In My teacher's Living Room

In My teacher's  Living Room

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! IT REALLY HELPS TO HEAR FROM YOU! A SHORT AND SWEET EROTICA: After a brutal beating, sixteen year old, John, runs to his married, and oh so loving teacher's house for counsel. Hmmm...



A SHORT AND SWEET EROTICA: After a brutal beating, sixteen year old, John, runs to his married, and oh so loving teacher's house for counsel. Hmmm...


Submitted: November 28, 2015

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Submitted: November 28, 2015



 A knock. A moment of anticipation for young John. Then, it comes swinging open.

“John?” Calls the tall man in his look of horror at John's bruises. He must be in his thirties. Maybe early or mid.

“What happened to you?” He asks with concern.

John says nothing. He only stands there waiting to be invited inside.

The man is a bit apprehensive at first scouting around the street before he invites John inside.

They enter into his large living room which houses a small couch and a modest TV that hangs on the wall. The living room has many paintings which John walks around looking mesmerized by. The tall man opens a closet door and pulls out a first aid kit.

"You sure love your history." John comments to himself.

“John, what happened?” the man makes his way to John.

“How do you do that?” John questions him still engrossed into the paintings.

“Do what?” The man responds unsure of what he is referring to.

“Say my name like that. It's such a plain four letter word, yet you make it sound like it matters.”

“Well it does matter. There are many important figures in history who possess your name.”

“Please don't start another history lesson.”

The man exhales and changes tactic.

“Alright then. Are you going to tell me what happened to you?”


The takes a moist cotton pad and begins to dab the corner of John's lips. John cringes at the sting of alcohol. The man then starts to wipe one side of John's face.

“You know you brought this to my attention by coming here. It has to be documented. The board is very serious about bullying. Is that what happened?”

“I didn't come here for you to lecture me with your ethic bull, Mr. Henson.” John says sternly. Henson becomes disheartened and steps away from John.

“So then why are you here, John? You know this is not appropriate otherwise.”

“I want to know why you don't do anything when you hear them call me a fag. You hear them bully me all the time and you don't say or do anything until they put their hands on me. It's because you don't want them to know about you, right?”

“Know?---What?” He sets the first aid kit on the table in front of the large couch.

“Where is your wife?” John asks coyly.

“My wife?---She's sleeping. Why?”

“Did you make love to her tonight?”

“Okay. You're just a kid. I'm not going to talk to you about my sex life.”

“I'm sixteen. I'm not a kid.”

“According to this country, you are.”

Josh is sixteen.”

“What did you say?” Henson becomes alarmed.

“Josh. He's sixteen.”

“Look whatever he told you, it's not true.”

“He didn't say much. Just mentioned a kiss and how you fought the will to take him. Very admirable of you.”

"Thank you." He responds.

Both stand in silence. Henson looks to be dreading the information just given by John. John walks behind the couch opposite Henson and plays with its edges coyly.

“I look just like him. Why wasn't it me?” John says feeling sorry for himself. “I wanted you to notice me.”

Henson sweeps his hand over his face. He is not sure how he's going to get out of this.

“I noticed you, John. I noticed you before him. But this is very wrong. It's not easy to try and help without all the eyes watching you assuming things. They might have thought I was screwing you just by saying something in your defense.” Henson fought with his rationale trying not to upset John.

John walks around the couch to where Henson is standing. He stands awkwardly close to Henson.

“I wish you were.---Screwing me.” John whispers in a seductive voice that makes Henson ache to control himself. He does not make any sudden moves. John draws closer to him and slowly begins to kiss his neck.

“I wish you knew how much I I wanted you.” John whispers again. Henson strains his eyes shut hoping to somehow undo John's intoxicating words.

“You should go home, John.” He manages to say.

“I don't want to!" John snaps. He catches himself and apologetically relaxes himself. He then takes his hands and glides it from Henson's chest to his shoulders.

Henson seems to be fighting an urge to take him as John slides one hand down to his hard dick throbbing through his pants.

“My wife---.” Henson strains to be heard.

“Did you fuck her?---Can you even fuck her?” John teases as he continues to massage Henson. He wraps his other hand around his neck and holds him close as he rubs his cock down.

“You can fuck me. I want you to.” John whispers. "Do you want to?"

John seductively about to kiss Henson, is pushed aside against every urge in Henson. Henson becomes more stern now trying to resist John.

“I will call your parents to let them know you stopped by.” Henson steps away from John to grab his cellphone. He returns scrolling through his address book.

“Do you need a ride home?” He asks putting the phone to his ear.

John says nothing. He gets on his knees and starts unzipping Henson's pants.

“John.---Joh---ah----AHH!” Henson sounds out as he feels John's mouth wrap around his cock. He moans trying to fight the pleasure. Some difficult confusion is written all over Henson's face. Would he really let this happen? Henson suddenly realizes the voice on his phone repeating hello.

“Mrs. Lewis! Mm! Your son stopped by my house and---” Henson pulls the phone away from his mouth to release a moan. He moans at the warmth of John's mouth. He looks down at John. He curiously places his free hand on John's head motioning it back and forth slowly. He forgets that he is on the phone until he hears a loud hello.

“Oh fuck!” He moans before placing the phone back to his ear.

“Mrs. Lewis. John came over---Hm, over---extremely bruised. I will be driving him after, after some counsel.” Henson hangs up. “What the hell was that?” He says to himself knowing how weak it sounded. He looks down to see John looking up at him.

“Fuck. You're so cute.”

John smiles.

“I want your cock in my ass,” Says John still looking up at Henson.

He rises up to his level and begins unbuttoning Henson's shirt.

“What? Have you done that before? It's not as pleasant as porn makes it seem.”

John becomes silent suddenly. He pulls Henson's shirt off.

“Have you been fucked in the ass, John?”

John does not look Henson in the eyes, but Henson can see that his eyes are starting to water.

“What is it?” He asks.

John starts to cry helplessly in Henson's arms. He takes his arms and wrap them around John's body.

“He does it every night.”


“My dad. He makes me do embarrassing things for him. And when I don't---”

“John. I'm sorry. We have to document this. I'll get paper---” Henson becomes hasty looking around the room. John snaps him back.

“Would you stop! I don't want social workers in my life telling me what I need. I know what I need.”

“You're just a kid, you don't realize the damage—-”

“Stop telling me that!” He snaps!

Henson is startled. He stops and takes in John's anger. He exhales.

Alright. What do you want, John?”

John looks at him and smiles. His mood starts to change and becomes more playful.

“I want you to say my name about six more times. A-a-a-n-n-d-d let me touch you here.

John grabs Henson's cock and massages it again.

John pulls Henson and seats him in the middle of the couch with his cock standing up in the air now throbbing. He strips in front of him flirtatiously. He turns around and bends in front of Henson as he pulls down his pants slowly. Henson starts to stroke his cock as John teases him.

John crawls over Henson with their dicks rubbing together.

“I want to be yours,” he whispers to Henson.

Henson looking up at him reaches up to kiss him.

Then, without hesitation, John takes Henson's bulging and slimy cock into his whole. Henson slides in with ease.

A feeling of euphoria washes over Henson. “Agh!” He moans. "Shit, that feels good." Henson consumes the thought of John's naked body top of him riding his cock.

Henson grips both his cheeks in his hands. They are firm and soft at the same time. Henson moans. John seems to be shy yet willing to pleasure Henson.

“Do you like my ass?”

“Yes.” Henson responds knowing it's exactly what he wants to hear. But Henson loved John's everything. And holding him like this is what he's always wanted to do.

“It's yours, Mr. Henson.”

“I want all of you, John.” John shutters to hear him say this.

They look into each other's eyes and start to kiss. John jerks back in a sudden pain. It seems Henson got harder.

Henson takes John's chin and kisses him passionately through the pain.

They stop kissing and John starts to ride him hard, lifting himself higher to take in all of Henson's cock as he comes back down.

Shit!” Henson drops his head back on the couch groaning.

“Mmm---I love making you feel like this.” John moans. “I wanna make you feel like this all the time.”

John looks up from Henson to see a figure appear in the dark. She's a tall woman almost Henson's height. John is unmoved by her presence. John looks at her directly. He continues to ride Henson more turned on now. Mmm! He moans. Henson moans along and it drives John crazy.

“I love your cock, Mr. Henson.” John becomes breathy still looking at the mysterious woman standing in the shadows.

“It's all yours, John.”

John goes crazy thrusting harder into Henson's cock.

He takes his hand and starts running it in Henson's soft brunette still staring down the woman.

“Say it again, Mr. Henson.”

“It's all yours, John.” Henson whispers loudly.

“Yes, Mr. Henson, it's all mine.”

John wraps himself into Henson feeling himself climaxing. Their moans grow and drown out the other and they go crazy. “AGH! Y-E-A-H!” Henson sounds out in a deep groan.

“Your skin's so---fuck!” John creams as Henson fills him up with hot cum making him shutter again. John gives into this completely knowing he is still being watched. After they both relieve themselves John lays his body against Henson his cum smashed between them. Henson is breathing out loud hot air that passes by John's ears just grazing it.

“I think I fucking love you.”

John hears Henson's words but he does not respond. He takes them in blissfully.

John lifts his head to see the figure walking away from them back where she came from.

Henson turns around to where John's facing. "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing!" John responds.

Henson turns his attention back to John. "You knew how I felt about you when you came here, didn't you? Josh told you."

"Yes. I couldn't believe the man I loved was evening thinking about me, let alone---"

"I hope you're still in love with me in another five years."

"I'll never stop loving you, Mr. Henson."

"You say that now. Until you mature and realize I'm just a fantasy you needed to get out of your system."

"You're not just a fantasy. You saw me. And I think no one ever saw you when you were once me. But I see you now, and I'll never stop seeing you, Mr. Henson."

Henson looks at John deeply falling for his charm. He pulls John into himself and holds him close. A moment, and Henson releases a small pleasant smile.


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