OUR LOVER Chapter 2

OUR LOVER Chapter 2 OUR LOVER Chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Chapter 2


Chapter 2


Submitted: June 21, 2015

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Submitted: June 21, 2015



While they were in the bedroom, Cyndi had used her key to come in the apartment. She heard all the screaming, got undressed in the bathroom and noticed she panties were soaked. All the noises were turning her on.

At few minutes later Wendy went into the bathroom to clean up, and Cyndi took her place with Jim. Would he know that she was not Wendy?

Jim was still in bed when Cyndi came out of the bathroom totally naked. She was nervous to say the least. What would he be like in bed she thought? She had wanted Jim since the day she met him 6 years before. But Jim liked Wendy. So she was out of luck.


As soon as Cyndi got into bed with Jim, he grabbed her and held her tight. He pulled her head back and kissed her for a minute and then stopped. Something was different. He kissed her again, and then pulled her back down in bed and got on top of her, and slipped his huge cock inside her.  She was amazed at just how big he was and that he hurt a little because she was not as turned on as her sister had been when she left the room.

“Are you ok Wendy?”

She shook her head yes.

“You sure did dry up fast.  I will take care of that.”  And he pulled out and pulled her up and sat her on his face and started licking her.  Again he stopped, she tasted different too.

He looked straight into Cyndi’s eyes, she looked scared, but why?

“Are you sure you are okay?”

“I guess that last one took it out of me.”


He laid her down on the bed and started playing with her breasts; they were more responsive than normal but what the heck. Then he started stroking the inside of her thighs which she loved, but it tickled her this time and she was laughing. He went on further and stroked her pussy and played with her clit. Her body reacted differently and she made sounds and demands that he had never heard from her before. It all felt different, but why?

“Jim, I want you to Fuck to me, Fuck me hard, like you never have before!!!!. I want your big bad hard cock deep inside me again. Make me CUM, Jim.”

He got over her and raised her legs above to his shoulders and plunged deep inside with one hard thrust and then he laid still for a few seconds before thrusting and again and again into her very tight pussy. Her pussy was so tight it almost hurt.

"Yeah, you like that little tiny pussy, dont you Jim?  Fuck me, fuck me deeper,  yeah, yeah, like that, harder, Jim. Harder!!!"

She was so tight he came in just a few more strokes.

“I’m sorry you are just so tight I could not help but cum. Let me help you cum now.”

He rolled off of her and immediately took control of her pussy with his hands and mouth and tongued her deep and worked her to a frenzy until she had a massive shaking and trembling orgasm and then she let out a scream, but it wasn’t the same either.  He looked into her eyes; they were a darker, deeper blue than before.

.After a few minutes,

“I want to go clean up. Okay?” Cyndi said. She went into the bathroom and got dressed and quietly left.

A few minutes later Wendy came out of the bathroom and got back into the bed with Jim.

Had he been able to tell the difference in the two of them.

“Babe, I don’t know what is going on, but are you alright? You are acting different.”





A couple of days later the sisters talked about what had happened with their one on one time with Jim.

Cyndi told Wendy that,

“He kept asking me if I was alright and then said I was acting different.  But he didn’t tell me what. What do you think about maybe a 3some with him?  Would you and he go along with it?”

“Oh, I don’t know if either of us would. He is my boyfriend afterall.”

“Well, why don’t you ask him if it one of his male fantasies?”





“He said he would be open to it if it was what I wanted. But do I want it is the question?”

“I would do it if you wanted.”

“I’ll think about it.  What if he does like it and wants to continue?”

“I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.”




The next time Jim came back home from another trip they decided to do it.

Cyndi would be in bed with him at his apartment and Wendy would walk in on them. 

Cyndi was almost beside herself when Jim got to his apartment.  She had fixed him dinner and had the fireplace going and a blanket on the floor with wine glasses and wine waiting for him. As he opened the door, she ran to him in a ‘tiny lace nothing’ and kissed him open mouth. It was different again he thought to himself. 

“Hi, babe, I really missed you.  Listen, I need to go and take a shower, if you expect to do anything tonight.  I have not had one in two days.”

“Would you like me to join you, Jim?”

“That would be great, but give me a few minutes.”

Cyndi got undressed and came in the shower with Jim. She washed his hard cock since it was so distracting, then knelt down and sucked him to the brink of cumming.

“Wow, you have never used those moves on me before, you must have been practicing with a cucumber again.” She was taking him deep to the very back of her throat and swirling her tongue up and down his length and going round and round. Then she took each of his balls in her mouth and gently sucked them. and then went back to the head of his cock and consintrated on that a few minutes.

“Oh, you liked that huh? Just wait, there is more to come. You wouldn’t mind wearing that blindfold again would you.”

“Anything for you Wendy.”


After they got out of the shower, Cyndi’s hair was wet, so she said she would dry it before coming out. Wendy waked in the front door as Jim went into the kitchen.  His jaw hit the floor when he saw her. 

“Hi Cyndi, what are you doing here” he said.

“Cyndi? Jim, I am Wendy your girlfriend.”


Then Cyndi came into the room, her hair still wet. Had it been Cyndi in the shower and not Wendy? Jim thought and then said,

“What is going on?”

“We wanted to know if you could tell us apart and thought you might like to have a 3some with us. Are you game Jim?”

“I thought I was going crazy, I knew something was different but did not know what.”




“Everyman’s dream is to have more of the women he loves, but I never thought this would happen.”

Before the evening was over they all had more sex than they had bargained for. Jim was still hard as a rock after 5 hours of non stop fucking two of the most beautiful sisters he knew. They were totally different in everything they did and liked when it came to sex. They even Came differently.


Identical in looks, but not elsewhere.

Thank you for reading my short story. Please leave a comment to let me know what you like or do not like about the story. It will help with future writing.

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