Stood Up part 1

Stood Up   part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Chance meeting between a 1st Cav. officer and a neo natal nurse.


Chance meeting between a 1st Cav. officer and a neo natal nurse.


Submitted: July 27, 2015

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Submitted: July 27, 2015



Stood Uppart 1


Vicki went to the BBQ shack a few blocks from home after her date had stood her up, again.  What was she doing wrong she thought to herself. The BBQ shack was more busy than usual and she had a hard time finding a seat. She had to wait until a couple finished at one table before she could sit down and eat.  Just as she was about to take her first bite, she heard a deep voice from behind her..

“Is this seat taken?” he said.

“That depends on who is asking.” She said coyly and without looking up. Then she looked up and had to really look up high into a pair of gorgeous green eyes and a big beautiful 6’ 3” man wearing fatigues. She nearly dropped her rib she was about to take a bite of.

“Yeah, I guess that would be me.” He said in reply, as he ran his hand through his military haircut.

“No, the seat is available, if you would like to share the table with me.” Vicki replied and shot him a big smile. ”My name is Vicki Reynolds and you are?”

“It is very nice meeting you, Ms. Reynolds. I am Sgt Major John Smith, thank you for sharing your table with me. They are very busy today. Busier than normal it seems.”

He sat down in the chair across from her.

“Oh, you are in the 1st Cav.  My father was SSgt Mike Reynolds.” She said.

“I don’t know if I know him the 1st Cal. is quite large, and I have been in Afghanistan for the last 3 years.”  He said.

“Oh my, that is a long time. That is 2 tours?” she said as he took his first bite of BBQ.

“Yes ma’am.”

“I bet your wife and family are very glad you are home.”

“No ma’am. I am not married. But I am glad to see my family.”

Her mind was working over time about now.  She started back eating her ribs and stopped talking for a few minutes.  He probably had 25-30 years in the military by now and has grown children, and he is not married. 

“Do you come here often for BBQ?  I understand they were closed for a while.” He said.

“Yes they closed because the owners were transferred I believe and they sold the place to a group of soldiers. Are you staying at Ft Hood for awhile, Sgt Major Smith?”

“You can call me Mike, if I can call you Vicki, Ms. Reynolds. Yes, I am staying at Ft Hood. How about you, Vicki?”

“No, I live in Waco. I am a Neo natal nurse at the hospital. I was supposed to meet someone for lunch, but that didn’t work out.”  She didn’t want him to know that her date with a doctor was a no show.

“I am sorry. I really need to get back to the hospital.”

“May I walk you to your car?”

“That would be wonderful.” Mike pulled her chair out and they smiled.

As they walked out to her car, he gave her his arm. Such a gentleman she thought.

“My, you are a tiny thing, aren’t you? You barely come to my chest. I could lose you in a crowd. ”

“I am only 5’ tall.”


“I enjoyed sharing lunch with you. I hope we can run into each other again soon. Do you have a cell phone? “

“Yes right here.”

He took her cell phone and typed in his number and handed her the phone back.

Vicki got in her car and drove off to the hospital.




A couple of days later she received a text message... “Thank you again for sharing your table with me. Mike.”


What, sharing my table?  Who is this from?  Oh my goodness Sgt Major Mike.


She texted back. “You are welcome. Anytime.”


Later that night she got another text. “May I call you? Mike”


Not wanting to sound too anxious, she waited before texting him back.  “I will be home later tonight around 8 pm.”


Her phone rang a 8:01pm.


 “Hello. This is Sgt Major Mike Smith. Is this Vicki Reynolds?”

“Yes, Mike. This is Vicki.”

“I know this is short notice but I noticed you didn’t have a wedding ring on the other day.  But I didn’t know if you were married, you didn’t say.  Would you like to go out for drinks and a dinner this Saturday night? If you are not busy.”

“No Mike I am a widow. My husband was killed after Desert Storm. Give me a moment and I will check my work schedule at the hospital.”


“Hi, Mike, I am off this Saturday. Would you like me to meet you someplace? “

“No Vicki, I will pick you up for our date. Is 7 pm OK? What is your address in Waco? “


She gave him her address and they talked for a few minutes more. And then hung up and she went to bed. Wow, so much for the doctor. He is history.

A real Date! Hmm, wonder what I should wear.  I don’t have many nicer outfits to go out in. I have had 14 years of loneliness and no dates. Because I have not been interested or made the time.  Maybe simple is better. Pink 2 piece sweater set and a skirt with mid heels.  Light pink lipstick and a little jewelry. Wear my hair down for a change would be good too. Men always like long hair.




Saturday night  6:45pm.

The doorbell rang….Oh. No, he is early. I’m not really yet.  Oh well, at least I didn’t get stood up again!

“Just a minute…I will be right there.”

She opened the door and there was Mike, with a flower!

This is part 1.

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