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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


There was always calm before the storm. Kay never knew what that truly meant until the storm came knocking at her front door. In Hollywood there are only two options you either sink or swim. There is no middle ground. She's determined to ride the wave. Sex, romance, drama, celebrities and so much more.


There was always calm before the storm. Kay never knew what that truly meant until the storm came knocking at her front door. In Hollywood there are only two options you either sink or swim. There is no middle ground. She's determined to ride the wave.
Sex, romance, drama, celebrities and so much more.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter One: The Storm

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Submitted: November 04, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 04, 2019



It's nearly two am in the morning but Kay can't sleep. There was too much adrenaline rushing through her body as he sped down the long stretch of road. She was already having second thoughts.

'Maybe I could go back he probably doesn't even know I'm gone.' he thought for a split second.

She knew she could never go home. Not back to Tae Yang not back to the place she once called home. Not back to her very own personal monster in her own personal hell. Instead she kept her eyes focused on the road.

"Please God just let him help. I don't want to live like this anymore." She prayed to no one in particular. She just hoped someone was listening to her plit.

His estate was massive a large modern mansion sat on perfect manicure grass.

She cut the car of and even in her broken state she wobbled her way to the steps. The anxiety was setting in her throat felt tight. The budding welps on on on her side and torso was burning. The door was foreboding site for her to see.

She knocked on the door twice and waited. The porch lite cut on then the sound of the door unlocking. She looked back to her car then down to her phone eerily quiet.

'I could run. I dont a have to face him...' She swollowed thickly mulling over her options.

Where would she go?

Home? If she could call it that.

Back to Tae Yang... Back to him most likely seething with anger. He probably noticed by now that she was gone. He was probably already in a rage trashing the house. Cursing her name like prayer.

The door swung opened and blue eyes locked with brown. First confusion his mouth slight in a smile. Then it fell as he looked over her body bruised and broken.

"Kay?" His perfect features darkened. He stared at her and looked around for anyone else. She hung her head in shame running into his unexpecting arms, sobbed into his chest.

"P-please don't turn me away..." She stumbled over her words.

She sobbed harder than she ever had in her life. Like a weight had been lifted from her burden heavy shoulders. He didn't move he didnt speak. He only wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her in closer.

She cried as if her brain was being shredded from the inside. Emotional pain flowed out of her every pore. From her mouth came a cry from so raw that even she didnt recognize.

In that moment the arms squeezed a fraction tighter and Kay breathed more slowly, her body melting into Hikaru as every muscle lost its tension to the winter air.

What the fuck happen to you?!" He said harshly not moving from his spot. She didnt protest as he hugged her tighter. She didnt care that it hurt when his muscle flexed as he pulled her even more.

She disnt answer him she only cried harder. Hands falling to her side as she pressed her busted face into him more.

He paused and looked at the expansion of his massive property. Dipping his mouth to her ear and whispering softly.

"Let's go inside before the paparazzi spot you.".

They stood in livingroom in silence as the wood fire crackled feet away from them. She took in the smell of his home. Everything looked the same his home was nothing but luxurious. He had been up a bottle of jack on the coffee table with a whiskey glass next to it.

"Kay what the fuck-" He stopped and took her in fully in the well lit livingroom. Eyes wide and filled with a mix of emotions. His blue eyes cloudy. Trying to piece everything together. She could feel the air being taken from her lungs.

What was she supposed to say. She didn't even have a plan. All she knew was that she needed to get away from him.

She couldn't bring herself to look at him. There was no trace of tears, not in his eyes his face only seemed to get redder and redder as he watched her. His eyes narrowed, rigid, cold, hard. In that moment she could feel the room get tense.

"I... Im sorry." She tried to speak but she lost her voice. Adrenaline floods her system, It pumped and beat like it wanted to escape. She thought her heart might explode eyes wide with fear. As she began to speak with a hoarse throat.

"Who did this to you?" His jaw locked up. He cut her off quickly. Hands clutched to his side in tight white knuckled fists.

It felt like someone poured gasoline onto the sparks of fear in her stomach. He took her bruised face into his alabaster palms and inspected her. Gently pressing the soft pads of his digits into the purple welps all over her once pretty face.

"Did Tae do this to you?" He said in disbelife.

She sucked in air as his thumb pressed a bit too hard in a new punch mark. He quickly removed his hands and took her hands in his.

"Im sorry..." He looked down to their joint hands.

"I wanted to talk to you!" She snatched her hands away from him and clutched onto the rim of her night gown.

"I wanted to tell you, somebody, anyone. I've was too scared. I was too weak." She sniffled.

The memories flooded her mind like water rushing into a sinking ship. Waking to the sound of breaking glass. His hands tightening around her throat. The sound of her crying out for him to stop. The back of his hand across her face.

The punches to her gut the treats he made after. She wasn't good enough for anyone. No one loved her, he was the only who would ever love her. She deserved it. She was a piece of shit! Garbage! A waste of space!

Im the only one who fucking love you Kay-

"Weak? He beat the shit out of you!" He quickly calmed himself down pinching the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. He looked at her one more time before tuning away and mubbling something in japanese she couldnt hear.

She didnt even realize she was half dressed. Just a too thin night gown with no shoes. Hair wilded from trying to run from the multi million dolllar home she and Tae Yang shared.

"Come up stair I'll run you a bath and call my doctor." He sighed again quickly making his way up the spiral staircase.

She couldn't do anything but obey.

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