Lyle & Dylan

Lyle & Dylan

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Dylan is gang-banged by the high school football team with the permission of Lyle, the jock he's secretly been with for three weeks. What's going on?


Dylan is gang-banged by the high school football team with the permission of Lyle, the jock he's secretly been with for three weeks. What's going on?


Submitted: December 09, 2016

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Submitted: December 09, 2016



Where are you, Lyle? I sit in this boy's locker room not knowing what to expect. He asked me to be here after school but it's almost an hour after and I don't see him. We've never done it in school before, and I can only imagine this is one of his fantasies. I'd do it with him anywhere. Especially knowing he gave his virginity to me when he could have fucked one of the most popular girls in school.

I miss him and hope that at any second he'll come through that door and kiss me deeply and longingly as though he had just been waiting for everyone to leave so he could do just that. I'm not sure what we are exactly. He mostly ignores me in school. But when we get behind closed doors, he shatters my whole being with his cock thrashing my little sixteen year old body.

I love him so much I don't even understand it. I think I really like this little secret life we have. Just him and I needing each other when no one is around. I think I might tell him I love him when he comes in. It's only been two and a half weeks since I first took Lyle inside of me but we've fucked almost every day since that. I hear the sound of a few voices nearing in.

As they get closer, the voices seem to be come more. None of the sports teams are practicing today so why are so many people heading towards the locker room. When they enter, I see a crowd of boys, maybe seven or eight of them. Mostly the football team with Lyle leading the way. When they see me sitting there lowly, they make their way around Lyle to get to me. A few of them immediately start unzipping their pants and I don't know what's going on.

“Lyle, you sure he's gay?”Asks one of this teammates holding his dick by my mouth in anticipation.

“Yeah. Go on Dylan, show them.” Said Lyle completely unbothered. I looked at Lyle in disbelief. This is not the surprise I was hoping for. But he continued to look at me with pleading eyes as to tell me not to let him down. It didn't help either to have more and more cocks appearing closer and closer to my lips.

The first guy was so anxious he began to rub my lips with his head. They start to all close in on me. With what bit of Lyle I could still see, I continued to hold his gaze as I now willingly opened my mouth. If Lyle is willing to let them use me then I am going to make him regret it. I stare at him as I did to the hard shaft in front of me what I always did with Lyle.

The expression on his face began to change and I could not tell if it was jealousy I was seeing or sincere remorse. Either way I wanted to make him suffer. So I grab two other cocks waiting to be soaked as I deep-throat the one in my mouth. All the guys start cheering yeh as I went a full fifteen seconds with this guy fucking into my throat. I learned that trick just for Lyle, but he doesn't deserve it.

I pull from one cock to another, then another, and another. I can't see Lyle at this point because all the boys keep inching in for their turn. When there is a brief second of the guys making way, I see Lyle's back walking away. I didn't want him to leave. I think what made this humiliating thing bearable was the fact that he was there and I could emotionally reach out to him. The guys notice Lyle gone, and become more forceful and aggressive.

I wasn't even five guys in and my body couldn't take anymore. I think from that point forward it just felt like rape.




I stand by my window again overlooking the pool. The one I saw Lyle swimming in for the first time just over two weeks ago. I felt empty. Like I was worthless. Those guys used me like it was nothing to them. I don't think half of them knew who I was. But it didn't stop them from spewing cum all over me. Of everything that went down this afternoon, all I remember was seven guys cumming all over me like animals desperate to relieve an itch. They left be kneeling there with my face covered in so much cum I could barely recognize them.

It must have been hot for them to have me. As I stand here, I keep hoping that Lyle would come pleading for me to forgive him. To say that he had nothing to do with it. I'm not sure why I wanted that when I could see he was the reason I was bombarded by seven dicks in my face.

Just then my doorbell rings.

I don't move, I left the door unlocked because I knew he'd come. Before I know it Lyle makes his way into my house and up the stairs to my bedroom where I am still standing by the window overlooking the pool.

“I knew you were watching me that day.” Lyle breaks the silence. “I couldn't stand how much it turned me on that you were watching me.”

I am too upset at Lyle to feed into his emotional past.

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” I barked out turning to him. “What if they tried to fuck me? You would just let...”

“Shut up! I would never let them do that!”

“HOW WOULD YOU KNOW WHEN YOU LEFT THE ROOM! How could you make me feel like that?”

“They were going to find out about me cause they knew I was coming here everyday after practice. So I told them that I found out you were gay and you were paying me to keep quiet about it.”

“YEH!? So?” I forced him to keep going.

“Then they wanted to know why I was coming here so much so I told them I was making you do my homework for me and letting you suck me off just to relieve myself. And they wanted in on it.”

“That's it? You just gave me to them like that?”

“No! I told them they had to pay. I got $140 out of all of them.”

“I hate you, Lyle. Get out.” I don't want him to leave but how else am I supposed to react. He needs to know that what he did is wrong. I turn back to face the window.

Lyle inches in closer to me. He thinks he can just have his way whenever he wants. He starts to feel on my body knowing exactly what I like.

“Stop it.” I tried to resist him.

Lyle does not let me go. He slides his hand up my shirt feeling my skin. He bends me over slightly and I can't help recalling that this is exactly what I wanted that day. For him to get out of that pool, come upstairs to my room and have his way with me.

Now he starts gliding his hand over my bulge and I start to get hot all over. He's so irresistible. He puts his mouth on my neck and all the desire in me to hate him melts away. He moans and breathes on my skin as he enjoys what he is doing to me.

“I'm sorry, Dylan. I did it for us. I booked us a hotel with that money for our three week anniversary this Friday. I wanted to let you fuck me finally. Somewhere different than here.

Me fuck him? He knew how much I wanted that.

Lyle pulls down my pants when he notices how wet I'm getting. He hastenly undoes his zipper and enters my ass, thrusting in and out of me. I have come to love this so much. Him inside of me.

I know you want to try this. To dominate me. And I want to be fucked by you. I've always been in control of my life, popular and top of the team. I control everything I want. So I want to know what it's like to be at the bottom. For you to have the control.

He was making me so hot as he spoke these words and thrust into me. I don't know which was more of a turn on, Lyle fucking me like this with so much lust and hunger for me or telling me that he wanted me to fuck him for the first time. With a few moans from us both, I squirt all over my windowsill. Just after, Lyle follows with his explosion inside me. I'm just a secret he would keep as long as he could.

But it doesn't matter to me if I could have Lyle and he'd have mean.

Friday? He'd let me fuck him? What if I'm no good at it?

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