to group, sharing their talents and their humor and their stories and their bodies.  There was a lot of art.  Painters and sculptors displayed their work on easels and platforms, all supplied by Ship.  Musicians composed and played their music wherever and whenever they pleased.  Ship could produce any musical instrument on demand.  A seemingly unlimited number of books on all subjects and in all languages were available to be viewed on E-readers that Ship cranked out by the thousands.  Ship’s latest visit to Earth had garnered a huge collection of E-books and video games.  A video game craze swept the ship.

Mahi’s circle of friends and sex partners expanded almost daily.  Mahi formed friendships with members of other groups and casually moved from group to group as the mood struck her.  Groups formed and dissolved and reformed with different members, turning Mahi’s social life into an endless dance.  She found the sexual part of the dance fascinating.  When a woman wanted sex, she could be very direct, kissing her intended lover or caressing his thigh or simply reaching under his kilt.  A man, on the other hand, was expected to take a more subtle approach.  He might touch a woman’s arm or shoulder, lingering there to let her know he wanted her.  If the touch was ignored, he might try again, but after that, his best move was to accept it and look for sex elsewhere.  But not every man followed these conventions.

Every group seemed to contain at least one jackass.  Mahi learned to deal with a persistent jackass in her 5th week.  A good looking but dull-witted man named Matias tried the standard approach, resting his hand lightly on Mahi’s shoulder.  When she didn’t react, Matias moved his hand down her back, sliding it under her toga.  Mahi shrugged irritably, a clear sign that she wasn’t interested.  Matias seemed to take the hint, but a few minutes later, he laid his hand on Mahi’s thigh.  Mahi brushed his hand off.

“Listen, Matias, I know what you want, but you’re not going to get it.  I’m not in the mood.  Please stop.”

Matias pulled his hand back, embarrassed at being publicly rejected.  “Sorry,” he mumbled.  “You’re just so ….”

And that’s where Mahi made her mistake.  She felt sorry for him.  “I’m not going to have sex with you, but I’ll give you a handjob.  That’s it.  Take it or leave it.”

Matias flushed.  “A handjob?” he shouted angrily.  “I don’t want a damn handjob!  I want to fuck!  You’ve fucked all these other guys!  Why won’t you fuck me?  You’re not doing anything, are you?” he whined plaintively.  “Come on, just let me fuck you!”

Mahi drew back as hands clamped down on Matias’ upper arms and unceremoniously dragged him away.  “Just like assholes in bars,” thought Mahi.  “Do not engage!  How did I forget that lesson?”

One day, as Mahi explored deck 23, she came across a man she recognized.  She had met him some weeks earlier and they had acted on their mutual attraction, having an extended sex session on one of the ubiquitous seats and on the floor. 

“Barrett, how are you?”

"Mahi, you look wonderful; so sexy!”  He hugged and kissed her, holding her ass and pressing his stiffening cock against her.

“Easy now, Barrett.  I know we had a good time before and I’m sure we will have again, but not today.”

Barrett released her and gestured at the man he’d been talking to.  “Mahi, this is Hanno.  You’ll be interested in getting to know him.  He’s the oldest person on the ship!”

Hanno was rather short, less than 5 ½ feet tall and stocky in a distinctly muscular way.  He had black hair and eyes and a prominent nose.  “My pleasure,” said Hanno. His eyes slowly traveled over Mahi’s body, finally settling on her face.  “You are exceptionally lovely.”

Mahi was used to getting complements and accepted this one gracefully.  “Thank you.  Barrett said you’re very old.  How old, exactly?”

Hanno shook his head.  “The only people who kept track of that sort of thing in the time of my birth were the rich and powerful.  I can’t say precisely when I was born, but it was in Tyre, when Tyre was new, something over 2,700 years ago.”

Mahi was aghast.  “Such a long time!  How much you must have seen!”

Barrett slapped Hanno on the back.  “You two get acquainted.  I’m going to find a woman!”

Mahi and Hanno took their seats.  “I suppose you get tired of telling your story, over and over,” she said.

“I don’t mind talking about my life,” Hanno said indifferently, “but first I want to hear about you.  From your accent, you must be a new arrival from Earth.”

For the next hour, Mahi talked about her life and the society she had known in Los Angeles.  She asked Ship to bring her laptop and she scrolled through countless photos.  Hanno was fascinated.  He had never seen a laptop and was amazed by all the features.  Mahi took a series of selfies with him and zoomed the photos in and out.  On a whim, Mahi opened a password-protected folder and showed Hanno photos she’d taken at nude beaches.  She had downloaded a dozen or so videos from porn sites of couples having sex on beaches, mostly in France.  Another folder contained photos and videos she’d taken of herself and various lovers having sex.  Hanno held the laptop and flipped through the explicit images, taking his time and studying each one carefully.  His erection was poorly concealed by his kilt.  He played and replayed several of the videos.

“This is incredible technology.  When I was born, we were barely into the Iron Age.”  Hanno waved his hand.  “This ship must be as far ahead of current Earth technology as you are from my time.  More, I suppose.”

Mahi gazed at Hanno thoughtfully.  “I just remembered something.  In school, I read about a Phoenician explorer and trader named Hanno.  ‘Hanno the Explorer’ they called him.  That can’t be you!”

Hanno smiled.  “It is.  I sailed widely during my life on Earth, from the major Mediterranean ports to what is now the British Isles and south along the African coast, nearly to the Equator.  My ship was blown onto the rocks off Iberia one night and most of the crew drowned.  I survived with a broken leg and almost died of infection before I was rescued and brought aboard an Asadii ship.  Since then, I have lived on a great many ships and on many colony worlds.  In the colonies, I married or had less formal matings.  I’ve fathered hundreds, if not thousands of children.”  He shrugged.  “Some women seem drawn to me, because I’m so old.  They want my children.”  Hanno handed Mahi’s computer to her.  “I’m always happy to assist.  Sex is no less pleasurable now than it was two thousand years ago.”

Mahi licked her lips.  “Well, I don’t want your child, but I would like to give you pleasure.  I saw the way you were looking at my blowjob videos.  They seemed to excite you.  Would you like me to blow you?”

“Yes, certainly!  Can I persuade you to take off your toga?”

Mahi shed her clothes while Hanno pushed his kilt down and kicked it away.  His erection was short and muscular, like the rest of him.  Mahi dropped to her knees between his spread thighs.  Hanno held her face in his hands and kissed her.  His hands squeezed and caressed her breasts.  Mahi spit on her hand and smeared saliva down the length of Hanno’s cock.  His erection fit easily into her mouth. 

He must have had so many blowjobs,” Mahi thought.  “I can’t hope to do anything he hasn’t seen before.  I’ll have to settle for getting him off a few times.”  She bobbed her head, taking it slowly, stroking his shaft and opening her throat.  Hanno sighed and whispered in an unfamiliar language.  Soon, his hips bucked and Mahi felt the now-familiar gush of semen coat her tongue.  “That was quick!  Not that there’s any point in holding back!”

Mahi brought Hanno to three more climaxes before she lifted her head.  “Orgasms never get old, do they?”

Hanno grinned.  “Never!  Your mouth feels wonderful.  Thank you.”

Mahi licked at the streaks of white liquid around the base of Hanno’s cock.  “No thanks needed.  It was an honor to meet you.  The next time we meet, we can have sex, if you want.”

“Why wait?  Don’t you deserve some pleasure, too?”

Mahi kissed the tip of Hanno’s erection.  “Next time, Hanno.  Surely you’ve learned patience after all these centuries!”




Mahi grew to love prowling the decks, admiring the works of art that were displayed.  A great many of them were amateurish or indecipherable, but quite a few were excellent.  One morning, she noticed six women and eight men near the entrance to a crèche where children were raised and educated.  They appeared to be waiting for something.  Curious, Mahi introduced herself.  “Is something about to happen?” she asked. 

“This is graduation day for a group of kids,” said one of the women with relish.  “They’re old enough now to join the adults.”  She winked.  “We’re going to introduce them to sex.” 

A short, broad-shouldered man nodded.  “I don’t understand why more adults don’t want to get in on this!” he said wonderingly.  “It’s great fun, fucking these kids.  They’re so happy to get laid for the first time after years of classes and training.  Ship tells us whenever a new bunch graduates.”  He stretched and grinned.  “Can’t wait!”

“If you’re interested, you might as well hang around,” said another woman helpfully.  “There are usually more graduates than adults like us.  As Javier said, it’s tons of fun, giving them their first fuck.”

Intrigued, Mahi joined them.  Her life had become a routine; she welcomed a chance for a new experience.  They all chatted pleasantly until a large door dilated and a mob came through.  Mahi counted nine young men and nine young women.  Javier immediately latched onto two of the girls and hustled them away.  Each of the other men chose a girl.  Two of Mahi’s new acquaintances, who obviously knew what to expect, claimed two young men each.  As a newcomer, Mahi waited her turn.  When only one boy was left, she stepped forward.  “I’m Mahi.  What’s your name?”

“I’m Lucas,” he stammered.  Lucas was a six foot, skinny, rather geeky-looking kid, Mahi thought.  His skin color and features reflected the mix she’d become familiar with.  Lucas had light brown hair and a hint of the Asian epicanthic fold above his eyes. “Glad to meet you.”  From his expression, Mahi could tell the kid thought he’d just hit the jackpot.

“Well, Lucas,” said Mahi soothingly, “this is my first time with one of you virgins.  Let’s find a place to sit.”  Mahi led Lucas to a more-or-less private area.  “Have you been out here before?”

“Oh, yes!  We go on field trips a couple of times a year,” he said unsteadily.  “We walk all the way around the deck, so we know what it’s like.”  Lucas gulped nervously.  “No one is allowed to have sex while we’re out here.”  He studied Mahi, clearly puzzled.  “How is it that you don’t know this?”

“I haven’t been on the ship for very long.  I’m from Earth.”

Lucas slumped in his seat, stunned.  “From Earth?  Really?  They showed us pictures and videos of Earth, but it seemed unreal.  I wasn’t sure there really was such a strange place!”

Mahi laughed.  “It’s real alright!  I spent the first 27 years of my life there before I was abducted.” 

“Abducted?  Yes, the teachers told us about our origins.  I guess I didn’t think about it still happening.”

“I wasn’t at all happy when I was abducted, but now I’m realizing that it was a good thing.”  Mahi held both of Lucas’ hands.  “Why don’t we put off discussing this for a while?  I’m sure you had other priorities for today!”  She looked pointedly at the bulge in Lucas’ kilt. 

Lucas cleared his throat noisily.  “Yes, yes.  I, uhhh …”

“Let’s start with some touching.  Have you touched a woman sexually before?”

When Lucas shook his head, Mahi smiled.  She brought his hand to her face.  “Hold my face and kiss me.  Follow my lead.”  Mahi kissed him, first with her lips and then more deeply, using her tongue.  Lucas responded passionately.  As they kissed, Mahi guided Lucas’ left hand to her exposed right breast.  “Squeeze gently,” she whispered.  “Caress the nipple.  Roll it between your fingers.”  Lucas did as he was told, staring at her lustfully, with his mouth open.  Mahi slipped the left side of her toga off her shoulder.  “Lick my nipples.  Suck them.  Gently, now, that’s it.”  Mahi guided Lucas’ hand under her skirt.  “Touch my pussy, Lucas.  Stroke my lips.  That’s it!  Slide your middle finger inside.  Take it slow.  Very nice.  Do you feel me getting slippery?”  Mahi eased her hand under Lucas’ kilt.  As her fingers found his erection, Lucas’ whole body shook and he came.Mahi stroked him, smiling, feeling the warmth of his semen flow over her hand.  “Take off your clothes,” Mahi murmured.  She pulled her toga off and lay on her back with her legs open.  “Come into me, Lucas,” she whispered seductively.  “I want you inside me.”  Lucas scrambled between her legs and Mahi helped him find her opening.  Lucas pushed hard, frantic to experience that wonder he’d dreamt about.  He sank into Mahi to the hilt.  In an instant, millions of years of evolution took over and Lucas began hammering into Mahi as fast as his body would go.  Mahi raised her hips and braced her hands on the seat, not attempting to control him.  Lucas came four times before he slowed at all.  Suddenly his eyes, which had been clamped tightly shut, snapped open and his expression changed to one Mahi interpreted as, “Ooops”! 

Lucas tried to speak and had to clear his throat s few times before anything came out.  “Pardon me,” he said weakly.  “Was that good for you?”

Mahi burst out laughing.  She hugged the embarrassed teen to her and roared with laughter, tears streaming into her hair.  When she finally got herself together, Mahi kissed Lucas and smiled up at him.  “Oh, you dear boy,” she said, giggling.  “No, that was not good for me!”  Lucas started to withdraw and Mahi hooked her heels behind his thighs, holding him in place.  “It’s fine, though.  Perfectly natural.  No harm done.”  She relaxed her pressure and felt Lucas unconsciously moving inside her.  “Now this time, let’s take it slower.  Use full strokes, but not so fast.”  Lucas obeyed, concentrating and trying to control himself.  “That’s it.  That feels good.”  As Lucas fucked her, Mahi felt the warmth of an orgasm creeping over her.  “Good, Lucas, good.  That’s so good!  I’m going to cum!”  Lucas’ excitement got the better of him and he increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts.  He came and Mahi came right behind him.

“Was that better?” asked Lucas uncertainly.  He pulled out and sat up.

“Yeah, that was better.”  Mahi sat next to him, a veritable river of wetness flowing into the seat and vanishing.  She brushed Lucas’ cheek.  “You’re doing fine.  I’m sorry I laughed.”  She chortled and kissed Lucas.  “Seriously, you’re doing just fine.”  Mahi went to her knees in front of the boy.  She licked at the coating of semen and vaginal fluid covering his cock.  “Let me clean this up for you.”  Mahi lapped slowly, teasingly around Lucas’ cock head.  She slid her lips down his shaft and began the classic head-bob.  “Betcha’ this won’t take long,” she thought. 

“Oh!” Lucas panted.  “Oh, shit!  Oh, shit!!”  He grabbed Mahi’s head and bucked, cramming his spurting cock into her throat.  Mahi gagged and struggled for air.  She fought her way clear and coughed up a wad of cum, spitting it onto the floor.

“Wow!  Damn it!” she choked out.  Mahi sat back on her heels.  “Look, Lucas, I know this is your first time, but you need to get some control here.  Didn’t anyone teach you manners?”She spat again.  “You keep ignoring your partner’s comfort and you’re not going to get laid much!”

“Sorry,” Lucas said sheepishly.  “That felt so fantastic!  You’re so beautiful!”

“Oh, don’t try to flatter your way out of this!  You used me like some kind of masturbation toy!  You can’t just fuck my face and not care that it hurts me and I can’t breathe!”  Mahi coughed and spat.  “Now, let’s work on you giving pleasure instead of just taking all the time.”  She climbed onto the wide seat and lay on her back, legs spread.  “Start with your lips and tongue, right here.”

Lucas hesitated.  “I don’t know,” he said doubtfully.  “I just came in there.  It’s kind of gross.”

Mahi gave him a stony stare.  “Seriously?  You expect a woman to go down on you, but you won’t return the favor?”

Lucas shook his head stubbornly.  “It’s not very appetizing.  I don’t want to.”

Mahi rolled to her feet and picked up her toga.  “Then you can forget it, kid.  I’m done here.  You’re on your own.”  She dropped her toga over her head and turned away. 

Lucas grabbed her left wrist.  “Wait!  You can’t go yet!”

“Hands off, Lucas,” said Mahi menacingly. 

“No!  I want you again!  They told us we’d find women out here that would let us fuck them!  You can’t go!  I won’t let you!”

Mahi was outraged.  This was so far from the treatment she was used to that it was hard for her to believe.  “Last warning, Lucas.  Hands off!”

Lucas tightened his grip.  “It’s not right!  You’re supposed to let me fuck you!!”

Back in Los Angeles, Mahi had a friend and occasional lover who was a cop.  Cops get into scuffles and fights and the first thing he’d taught Mahi about fighting was to never hit anyone in the face or head with her fist.  Head bones are stronger than hand bones and it’s easy to break your hand on a skull.  Mahi pivoted on the ball of her left foot and whacked Lucas on the side of his nose with the heel of her hand, just as hard as she could.  She felt and heard his nose break.  Both of Lucas’ hands flew to his face and Mahi punched him twice in the solar plexus.  Lucas fell to his knees and toppled over onto his side.  His stomach heaved and he threw up.  Mahi knelt next to him.

“Ship,” she said sharply, “make me a knife with a 25 centimeter blade.”  The knife appeared and Mahi picked it up.  She waved the knife in front of Lucas’ face to get his attention.   “Listen up, meathead!  The next time you lay hands on a woman without her consent, somebody might just take one of these,” she placed the point slightly to the left of Lucas’ breastbone, “and shove it right through your heart!”  Mahi pushed and the knife penetrated a half inch.  Lucas cringed and cried out.  “Don’t move, you little fucker!”  Mahi pushed harder and twisted the knife.  Lucas screeched.  “Shut up!  You’re lucky I don’t kill you right here!”  Mahi jabbed and twisted again, then she got to her feet.  Lucas lay sobbing, blood oozing from his nose and chest.  “Learn some manners, punk!  They say that you live and learn, or you don’t live long.  You’d better learn fast.  Otherwise you won’t live a month.”  Mahi spun and strode away.




According to the calendar in Mahi’s phone, over ten months had passed since her abduction.  Her life had settled into a routine of good company, good music and excellent, varied sex.  She rarely used one of the private rooms, preferring to eat and sleep and screw in the open with her friends.  When the urge for sex became unusually strong, Mahi would go to a random deck, change into what she thought of as her “topless slut” skirt and have what could only be called gang-bangs, fucking and sucking off numerous men.  As Semyon had predicted, men lined up for the chance to have her.  Mahi welcomed them, whether lying on her back or riding them or letting them take her from behind.  She loved the feeling of a man sliding into her, the delight of his hard cock moving inside, the joy of anonymous hands on her body, the thrill of her orgasm, the sound of a man’s voice as he came, the warmth of his cum pouring into her and the slippery feel as he left her, only to be replaced a moment later by another.  She never really got tired, but when she was thoroughly satiated, she called a halt and consoled several of the still-horny men with blowjobs, drinking down their semen.  When that grew tiresome, Mahi requested a toga exposing her left breast and departed, leaving a line of grumbling men.




One day, a year into her shipboard life, Mahi was playing a funky blues in E-flat on her keyboard, accompanied by friends on drums and bass and tenora when she glanced up and saw Klementos smiling and tapping his foot.  Mahi had met so many people since her abduction that she didn’t recognize him at first.  When the tune was finished, Mahi walked over to her captor.  “Well, you were right.  Life is better here.  I’m not sure I can thank you for kidnapping me, but I have to admit, this is a great way to live.”

“I’m glad you’ve adjusted.  I’ve been keeping an eye on you and you seem happy.”

“I am happy.”  They sat together and Mahi looked into Klementos’ eyes.  “Something I’ve wondered about; when we went to my apartment, you had to realize that I wanted to have sex with you.  You could have fucked me, but you didn’t.  Why didn’t you?”

Klementos shook his head.  “That would have been wrong.  The drug I gave you made you helpless to refuse me.  You would have done anything I asked, but that would have been unethical.  It would have been rape.”

“Klementos, I decided to fuck you while we were still in the bar.  I was willing.  Fucking a willing woman isn’t rape!”

“But without the drug, you might have changed your mind.  The drug destroyed your ability to make a choice.  Rape is, by definition, having sex with someone who has no choice.  I’m a kidnapper, it’s true, but I’m not a rapist.”

Mahi laughed.  “All right, fair enough.  But how did you pick me in the first place?  How do you choose your victims?”

“I don’t choose.  I don’t know who does.  When I go to Earth, I’m given a list of people, their photographs and where to find them.  I abduct them, usually by waylaying them somehow or ensnaring them the way I did with you.  It usually isn’t difficult.  People are more trusting than they should be.  I don’t look threatening and I act friendly.”

Mahi looked up at the man.  “I can see how you get close to women.  You’re very attractive.  Bethany noticed you even before I did.”  Mahi chuckled.  “She speculated about the size of your equipment.”

“My equipment?  Oh, I see.  You mean my penis.”He laughed.  “It’s a shame you didn’t find out.”

Mahi’s experience on the ship had eliminated any hesitancy she used to have when it came to sex.  “Well, I’m curious.  Can I find out now?”

“Of course.”  Klementos leaned back and allowed his thighs to fall open.  “You know where to look.”

Mahi slid her hand under Klementos’ kilt.  She grasped his warm cock and gave it a squeeze.  With her hand wrapped around him her fingertips barely touched and as his erection swelled, she knew Bethany had been right.  In fact, her friend might have been too conservative.  Mahi pushed his kilt to his waist, exposing his enormous member.  “Holy crap!  That thing’s huge!”

“So I’ve been told,” said Klementos cockily.  “Sometimes I wish it wasn’t so big.  Men with smaller penises are more successful with women than I am.  My ‘equipment’, as you put it, makes sex uncomfortable for many women.  I’ve asked Ship to reduce the size, but it tells me that it isn’t permitted to do so.  Still, there are more than enough women who crave men my size.  I don’t lack for sex partners.”  Klementos gently pushed Mahi’s hands away.  “I hope you’ve satisfied your curiosity.”

Mahi blinked rapidly.  She wasn’t used to being rebuffed by a man whose cock she was holding.  “Look, Klementos, I might not be able to get your dick in my mouth or in my pussy, but we won’t know until we try.  And even if I can’t that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together.”  Mahi flipped his kilt up to his waist and spit into her hand.  She stroked Klementos’ cock.  “Are you going to tell me you don’t want me to do this?”

Klementos smiled sheepishly.  “No, of course I want you to do that.  I didn’t mean to reject you.  It’s just that I’m used to women being turned off by my size.”  He stood and dropped his kilt, then sat down, spreading his legs wide.  Mahi undressed, pushed him onto his back and took her place in the classic blowjob position. 

“It’ll be a challenge, but,” she licked the length of his rod, “I like challenges.”Mahi held the giant cock against Klementos’ stomach and took one of his balls in her mouth.  She stroked him while mouthing and licking one testicle and then the other.  Klementos’ erection stiffened to its full, massive size.  Ordinarily, Mahi could get to a man’s cock head from this position, but Klementos was just too long.  “Stand up for me, will you?  I think I can do a better job that way.” 

With Klementos standing, Mahi found that she could get the head of his cock and an inch or two of his shaft in her mouth.  She sucked and tongued him while stroking him with both hands.  Klementos made appreciative sounds, resting his hands on her head.  After a few minutes, Klementos groaned and Mahi was rewarded with a rush of semen.  Swallowing was impossible with her mouth open so far, so she pursed her lips around the tip of his cock and gulped it all down.  “This is fun,” she thought.  “Not as hard as I expected.  A little more of this and we’ll see if he fits in my pussy.” 

A curious crowd gathered.  Mahi enjoyed having an audience.  She got another inch of dick in her mouth and redoubled her efforts.  Klementos gave a deep “ummm” and came.

Three men in the crowd edged closer, hoping to join in.  When one of them reached out to touch Mahi’s shoulder, she slapped his hand.  The voyeurs laughed and the man backed away, chagrinned. 

Klementos came a third time.  He raised Mahi’s face for a long kiss and dropped to his knees, kissing his way down her body.  He paused at her breasts while fingering her.  Mahi’s body responded with a flood of lubricant and Klementos slipped two fingers into her.  Mahi lay back and Klementos took the hint, shifting his attentions to her pussy. 

Ahh, so nice,” thought Mahi.  “Feels like his dick isn’t the only thing that’s long!”  She raised her legs in a wide V.  “Wow!  His tongue’s the size of some guys’ dicks!”  Mahi shivered and came.  Klementos added another finger and sucked Mahi’s clit.  “He’s prepping me for that big dick.

Klementos ate Mahi to another orgasm and then kissed his way back up her body to her breasts.  “Are you ready for me?” he asked softly.

“Yeah.  Let me put you in.”  Mahi steered Klementos’ cock to her pussy and felt him penetrate her outer lips.  “It feels big, all right.  Maybe not as big as it looks.  Whoa, that’s a stretch!  Ummm, he’s inside me.  Doesn’t hurt.  Feels really good.”  The tip of Klementos’ cock touched Mahi’s cervix and she grasped the exposed length of his shaft.  “That’s far enough.  Don’t go any deeper.”

“I won’t.  Are you doing all right?”

“Yeah, I’m good.  Go ahead and fuck me.”

Klementos started gently and when he felt Mahi’s heels against the back of his thighs, he increased the speed and force of his thrusts, being careful not to go deeper.  He watched Mahi’s face closely and was relieved to see her growing pleasure.  Mahi gasped and came, just as Klementos’ orgasm hit.  The added slickness of his semen increased the pleasure for both and, as they continued to fuck, each of them came repeatedly. 

Starting to get sore,” thought Mahi.  “That was fun, but I don’t think I can cum again.”  Klementos jerked inside her, pumping out gouts of cum.

Mahi winced from the increasing discomfort.  Klementos noticed immediately and stopped moving with only the head of his cock inside.  “It’s time to stop, isn’t it?  I’m hurting you.”

“Fraid so.  I can handle it a little longer if you want to cum again.”

“No.”  Klementos sat back on his heels.  “That would be selfish of me.”  He bent and lapped at the stream of fluid draining out of Mahi.  “You’ve given me the gift of your incredible body.  I won’t spoil that.”

As the two resumed their clothing, their audience dispersed.  “Let me ask you something,” said Mahi.  “You’ve lived on colony worlds.  Just how labor-intensive is that life?”

“Not very.  It’s mainly an agrarian lifestyle, but machines do the heavy work, planting crops, harvesting, processing, storing and distributing food and so on.  They construct buildings as needed.  Meals are prepared to order, the same way they are on a ship, unless people choose to cook for themselves.  There are domestic animals such as cattle and sheep and horses.  Cats and dogs, too.  Game animals from Earth have been introduced, along with fish and birds and other wildlife.  Dangerous native predators and parasites and such have been eliminated.  If you enjoy the outdoors, it’s a fine way to live.”  Klementos looked at Mahi curiously.  “Are you thinking about becoming a colonist?”

“Actually, yeah.  I like it here, but I miss the open sky and fresh air.  I miss weather!  It’s always the same here.  It’s so predictable,” she complained.  “There’s no damn variety!”

Klementos nodded.  “That’s all true.  It’s one of the main reasons I’ve spent so much of my life as a colonist.  In fact, I’m getting off at the next colony world, along with a couple of hundred others.  I’m told the colony is located in the Cygnus arm of the Galaxy, out near the edge, about 12,000 light years from Earth.”  He raised an eyebrow.  “Would you like to join us?  It’s a rather new colony.  They’ve been there for less than a century.  I doubt the population is much over 15,000.”

Mahi rubbed her chin.  “Maybe I will.  Maybe I will.”




Mahi focused her binoculars on the eland bull, browsing calmly 90 yards away.  “About a third of the way up the body, Tadeas,” she whispered.  “In line with the off-side shoulder.”

“I know, mom,” said the nineteen year old softly.  “Just spot for me.  It’s an easy shot.”

Tadeas’ rifle cracked and the eland staggered backward, stumbled and fell on its side.  “See?  Right through the heart.”  He smiled.  “Biggest one I’ve seen in years.  We should get over 250 kilos of good meat.”  The young man opened the rifle’s bolt and eased it back.  He enjoyed loading his own ammunition and didn’t want to lose the empty cartridge case.  He spoke to the comm card fastened to his collar.  “Colony, send a float sled with a hoist and big game processor to my location.” 

“On the way, Tadeas.”

Mother and son walked to the eland.  Mahi was wearing a floppy hat, open vest, long pants with lots of pockets and hiking boots.  Her son was dressed in much the same way.  Both were tanned nearly black from the unrelenting tropical sunshine.  “That’s a nice one,” said Mahi.  ”We owe Lee’s family a front quarter, but the rest will provide protean for months.”

Tadeas leaned his rifle against the flank of the eland.  “Got your phone?  Take a picture.”  Tadeas posed with his kill and Mahi snapped a photo. 

“Are you meeting Jetta tonight?” asked Mahi. 

“Yeah, we’re going to that new play and then back to her parents’ farm for dinner and a little nookie.”

“She’s a nice girl.  How serious are you about her?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  I like her a lot.  We get along great.  She’s fun in the sack.  Not the best looking girl around, but she has a tight little body.  She’s smart and funny and she loves giving head.  You know how much I love getting it.”

Mahi laughed.  “Was that a hint?” she asked indulgently.  “You want your old mom to suck your dick?”

Tadeas snorted.  “’Old mom’ my ass!  You’re the sexiest woman in the colony.  The way Dad tells it, every guy was sniffing around you from the day you landed.  You’re still just as hot.  Are there any men who haven’t taken a run at you?”

“Not many, it’s true.  And I’ve accommodated quite a few of them, I’ll admit.”

“So what do you say, Mom?  I wasn’t exactly fishing for a blowjob, but since you brought it

up …..”

Mahi laughed.  “Not gonna happen, kid.  I know lots of families work that way, but I still have too many Earthly morals to screw my own children.”

Mahi gazed at her son with pride.  He’s a great boy, she thought.  Going to be a good man.  His sisters turned out well, too.  Another kid or two would be nice.  And what the hell?  I’m not even 60 yet!

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