STOOD UP part 2

STOOD UP part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Chance meeting


Chance meeting


Submitted: July 29, 2015

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Submitted: July 29, 2015



Stood UpPart 2


Mike handed her the flower and she invited him inside while she put the rose in a glass of water. He waited at the door for her, hat in hand. He felt a little awkward.


“I am just about ready to go, just give me a minute to get my phone and purse.”

When she got back in the room she asked.

“Where are we going? You didn’t say.”


“I made reservations for 19:30 hours, sorry 7:30pm, I hope you like seafood. Have you been to Seafood Heaven? I understand it is new in town.”


“How in the world did you get reservations there?  There is always a line out the door. “


“I know the owners, a bunch of 1st Cavalry soldiers run it. That was all they talked about in Afghanistan.”


She locked her house up and he took her arm and they walked to his car. He opened the door to his Envoy and she got in. Once they got into the car, they talked and each discovered that they had a lot in common.  They had both help raise their brothers and sisters. Their spouses had both died the same month and both wives had been pregnant and lost their babies. But Mike had a daughter. Mike’s wife had died of breast cancer and she had not wanted Mike to find out that she had it, until it was too late. Neither Vicki not Mike had been dating.  By the time they reached the restaurant they were laughing like long time friends.



After dinner,

“Oh, my I am so full; I can’t eat another bite of king crab.”

“I know how you feel, but it is because it is so rich and it has been years since I had it too.” Mike laughed.

The wait staff asked if they would like to see the dessert menu and they both said,

“Not unless you want to roll me out in a wheel barrel.”

“I will leave you the check then sir.”

After he had paid, she said,

“Thank you so much for the company and dinner. I have really enjoyed the evening Mike” then she reached over the table and squeezed his hand but he felt it in his heart too.

“I hope we can do it again, soon. Are you ready to go?”




She really hated to see the evening end and invited Mike in for a cup of decaf coffee, hoping they could talk more.

“I can’t stay too long I have to be up at 0500.” He said.

“Another time then, if you like.”

“Yes another time would be great. Good night. May I call you tomorrow?”

“Yes, of course Mike.”

He took her hand and kissed it, “Good night then.”




The next week he called her after work and asked if she liked motorcycles.


“I really never thought about motorcycles. I have never been on one.” Vicki replied.


“When do you have a couple of days off from the hospital?”


“Actually this weekend. I am off at 3pm Friday until Tuesday morning.”


“Great. May I pick you up at 1800 hrs? Wear some soft blue jeans and long sleeve shirt and denim jacket if you have one, oh and some flat boots too. Be sure and pack a toothbrush, swimsuit and change of clothes. We can go riding.”


“OK, I will be ready.”  She thought to herself, a Major that is a Bad Boy too???


When Mike arrived he had a bright shiny RED HONDA Motorcycle.  He said he had always wanted one growing up but decided to reward himself after this past tour of duty.


“We are riding out to Lake Whitney to meet some friends that have a lake cabin. Here put this helmet on, I think it will fit you okay. I borrowed it for you.” He tighten the strap and looked at her, smiling a big smile. We rode out 174 and got off the road when we got to White Bluff.  Then were plenty of deer under the trees. Instead of a cabin, we drove up to a nice house that backed up to the lake with an awesome view of the area. We got off the bike and knocked on the door. Two of Mike’s friends opened the door and introduced themselves as Mickey and Pam, and after we came in were 2 more friends of Mike’s, Grover and Sherrie.  We all sat down on the back porch with soft drinks and talked for what seemed like hours. Sherrie and Pam invited me to the kitchen to put dinner out on the table and to girl talk.  It turned out that all of the guys had known each other for several years and had been on lots of missions together.


“I understand you are a neo natal nurse in Waco.” said Pam. “I love babies. That must be so rewarding to help those little ones.”


“I love working there. I don’t have any children of my own, my husband died before we started a family.”


“That is what Mike told us.” Sherrie and Pam said in unison.

Vickie thought, they already know more about me than I do them.


“Mike really likes you, a lot” Sherrie said quietly. “Did you know that he had seen you at the hospital café several times before he met you?”



“No, he never told me that.” 


“He was visiting wounded soldiers from his units and had stayed to have lunch several times.  Then he saw you alone at the BBQ shack and decided to introduce himself.”

All Vicki could do was laugh. “I didn’t know.”


“He has had the hots for you for a long time. But he thought surely you were married or going with someone.”


A tiny smile curled her pick lips.

Just then the guys walked in to the kitchen.


“Damn girls, that BBQ smells good enough to eat!!!” and they all laughed. “Can we eat yet Pam?” said Grover.


They all sat down and prayed and then passed the food around the big round wooden table. Then was a lot of chit chat about the flooding from the month before and that the 1st Cav. had helped in the search and recue and recovery efforts in Wimberly and about finding the mother and one of her two children. We literally had to cut her out of the trees we found her in. It had been so tragic and the father would never be the same.  The 1st Cav. had even been on TV.


Vicki said, “I understand entire areas were completely washed away. That they lost everything.”


“Yes that is right, everything, Here one minutes, gone the next.” Mickey relied, shaking his head.

Grover said,


“We thought if you girls would like we can ride out a ways on the bikes in the morning if you don’t mine getting up early. I found an old cave that was overgrown with brush. I wanted to check it out in the light.”


After the dinner was over and every thing cleaned and put away, Pam showed Vicki to an upstairs bedroom with 2 twin beds. 


“The bathroom is just across the hall with fresh towels for you. I think Mike said he would sleep on the couch. I already got him bedding. I will see you in the morning. Oh, there are guest gowns in the closet if you need one.”


“Thank you I will be alright.” Vicki said.



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