Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Wendy and Cyndi are identical twins. They are both in love with the same man. But Wendy didn’t know that little secret! Can he tell them apart?


Wendy and Cyndi are identical twins. They are both in love with the same man. But Wendy didn’t know that little secret! Can he tell them apart?


Submitted: June 19, 2015

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Submitted: June 19, 2015



Our lover


By Laila Lola


Wendy and Cyndi are identical twins.  They are both in love with the same man. But Wendy didn’t know that little secret! Can he tell them apart?


Wendy and Cyndi were on the couch watching a movie when Cyndi said,

“Your Jim is so hot! I would love to fuck with his mind.”

“Really, how would you do that?”


“Simple, you and I can try to seduce him and see if he can tell the difference in the 2 of us.”

“Oh, that would be fun, all the sex we wanted, huh?”


“But, he is dating me right now, how?” said Wendy.

“Do you and he have sex together often?”

“Well sort of, when he is in town. But that isn’t very often.”

“Good then that would work better!”


Jim was getting back in town from his oil exploration trip to China on Thursday. Wendy was going to pick him up from the airport, while Cyndi would be near his apartment waiting for them.


When Jim got off the airplane Wendy was in the terminal waving madly for him to see her,

“Hi, JIM, I’m over here!!” Jim was on the phone and hung up right away.

“I am so glad to see you, I didn’t know if you got the message I would be in early. I was calling your apartment to let you know I was in.” He took her in his arms and picked her up and gave her a long kiss that left her breathless.

“Oh, my, you must have really missed me a lot.”

“You won’t believe how much. I want you in bed the minute we get to the apartment.”


When they got to the apartment, Jim literally grabbed Wendy and pinned her to the door. He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back, then kissed her so hard and so long she thought she was going to pass out and fall to the floor. With one hand he was unbuttoning his shirt and the other was unzipping her skirt, letting it drop on the floor. His mouth had complete control of hers as his tongue explored every inch of her mouth. Wendy started to unzip his pants and reached inside to stroke his massive and hard as a rock cock. She realized she wanted him as much as he wanted her. They were totally breathless and their eyes wild with passions and lust for each other.

Jim picked her up and nearly ran to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed as he finished undressing. He almost ripped her top as he off as he helped her undress. She was only left with her tiny g-string panties which were no match for him. They were gone in a flash.


“God I have been dreaming of this the last 8 months, do you know how much I needed you? I go to bed hard and wake up hard. I can’t stop thinking about you. Damn, babe, you are more beautiful than when I left.”

He buried his head in her breasts and sucked one and then the other, he was touching all her body to make sure she was really there and he had her in his arms. Then he lowered his hands to her pussy and was so glad she had shaven it that morning. His fingers found that she was dripping wet and swollen with excitement. He played with her clit until she was squirming and wiggling all over the bed, on the verge of Cumming, but he didn’t want her to cum yet. He wanted her to beg him to be inside her. Then he stopped and pulled her the edge of bed and planted his face fully into her pussy and started licking and tonguing her. Finally she came and came hard. She let out a long scream that seemed to rattle the windows.  Her body was flushed bright pink and she was shaking and trembling.


Jim turned her on her stomach and lifted her butt up, gripped her by the hips and plunged his hard cock deep into her dripping wet pussy. It immediately started squeezing him as her orgasm had not was winded down.He wanted more he wanted her to scream again, to scream his name, to beg him not to stop. He pulled his cock almost completely out and plunged it back in and did it several more. She was pushing back into him with each thrust of his cock. She begged him for more cock, harder, deeper. She had fisted the sheets on the bed to hold on as she came down hard with another orgasm, and screamed and screamed again pressing her face into her pillow. Jim pulled the pillow away and said, no, that he wanted to hear her screams, to not silence them. Even after she came, she continued to push her ass back into his thrusts, she begged him not to stop. She wanted more, 

“PLEASE!  Don’t stop!!!!!”

Jim reached around with one hand and found her engorged clit, and started rubbing it. Wendy was moaning and crying, and little screams escaped from her mouth. Her pussy was sucking at his cock and he thought he would cum before she did again. She let out and even louder scream and she collapsed on the bed, shaking, trembling from her orgasm at the same time he came inside her.


While they were in the bedroom, Cyndi had used her key to come in the apartment. She heard all the screaming, got undressed in the bathroom and noticed she panties were soaked. All the noises were turning her on.

At few minutes later Wendy went into the bathroom to clean up, and Cyndi took her place with Jim. Would he know that she was not Wendy?

Jim was still in bed when Cyndi came out of the bathroom totally naked. She was nervous to say the least. What would he be like in bed she thought? She had wanted Jim since the day she met him 6 years before. But I liked Wendy.

So she was out of luck.


As soon as she got into bed with Jim, he grabbed her and held her tight. He pulled her head back and kissed her for a minute and then stopped. Something was different. He kissed her again, and then pulled her back down in bed and got on top of her, and slipped his huge cock inside her.  She was amazed at just how big he was and that he hurt a little because she was not as turned on as her sister had been when she left the room.

“Are you ok Wendy?”

She shook her head yes.

“You sure did dry up fast.  I will take care of that.”  And he pulled out and pulled her up and sat her on his face and started licking her.  Again he stopped, she tasted different too.

He looked straight into Cyndi’s eyes, she looked scared, but why?

“Are you sure you are okay?”

“I guess that last one took it out of me.”


He laid her down on the bed and started playing with her breasts; they were more responsive than normal but what the heck. Then started stroking the inside of her thighs which she loved, but it tickled her this time and she was laughing. He went on further and stroked her pussy and played with her clit. Her body reacted differently and she made sounds that he had never heard from her before. It all felt different, but why?

“Jim, make love to me. I want you back inside me. Make me cum.”

He got over her and raised her legs above to his shoulders and plunged deep inside with one gentle thrust and then he laid still for a few seconds before thrusting and again and again into her very tight pussy. She was so tight he came in just a few more strokes.

“I’m sorry you are just so tight I could not help but cum. Let me help you cum now.”

He rolled off of her and immediately took control of her pussy and worked her to frenzy until she had a massive shaking trembling orgasm and then let out a scream, but it wasn’t the same either.  He looked into her eyes; they were a darker, deeper blue than before.


“I want to go clean up. Okay?” Cyndi said. She went into the bathroom and got dressed and quietly left.

A few minutes later Wendy came out of the bathroom and got back into the bed with Jim.

Had he been able to tell the difference in the two of them.

“Babe, I don’t know what is going on, but are you alright? You are acting different.”


Identical in looks, but not elsewhere.









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