The Trial and Tribulations Of Kazumi Okisu

The Trial and Tribulations Of Kazumi Okisu

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Kazumi Okisu is a 21-year-old rapper in the prime of her career. Who is supposed to be having the best year but instead is faced with the demands of Hollywood, ridiculous scandals, supposed leaked sex tapes, and threats left and right. Will the pressures get too high for her to keep her life together? Then their Hikaru Hittachi her very sexy and rich Boss/Manager/Co-Worker who she is also sleeping with on the side. Something she wants to keep a secret and out of the public eye. But even that is becoming too much to bear. It all starts to become too much for her. Will she really be able to be successful or will the cold wet jaws of A-list life eat her alive? This is a BWAM story. (Black Woman Asian Man)


Kazumi Okisu is a 21-year-old rapper in the prime of her career. Who is supposed to be having the best year but instead is faced with the demands of Hollywood, ridiculous scandals, supposed leaked sex tapes, and threats left and right. Will the pressures get too high for her to keep her life together?

Then their Hikaru Hittachi her very sexy and rich Boss/Manager/Co-Worker who she is also sleeping with on the side. Something she wants to keep a secret and out of the public eye. But even that is becoming too much to bear. It all starts to become too much for her.

Will she really be able to be successful or will the cold wet jaws of A-list life eat her alive?

This is a BWAM story. (Black Woman Asian Man)

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Trip of Dysfunctional Disappointment

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 29, 2018



Chapter One

A Trip of Dysfunctional Disappointment


Kazumi's POV

"Please Hika"
"Please what Kaz?"
"Fuck your so wet..."
I would be lying if I said I was enjoying the deep thrust of Hikaru Hitachi's hips. I was gripping onto his neck for dear life, legs propped on his strong shoulders. He was looking into my eyes while he the rusted into my wet sex. My mouth was parted moaning loud enough for anyone near the bathroom door could hear us.
 He growled kissing my lips and grabbing my ass as he stroked me painfully slow. I was so close, and he knew it. Rubbing his fingers against my sensitive nub. He knew what he was doing.
"Stop fucking playing with me Hika," I say to him he gives me a slight smirk smacking me on the ass.
"Are you raising your voice at me?" He says slapping my ass harder pulling out with a wet pop. Shuddering at the sudden feeling of being empty. I look down at his still hard dick covered in my juices. It was slightly bent to the right, slightly veiny yet smooth with a round tip that was flushed pink at the top. He was throbbing a dribble of pre-cum coming out the tip.
"Fuck you!"
"You should really watch your language Such a pretty face with

dirty dirty mouth."
He slides back in harder than before pounding my back into the sink. I screamed out the Lord's name begging him to go harder faster deeper. Both of us moaning obscenities I couldn’t take it. My body locked up as he relentlessly fucked me. I threw my head back hitting the glass mirror behind us. Running my finger through his silky reddish-brown hair. Grabbing it roughly he grunts from the force. Kissing him again pushing my body closer to him. 
This changed the feeling of his penetration. I can feel myself clench around him not wanting to let go.
"Fuck baby-" He says kissing the crook of my neck licking and sucking leaving marks on my chestnut skin. Kissing up to my cheeks.
"Who's your daddy baby." He looks into my eyes touching my face with his left hand. Dropping down rubbing on my tits dipping his head down sucking on them.
"You," I say watching him kissing on my hard nipples.
"Mmmhhh that right." He says releasing my right tit latching his hand around my neck. Asphyxiation.
"Say my fucking name." He was tightening his palms.
"Hikaru," I say softly due to the lack of oxygen I was getting to my brain.
"Louder," He says lowly kissing my lips.
"Hikaru" I manage to say a little louder.
"LOUDER," He says as his body starts to twitch fucking me even harder until I can't hold it in any longer and with one final deep thrust I feel his spunk shoot inside of me throbbing around my walls crying out his name.
That’s all he needs to say for me to release all my frustration in the form of sex. Muttering things in Japanese that just turned me on further. Grinding my pussy up against his body riding out my orgasm. 
"Fuck" I let out breathlessly.
"Damn we need to have sex like that more often." He says kissing my forehead.
"Yeah," I say sling my leg over his head off his shoulder. I felt like jelly as my legs hit the ground. I grabbed my panties and bra off the floor putting my striped Louis Vuitton turtleneck dress on. Taking a deep breath walking toward the door. Hikaru grabs my arm forcing me to turn and face him.
"Don’t do this Kaz..." He says his blue eyes glazed over with worry.
"What?" I
say shrugging my shoulders he takes a deep breath letting my arm go. Rubbing the back of his neck looking at me with his post-sex eyes.
"Don’t do this, I hate when you do this."
"I thought that there was an agreement Hikaru."
"There is."
"Then what is it? "
"The jets about it land put your clothes back on,” I say turning, walking out the bathroom.

“Alright, Mrs. Okisu were about to land in Atlanta ten minutes.” The pilot says over the intercom.
I sit down in the soft chair Hikaru was just coming out the bathroom. Dressed in a leather jacket, a black shirt with grey sweats and his hair combed to the back in. He sits down next to me looking a little disappointed. 
“Please be nice this time…” He says checking his phone.
“No promises.” I hear my phone vibrate checking my Instagram to see my latest picture me and Hikaru took in front of the jet in Atlanta be we got on. It has two hundred thousand hearts and one thousand comments. “Your mom hates me we both know it,” I respond to a fan's question about my upcoming album cutting my phone off. “She doesn’t hate you…” He says sitting is phone down in his lap looking over at me. “Yes she does, she doesn’t want me to corrupt her darling son,” I say sarcastically he gives a chuckle. “Do it for me Kazumi please.” Reaching over to touch my hand gingerly. “I’ll try... but no promises.” 
The jet landed with a thud onto the runway. We got off the plane in what felt like slow motion. The cold September air was a stark contrast to the hot California weather me and Hikaru where accusation too. I was shaking in my two-thousand-dollar boot. Hikaru looked over at me from his peripheral noticing I was shivering. He shrugged off his leather jacket passing it to me putting his hands in his sweat pockets. I didn't bother to say thank you since I was still bitter about having to go see his family. Well, mostly his mother Hatsumomo who hated me like the devil hates water. The feeling was mutual between us both.
 A few moments later a black mini limo pulled up to the side of the jet. A tall lanky middle-aged Japanese stepped out from the driver’s side. Toju Yokohama the Hitachi's private driver. His face was set in a permanent frown although he claimed to have loved his job. His perma-frown didn’t match his sagging gentle almond eyes. "Mr. Hittachi how was your flight from Georgia?" He asked opening the back door of the limo. He might have been smiling but I could t really tell his back was turned to us. "It was good, very warm." He says looking at me winking I give him an annoyed huff crossing my arms over my chest. 'Fucking asshole'  I say to myself in my head. Just ready to get this trip over with. I was already irate and ready to get back home to Atlanta. "And your trip Mrs. Okisu?" He asks now facing us he was smiling and had the resemblance of a bulldog when he did so. "It was good," I say shortly taking our travel bags off the jet putting them in the trunk. He gestures for us to get in the limo shutting the door behind us.

Hikaru looks at me with warm blue eyes leaning into me.  I wasn't having it at the moment.  "What do you think you're doing?" Pressing my hand, you against his muscular chest stopping him from moving any closer. His eyes go a little dark with displeasure. "I was going to help you warm up you still look cold. " looking me in my eyes rubbing on my inner thigh which was shut like steel doors. "No," I say point blank period. Turning my whole body away from him before he tries anything else. “Come on Babe where going to see my parents in a few hours…” He pauses moving his hand up to my chest rubbing my breast gently. “You know we won’t be able to do anything anytime soon.” He says. “Too bad,” Isay pushing his hands away he takes a deep breath. Something he did whenever he was aggravated or irate. “Fine.” He says like an annoying child. He didn’t say anything else to me as we pulled off from the private airport that was also owned by the Hitachi’s. 
To say the Hitachi’s where rich was an understatement. They had so much money they barely knew what to do with it. All of their money comes from Hatsumomo Hitachi’s side of the family Hikaru’s mother. Her family was gold collard and on the top of the food chain. Their family line and name came into existence in the late 1800’s during the Meiji era of Japan. Suzuki Hitachi Hikaru’s great great grandfather started the first small gas company in Edo now known as Tokyo. In the early to mid-1900’s Suzuki small Oil and Natural Gas began to flourish and was being used all over small parts in Tokyo. Heating homes, powering generation, and as fueling transportation cars and even aiding in the first great war.

The Hitachi’s banked on their Oil and Natural Gas selling all over Tokyo and earning the first one hundred thousand dollars which back in that time was a lot. After Suzuki died he pasted is company onto his older son Akifumi and so on and so forth till it reached his firstborn son Tomoya in the late 1980’s this is when business to started to take off. Selling the biggest countries like the U.S, China, Russia, Siberia you name it they were selling it. Earning 2 million dollars in under two years. The business was put in the hands of Hatsumomo after Tomoya’s untimely death of a sudden brain aneurysm. In the year 1990, Hatsumomo met Eric Hanson Hikaru’s father. Who at the time was just climbing the ranks of golden society? His family was oil investor and Eric was sent in his father’s stead to strike a deal with the Hitachi natural Gas company. He was smitten by her falling for her wit and clever personality. In the summer of 91, they attempted to Elope to the states but the Hitachi found out forcing them back to Japan. Where she was found to be pregnant with Eric’s children. Her grandmother gave her two options. Be disowned by the family and thus no longer have access to the Hitachi fortunes or marry Eric to save their family the shame of wedlock.  She obviously chose to go with the latter of the two.
Hatsumomo had no choice but to marry Eric to cover up the pregnancy feeling the shame and guilt she brought her family by having an affair with an American white man.
The Hitachi family had a strict code of arranged marriages which Hatsumomo was already promised to an older wealthy Japanese man Moshi Takimoto. They also had a code of no outsiders meaning they didn’t marry outside their race they stuck by this code for generations which Hatsumomo broke. 
She insisted that Eric took her last name to appease her family and water down the shame she brought. He begrudgingly accepted the name and reviled in the things that came with it.  Eric was able to win over the family with his business prowess. Eventually taking over the Hitachi Family business in the stead of Hatsumomo. Raising the family social status up to the Platinum ranks it’s in today.  This also made the Hitachi one of the richest family in Tokyo and over the globe. Eric started to expanding the Hitachi line far and wide to clothing stores, Makeup brands, electronics, Financing companies, Cars, Real estate even the one step at a time charity for third world countries. You name it the Hitachi mostly Eric took charge and flourished the family status further than before. They would die before they would ever run out of money.

According to Hikaru when he turned sixteen he was to learn the trade of his ancestors. Which like his mother had no interest in refusing to run the company? So Eric kicked him out of the house saying that he couldn’t come back until he had made away for his self without the aid of his families riched. It was to teach him responsibility and not to take the things his last name got him for granted. And so Hikaru did so in the form of music. Going to Korea to for the boy group audition under BigHits10 music.  The boy group was more than successful making its first 2 million dollars within its first year and the release of two albums. Somehow getting out of his contract with B.H10 and when on to create Hi-con with his fellow group member in early 2010. Hikaru was only 18 by the time he formed some of Japans most iconic music Icons and groups: Yamashi7, Kisspop, Leanna Ushino, Tokyo Rundown, S-alsa, GirlXYZ, and Pea-fluffy. He was dominating the Tokyo radios buying out other small music companies. Even going back to Korea partnering with BigHit10. Hikaru made 86 million us dollars in revenues with a net worth of 38 billion. He came home to a very proud father. Who happily accepted him back home.

We pulled up to a modern Victorian mansion one of the many Vacation homes of the Hitachi’s. The limo came to a roundabout with a fountain at the center, swept around it, and continued up toward a fantastic sprawling house. It was, white-bricked topped with gold domes that shimmered in the late afternoon glow There must have been at least a hundred windows on second floors facing the drive. It was a house that just didn't know where to stop. Toju got out of the car going around back through the side door into the house.

“Now sweetie be nice for daddy.” He says unbuckling his seat belt and minds as well. “Go fuck yourself Hikaru” He wraps his arms around my body kissing my neck. “Get off,” I say accidentally hitting him in the face with my elbow opening my door dusting myself off. “You're being really bitchy today Kaz.” He says holding his nose looking at me angrily. I ignore his words not bothering to apologize to him as I walking toward the Mansion. He slowly made his way up the long steps to the double French doors ringing the doorbell twice. “You’re not going to apologize for hitting me in the face?” He says smacking me on the ass. “So mean Kaz.” Snickering softly. “Hit me on the ass again and I'll break those pretty fingers,” I say simply. “You love these finger...” He says teasingly my heart thumps in my chest swallowing hard.
 I didn’t get a chance to answer as the French doors swung open and a 5’4 middle-aged Japanese woman stepped out of the house. Her hair was tied in a tight top bun and was wearing a white blouse and tan capris with flats. Despite her gentle expression, Hatsumomo Hitachi is a wild boar, with a tongue so sharp, I might have nearly been sliced in two if I myself wasn’t so quick-witted. She always found something negative to say about me or my appearance. Commenting here and there, about my weight, hair or the way I dressed or walked or talked. It didn't matter if I was in a red carpet dress with my hair and makeup laid; she always managed to find something wrong. She really hated me…

Her lips were set in a large smile as she looked at her older son. I thought that her Botox might give out and her face would fall to the floor. I don’t think she even realized I was standing there. Well sadly for me she did look at me with disdain. Looking back at Hikaru with disgusted. “ Sono meinu wa Koko de Nani o shite iru no desu ka?” What is that bitch doing here?  Her voice was dripping with venom as she looked at her son with wild brown eyes. Sometimes I think she forgets I can also speak Japanese, I really wanted to tell her to watch her fucking mouth. “I invited her,” Hikaru says crossing his arms. “Are you always this rude to your guest Mrs. Hitachi?” I say placing my hand on my hip. “You really need to learn some manners.” 
“Kaya..” he sighs “Please you two don’t start this today.” Eric Hitachi says stepping from behind his wife grabbing her waist. He and Hikaru look almost identical. His dad looks a bit older with slight smile lines around his lips both had a triangular face with tousled ginger red hair with brown highlights, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were a mesmerizing deep blue, unlike Hika’s light blue eyes. His face was strong and defined, his features molded from granite. Same porcelain skin that’s was blemish free from any imperfections.  He had auburn eyebrows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. His usually playful smile had drawn into a hard line across his face “Kazumi Okisu we weren’t expecting you.” He says placing his finger on his chin trying to figure out if Hikaru said anything about my appearance. “It was a last minute thing, Hikaru insisted I come.” Shrugging my shoulder avoiding Hatsumomo glares. “Hikaru, how are you.” He asks hugging him. “Good,” Hikaru says slowly. He says pondering over something. “Come in, dinner will be ready in a moment.” He says going into the house with Hatsumomo at his side.

I’ve been in this house too many times in the three years I’ve to know Hikaru. The same white pristine corner couch, 95 inch Samsung TV, Sony surround sound stem. Expensive arts plastered along the walls as well as family portraits. The only thing off was the two women sitting on the couch staring me down much worse than Hikaru’s Mother. She was sitting there all pretty with her snow white hair and perfect porcelain skin big sharp almond eyes small powder pink lips and button nose. But I knew better Primula Yoshimori and her mother Saki where snakes in the grass. She quickly got out of her seat running towards Hikaru with neck breaking speed. Eric and Hatsumomo walk around us sitting down on the nearby love seat talking to Saki.

“Hikaru-kun,” She says sickly sweet hugging him burying her face in his chest. "Hey, Pri." He says mumbling halfheartedly hugging her small frame. Stepping away from her turning to me with a soft gaze. Extending his hand for me to take which I accept. Earning a look of displeasure on everyone's face but Eric's who was at the mini bar near the kitchen drinking vodka on the rocks.  "You all remember Kay right?" He asked everyone not really expecting an answer. The room went quiet for a moment before Saki spoke up. "Which black bitch is this Hikaru, you seem to have a collection." She says ever so politely but her eyes said it all.
 Eric spits up his drink, Hikaru looks at her like she's grown two heads, Hatsumomo snickers like a Siamese cat even Primula had to look at her mother in disgust. But for me...My head whipped towards her so fast I thought I snapped it.
Hikaru looks at me with pleading eyes not to do what I'm about to do; Which goes the fuck off on this crazy bitch.
"Can you repeat that... I-I don't think I heard that shit right. " I say in the most scornful tone deepening my voice a few octaves. "Did you just call me a black bitch your racist cunt." Hikaru walks over to the bar taking a few shots of the vodka. He knows I can’t handle my anger. Primula looks between us in fear knowing better than to get in between.

"YOU! have one of two options you can walk out this house and not come back until I'm gone. Or you can stay here and fucking apologize to me before I drag you threw Mr. and Mrs. Hitachi nice pristine home." She doesn't stay anything just sits there like a mute
"I can see it now Saki Yashimoto a racist heading all the new outlets," I say walking to her. It looked as if her eyes bulge out of the head. “You wouldn't dare do that?" She says gasping placing her hands over her mouth. I just give a complacent shrug. "It depends on how much shame you want on your family; no one will want to associate themselves with you one it's out that the Yashimori's are racist," I say walking back and forth thinking of ways I could fuck up her whole world. She gives me an unsavory look disgusted by the thought of me spreading the news. She takes a deep breath before saying I'm sorry. Which wasn't heartfelt no even in the slightest but I accepted it anyways knowing that really couldn't fight her. Not here anyways… “Thank you,” I say looking at her she wasn’t looking at me but at Hikaru who was sitting on a barstool next to his father. “Is my room the same room as the last time?” I ask Eric who nods. I briskly walk to the spiraling marble staircase. I could feel Hikaru’s eyes watching me.

The hallways were long and wide with a total of six doors on either side with a large extravagant door at the end of the hall. Which belong to Mr. and Mrs. Hitachi. Going past the first two doors on the left entering the third. Which was a simple dark oak wood with white elegant carvings on it? I opened the door walking inside the room was large with an even king size bed. A cream-colored couch sat closes to the balcony that overlooked the front of the property. It was inlaid with a fine green silk; leaves embroidered so delicately that they might have landed there. The white curtains are also made of pure white silk linen, with not even a speck of dust or dirt.  A cursory look at the right shows me the almost hidden cords that are used to open and close them. The T.V was hidden behind the wall above the fireplace which leaps with a gas flame. The floor is a highly polished wood, dark and free of either dust or clutter.

I walked over to the bed plopping down on it with a slight bounce my legs dangled off the bed. Closing my eyes drifting to sleep from the exhausting of traveling. I didn’t get to sleep too long before I heard my door open then shut with a click on the lock. “Kaz?” He says taping my leg twice lightly a slight slur to his words. He was a little buzzed from the shots of vodka he took with his dad during the spectacle downstair. I could hear the floorboards creak my sense heightened.

Slowly, teasingly, his playful fingertips traveled, with confident pressure, over my thinly-covered mound. He stopped his hand right before the top of my slit. I held my breath and my heart jumped. He bunched up the dress over my thighs and pulled on the thong gently, so the cotton slid over and between my wet folds. Letting go of the panties, Hikaru once again pressed his fingertips confidently down on my mons. Pressing forward, his hand stopped again just before the top of my slit. Tugging the thong down my chocolate thighs throwing them around the room. His middle finger pressed slightly harder, and moved forward, putting pressure on my swollen clit. A shaky gasp escaped my throat. “Fuck!” he says the bed shifted under his weight. 

Letting up from the gentle pressure, Hikaru middle finger pressed forward over my wetness, pushing all the way down my slit, but not pushing inside. Hikaru finger pressed against the damp fabric hovering over my entrance, he applied a little bit more pressure, Hikaru now wet finger making contact with my hole. Hikaru breath catches in his through as a ragged moan escaped from my trembling lips. With more pressure this time, he ran Hikaru finger back up my slit. he stopped at the top. I spread my legs wide, pressing the balls of my feet into the mattress, allowing my already swollen labia to part. My inner labia separated slowly, sticky with juices. I was completely open. Then suddenly he stopped I didn't even realize I was breathing loud and heavy.

“I know you're not sleeping Kaz…” He says the jingle of his belt coming lose as I removed my forearm from my eyes looking down at him half naked and half hard. “Your family is downstairs,” I say feeling a slight heat on my cheeks. “Yeah, I know…” He says removing his middle finger from my sex with a wet sound and dipped the finger back into my throbbing center. Look at my face as I try to hold everything in from the people downstairs. He pushed his finger in deeper this time, dragging his finger pad along the G spot on my wall. The wetness pumped out of my soaked opening as I tensed and mewing. “Oh fuck r—r-right there…Mmmhhh~ Fuck Hika” Gasping for air my legs where shaking feeling numb as he watched with eyes cut low. His dick was throbbing in his boxers a little dark spot from his pre-cum. He was just as turned on from his administrations and my actions. “How do you want it? “He asks still pumping me fast the echoes of my wet box could be heard through the room. “I want to be on top,” I say trying to pull my dress off my body. He pulls his finger out running it down my slit allowing the juices from my sex to coat me. Sucking the juice off his finger before pressing that same wet finger to my lips. Sucking on them looking his into those ocean eyes licking the tip of it. “You love these fingers don’t you,” He says pulling me off the bed kissing bringing the conversation up from earlier at the front door. I didn’t get to answer as he sliding his tongue into my mouth kissing me deeply. Our tongues moved together, swirling and probing, and he pulled me closer as we explored each other’s mouths. He tasted like my pussy and vodka.  I let my hand stray to the end of his shirt, pulling it off of him/ sliding my hand over his chest. His heart was pounding. Pulling away his face was visibly flushed, pupils dilated. “Come ride this dick” He looks down as he says getting on the bed laying down pumping his throbbing cock inviting me to do as I please.

I move over to him. places one leg on each side of him, straddling him. Slowly, as we breathe breathlessly, I lift my pussy over his cock and lowers myself onto him. Sinking onto every inch of his thick rod. Gasps briefly as he slid in as smooth as honey raise and lower me. The tip of his cock presses hard against the back of my walls. The length is almost too much for me to take in. I sit straight up on Hikaru, giving him a wonderful view of our skin contrasting together.  His hand grasps one of my beautiful double D tits and squeezes softly as I tuck a hair from my face. Nothing was said between us only small gasps, moans and slurs of curse words in Japanese and English. Every expression Hikaru gives me to let me know my pussy is doing its job and doing it well. My eyes move up to watch his cock effortlessly sliding in and out of my tight pussy.

He places his hands on my hips and helps guide me up and down on him, still watching as my juices soak up his cock. Moaning his name, taking it all and loving all 10 inches of it.
After a minute, I bring my right hand down and runs it over my bald cunt bringing it to my swollen clit. Rubbing myself in small circles, pressing firmly as I continue to bounce up and down onto his cock. I know he’s getting close. I move my hips up to meet with Hika’s eager thrusts. 
"I'm about to cum," he tells me, not breaking pace. His words seem to come as a half moan, half actual words I cry out as our bodies twitch together. In an instant he’s throbbing, growing briefly as he shoots me pulling me down as he kisses me as I moan and scream into his mouth. My mind goes as blank as a sheet of paper. Forgetting his family was downstairs. My hands tighten on his muscular forearms as my face clenches in ecstasy. Letting out one final moan before I collapse on top of him, breathing as if I ran a mile. He wraps his arms around me as I lay my head on his shoulder. Every few seconds I can feel his dick pulse inside my pussy, still feeling the after-effects of both our orgasm. Slowly as we come down I rolls to the opposite side of the bed.

"I got a call from Hot Gossip they want to have you on next Thursday?" Hikaru says rubbing circles on my back. “How much?" I look up to see him pondering over the question. “1 mill.” He says continuing on “You have to be there before 2 so you can go through the mock recording, makeup, etc.…” He says putting his face into the pillow. “Did you give them my list of what not to ask” It wasn’t a question it was a statement. “Yeah I sent it, I’ll call them tomorrow to confirm they got it.” The words were muffled as he spoke into the pillow. He brings his face up look at me with a mix of shame and disappointment. “I’m sorry about Saki, she’s always been a racist bitch.” He says “I really can’t stand her but she’s my mom’s friend. I roll my eyes sitting up turning my back on him. “I’m just happy this time you didn’t try to stop me like the last time,” I say looking around the room for my bag. “She just wants to get under your skin you have to work on self-control.” He says folding his arms behind his head. “I need to learn self-control? You’re the last one I want to hear about self-control Hika.” I was finding my bag near the bathroom door taking out a pair of shorts and a tank top. “Please baby I can control myself it just when you're laying there with your legs partially open it makes me a bit hungry.” He says calmly. “So… Primula seems to miss you.” I say with a heavy bit of suspicion. “Yeah.” Is all he says. “All you have to say is yeah? Really Hikaru.” He sighs.

 “Our parents want us to get married and merge their companies.” He says sounding like he a weight was taken off his shoulder. “Married?!” I say skinning around walking over to him. “When were you going to tell me this…You fucking asshole!” I say getting a little angry. “I just did just now,” He says still in the same spot not moving an inch as if he didn’t have a care in the world. “I can’t believe you.” I angrily smacking him somewhat hard in the face. “In my defenses, my mom tried to corner me in the kitchen.” Grabbing my hands pulling me to his chest. “I’m not getting married to anyone...” he says kissing my forehead the air around us was thick it felt like I was suffocating. “If you ever get tired of me, you’ll tell me right?” I ask crawling on top of him as he wrapped his arms around me. “I’m never going to get tired of you,” He says. “Yes, you will...” I say sadly he lifts my face to look him in his eyes... “Why didn’t we just date Kay?” the tone of his voice letting me know he’s serious. 

“I mean I never agreed to this friends with Benefits just to get my rocks off. Women throw themselves at me all the time. I really like you. If you let me, I’ll give you the world on a silver platter.” “What about your mom or your precious gold and platinum society peers?” taking a breath “Fuck them, I love my mom but she’s not going to play monopoly with my life like she does to Kaoru.” He says “If I like you that’s all that matters and should matter to her.” Pulling the cover from the bed over us “Why are we doing this to ourselves?” he says sitting up looking me in the eyes guilt shot through me like lightning.

Why where we still playing cat and mouse like children? I keep telling him that I’m in the prime of my rap career but how long could I keep saying that? How long would it take until he was tired of playing around? After what happened between me and Tao-Yang... That alone nearly ruined my career if Hikaru hadn’t intercepted. He’s always been there even when I broke down on stage in front of thousands of people. Hikaru isn’t perfect I’m not saying he is. He no real life prince charming like the media portrays him to be. He does things that are irritating sometimes he gets attitudes and curses people out he even got into a fight when we went to a nightclub in New York. 

Women do throw themselves at him. Would I be able to handle having to share him more than I already do? Would I listen to all the rumors of the headline: Hikaru Hitachi spotted with XYZ... Would he really be able to commit to me as well? Before we started hooking up he was bringing different women home every night. Would he lie and cheat on me and go back to his womanizing days? It’s the unknown I’m more afraid of too afraid to commit I didn’t want to fall in love just to be heartbroken unable to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart. Not only that but being a famous A-list couple is the hardest thing to do when your constantly in the spotlight. Rumors, Cheating Scandals, Millions of people in your business. Fame comes with a heavy price once you sign your name on that dotted line your freedom is nonexistent. There is no such thing as personal space you have to share everything with the world. You're forced to paparazzi are ever where the internet is ever. Would it really work out if I did decide to date him?

 “I don’t know Hikaru...” I say getting up once again making my way to the bathroom. I didn’t see his face but I could hear him sigh unsatisfied from my lackluster answer. “I’m going to get in the shower.” Grabbing my clothes, I dropped on the floor when I climb into bed with him. “I guess I’ll join you then.” He says getting off the bed slowly seeing if I’m going to decline my offer. “No funny business was really showering. I say placing a hand on my naked hip. “No promises.” He says walking up to me kissing me softly. 


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