Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


For your gay erotic fantasy: Dylan agrees to let his high school crush lose his virginity with his girlfriend in his bed, but he comes to learn far more about this perfect jock than he thought he knew. Please comment. Tell me what you think of Lyle. This was an overnight inspiration so feel free to comment on anything.


For your gay erotic fantasy: Dylan agrees to let his high school crush lose his virginity with his girlfriend in his bed, but he comes to learn far more about this perfect jock than he thought he knew.

Please comment. Tell me what you think of Lyle.
This was an overnight inspiration so feel free to comment on anything.


Submitted: November 22, 2015

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Submitted: November 22, 2015



 Stepping back and taking a look at this room, I wonder if it is good enough to let two people lose their virginity in it. I'm not one of the two, which should make me less nervous than I am right now. Why am I so nervous? I mean sure he's Lyle Carson the hottest guy anyone has ever laid eyes on, but it's not like I'm the one he's gonna be fucking in a couple of hours. But I had to let him borrow my room. He's Lyle fucking Carson. Even if he's a straight jock who will never give me the time of day, he will always know that he lost his virginity in Dylan's bedroom. I think that's a lot to hold onto. Not feeling satisfied I move around my room trying to make it more inviting. The shit they do to Fabreze just really transforms your room.

See, letting Lyle have sex in my bed is all part of a very rational, very sane plan to get closer to him. How else is the high school senior going to give an obsessed invisible junior the time of day? And I know, you're probably wondering why he's not having sex with his girlfriend just about anywhere else but my room. See, I overheard him talking to his boys about trying to finally stick it to his girl but she keeps making excuses about not wanting to just do it anywhere. She wants it to be special. With candles and all that extra hetero madness. Speaking of which, lilac candles.

I run into the hallway closet and pull out a pack of scented candles. I return back to the room smelling the candles through the wrapping. I start to unwrap. See, Lyle refuses to turn eighteen without losing his virginity. But her parents are strict and his parents are always home. When he kept turning down his friends' perverted offers to let them do it at their house as a threesome, guess who jumped in to save the day?

I was not really as confident as I sound now though. In fact, I was scared shitless to talk to the guy who I've admired for two years now. But this was my opportunity to be noticed by Lyle. Maybe my only one ever. I mean he'd be in my bedroom. Even if another opportunity would come around to be noticed by him, this is the best it would get. So I suggested my room, because my parents are never home. At first he tried to refuse my offer saying that his girl would never go for a stranger's bed. So I told him that it was okay to say that he knew me for a while. When that didn't seem to be convincing him, I threw in all the other benefits like our pool and the collection of romance movies my mom has.

He smiled at me and said okay. I thought that any second the daydream would end. But here I am prepping my room for Lyle Carson to be in it. Naked. Hot. Sweaty. If you're wondering if I intend to spy on them or bug the room, I don't. I want Lyle to enjoy this moment.

The doorbell sounds and I become jittery. At the door I blow a breath and smell it as if I am the one who will be getting up close and personal with Lyle. I open the door and my demeanor changes completely, becoming a bit more meek now that Lyle is standing across from me.

“Come in.”

Lyle enters looking around my house.

“Wow. This is nice.”

“Yeah, the pool's out back.”

“You sure your parents will be coming home late?”

“Yes,” I respond stealing glances of him between responses. Maybe we can exchange a few harmless flirting words to satisfy my hunger for him. Just a chance for him to charm me like he does his women.

“Leslie should be here soon.”

“Okay. Do you want something to drink?” I ask not looking at him.

“Yes, you don't have like wine, do you?”

“Yeah, but my parents would know if I open those.”

“Oh.” He responds showing his disappointment. “What about Gatorade?”

“Yeah.” I begin heading to the kitchen.


Lyle continues to look around my living room as I pull out two bottles of Gatorade from the fridge. I lean back to see him walking around the room looking at plaques and books. God he's so sexy. Now that I think about it, this might have been an opportunity to drug Lyle and have my way with him. But I don't think I would have gone through with something like that. I'd prefer for him to want to do things to me.

“Hey you sure have a lot of books!” I hear his voice strain to be heard. I enter into the room with the two bottles and two glasses of ice.

“They're all my dad's. I mean I do have a lot of books in my room, but, I guess you'll see when you get in there.”

Lyle reaches for the glass placing his hand over mine and pulling away the glass.

“Are you nervous?” I coyly voiced handing over one bottle.

“Yeah, actually, a little.” Lyle shares. Then he catches himself. “Please don't tell anyone I said that.”

“I won't.”

Suddenly a call comes through his phone. He picks up and aggressively opens the bottle as he listens.

“Leslie. Seriously? What the fuck? Alright, just hurry---Alright I'm sorry for yelling. Alright.”

He hangs up looking agitated. He exhales deeply.

“She accidentally told her parents that she was meeting her friends for a study group at five instead of four so she has to wait until it makes sense to leave the house. Sorry man. I can leave and come back.”

He begins to turn away and I grab is arms abruptly. “No!” I blurt out.

He looks down at my hand gripping his arm. Frozen in this moment I release him instantly.

“I mean I don't mind.”

“Okay, cool man. Thanks!” He drinks his Gatorade.

I don't know how I intend to entertain him for almost an hour but I was just too happy for this opportunity for some time with him to let him go.

Of course I do want him to somehow confess to me that he has always been in love with me, take me to my bedroom and make love to me. Or take me just about anywhere. Would that be so wrong? What if I made a move right now?

“So have you done it yet?”

“Hn?” I zone back into the room.

“You know. Are you a virgin?”

Oh no. What do I say to that? If I say I have, would that technically make me more advanced than him?

“I know it's a weird question to ask but I don't wan to assume you haven't.”



“Yes. I have. With Gloria.” I began to give answers before he could ask any more questions. God I hope he doesn't. “You don't know her. She's a sophomore.”

“Really? What was it like?”

“Um, it was hot. Moist.” Lyle swallows at the sound of my words. “She likes whip cream so we used a lot of that. She was scared most of the time. But when I went inside of her, I had to move real slow for her.”

“Damn Dylan. I didn't think you had it in you.”

I walk around the house showing him the movies mom had and what his options were for food.

When his eyes meet the whip cream in the fridge, he snatched it up.

“Is this the whip cream you used?” He sprays a whopping into his mouth. Then he sprays me all over. “What did you do to her?”


“Show me what you did to her.”

Is the Lyle Carson asking me for sex advice? I of course have to give him something. So I walk up to him partially covered in whip cream. I begin pointing to Lyle's neck, jawline and shoulders.

“I sprayed her here, here, and here, and I licked it off her skin slowly. That really relaxed her.”

Lyle stares at the can of whipped cream and finally says, “Show me!

I stand frozen trying to determine whether I imagined that. I do not move.

And with the thought of actualizing his words, I slowly walk towards him and I just can't figure out if I'm imagining this or if he's testing me. I just stand there and swallow hard. Then I begin spraying his neck, jawline, and shoulder slowly.

We stand for a moment in silence. He looks straight out anticipating my mouth. I slowly put my mouth on his jaw licking away the whipped cream. I'm so hot I can't hold in my breath any longer. I release a deep breath onto his skin. Then I put my mouth on his shoulder and move to his neck. He swallows hard. I made up my mind that if Lyle was testing me then I would enjoy failing this test. I start to make my way to his lips and he jerks away.

“Oh my God! Did you like that?” He confronted me. “Dylan, are you?”

“Yes.” I beat him to the question. I don't know why I confessed but I figured it was just too obvious to deny. And maybe I was hoping he'd say he liked it too. And wants me to do it again.

“I'm sorry man. I didn't know. I just wanted you to show me what you did.”

“No. I should have told you.”

“I'll go.”

“Don't!” I grab him again. This time it isn't as awkward.

“I should have told you. But you have nothing to worry about. I won't even be here when you guys are---together. I'll leave.

Lyle only looks at me blankly. He starts to feel stupid. He's not sure what to do next.

“So you like guys. Did you want to do that to me?”

I say nothing.

“You know what. It's not your fault. I shouldn't have told you to do that.” I see in his demeanor that he's a little upset.

He pulls out his phone and looks at the time.

“Alright, Leslie should be here any minute. Is it alright if I just get in your pool while I wait?”

“Yes!” I replied ashamed.

He starts to walk away and I reach for him trying to explain myself. He jerks away from me and keeps going.

Fuck! This is not the way I wanted Lyle to feel about me. Even if he never loved me, I didn't want him to hate me. And I could have stopped it, but that shit felt so damn good.

Upstairs in my room, I look down at him in the pool as he lapse back and forth. Is he upset at me? I just wanted him to come into my room, see all my books and think of how smart I am. Maybe be taken by that and have fond thoughts of me as a person. Now I am the pervert who couldn't be guy enough to be his buddy.

A ring comes from downstairs. It is a cellphone ring. Lyle left his cellphone in my kitchen. And from his reaction in the pool, I can tell we both heard it. Should I leave him alone to take it? Or can I use this as a chance to be near him again? I make this decision quickly knowing he may not want to be near me and I sprint downstairs. I grab the phone as he comes in soaking wet and drenching the kitchen floor. He snatches his phone and walks away to the next room. This is not the Lyle I know and I feel really bad for bringing out the worst in him.

I hear him yelling in the other room.


I inch closer to see him. As I stand by the kitchen through-way a bit horrified by him now, I can see his fury rise.

“Seriously? What a bitch! Fuck you then!” He hangs up! He moves around for a moment trying to decide what he wants to do with his aggression. A couple of times it seemed like he would throw his phone right into my father's flat screen. But suddenly, he makes an abrupt move back into the kitchen, and throws down his hands on the counter in a growl.

“What is it?” I managed to follow behind him. I was scared as hell to be inches from Lyle. But I wanted to make him feel better.

“Leslie's not coming.” He let out a heave. “She's not sure if she wants to do it with me.”

I don't know how to respond.

“She's a fucking tease is what she is. She's just asking for someone to rape her.”

I definitely don't know how to respond to this one.

Lyle sneezes.

“I wish I knew your damn pool was gonna be that cold.”

Feeling guilty for just about everything, including Leslie who I had nothing to do with, I just wanted to make Lyle feel better.

“I could make you some tea. And I have some clothes upstairs if you want to shower.”

Lyle looks at me and snatches his phone from the table. He makes his way upstairs so I assume he's taking my suggestion. The bathroom is to your right.

I make him Chai tea and head to my room. When I get there the shower stops running. A few moments later, Lyle comes walking into my room with a towel wrapped around his waist. I look away quickly. I stand by my bookshelf tapping on it to relax my own discomfort.

“My jeans and tees are in my bottom two drawers.”

He stops moving. He sits on my bed and is silent for a moment.

“Listen, I'm really not like that. I don't call women a bitch. I don't snap like that at people. Or the whole rape thing. I just had a feeling that Leslie would stand me up. She's been on and off about this for months. She's a real tease.”

“Maybe she's not.”


“I mean, we are really young. Maybe she's really just not sure if she wants to do it yet.”

I turn slightly to have a half view of him. He's still wet and his body is hunched over in aggression.

“No, it's not right what she did. I didn't jerk off for a whole two months cause she kept promising we would do it.”

“You still have time. Maybe you can call her to see if she'll change her mind.”

“She's not gonna change her mind,---I was so angry, I almost relieved myself in your shower, but—,” He looks in my direction. There is silence for a moment before he gives me another word.

“Then I thought about you.”

I feel a jolt shoot through me.

“You wanted me here. Do you have feelings for me?”

Fuck, what do I say?

Before I can attempt to say anything, Lyle gets up from my bed and moves behind me.

“Did you want me to fuck you?”

I take in a deep breath as he stands inches from my shoulders.

“No.” I manage to reply.

“You wanted me to fuck her in your bed so it be just like me fucking you didn't you?” He begins to rub on my bare arm.

He's clearly playing with my feelings for him, but I don't want him to stop.

He kisses my neck. I release a small groan. He does it again. And before I know it, I throw my head back over his shoulder. His hand makes its way to my crotch. He's rubbing me making me harder. I breathe heavily and can barely contain myself.

“You like that?”

I breathe out, “Yeah.”

Then Lyle turns me around to face him. He then starts pressing down on my shoulder signaling me to get down to my knees. I do it. I am faced with his towel wrapped crotch with his cock peeking through. I am more nervous than I can possibly express, but even more unsure. I want him so much but I also don't want to just be used by him to gratify his sexual lust. I don't want to be like a sap or anything but I which he had just kissed me once on the lips.

I know he's getting impatient because his hard-on is starting to wither down. Trying to make the decision, I feel a thrust from the back of my head. Anxious now, I pull the towel over. I think the thought of my looking at his bare cock must have set him off. He grows hard instantly and starts thrusting my head into it. Eventually he's in my mouth and I hear him relieve a gratifying sigh. This set me off because I start to thrust my head into him trying to take in more of him. Lyle Carson is in my mouth, and he will never not have been in my mouth again. Shit I feel so tied to him right now. Like our souls are connected.

He groans deeper the more I take in. He then starts to thrust his cock into my mouth faster and faster. The towel falls off him. I can't take anymore, and start to pull back. But he holds my head in place and fucks into my mouth. I fight to release myself as he becomes more and more tense. I pull away my head knocking into the edge of my bed.

“Damn, I was almost there!”He grunts.

I lay there holding onto my head. Feeling like maybe he is just using me. He means everything to me but I would be just another bad experience in his high school life he pretends never happened.

“Get out,” I garnered the courage.


“You heard me.”

I get up from the floor and make my way to the head of my bed. I pull out some tissue to wipe the blood.

“What you think about me isn't real. I'm not some Prince Charming whose going to make your gay fantasies a reality.”

“I guess I'm not just some gay fairy whose gonna solve your straight blue balls dilemma. You can jerk off in the bathroom, then leave.”

Lyle picks up the towel and wraps it around his waist. He pulls out some clothes from my drawer and storms out of the room.

I am left alone feeling like shit. How did I get him so wrong?

A moment passes and Lyle inches back to my doorway. He has on my jeans and tee, which of course looks better on him. He walks over to my bed and sits next to me. He comes close to my face and takes my lips into his. I take a deep breath in and release into him. He continues to consume my lips and I can't even feel the pain in my head anymore.

A moment, and he eases away. He looks me in the eyes.

“I didn't want to use you, Dylan. I'm sorry.” He says earnestly and walks out.

I hear a few footsteps going down the stairs followed by my front door shutting.

The Lyle that came in, I was in love with. The Lyle that left out left me with an aching head and a broken heart, and---I still want him.

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