Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


STEAMY EROTICA: Lyle and Dylan encounter each other after their first very awkward sexual encounter. ENJOY! Leave a comment.


STEAMY EROTICA: Lyle and Dylan encounter each other after their first very awkward sexual encounter. ENJOY! Leave a comment.


Submitted: November 26, 2015

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Submitted: November 26, 2015



 As I stand at my locker I notice Lyle heading towards me in a scattered crowd of people. I wonder if he'll say anything to me. The closer he gets to me the more I turn towards his direction. He does not even look my way while walking right past me. It was only some hours ago that his dick was in my mouth. I begin feeling like shit. Even though I hadn't let him come, I still had my face in his crotch giving him pleasure. And now he thinks nothing of that. Nothing of me.



Gym class. My last class of the day. I come early to change and be out before the crowd comes in. But to my surprise, Lyle and another guy are already in the locker room. I steal glances of him changing from jeans to gym shorts. I'm trying not to make it obvious that I'm still thinking of him. Despite his arrogant actions, I still have the urge to have him thrust me into this locker and press his lips against mine. Even though he used me, I can't get over him, and believe me I want to be over him. He walks towards me and stops. He leans by my locker trying to be discrete.

“Did you tell anyone?” He asks.

I don't say anything to him.

He looks back at the other guy and turns back to me. He shoves me a little.

“Did you tell anyone, about yesterday?”

“What about yesterday?”

“You know what!” He snaps. He collects himself and waits for my response.

“Answer me!” He snaps again.

“You just don't get it do you. Guys like you don't get it. You don't realize that there are people who admire you and they are hoping against all hope that you are as good as they think you are. Guys like you only take, because you can. And I wished you were different.” I turn away. Lyle shoves me back. He retorts above a strained whisper.

“I am different. Don't you tell me what you think you know about me. I'm not gay. It was just some stupid shit I gave into.”

“And you were willing to use me and discard me.”

“I already told you I was sorry for that.”

“I don't believe you. If anything, you're sorry you didn't get your way.” I am aware I am coming down hard on him, but honestly, I just want him to turn out to be the guy I've admired for so long. Even though it's unlikely, I want him to be the guy he made me believe he was.

“You think it's easy to wake up one day and feel like you're not the person you thought? I refuse to accept that and have to reorganize my entire life. I'm on the football team. You think I'd still have that? Everyone fucking knows me, Dylan. Everyone. No one knows you. You will keep your mouth shut if you want to live to actually be fucked by another fag like yourself.”

My eyes water. I become emotional out of nowhere. I had really hoped that my little speech would make him think differently.

“You're upset because you were just a fuck? What did you want to happen? Me to go parading around the school about how you sucked me off?”

“Only if you liked it.” I antagonize him.

“I didn't like it because you're a guy. I liked it because it was a fucking blowjob. My only one. Yes, I've lied about every blowjob I've ever bragged about getting. Just like you lied about losing your virginity to a girl. But you know what, none of that matters because Leslie's finally gonna let me plow her tomorrow. And After the way she stood me up before she's feeling too guilty to do it a second time. After that, I can forget about ever having my dick sucked by a queer.



I stand by my window overlooking my pool. I didn't go to school today. I couldn't. Not to have Lyle walk through me or threaten my life with is popularity bull.

I made up some excuse about a virus and my mother bought it.

I think about that day. With Lyle. Swimming in my pool. And me. Watching him. I could have done that forever. What would it have been like for me to let him come? I mean, I'm more than proud of myself for standing my ground considering how he treated me yesterday but, I can't help feeling I would have liked it better that way. Maybe I'd be able to ignore all the shit I think of him now and only think about him coming into my mouth. Instead I only hate the guy for being a complete dick. And now he's gonna sleep with Leslie and forget all about me for good.

At least I have the memory of whipped cream mixed with Lyle's scent. Placing my hand against my window feeling more alone than ever before, I hear a ring from my door. Who could that be? Is it Lyle? So I wish. The mailman had passed by already. My parents would never be home this early. Even so, they have their own keys. I'm not gonna answer that.

Another ring comes through.

“Go away!” I say knowing I can't be heard.

Suddenly a persistent back to back ring. I become annoyed. Growling I make my way down the stairs to the door. I swing the door open.

“LYLE!” I blurt out in shock.

He looks at me half a second before shoving his way into the house slamming the door behind him. He pulls me by my shirt and shoves me into the wall pressing his lips against mine.

“Is this what you want!” He yells in a mixture of anger and frustration.

It's almost like I imagined it. Only, he starts shoving me into the wall over and over again. It doesn't hurt like the loud pounding makes it seem, but he doesn't know that. What is he doing?

As he continues shoving me into the wall, the pain starts to catch up with my body. I become tense now expecting each blow into the wall.

He holds me in place against the wall kissing me again. Suddenly he slaps one hand against the wall just above my head. He presses his forehead against mine as I notice him fighting through tears.

His anguish grows.

“Look what you did to me!” He cries. “I was on top of her. I was going to fuck her!---And all I could think about was you, Dylan Windmore!”

He breathes heavily. He pulls out his cellphone from his pocket and shoves it in my face.

“I want her! Not you!”

Leslie is on the display screen. I suddenly realize what's going on. I relax myself and take in Lyle's pain.

I reach up for his hand which is still gripping my shirt. I am apprehensive because I don't know what he'll do next. I touch his arm, he pulls away from me, turning his head away. He stands there dazed at the phone which he holds low now. His breathing is still heavy but slow.

I try not to upset him as he is still locked in this mood. I look at him feeling a longing to touch him. I step close to him slowly, trying not to have him attack me again. He refuses to look at me.

I gently move my lips to find his. Our lips finally meet, and Lyle jumps. My face still close to his, I can sense that he wants me to do it again. I reach for his lips again we finally lock lips. This time I feel him inhale me completely. He surrenders to it. The urge. The kiss. The boy standing across from him. I wanted this for so long. And standing here with Lyle more vulnerable than myself gives me more pleasure than I ever thought he could give.

I can still feel his aggression running down my spine. But this makes it alright.

He puts his arms around my neck and starts to take me in more aggressively now. I feel like he's wanted to do this forever. Between Lyle's soft lips, firm touch, and overwhelming urge, I don't know which I'm enjoying more. But I have to slow down. I can't let myself come before Lyle has the chance to truly enjoy himself.

“Mm!” Shit that's not helping. Lyle slides his hand up my shirt and starts kissing my neck. My chin rests on his muscular shoulder as I let his mouth and his hands wander. Shit. I'm too close and I will regret this for the rest of my life if I let myself come before Lyle can even get naked.

I pull away from his hold to meet the wall again, knowing that I might have quite possibly ruined it altogether. Knowing he may come to his senses and not want to touch me again.

I breathe heavily as I look in his direction. He looks down at me then back up. And away again. Seems like what ever he was feeling was starting to wither away. He only stands now reflecting on this moment.

“I'm sorry. I was about to...” I don't know how to finish it. I am too ashamed to say. And I think I'm losing Lyle. Figures. What can I expect now?

“About to what?” He says sternly with a glare.

Lyle just stands there apparently losing patience. Or perhaps regretting this moment. Becoming intimidated now, I try to finish my thought.

“I was about to come and I didn't want to---to...” I can't finish it and I think at any second he will leave out. But instead he relaxes himself and stretches out a hand to me. Looking at that hand means everything. It makes me feel like Lyle truly wants me.

I relax myself and slowly stretch out my hand to meet his. He gently pulls me and starts taking a step backwards. I look into his eyes which seems full of promise and passion. I realize what is happening as he turns around flipping his hand in mine heading towards the stairs. I become nervous and anxious feeling that Lyle has made his decision to lose his virginity with me. What if I screw it up. What if I'm to scared to let him in? What if I disappoint him?

As we enter my room, Lyle shuts the door behind him. He starts to kiss me again inching me towards my bed. He turns me around and my ass meets his crotch. His hard dick throbs against me and I can feel his breath on my skin. He starts to rub on mine making me lose it. He slips his other hand up my shirt to meet my chest. Resting his head on the back of my neck he releases a low moan. A sexy low moan that I almost didn't pickup in my excitement.

He pulls my shirt from over my head and tosses it aside. He starts to kiss on my neck again.

Inches from my bed now, Lyle bends me over it. He leans over me and whispers in my ear.

“Dylan. Relax. Let me make you come.”

Fuck! Did Lyle just say that to me? My heart beats faster but my breathing starts to let up. I relax as I feel Lyle's head move from my hair to my shoulder blade. He kiss the middle of my back making his way down my spine. I start to tingle the lower he gets. I grip my sheets and release a moan. Lyle, at my waist now, kisses the lining of my low-rise jeans feeling half his lips against my skin.

I am tormented by my desire to come and my resistance to it. I know he gave me the okay, but I just want this to go on forever. Or at least until he comes.

He pulls down my jeans slightly and I feel a little air enter. He pulls down my pants further revealing my bare ass. I am embarrassed not knowing what Lyle is seeing and how he's feeling. I wonder if it disgusts him to be looking at another guy's ass. Suddenly I feel his tongue meet the very tip of my ass crack. I shutter. I cannot believe he's kissing me there. And using his tongue to massage it. Oh God. As if this isn't enough to set me off, Lyle glides is tongue across the middle of my back.

He sees I am getting excited. He kisses my upper back and shoulders pressing his bulge against my bare ass. I wish he'd pull his pants down so I can feel him.

His left hand grips the top of my head as his right hand makes its way to my cock. He jerks me off as he kisses my neck pressing his whole body into me.

“Dylan.” He whispers. “I want to go inside you.”

He stops rubbing everything as though waiting for my reaction.

I am a little disappointed because I thought Lyle was about to make me come.

But I turn my neck to face him. He's beautiful. I look at him a little uncertain. He can see the reluctance in my face.

He leans closer and kisses me. He relaxes me and gently kisses me on my neck and back. I lay there not knowing what sort of pain to expect. Just trying to relax as much as I can.

Lyle stands up right and starts to unbuckle his belt and undo his jeans. He pulls down his jeans and I feel is dick land on my ass. It is so warm and wet.

Lyle leans over my ass and puts his mouth in my asshole. I feel so hot from complete shame. I'm completely flushed. I want to enjoy him, but I can't help feeling awkward about this.

Lyle tries to comfort me by placing his hand on my waist and gliding it across my back. He sees I am becoming more tense than before from anticipation. He comes up and kisses my ear pressing my face into the bed.

“It's okay. I won't hurt you.” He whispers. This calms me. He reaches under and puts his cock at my opening. He rubs it at my opening and presses his head in. I am about to explode. But Lyle continues to push into me. The only thing keeping me from pulling away from him is the thought that Lyle has just given me his virginity to keep. As painful as it is to feel him thrust into me, I know it was even more painful for him to come to terms with this. He lifts himself up over me.

Lyle begins to lose himself in ecstasy as he starts to pound my ass faster. This is more painful now than I can say and I can feel myself tightening up. I feel Lyle get harder at the feel of my tension. I start to tear trying not to make him pull out. I wish he can see the pain I am in, but I can't interrupt his pleasure.

Not able to hold it in anymore, I release a small whine. He stops. He leans back down and lays his body on mine. He whispers into my ear.

“Dylan, let me make love to you.”

Taken by his words, I turn my face to meet his.

“It's not just a fuck this time. You're not just a fuck.” He places his hand on my back.

His words enticed me. His eyes eased me. And his touch. Dylan's touch drives me. He takes his hand from my back and moves my hair away from my face. I smile pleasantly at him still feeling him inside me. This is my favorite moment. I'm completely calm as I drift into his eyes.

“I don't know why and I can't stand it either, but I love everything about you, Lyle. Even when I don't want to.” I profess to him.

He smiles partly charmed and partly humored by my words. He lifts his head to kiss me. Our lips meet, and he starts pushing into me again. This time slower, gentler. As our skins rub against each other, it's not long before Lyle loses himself again. He starts to go wild. As I groan he reaches down and takes my dick in his hand and starts jerking me off. His lips are warm against my skin and I can feel him get harder.

I feel the pain rushing back but this time I feel that he may come any second now. His moaning drives me wild and I start to hope that maybe we'll come at the same time. His groaning becomes more aggressive now. He lifts himself up and rests his hand on my waist. It is the hand that was jerking me off before which is disappointing. But I am too in pain right now to imagine not possibly being able to come with him. He groans.

“Shit! I'm coming!”

He drops his body over me as he continues to thrust into me. He whispers in my ear.

“Tell me to come inside you.”

I look at his face so full of pleasure and it makes me forget his anger issues. His aggressive ways. His harsh words. And I see only someone who needs me now more than I've ever needed him.

“Come inside me.” I whisper back.

Before I can finish my thought, I see Lyle cringing and contorting his body to release himself completely. He moans with every ejaculation.

He relaxes himself on top of me.

He breathes heavily on my face. His entire body is sweaty. I feel it through his shirt.

He opens his eyes and sees me looking at him longingly. I think that's the most beautiful he's ever looked.

“I'm sorry. I thought you'd come with me.”

“It's okay.” I respond completely resolved. It is okay. I mean Lyle gave me so much more. I have his manhood, his virginity, his sperm inside me.

“No. I wanted to make you come. And thought you were just waiting on me.”

“Yeah, I was. Then I got distracted.” By so much. I mean, there were a thousand thoughts running through my mind and a thousand more feelings running through my body.

Lyle wipes sweat from his face and picks himself up.

He stands up and starts to zip his pants. Seeing a towel by my closet door he reaches for it and wipes himself some more. I get up and make my way to my door where Lyle tossed my shirt. I pick it up and hang it on my shoulder as I start to button and zip my jeans.

“Wait.” I hear Lyle's voice call. I look at him as he inches towards me. He stops in front of me and pulls my shirt off my shoulder to the floor. He places his hand on top of mine which is still clutching my zipper.

He pulls my hand away and slowly starts to zip down my fly. He slips his hand into my fly and my body falls back against my bedroom door. He looks at me as he rubs on my dick. I breathe heavily taking in his touch. He looks to be pleased with what he sees. He pulls out my dick and starts to jerk me off more rapidly now. I lean my head against the door. I bite my bottom lip and he starts to kiss on my neck. I moan.

He stops kissing me and I can only imagine he is witnessing the pleasure that he's bringing me. I open my eyes to see that he is. He picks up his pace as his other hand makes its way around the curve of my ass. I lose myself throwing my head back and enjoying this moment. I feel myself about to come. Suddenly, I feel Lyle's mouth around my cock. I instantly jolt my eyes open and look down. Oh God! Oh God! This is hot. I begin to moan out on sound now. Shit.

He knows he didn't have to. But he did it and it's driving me crazy. Lyle is sucking my cock. It looks like it's nothing to him but I know it is. I feel the desire to stop to save his dignity, but he made that choice to be on his knees in front of me. Mm. I throw my head back again and clutch my doorknob.

Looking back down at Lyle, I feel the urge to take the back of his head and fuck his mouth. Another risk, but slowly I reach for his head with one hand, then the other and hold it back. He seem to react for a second but then he relaxes. I push my dick into his mouth slowly. Fuck. I do it again and he doesn't stop me. Holding his head like this, I feel like a man. I feel like he's giving me permission to take control. I thrust a little faster into his mouth trying damn hard not to come.

Suddenly! My house alarm! My parents!

“Fuck! That's my parents.” I let go of Lyle and try to pull from him. He pulls my hands away.

“I want you to come, Dylan.” He urged me.

“Not now!” I become hostile. Still he takes my dick in his mouth and I groan for mercy. I'm caught in a rock and hard place as I hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Dylan!?” Calls my mother.

I feel my way to my doorknob to lock it.

“Lyle, please!” I urge him in a harsh whisper.

“Dylan, you home?” My mom calls.

Mm!” I groan as Lyle deep throats my cock. “Yes, mom!” I heave out.

She knocks on my door. “You don't sound so good, is everything alright?”

I exhale deeply. “Yes, mom!” I reply in the same tone as before. Lyle gags a little.

“Sweetie, what's going on?”

Ahh! Mm!” I blurt out.

“Dylan!” She starts to jiggle the knob.

“I stubbed my toe mom, I'm fine!”

Lyle glides his hand across the curve of my waist again. He slips his hand between my ass as he deep throats me again. I groan and squirt right into his mouth.

I groan, but strangely like I was in pain.

“Are you bleeding?” My mom asks. “I'll get the first aid kit.”

I slide down my door to Lyle's level. He looks at me for a second then sprays me in the face with my own cum. He smiles and giggles and I can't help but laugh along.



This morning, as Lyle walks towards me in the hall, he is pale and stone-faced at first. Then He offers me a sweet smile as he walks by. This is the Lyle Carson want to keep fantasizing about.

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