The Titanic: Jack & Cal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The scene you didn't see in the Titanic

Cal stands near the edge of the Titanic at the highest level overseeing passersby. A look of disgust fills his demeanor. He is too good for everyone who passes by and wave hello. But he puts on an air of politeness his status requires and waves back.

Just then, Jack shows up and invades his personal space. "Well, this is nice. I never thought I'd be invited up here by an important person like yourself." Jack teases with a mixture of self-assurance and charm.

"You're not invited here." This is merely a formal encounter to settle a deal.---And have you never heard of personal space?" Cal grimaces and steps away.

"Oh come on, Cal. Poverty is not contagious. It's merely a lazy man's desease as you all agree up there at the top of the money pyramid."

"Right. I simply do not see what Rose sees in you. And I'm here to tell you you are never to see or speak to her again. So what's your price to walk away?"

"I'm sure you can see one thing Rose sees in me," Jack clutches Cal's crotch.

Cal looks around with an alarmed panic. He jerks his body away.

"Listen to me, you little rat! I can give Rose everything. And you can give her nothing."

"I don't get it. Why so intimidated by a man who can't give her anything?" Jack toys with Cals words. He steps up on a railing and simply hangs over it casually. Although Cal is the one with all the money and all the power, Jack wields a power of his own: knowing people better than they know themselves. Jack fills the silence.

"You look really cute when you try to be so puffed up and important. It's kinda sexy actually. Cause I know you're not."

"You're arrogant for a street rat." Cal combats. Jack snickers lightly.

"Okay," Jack begins. "If it means so much to you, I'll leave Rose alone. But I don't want your money and you know it." Jack positions himself into a verbal spar.

"Everyone wants money."

"Not me," Jack responds. "Yet you insult me when we both know why you called me here." Jack slides on the railing closer to Cal. Cal tries to keep the composure of an important man.

"What's that mean?"

"It means you called me here when you could've sent some spar change and a threat my way." Jack moves his hand over Cal's crotch slowly this time and rubs it.

Cal groans at first in shock. He does not remove Jack's hand, but simply darts his gaze around to see who might be watching. Jack is as discrete as he can be about it but shame washes over Cal making him believe that everyone can see. 

Jack plays with this vulnerability.

"Even if people were watching, Cal, no one would suspect that a respectable man like yourself is letting me grope you like this."

Cal groans again. He exhales a deep breathe of anguish as he knows he should have stopped Jack by now. Why doesn't he?

"And surely no one would believe these groans would come from enjoying another man's touch."

"Stop it!" Cal commands with an internal combustion of pleasure he couldn't hold in any longer. He aches in ectasy as parts of him tingles with an intense burning.


"YES!" He grabs Jack's wrist in a low strain.

"I'll stop only if you tell me it's what you want."

"Please." He begs. Jack enjoyed the yearning in his eyes, but pitied him all the same.

"Fine." Jack begins to move his hand away. But---Cal stops him. Jack looks at him with a pleasant shock. It turned him on to feel Cal's hand pulling him back.

Jack moves in closer. He keeps going rubbing his bulge harder and faster now. His lips near Cal's ear, he sticks his tongue out and makes subtle contact with the tip of his ear.

Cal shutters and groans as controlled as he possibly can.

"You've been holding this in for so long.---What do you want me to do to you, Cal?" Jack whispers in his ear.

"I don't know." He whispers lowly to himself.

"Yes, you do. Tell me." Jack rolls his tongue over his neck. 

Cal begs Jack to stop, making sure no one can see. He sees only a spotty few people doing their own thing on the lower deck.

Jack continues to grope Cal looking at him in pleasure.

Jack then unhooks Cal's belt. He unbuttons and unzips his pants and slips his hand through.

He feels Cal's warmth and wetness.

"Uuff, that's a fucking turn-on, Cal. So fucking wet."

Jack grabs Cals bare dick and strokes it.

"Mmm." They moan together.

"Fuck yes!" Jack gives a breathy moan. "Now tell me. Tell me what you want and I'll do it.---You want to fuck me? Or do you want to be fucked?"

Cal could not contain himself anymore. Part of him was strong enough to shove Jack away and run, but the other part loved his touch and his voice, and his moans so close to his ears.

"Please!!" He begged Jack. Cal knows if this is going to stop, Jack would have to be the one to do it. 

"You say you don't see what Rose sees in me? Well this is it. I know how to fucking make life worth living. I give her body everything it wants. Now tell me. Do you want to be fucked by a street rat?" Jack jerks him off faster as he watches a helplessness in his eyes.

Cal tries to speak but can barely get his words out.

"I-I want to fuck you!" He releases." Let's go somewhere."

This turned Jack on. But he would not let it show.

"No. You don't get to fuck me, Cal." Jack pushes Cal into the railing and pulls down his pants.

"What're you doing! Don't!"

"Relax your tight ass, Cal." Jack pulls his dick out and spits on it.

"Fuck!" Cal looks around in alarm.

Jack brings his hand around and covers Cal's mouth.

"Stay quiet, no one will look."

Jack then sticks his dick in Cal's ass.

"Ohhh SHittt!" Exclaims Jack above a loud whisper.

Cal holds in groans that ached for release. He felt shame to be taken bare ass by a man but everything in him would not allow it to stop.

"Take this dick." He grabs Cal's ass cheek firmly thrusting into him.

"This is how I thrust into Rose. Bent over this rail when you all are sleeping, screaming my name. Every fucking night, Cal. Thinking of you. I saw you that night you came looking for her. You just watched us. You didn't look away or stop us. I asked myself why."

Cal lets a moan slip out as Jack got harder with each thrust.

"I licked her back when I pounded into her and you still didn't walk away. And I fucking knew you wanted to be her. You wanted my mouth.---Do you want my mouth on you now, Cal?"

Cal nods slightly. He's crying now. He is embarassed to know he's wanted all of this and now even more embrassed to let it happen.

"Fucking open your mouth and tell me."

"I want your mouth on me." Cal's manly voice surprises him when he considers the position he is in.

Jack puts his warm and moist mouth on the back of Cal's neck and he shutters. He whispers his name and he shutters.

"I wanna fuck you 'til you remember what my dick feels like." Jack rests his head on the back of Cal's upper back and moans. Cal grips the rail harder.

"Please, lets go somewhere." He begs.

"Shut the fuck up. I fuck you wherever I want to fuck you, Cal." 

Just then, a man in conversation at the lower deck turns his attention to Jack and Cal. Cal looks horrified as the man now calls the attention of the other man he is talking to pointing. Jack keeps going in a determined stubbornness.

"Oh shit." Jack moans getting deeper into Cal who is getting tighter now.

"Jack, stop. They see us."

"Forget them. Take this dick and never regret how it made you feel." Jack's voice was in Cal's ear soothing his panic and somehow Cal felt safe.

"Look at them Cal. They're not looking away. They want to be you. They're judging on the outside, but inside they want it. Isn't that a fucking turn on?" 

Jack and Cal moan as they are being watched and talked about by a few more passengers now.

"Oh, shit. oh shit." Jack rolled his forehead on Cal's back. "I'm going to come. Give me your dick."

Jack grabs Cal's dick and jerks him off as he climaxes.

"Fucking cum with me Cal. Mmm."

He jerks him faster.

Jack exhales in ecstasy his rock hard cock shooting cum in Cal's ass. He cums without Cal and breathes heavily on his back. They slip to the floor of the deck together.

Jack starts to pull up his pants and zip as he lay next to Cal.

"Maybe next time, I can undress you completely, that'll turn you on." Jack tries to seduce. 

"There won't be a next time." Cal rises buttoning quicking and walking off.

"Cal, wait." Jack catches up. "Of course there will. I've already planned what I'm going to do to you. You know I can fucking make you cum without touching you?"

"Shut up! You best be sure your peasant buddies keep their mouths shut or some people will not make it to the end of this trip." Cal storms off. 

"FUCK!" Jack explodes. He looks over deck and sees five men looking back up at him.

Just then----"Cal?" Calls Rose standing in confusion as Cal storms passed her. She looks over at Jack and he walks away in the opposite direction.



Submitted: November 26, 2019

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